Thursday, March 16, 2017

I have been having neck and shoulder pain for quite a while.
When i was small, about 8 or 9, i inflicted upon myself (my mom's version) a neck sprain while doing a roll over the home sofa. My late grandmother massaged it the best that she could. Now it is an obvious small bump on the right handside of my neck. Every now and then that area and its adjoining shoulder area would ache and sometimes the ache would render me unable to lift my hand. I would be on painkiller, i would go for a massage and then about a week the pain will go away.
Last week, when it happened, i went to my usual GP and she told me to get myself checked by the ortho and get physio. Oh good god, really ah?
So today here i am sitting at the waiting area of dr.deepak's klinik after having done the required x-ray for his consultation.
I keep forgetting i am turning 40 this year (bahahaha.. not true, its the only thing in my mind lately) and i have to keep my health in check a lot more than i used to. We all have to..