Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I am so not going to start this post with a new year resolution. what, are you freaking crazy?
I just had a really really bad year, even if it was just a Saturday going into Sunday, the 1st of January almost felt like, fuh, now lets get to a new vibe please..

anyways, I am currently on medical leave due to eye infection from the little tod, which was quite lucky coz this morning was another appointment at IPR for dad's stomach biopsy, so I didn't have to take the day off. strangely tho, we didn't get to the results of the biopsy. I guess it was OK coz the specialist just zoomed in on how dad was feeling etc and the update of his apt with ENT and dietitian yesterday. he is still on tube feeding to get the much needed nutrient into his stomach without the worry of it ending up in the lungs. he has gain about 2 kgs since the last time I was "sindir-ed" by the dietitian for his weight loss. so I guessed that's good.

the bad news is I gained weight. like a lot. I guess quitting smoking has a lot to do with it. really, I swear I didn't eat anything more that what I ate previously. In fact, I think I ate less. but WHAT THE FUCK!

2017, pls don't be shitty.

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