Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I actually cannot believe that I didn't even write about the post townhall and the post transformation!
it must have been such a traumatizing experience *haha*

anyways, u know how I have been bitching about transferring out for the past years? so as of 1st april, they did transfer me out. only that by then, I didn't want to be transferred out. and the most sweetest thing is, ppl do want me back..
they say change is good. yes, I agree. right before 28th March, I changed my mind. funny how things go as they are.

so now, it's about 5 months I'm in the different sector of the new division. I cant say that it's the most interesting thing in the world but dear God, it's certainly hectic. I am still waiting for news on another matter, but I cant quite make myself write about that for the moment. it's still too depressing and exciting at the same time.

other than that, I realize that I really have to buck up and start delivering to what I know I am capable of. I have to admit that I have not been up to my full capacity and capability which mainly because I have been wallowing in self pity ever since the transfer.
well, wish me luck!

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