Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today the Company is 42 years old.
It is 3 years older than myself, 16 of which I have spent in the Company. well, actually, my relationship with the Company spans about 20 years now. 5 years of education sponsorship and 16 years of working relationship. it is certainly longer than any of my relationships including the current one with hubs [haha].
I am sure there are a lot of others whom are exactly like me, who grew up with the Company. Some even have their parent(s) work in the Company. Our blood would have been green if time is a determining factor.
So, Happy Birthday to you, PETRONAS. Lets thrive through this tough times.

Happy Bday!!!

so, before the end of today, I would like to wish my amazing babes, anis and aida, a fabulous fortieth birthday! you guys are amazeballs and lets make 40 the new 20!

lotsa kisses from me!

I actually cannot believe that I didn't even write about the post townhall and the post transformation!
it must have been such a traumatizing experience *haha*

anyways, u know how I have been bitching about transferring out for the past years? so as of 1st april, they did transfer me out. only that by then, I didn't want to be transferred out. and the most sweetest thing is, ppl do want me back..
they say change is good. yes, I agree. right before 28th March, I changed my mind. funny how things go as they are.

so now, it's about 5 months I'm in the different sector of the new division. I cant say that it's the most interesting thing in the world but dear God, it's certainly hectic. I am still waiting for news on another matter, but I cant quite make myself write about that for the moment. it's still too depressing and exciting at the same time.

other than that, I realize that I really have to buck up and start delivering to what I know I am capable of. I have to admit that I have not been up to my full capacity and capability which mainly because I have been wallowing in self pity ever since the transfer.
well, wish me luck!