Saturday, February 27, 2016

oh wow, three more days to the D-Day. the president's townhall. the day everyone in the company, and apparently the whole blardy country, is waiting for.
it's not like we, the staffs, don't know what's coming.
but the expectations and the obvious glee from the society is a bit disappointing.
I just hope we will prove them wrong.

but in any case, what do they all think would happen to this country, a nation that is heavily dependent on its oil and gas industry, if its NOC is not performing because of the bleak global conditions? do they think that they will not be affected? that they could just go their merry ways?

baru letak GST dah nak topple government. ppffftt.. imagine if the government lose 60% of its income from its biggest contributor. what are u gonna do?

anywho, tick tock.. tick tock..