Wednesday, January 28, 2015

oh my goodness, it's almost the end of January already.
I don't think I have a new year resolution this year, what, with the last year not even close to being achieved.
but one thing for sure this year, I am determined to reduce sugar. 
I am a coffee addict, yes.
I love my coffee strong but most importantly, I LOVE them SWEET! oh the kick to the brain.
so far, I am succeeding quite surprisingly well. only ONE tablespoon of sugar in the coffee.
except of course whenever I have meetings in Tower 3 and the dread always, ALWAYS makes me run to coffee planet for a huge caramello expresso. SUGAR urrrgghh...
Happy New Year my friends.
May we be blessed with abundance of love, happiness, joy, health, success and wealth.
May we be blessed..
love you all!