Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lazy bum saturday

Sometimes life throws you a crazy curve ball and you just have to try and swing it.
A friend gave me some hard truth and as much as it was difficult to swallow i really appreciated her advice and sound perception.
At the end of the day, despite all the crazy curve balls, YOU have all the power to decide what be. You can try to swing it, train to be better or you can leave the game.
In the end it's what you make out of it that matters.

today i start my year end leave. actually, not. i only took leave because the nursery is closed during Xmas week and i have to take care of the kids. :p

it's amazing how they literally rule my life. my every decision revolves around them. but then again, they are only that for a finite amount of time. a friend reminded me that soon, they wont even want to hug you or kiss you in public and then their room become their solace..

oh my baby boys..
the days will come when your kisses are not mine
but always remember that with my heart, my soul
i love you forever.