Friday, August 01, 2014

Today we went to do banking for Aariz. Since he is already 6 mth, i thot lets open a yippie accct and asb acct for him. Adam has his done ard the same time and aariz has to have one also. I have 2 younger brothers, so everything has to be equal.. sigh..

So today we went to klcc. By the time EVERYONE got ready to leave the house, its 1130am, so i decided to wait for adam to hv his lunch at noon. And by the next time we are ready again, its already 130pm. Sigh...

Of course klcc is PACKED with the lunch and raya crowd but thankfuly the harimau bank is not that crowded. Managed to finish everything before aariz started to whine and wanted to leave. But since we got there at lunch and friday prayer hour, we have to come back tomorrow to get the passbook. Itsokay, as long as it is done. And then they told me "kak, actually tak payah bawak baby pun takpe"..

Ye ke.. i thot macam buat passport, apply kena ada, amik pun kena ada.. hahahha!

Aariz in the dinomobile!

testing via android

Lets see if this is fun

And we have lift off!
Ok, so how to align this properly.. oh that easy! And here i thot android is useless lolx!

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to all.

i wish i could post pics but somehow i have forgotten how to do it. yes, please blame FB and instagram AND the pregnancy brain for this.

Oh god, pregnancy brain. when will this phenomenon ends?? some of my gfs said never, some said eat fishoils, omega tradada.. do they work? imagine trying to negotiate with the toughest people and you suddenly lose your train of thought coz suddenly you remembered that you have to buy brocolli and salmon for Adam and Enfalac for Aariz.
In some articles that i read about this phenomenon, yes, i am gonna call it a phenomenon coz i was always, ALWAYS, accused of having a long, loooooong and sturdy memory and i used to pride myself for being able to multitask efficiently (including multi-thinking, haha), and losing this makes it a phenomenon to me. anyways, in some articles that i read about this said that the brain will prioritize thoughts according to the criticality for the survival of your child. it will suppress thoughts that are not priority for the survival. which kinda makes sense coz moms are the ones that usually remembers all the details about their children. i mean, how difficult can it be to remember which injection you son had the last time he went for a jab or WHAT TIME DID YOU FED THE BABY LAST??? i tell you, this is so stressful coz i am very particular abt milk cleanliness and milk timing. yes, i am not a feed on demand kinda mom, although, when the father or the help forgot when they feed the baby last, i have to reset and rely on demand, which resets the entire schedule. my life revolves around schedules and usually they are not mine; the hubs, the 1st kid and the baby AND THEN the mommy's schedule. so to get my schedule working, theirs need to be on the clock as well.

anyways, yes, i have forgotten how to upload a photo. will reboot soon.