Saturday, February 01, 2014

I'm sorry, i intend to write a proper post and all, but i get distracted with little squeaks and groans from the bedroom from the lil bub that i lost my train of thought.

oh, here we go again..
yea! we have safely delivered!
adam shah has a new baby brother, Aariz Shah, born on the 23rd January 2014 via an elective C-section.

no, dont ask me why i chose c-section.

are you kidding me? all that gory birthing details my girlfriends lavished me with and you think i'd still chose normal birth?

anyways, aariz has been a very good boy so far except for the fact that he has heat rashes which i think is mainly from my air akar kayu prepared by my CL. i can feel heaty, my lips are cracking and i have ulcers. imagine what it does to the lil bub!! ok, no, i did feed him with the akar kayu, DUH, it's through my EBM la..