Saturday, October 13, 2012

today i brought adam to kidzsports for the lil walker class for the 1st time. i was planning to bring him here earlier for the lil crawler but i was too selfish with my saturday mornings...

now i wished i wasnt that selfish..

when we reach the class he was fine, we got there earlier than everyone else and he was enjoying the classroom,wondering around the babygym stuff.. the teacher was impressed that he was not afraid of the new surroundings. but then more kids came and the class started.

and boy, did he threw a magnificent tantrum!

he couldnt sit still, he's babbling with me showing the pictures at the walls but he didnt want to interact or play with the other kids. he took a toy and went off around the classroom playing alone. and then he came back to the play mat, took another toy and off he went again. i kept trying to get him back to the playmat to get him to play with the other kids but he just screamed at me.

it got better when we get to play at the babygym but since he's quite small, he's a bit slow at climbing. actually, he didnt know how to climb! i felt so bad!!!

now i wonder what he does at his playschool and y didnt the teacher tell me if he's not interacting with other kids well.. or maybe i was just too anal and should just take a chill pill coz it's his first time and he's cranky.. the teacher did tell me that it's normal if it's the first time and especially if its too near his nap time, which actually it was coz he normally sleeps before his lunch..

true enough, masuk je kereta, he dozed off. didnt even wake up when i took him out of the car into his room. poor baby.. tu lah, sapa suruh bangun kol 6 pagi!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

today i heard that one of my college friends and ex-coworker passed away earlier yesterday morning. She had heart failure. She was 34 years old and she was 7 months pregnant. The baby also didnt survive.

i couldnt believe it, it came as a shock. the last time i met her was at PCMC where she was getting her pregnancy test. she looked so happy and i was happy for her.

i could not claim that i knew her well. although we spent a year in the same prep-college, we were not close but she was one of the nicest and sweetest person i have ever encountered in my life.

innalillah and alfatihah.

may God bless your soul and the soul of your unborn child. rest in eternal peace.

my deepest condolences to her family. 

Sunday, October 07, 2012

October past one..

Hola people!

i'm not going to bother with trying to calculate how long ago since i last update this blog. yes, that long.

honestly, i'd forgotten how to blog. it used to be a space where i jot down my thoughts, my feelings, my angst, my anxiety, my whatever... now, with the existence of FB conveniently located in my i-blardy-phone, i vented most of everything there. of course, you can say that the most i could do in FB is maybe 3 full sentences but hey...

so poor poor blog, being left alone on its own. plus, when i came to visit today, who the fark changed the settings??? HAHAHHAHA! dah lah tak login bertahun lamanya kan, and then when they change the setting, gie marah orang pulak! hehehe...

so anyways, today is supposed to be half adam's day and half mommy's day. and then i got a stressful email from work and then it's half stupid people day. ruin my sunday, why dont you.

i think adam's asleep downstairs. he sleeps easier with the maid. mainly because when he see's us, all he wants to do is PLAY. yes, PLAY with capitals. same with eating, same with bathing.

sigh.. i dont think my maid will renew her contract next year. she told me she never renew her contract with her employers. she has had two before me. crap. i'm gonna be in a deeeeep shit next year.