Saturday, June 02, 2012

halllo!! its june already and i just realised that adam will turn one next month and this blog that is supposed to record his life, in addition to mine, is literally empty of his first year endeavour!!

oh yes, blame it on mommy.

i have to say that being one is preeeety taxing. afterwork is no longer time to self, there's no more sitting on the couch spacing off, no more rolling on the bed with my e-reader or once in a while that sweet-smelling new trashy book. no more good hair day coz mommy dont have time. no more make up coz mommy looooves to snuggle up close and personal to her baby. 

adam in general is pretty fuss-less boy. i felt bad because i think i'm coddling him too much, controlling his food too much. but hey! no one gave me a manual so suck it up i'm doing it my way. the first few weeks after the initial elation of "i have a baby", i felt scared and useless. not to mention the pain of breastfeeding that was making me irritable. i was tired and cranky and i dont know what to do, there was no instruction, no manual and adam doesnt really follow the most logical behaviour, well, at least to me. maybe in baby's world, he's the head-prefect of them all!

enough talking, daddy's already calling me to come play with adam. weekends are play time since we both work lates during weekdays. well, at least n ot so late for me coz his nursery closes at 730pm.

i think this was when he's 7-8 mths old. trying out his new bumbo!