Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 32, Day 1

Today, he's about 8 months old in my tummy.. another 8 more weeks to go.. lucky numero 8 huh?

but most of the time, i'm confused with this timing thingy.

we learn that human pregnancy is 9 months.

so, by months calculation, there's another month to go.

but by weeks calculation, there's 8 more weeks to go, which is abt 2 months, which makes human pregnancy 10 months!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 30, Day 3

he's getting bigger!!!

and will get bigger somemore..

i am back to the first trimester mode but a bit worse; i'm so freaking exhausted, i cant breathe properly, i cant sleep properly, i cant eat, food smells starting to bug me again.. but the worse thing is, i'm starting to want a ciggie!!!

for the past 6 mths i havent had a craving for a drag.. after that hellish 1st mth of cold turkey-ing and wanting to bite the head off the next person, i have no craving for a ciggie at all. even the smell bugged me.. but now, i cant seem to wait to have a puff..

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Week 29, Day 7 Part 2

Selingan rancangan jap k..

i had to go and sidai baju and comtemplated whether to iron hubby's clothes today or tomorrow..

well, tomorrow it is then..

ever since hubby moved to P, he has uniforms to wear. and unfortunately, he has only 4 of them at the moment. they are still waiting for more stocks.

so imagine having only 4 shirts to wear!!

no, no, no, wrong imagination.

imagine being a WIFE to a guy who has only 4 shirts to wear!!!!

of course i had to do laundry and iron every week twice a week!!


i've even asked him if i can take one of his uniforms and have them replicated at pertama, preferably 14 sets!! he laughed and asked me "arent u in the IP section of your company? isnt that infringing?"

huh? do i look like i care?

Week 29, Day 7 Part 1

panas nya hari ini..

i already have ulcers in my mouth from the episode with the durian.. like jeez, i didnt even eat one whole durian, just like 5 ulas or something.. and now, the heat is just killing me.. and of course, the letrik bill will cause a heavy dent for this mth's utility. yes, i turned on all 4 of the airconds within my reach.

today, we're going to melaka for a visit. my bro is already there from yday and i'm hoping for another bro to be there as well with his family. i havent visited my parents since ages. mostly because i was, and i think still am, annoyed and irritated with them. well, that's another story.

tomorrow, the little bundle of "squirming-in-mommy's-tummy" joy will be 30 weeks old, and so there's 10 more weeks to go.. only 10??


i have been dreading the thought of "labor".. for the past 29 weeks, i have not thought about it at all. mainly, i had been engrossed with the fact that i am still spotting every now and then, my discharge is getting heavier and the best fact ever baby boy is moving like nobody's business :)

we are still busy preparing for his stuff, going back and forth to baby stores. daddy-o insisted on getting his son's first set of everything from mothercare while mommy just rolled her eye and snapped the nearest baby blankie, clothes etc from babyland.

"sayang, tak sampai sebulan pun nanti dia dah tak boleh pakai. tak payah spend banyak2 k"

did he listen to me?

well, we have yet to go to mothercare :))

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Week 29, Day 5

acid reflux, wind and indigestion are in da house!!


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Week 29, Day 3

oh good god...

lil baby boy doesnt like durian.. poor baby, he's so restless last nite and the whole day today..

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Week 29, Day 1

I am loving the fact that my child is elbowing me from within.. Sometimes it makes me laugh coz i can just imagine his grimace "mommy, i need more space la.."

I am loving the fact that he is growing and i can imagine him rolling his eyes and saying "yea, yea, what's new"

Most of all, i am just loving the fact that he's there, so loved and cherished..