Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 20, Day 2

i swear to god he got bigger last weekend!

oh, have i told u that our little bundle of joy is a boy?? oh yes, we did in total three scans to check his birdie.. one was about in week 10 or something and the other two were during week 18.. and this one is definitely not a shy kid..

"what, mummy wants to see? oh here you go.."

and there, we can see his birdie..

it was quite fun to see actually, the scan as a whole i mean :) especially when he's trying to sleep and we're just poking him with the scanner thing. u can see him tossing and turning and sometimes trying to suck his thumb!! oh baby, pls dont suck ur thumb!! *sigh*

so today, i feel like a mini-whale.. or at least a walrus.. whichever one that's big and breathe heavily coz i cant seem to find my breath anywhere! have i left it somewhere?? i cant remember, my brain seemed to be on stand-by most of the time lately, if not all of the time! i swear to god my boss is going to think that i fail english or something, coz she had to correct my board paper three times!!!! and they are all silly spelling and grammar mistakes, not content mistake k!! malunya!!!

so, that's it for tonight!


i know, i know.. when i started this post, i actually have something to write about.. and then i got lost somewhere in the middle and by the time i got to the walrus thing i completely forgot what i was going to write.. i kept think, hmmmm, which one is bigger, walrus or mini-whale? is there a mini-whale??

OMG!! i swear.....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 17, Day 6

today we went to see the curtain contractor at the house. honestly i thought our main contractor will just pasang the rods or the rails and i will go get the curtain myself. and then, J came with samples and samples of curtains..

damn... this is going to be expensive.

nevermind, lets just see how expensive.

so we went through the whole house, measuring, picking choosing.. since there's only going to be 3 of us there for the time being, i decided to only pasang the ground floor, the master bedroom and the 1st floor living hall. the guest rooms and 2nd floor will just be decked with double rails and i'll find the curtains later.

J went to his calculator and guess how much it came out to be?

5 freaking thousand!!! for curtain rods/rails for the whole house and curtains at only 4 places and 2 venetian blinds at the kitchen... tergelak la kan sekejap..

aiyo J, auntie cannot afford 5k la.. i told him my budget is 2k for the whole house and it was quite hilarious to see his eyes BULGED out!!

so in the end we agreed to a compromise, and now i am in the market for cheap nice looking french-pleat curtains (since eyelets are blardy expensive)..

Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 17, Day 5

Dearest Sayang,

happy 5th anniversary!!!

i love you.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Week 17, Day 3

ppl, please la..

if u are sick or sok sek sok sek, please go to the doctor and get medicated or get an MC and go home!!!

it's not that i'm not sorry that u're already feeling miserable but you are not helping anyone by being in the office. you are not doing work properly and you are infectious!!!! sneezing and coughing at every blardy corner!

i do not want to get sick, so bugger off home!!!