Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 16, Day 2

I am sooo lazy...

honestly, being preggers with your first child is very exciting and shocking and sometimes unreal.. though i am still coming into terms to the fact that i am responsible for another being's life and well-being for the next 6 months or so and going to share the responsibility thereafter, the miracle of creation still awes me..

i mean, i read about it, i heard about it, i saw it when my frens had theirs but when it happens to me i cant believe how miraculous it just is..

there's a baby in my body, growing.

how amazing is that? there were times when i can hardly take care of myself; couldnt care less if i had enough sleep or drink enough water or smoke how many packs already? now, i have to keep reminding myself that i have to eat healthy, drink that stupid yucky tasting water coz lil baby needs it, eat that humongous sized pills coz lil baby needs nutrients.. dont walk too fast, dont carry heavy stuff, dont wear highheels.. everything now revolves around the lil baby.. it's just amazing the change in priority just like that.

i am still amazed..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 15, Day 6

come on, lets just face it..

i am so blardy lazy to keep posting on this blog.. especially now.. oh good god, i barely have enough energy to get through the 8 hour work schedule and i get home and i'm hungry ALL the time and by the time i'm full, i'll be dozing in front of the TV!!

i tell you, if the food doesnt get me FAT, my habits will. like seriously, sleeping after a big bunch of food every time is not funny..

my tummy is getting bigger and i still have to tell my family!!! oh no!!! sigh.. ok, this weekend, this weekend..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

i meant to write this on the day i found out about it but yes, of course, i was distracted.

so anyways, for those who have yet to know, i am preggers! hhehehehe!!! it was a really, really pleasant surprise for us. we were trying for two years almost and i was about ready to go opt for alternative procedure. and then one day, i went to guardians to get some stuff and i came across the ovulation kit. i brought one box of 5 home with me thinking, oh well, it cant hurt to try, can it?

at that time, i was already at my 17th day of my usual 28 day cycle. but i remembered when we used to scan my eggs, i was late at ovulating. one time, it was at day 16 and my egg was still not out.. so i thought, heh, lets just try and see.. so i did, and i tried.. and guess what, i got positive results at day 20 and 21! can u believe it??? i thought i was like the rest of you normal average people because my period is so predictable these past years, 28 days on the dot or the very least +/- 1 day.. all of the doctors that i went to see saw my egg at day 12 and assume i'm going to ovulate at day 14 or 15 max. even when we scanned at day 16 and it was late, it was attributed to stress etc and the doctor told me i'd be ovulating on the 17th or 18th day at the time because of the size of the egg (ready to mature/ovulate)..

so for the past year, we have been up to it from day 12 to 18 at least.. coz after that, i'd be all PMS-ing and snarly and in a DONT-TOUCH-ME while teeth bared mood.. so imagine my surprise to get positive sticks on the 20th and 21st day. and no, i was not in any way stressed that month.. so we went for it :)

and by the next month, i was late for 4-5 days i think for my next cycle. it was right after deepavali and i just felt it. i went to test and it was positive. i was speechless, really.. i went out to get more sticks and all 4 of them were positive.. it was the best day of our lives.

and now, i'm at my 13th week, going to my 14th tomorrow. my pregnancy is going OK. i cant say i'm having bad morning sickness but mild and all day woozy feeling.. it was OK. i am tired most of the time and still trying to adapt to my "new eating schedule". yes, eating schedule. i get hungry like every hour if i'm lucky. my baby bump is growing and so is my waistline. needless to say more than half of my wardrobe are non-usable at the moment (and hopefully can be used again later). i try not to get a whole new wardrobe for now coz i know it will not be usable, again, after the next month. sigh...

so, anyways, i have to stop now coz i need to eat something. notice the word NEED. suddenly i just need to eat, like there's an alarm in my head telling me "eat now". i dont even feel hungry now, but if i wait for another 10 minutes, my tummy will be rumbling like i havent eaten for days.. like really... and yes, there's the rumble.. so ciao bebs!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011


ok, i know i have put this blog on private for the time being and i really mean for the time being.. there's a piece of news that i want to blog about but i just dont want it to be read for a while.

so, i guess by the time u guys get to read this, it'll be really really old news.. even this post is written later than when it was supposed to be written. somehow, i dont find sitting on the floor in front of the lappie as exciting as before..

anyways, happy new year peeps. sorry for the month delay or half-month delay to be more correct. i wish for the best for all of you. 2011 will be a big year for the tikus for sure.. hehehe.. BIG.. it's the year to re-prioritize the important things. so far for the past years we have lived for ourselves only, what we want, what pleased us.. now, we have to learn that the priority is no longer with us. it'll take quite a bit of adjustment but i'm sure we can handle it well.

so, again, happy new year and i actually cant wait to let this blog be public again.. :)