Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday, October 08, 2010


hehehe... i think i'm in love with the white one..

sayang said it looks like a brake-disc... eeeiihhh..

oh, i forgot..

in my homedec post kat bawah tu, i actually wanted to tell you that eventhough the prices in homedec are amazing, we found this online electrical store that offer almost the same amazing price.

the difference may be about 50-100 bucks more, but u can get it all year round.

the bad thing is, the brands are a bit limited.

the address is i havent purchased anything yet but my brother (the kedekut one) swears by it.

so, just a note..

casual day friday

tomorrow the Co will start its pilot implementation of "casual day friday"..

oh goody...

do u think u're giving us a treat with letting us wear casuals?

but in any case, how will this affect me? HAHA!

me, the casual day everyday..
last weekend we went to Homedec.

at first, we thot of just going on saturday and get everything done in one day. but then i told hubby that that just wont cut it. we need ONE day to survey all 5 halls of homedec, that is if we survive all 5 halls, and then go home, decide on what to buy and return on sunday to seal the deal.

true enough, by the 3rd hall, i was ready to go home. oh good god, eventhough the crowd is not as big as the pc fair (which i've sworn to never ever go again) but this crowd is as trying. and the most trying thing is the fact that they bring their "whole kampung" including newborn babies in their baby strollers!!

i mean, come on! baby pun nak pilih dapur mana nak beli is it?? and while u're pushing the stroller tu, tgk lah sikit tolak kat mana, jangan dok gelek je kaki orang!


Sunday, October 03, 2010

i'm bored with my iphone. i didnt even know why i bought it. oh yeah, i forgot. i bought it coz i wanted the twinkle2 casing. sigh. do u know that i'm bored with the casing as well?


one of my colleague, who is a diehard nokia and got wind of my boredom, emailed me the 3 new nokias that are coming out this month; the n8, e7 and c-something. he'd already placed an order for the n8 despite the not so cheery review and while everyone else is queuing up for the iphone 4.

my eyes went wide at the sight of the e7. i waaaant...

and then i remembered all the lights, air-conds, fans, water-heaters and zillions other stuff, not to mention the furnitures, that we need to get for our new house.. and i whimpered..

Saturday, October 02, 2010

I saw them clearly today.

Wrinkles under my eyes.

Oh god...

lately, i have been obsessed with these stupid lines under my eyes. Yesterday i had a meeting with client's lawyer. i hoped she didnt noticed coz i kept looking at her face thinking how smooth her skin is [no, the tikus operating system is still the S version]. i wondered if my skin was ever that smooth when i was her age.

and then we went into discussion of PIPE, the Co's induction course for new execs and she was complaining that she'll be bored stiff there coz everyone wud be like high-school leavers. without thinking i asked how old she is.

her answer depressed me further.

she's older than me, i didnt quite remember how much older coz at that point of time i just wanted to pout and whimper.

i need to stop smoking *taking a huge drag and puff*

Friday, October 01, 2010


i havent post for so long. the last full post was like in feb and now it's already october.

yes, ALREADY october..

funny how time moves so fast.. it's already the 10th month of the calendar year, 3 more months to go to december before i have to start thinking of new year resolutions, again. and six more months to go to the end of the cycle. crap.

it's also already the 10th year i'm in the Co. yes, ten blardy years.. jeez, where did the time go? what did i do in the past ten years? i remembered my job interview and i remembered i had plans. what happened?

i'm bored. i can feel the boredom making me restless, irritated. things, even smallest things get on my nerves with the speed of a rocket. nis once told me that we can choose what bothers us and ignore the rest.

nis, i'm a scorpio. being emotional is like only second to being alive.

but i guess she's right too. if you let everything bothers you, if you fight all the battles, when are you going to have energy for yourself and the ones you really care about?

take a deep breath, exhale, smile and just let it go.

sometimes, somethings are just not worth it.