Saturday, February 27, 2010

thing are moving at a fast rate but for once i really dont mind to just sit back and watch... the truth is i am tired..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ok, the tikus will hv her condo empty come end of march. My darling tenants are mvg out to their newly (daddy-)purchased penthouse.

Yes, yes, am not only green with envy but sad like hell. They hv been the perfect tenants for the past 3 years.

So, if anybody is interested to rent a 3r2b condo at tiara ampang (at one of the lowrise) pls let me know.
i think my nokia E71 will be on sale soon, like mebe in 2weeks.

It's abt a year old white color, excellent condition. Am using it for surfing, facebook, blogging and ofcourse calls and stuff ;P

I think it'll be RM800 negotiable.
hey u mamat lembek, aku tau lah ko beli iphone. Tak payah lah nak cakap kuat2, gelak besar2, tayang2 iphone ko tu kat sini.

Bawak balik ghumah, install, cuba belajar macam mana nak guna and stop blardy irritating me, boleh tak?

3 more numbers to go.
4 more to go...

Tic... Tic... Tic... Tic...

I can feel my ears ringing..

good god, why is dis taking so bloody long????
i hv to admit that i have no patience at all for waiting - be it waiting for people, waiting for the washing machine or even waiting for food to be cooked. I cant stand it.

So sitting here at maxis klcc WAITING for my number to magically appear on the screen to get service is an excrutiating pain. A slow torturous wait while being surrounded with a bunch of pretentious loud-voice arrogant mamat lembek almost made me want to quit this place.


i'd almost forgotten why i so dislike you, thank you for reminding me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


happy valentine's day people!!

and a special happy valentine's day to my sayang.
yes, yes, everyday i love you too but valentine's day is still special!! *grrr*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cinta Sari Tradispa

located at the commercial center after the horribly jammed intersection of jalan cempaka and jalan ampang is the cinta sari tradispa. every day, usually after work, stuck in the jam with nothing to do but twiddle my thumb and wait, i always wonder what is it and how was it. but it never cross my mind to actually stop by and try it out. mainly because after the wordings of "Cinta Sari", the next sentence is "Tempat Istirehat", all at the same sign board.

so, me being me, of course, i would think "Tempat Istirehat" must be nothing good. i dont want to accidently enter a "men's only tempat istirehat" and embarassed myself profusely. one day, quite accidently, while surfing through my facebook notification, i came across one notification that said that one of my friend is a fan of Cinta Sari Tradispa. curious, i clicked and "OHH!" came out of my mouth.

yes, people, it is actually an actual spa and even more wonderful, it's exclusively for women only.

more curious, i went googling for it.

yes, there is a webpage: Cinta Sari Tradispa. *isnt internet wonderful?* cintasari tradispa has full range of services from massages to scrubs to facials to mani&pedi to waxing to pre wedding packages and even post birth packages! interesting huh?

so guess what did the tikus do? ;P

i called and booked myself a Vanilla Mocha spa package and mani&pedi for early Saturday morning - yes, 1030am is early morning pour moi, ok! kononnya so that i would be nicely scrubbed and massaged for the special dinner that night. *grin*

from the outside, the spa itself is very unassuming. the location, though smack in ampang, is not very strategic as it is located in the worst area of traffic jam at jalan ampang. the entrance to the commercial center is very confusing and the parking doesnt look very easy. it took me quite a while to figure out how to enter the commercial center and i thank god that it's early sat morning that the parkings are still available.

the interior though, is quite tastefully decorated. u would not have noticed that it is actually a shop lot. there are quite a number of rooms and they are all nicely decorated - yes, i peeked -the facilities are clean and it smells heavenly, well, for the lack of better words. i was pleased.

my package began with a foot bath, then a massage, scrub and milk bath. one word of warning, there are no spa panties provided. yes, you are full monty :D i dont know whether u can request for one, maybe u could..

overall, the treatment was good. the massage was better than good, or rather my masseusse is excellent. the massage is mainly balinese traditional, i think, long strokes. however, i honestly felt that the scrub was not as thorough as it should have been but the scrub itself smelled so nice that it made me crave for one of those san fran coffee vanilla mocha ice blended drinks.. the milk bath was just OK, mainly because i dont like milk that much :) hehehe yes, i know, i should have chosen something with a flower bath instead..

the young ladies working there are friendly and helpful. i got from them that they are opening another branch in setapak sometime this month due to customers' requests. but they are not closing this one in ampang because they have significant existing ampang-based clients already.

sorry i have no pictures but u can go to their webpage and get everything u want to know from there. from a client's point of view, it's worth a try and could very well be your favorite spa. except for the location, what's not to like? the price is reasonable (excellent, in fact), the facilities are nice and the treatments are better than good. for me, for sure i will be going there again :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


happy 4th anniversary sayang..

Monday, February 08, 2010


yes, despite maklongnye bedah's review, the tikus went to watch the Legion, sometime last last weekend.

actually, i was already ready to wait for the dvd, tak sampai hati to see hubby's face cringe or worse, out right snores in the cinema out of boredom.. but out of the blue, my sweet baby blue told me that he already reserved movie tix for us..

acho... tak sampei hati la kan nak bagi tau review dia macam kurang menarik..

but actually, i found it not quite was not good, but not that bad either.. ok, ok, like si ateen, i do have a thang for bettany ever since wimbledon.. shweeet..

and of course, sayang hated it. OMG!! it was so funny the way he described it.. it was not that it was boring, but it was just too warp-y for him.. the fate of mankind is dependent on a group of people in a god-knows-where truck-stop-diner with only an angel defending them? right... could have made it a town instead.. lolx!

Siam Body Works

sayang has, apparently, another new hobby...

he loves, LOVES, going for a massage...


ever since our last hols - oh, forgot, i didnt post that huh? - where we, literally, woke up, sat at the beach, went to spa, lunched, sat at the beach, dinner-ed (yes, another NOT A WORD but do i look like i care?), slept and repeated all of the above for 5 days in a row - no, i kid u not - sayang has gotten fixated with massages... oh! dats y i didnt post the hols, there's actually NOTHING to post coz i was, well, half asleep for the 5 days we were there!! kah kah kah!!! it was actually the best 5 days of the whole year of 2009.. sigh... do we really have 10 more months to go???

anyways, yes, sayang just loves massages now..

so just now, or yesterday, after whimperings of "yaaaang, jom la gie massage" for the past two weeks, we went to try Siam Body Works at Ampwalk in Ampang.. i have no desire to go way across the country to hartamas and since i have no idea what spas are good in ampang, we just picked one out of the internet, and voila, Siam Body Works..

I have never tried thai massages before.. coz one thing i know FOR SURE, thai massages HURT like hell.. a good kind of hurt, one of my colleague used to say, but hey, i am not a masochist! err, did i spell that right? but since my neck and shoulders are all achy from the meetings, papers and presentations and OMGWTF other stuff that could literally give me a doctorate in MS office programs, i relented and braved myself for this good kind of hurt..

the outlet - sorry, but i cant really call it a spa coz i equate spas with a place of sanctuary for women - is small, on the 1st floor of Ampwalk. the receiving area is simple with a small set of sofa in front of the cashier and small area for you to browse stuff (oils, chinese teas) to buy. we were brought through the door to the massage area where unbelievably is about the same concept as Zen Soul!!

the rooms are not rooms but small cubicle-like areas with curtains separating each massage area. and of course, again, the mattress is on the floor. oh no, i feel a cringe at my neck. but if i were to be objective - and put my need for creature comfort aside - this is actually an excellent economical model of facility layout - yes, this is the industrial engineer speaking - and operational model. emm...

anyways, the treatment. there are not that many choices of treatment, just a couple choices of massages and reflexology. if u're looking for scrubs, bath or mani pedi, definitely not here.. for us, i chose the aromatheraphy massage and sayang went for the thai traditional massage. the experience? oh dear god.. the good part of the good kind of hurt better be damn good tomorrow coz i'm still hurting now!! lolx! but to be seriouly frank, it does hurt, especially if ur shoulder knots are like ours, huge and extremely knotty! the masseurs will not hesitate to use her entire arm especially elbows to squish those knots into oblivion IRREGARDLESS of how much u squealed.. at least my treatment came with oil that i thot lessen the pain quite a bit. sayang's treatment is sans oil!! he told me he felt like he's being pinched and elbowed and squished and twisted!! HAHAHAH!!!

but after all that, we do feel a bit looser and achingly good - if ever there's such a description.

i would recommend this if u're really stressed or have sports knots - there's a special massage for golfers!!.. if u're like me, where massages are supposed to be pampering and relaxing with soothy songs and sweet smells, this is definitely not for you!

would i go again? i think so.. yes..