Sunday, January 24, 2010

i'm so P.O.ed today..

hubby took me to out today to get curling iron in an effort to cheer me up - yes, otherwise i'll still be one smelly tikus.. i have one already but i loaned that one to nis and since at that time my hair was horribly, irritatingly damaged and at a ridiculous length that i couldnt do anything with it, i told her she could keep it. yes, it would serve her oh-so-gorgeous hair better than mine...

*sulk while swearing that i wouldnt subject my hair to anymore chemicals*

lately though, i'm itching to do something with my hair.. someone, once upon a time ago, suggested to me that maybe i change my hair a lot has something to do with a subconscious need to change something else but i couldnt and so that need transfered to changing my hair.

i told him to FUCK OFF.

if there are any subconscious needs that are still smoldering inside me that i have yet to fulfill, they do not translate to my hair.

i have one so very conscious hair problem since before i hit puberty: i hate my hair. and if u're my ex-primary schoolmate or my ex-boarding schoolmate, you would know. i have horrible hair, well, at least until i met rebonding. LOLX! yes, yes, gag y dont u..

so anyways, since my hair is bordering recovery already *another 4 inches of damaged ends to go*, i'm itching to do something to it. i made appt to do this one process called cosmy or smtg but i cancelled it last minute because yes, chemicals. i cant color it, i cant cut it even shorter. so i wanted to curl it and hubby offered to get a new curling iron for me.

so off we went this afternoon to get one. then we stopped by mcdonald's for its fries for snacks, to guardians for toilettries and back to the car to go home.

tikus: sayang, where's the plastic that has my curlers??

sayang: not with me..

tikus: oh shit! i left it at mcdonald's!!!

so the tikus ran back to mcdonald's and lo and behold the orange plastic bag that held her newly purchased VS ceramic curling iron is not there any longer.


i asked the cleaners there and that farking amah was so rude, not helpful and dismissive *may u be hit by a bus*. i went to the counter, asked for the manager to make an incident report and also to leave my details so that if anyone found it they can contact me. this one cibai lady named faridah *may you be hit by a truck* who's the asst manager was so fucking rude gave me a scrap paper to write on and left me there and disappeared.

one, i was so upset my stuff is gone and most definitely stolen [baru beli k!!!], and second, i was so angry at how, not only unhelpful but RUDE these people are. it's like they are trained to be polite at one thing only "hi, having here or to go?", for other things, u can fuck off.

i was going to make a fuss or more aptly go to war but hubby, my oh-so-very-patient husband told me to just forget it and lets get another one.

huh?? HUH?? ala... dah lah aku rasa bersalah sebab hilangkan barang yang dia baru belikan tak sampai sejam pun, lepas tu dia nak belikan lagi satu???

alaaaaa.... nak marah orang pun dah tak de mood..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the tikus is sleeping early tonite, mostly because her tummy is still pounding, though a bit numb-ly [if there's ever such a word - oh, do u know that "irregardless" is actually NOT a real word?? i just knew k!!], from my pill-popping episode this afternoon..

i actually planned to do A LOT of freaking things today including watch the legion tonite. but of course, i spent my time curling with blankie, licking peanut butter and jelly from a spoon - yes, gross, i know but HEY! P-M-S!!! - and "fight" people in FB.. that was actually soothing, except for the fact that i still dont have a freaking bangkok passport to play in bangkok!!!


ok, where was i? oh, yeah, sleeping early.

well, good nite peeps!!
the tikus is not feeling well today..


its the time of the FARKING month, dats FARKING why. yes, pls dont pardon my french, i do intend to swear, A LOT in this post, today and for the next 7-9 days..


it's not just the pain that's frustrating, it's the FARKING irritating and sooo irritable mood, the strangest need to eat all the BLARDY chocolate in the whole wide world and of course, the OMGWTF mother of all zits on the face!!

i mean, COME ON!!
there are some things in life that you just have to face alone, without help from anyone, not your family, friends or even your dearest partner..

and sometimes, you just feel like screaming out loud and for the tikus, most likely, crawl into her blankie, close her eyes and postpone facing whatever she has to face just a little while longer..

well, she can hope..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

oh no..

hubby has a new hobby lately.. well, actually, it's an old hobby revived. i bought him a mountain bike for his bday last dec since his old one was stolen back in zurich [yes, i know, theft in zurich? strange, right?]

anyways, this morning, he went for a bike ride with another friend on a trail at the local forest research institute compound. and me, of course me the CITYkoos stayed at home with all my creature comforts - and smelly blankie and nice aircond - than trying to venture anywhere near a forest. and then, when i woke up, i saw his sms..

"sayang! next time u have to come! ramai orang k.. nanti i go buy u ur bike"



Fact 1: i have no idea how to ride a mountain bike. no, rpm classes at the gym do not count.

Fact 2: track in the forest??? oh god, save me..

The Blind Side

i watched this movie a couple of days back. it was probably the best sandra bullock movie that i've ever watched and the one that moved me the most.

at first i thot the story is too good to be true, like some kind of a feel good movie.

and then i found out that it's a true story.

it's just amazing.

14 sticks to Day 1

today, the carton on the shelve of my cabinet is empty. i have opened the last remaining box - and of course currently chimney-ing my way through this post..

why is this important?

coz i told myself when that particular carton is empty, i will not buy another, box or carton or stick.

and honestly, i'm terrified like hell. that feeling when u saw ur last box and kept thinking whether the sticks are enough to get u through until u hv the time to get another or two boxes or better yet, lets get the whole carton. yes, that feeling, multiply it by maybe a million..

and the questions in my head now - what will i do without my ciggies? how would i forego stress? how would i get pass my mental blocks?? - are killing me.

i dont know whether i can do this or not but i'm not one who'll quit without trying.. or in this case, who'll try to quit??

HAHA, buat kelakar la pulak..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zen Soul

we went to Zen Soul this afternoon for a little massage.

Zen Soul is a small spa in sri hartamas, yes, that alien planet and thank god for GPS [HAHAHA!] it was introduced to us by one of our friends and we wanted to try it out since the price is not that bad. an hour massage is from 65-75 depending on the kind of massage that you choose.

the spa is on the 1st floor in a row of shophouses near karma. the setting is quite simple but unique. unigue because the massage rooms are not really rooms. imagine a wide floor space being divided by wall partitions to make "cubicle-like" massage rooms with heavy curtains instead of doors. and for the first time in my life, the massage err bed(?) is on the floor with actual mattress and pillow.kinda funny and uncomfortable a little bit coz your head will be turned either to the left or right to avoid being smothered by the pillow! but everything was done tastefully with laminated flooring and romantic lighting. the only thing bad about the configuration is that we could hear our neighbours quite clearly!

we chose the aromatheraphy massage which is actually a mixture of malay, balinese and swedish massage. as a whole, i would have to say that it was quite nice but a teeny bit painful! HAHAHA! i always go for aromatheraphy for my first time in any new spas to test the masseurs because it's always the most relaxing and soothing and NOT PAINFUL!! but apparently not here. i was quite disappointed with my masseur coz i think she's a bit lazy. even sayang thot so too coz we actually faced each other [ye lah, heads have to be turned to one side kan?] and he could see that my masseur macam buat cincai.. and no, i did not complain, yes, i did wonder why since i am the master complainer..

all in all, it was ok. on a scale of 10, i would probably give it a 6 mostly because the price is fabulous and it was quite easy to get to [despite being at an alien planet]. would i go there again? emmm.. ok, maybe. but just for the massage [definitely not the aromatheraphy] or the mani pedi and not for the lulur coz the shower is at the back of the receptionist, meaning that you will have to cross the sitting / waiting area to go shower. like, eeiik, no thank you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

15 days later..

i just noticed that i havent written anything this year in this blog.

not even "happy new year".. sigh..

last year i thot i would write everyday and i would have at least 365 posts for the year 2009. it was a couple of hundred short :) i blame it on the internet connection, the job and most of all, i blame it on the little addictive games in facebook. yes, i have to admit that. my lappie, for the past months, has become the instrument of "destruction" HAHAHA!


this year, honestly, i have no new year resolution, well, it's kinda like 15 days too late to make any huh.. but looking back to last year, i would like to have some minor life improvements this year. i wont call it resolution coz then i'll just forget about it coz hey, there's always the next year's resolution, right? so calling it life improvements seem a bit more lasting and hopefully permanent.

to all my frens out there, happy new year, may God bless you and may you have the best days and years ahead of you.

and for some frens whom i just heard, or more correctly, read, whom are hvg trials in their lives, i pray for the best for you. be strong.