Sunday, November 22, 2009

parking in KLCC is can be an art or a disaster.

i was on my way to my car just now when this one family was walking here and there trying to figure out where did their father park the car, all the while grumbling.

i dont blame them. it is very confusing especially if its your first time down there. it took me a year to be familiar with the underground parking at KLCC and another year to literally memorize where everything is situated.

not to mention the 6am incident where we were literally "lost" in the carpark. yes, i hate to tell you that the carpark is pretty err scary. that time, my colleague and i were finishing a paper and we were finally done at 6am. yes, 6am and thank god nothing said hello to us in the office during the late night and early morning.

but when we were trying to leave the carpark, we cant find the exit. like we literally cant see any exits. thank god my colleague is the logical and not-panicky type [i was already ready to scream]. he drove around the carpark what must have been three or four times until we saw a security guard and he led us to the exit, which surprisingly was not far from where we parked [and yes, we didnt see it].

so if you are down there at KLCC carpark and cant find your car, dont panic, look for the many security guards who either ambled around or riding around on yellow kapcai's. they will either bring u to the office while they radio their colleagues to look for your car or they will carry u on their kapcai's to look for your car with you. yes, i have seen them do that. cool huh?
i'd always taken for granted that the building where i'm working at is one [or used to be one] of the famous buildings in the world.

sometimes, it boggled my mind why, WHY, do people want to take pictures of the building, why they gawked at the lobby of the office, tried to enter the air-gate valiantly eventhough the polis bantuan had told them that this is not the place to visit the Towers.

and most of the times, it irritated me that i have to struggle through swarms and swarms of [sometime SMELLY] tourists flocking in groups, following the flag-bearing-man, just to get lunch. not to mention those little school monsters err kids who screamed and rushed everywhere even though their teachers told them to stay in the line.

and then i remembered that oh, this is the Twin Towers, and if i'm not mistaken still the tallest twin towers in the world. and then i smiled.

oh well...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

i wonder if the ants in my kitchen can either (1) fly, or (2) swim.

like, seriously..

i placed my water jug on a tray and i filled water on the tray so that normal semuts wont be able to commit suicide in my water.

but nooo...


and this is not a one time occurence k. i've found them in there more than three times already.

now tell me HOW in the world could they cross the pool of water in the tray into the jug??

pls do tell me how.
i have to lose at least 5kgs by 21st december 2009.

no, it's not because it's sayang's bday HAHA! well, mebe but not actually.

we are going for our annual beach holli end of the year and i want my bikini photos to be damn hot!

kah kah kah!

yes, puke y dont u..

of course i have passed the age and even the mental determination to lose more than what i need, i'll be satisfied if i can atleast look decent in a bikini.. my photos from our short trip to kuantan last month were enuf to give me nightmares.

yes, yes, over, i know..

new moon

and here we go again..

i have no idea when this will come out in msia.. i think ard 26th or something, am not sure.

but what i can be sure is the cinemas will be packed with edward-powderpuff-cullen adoring fans..

tolong lah, just dont let me sit next to extra-ordinarily-adoring girls who drool and sigh and oohs and aahs every blardy time he appears at the screen.

the last time i had to endure girls ooh-ing over mr-powderpuff literally NON-STOP, ok.. and oh, it was such a HUGE ooooooh when they kissed..

oh god, save me..

we went to see 2012 when it came out on yours-truly's bday.
yes, i was sick like a dog that day but i dragged myself out nevertheless... and honestly, i should have just waited for the DVD...

oh god.. in my frankiest opinion the blardy yapping dog should have been left in vegas in the first place! yes, of all the supposedly mighty scenes in the movie i had to remember the dog.
my mom and my brother are going through a "rough patch" with each other at the moment.

frankly, i dont understand why it started in the first place.. the only logical answer was that she's getting more emo lately, which unfortunately was an unlogical condition to be an answer for my brother.

and then, i dont understand why is it so difficult for him to just say sorry and try to appease her, irregardless of the who's-fault or the why's. fact 1: she's your mother.

but, oh yeah, he's exactly like my dad.

and for the first time in my 30+ years, i had to be in the middle. mainly because my dad is missing his one and only GRANDdaughter - yes, strangely, i am not sad LOL! - and since my mom is in a tiff with my bro, she refused to visit his house and he refused to go back to melaka. and that left my dad with video-calls to his granddaughter which he has to do it in secret.

quite hilarious actually.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

it was just a minor fender-bender that could happen to anyone but then the engine bay caught on fire and spread through the car.

i thank god that he, his wife and kid are safe and unhurt.

Friday, November 06, 2009

again, november is supposed to be a great farking month!!!! *pull hair*

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

november is supposed to be a lovely, peaceful month!!!!!!!!!!
how would you feel if someone ignored and short of mocked your idea weeks before and suddenly proposed to you your own idea like they thought of it in the first place?

what, u think i have amnesia isit that i cant remember?

or mebe u have amnesia that u dont remember.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

oh dang, i'm stressed now.

i received a call from my hsg loan lawyer just now and she requested my help to follow up with my SNP lawyer to get all the required documentations.

i swear to god i can feel my blood pressure rose.

do u know when i initiated the purchase?

last three months?

last six?

no, try last NOVEMBER!

YES, one blardy year and it's still not completed yet. *breathe in*breathe out*


proving a point has never been so sweet.

"waiting for network"


dont u just hate that message.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

tomorrow i have to point to make.

maybe they care, maybe they wont.

of books and their videos

the first time i came across "video" of books was when i found christine feehan. she just love making videos of her books as teasers to her readers.

i hated it.

yes, the idea of it is brilliant, but to me books are where your imagination runs high and free, where u fantasized about the tall, dark handsome dudes - err, pls dont tell hubby this k ;P

and that's exactly why i hated these videos.

coz the actors and actresses are probably from C-budget movies and they totally potong stim k! i kid u not. if u read christine feehan and love her books, go to her website and watch the videos. i guarantee u that ur tall-dark-and-handsome-fantasy will go down the drain.

its like going to karaoke lounge for the first time and u choose ur all time favorite love songs that u jiwang with when u were a teenage bopper and then up on the screen are these two kelakar looking couples who ran around like they are in a hindustan movie.

yes, exactly dat feeling.
ok, i cant sleep, thanx to waking up at 5 freaking PM just now.. and since all my "cafe food" are still on the stove and i have no "mafia energy" to do more jobs, so what can the tikus do? blog.. HAHA

i wud have thot i could sleep soundly tonite with all the aches from our sorry bout at the driving range, but no. and yes, body still ache like crazy.

golf sucks.

well, bad golf does. it felt good when u hit it right but most of the time? NA-AH..

and i feel really bad for sayang..

OHMYGOD! if there was ever a "stiffer" man around, pun not intended.. kesian gila! he was so frustrated i thot he was going to throw his clubs into the range.

that was quite funny actually ;P