Friday, October 30, 2009

si tikus: dont u have like 3 papers to prepare next week, plus one stupid nego to do?

brain: sorry, hibernating mode

si tikus: huh?
i have been told be more tactful.

what do u mean by tactful?

if tactful is how u behave, letting them trample all over you during mtgs, retreat, be silent and go at it again and again, then i think i'd stick to mine.

i cant stand ur long winded way.

i'd rather be direct and straight to the point. and if they raise their voice, u can bet ur ass i'd raise mine back at them.

let's face it, that's the only way they'd understand.
i really hate u and ur farking superiority complex.

and i thot i wud not have to deal with it after leaving your farking country.

u're in mine now.

and here, u're the bug.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book Watch!

the things that i cant wait to arrive in 2010! can anyone make the time goes faster, pls...

1. Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh
To be released: Feb 2010
and the guild hunter becomes an angel..

2. Lion's Heat by Lora Leigh
To be released: April 2010


for the past months that i kinda "forgot" to update my blog, these are some of the new books that i've read..

1. COVET by JR Ward

did u know she was going to write a new set of stories? no? yup, neither did i.. but after reading it, i have to say that it was a dang disappointment. oh god, i fell asleep like twice before i finished reading it. TWICE. never in my lifetime of reading fav authors' books that i slept twice before finishing their book!

2. Mastered by Love by Stephanie Laurens

what else would i say about steph laurens' books? stunning as always. of course, this one was very much anticipated that the rest, it's dalziel's story. if only ms.SL would get off from her tendency for that long winded prose.. but hey..

3. Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas

mebe i'm quite jaded already but i really dont think a guy can get so fixated over a girl after seeing her only twice without any substantial interaction, let alone madly in love. this one, for me, is actually a very very weird story. for those who've read this, what do u think?
little evil games on facebook!

come on, hands up for u who play these evil games!!

my god, i dont want to admit that am obsessed but i do. not enuf of being obsessed with planting stupid plants and waiting by the clock when i can harvest them, i have to be obsessed about killing people! well, not physically that is.

and then now, cafe world. oh god, yes, cafe world. i have no idea how it works but all i know i have to serve burgers and chips [coz that's all i can afford now] and rearrange chairs and tables for people to fit..

they all started quite innocently. i bring work back home and so does sayang. and usually, i have to have the tv on to keep things humming and yes, for those times when my brain is having a mental block but sayang cant concentrate when the tv is on.

so i have to have other distractions when my brain froze, and that's when i started playing these games.

and look what happened...

i swear to god i'll delete my FB account if i cant stop being obsessed!! i can hardly do work now! all i want to do now is check whether or not my burgers are cooked or whether i have points to keep fighting with people.

oh damn, it's 930 already, i think my burgers are ready!

the buzz of the year, the 1malaysia f1 team..

i tried to refrain from commenting much on this but i cant.

my take on the 1mf1? blardy waste of money. do they even know how much they'll have to spend? and i hated it when they put the Co on the spot like that. what, u think we're just one pot of gold that has an automatic refill is it?

and on the other side, its sayang's passion, well, besides me that is! HAHAHHAHA - yes, puke y dont u. of course people have been asking whether sayang has applied. my usual answer: one shrug and one smile.

well, he did apply, but he did it too late, passed the freaking due date.

and i felt guilty about that.

tell me, who wants to be an F1 widow? its bad enough that he has to travel on projects [yes, of course i travel too but no more than a week and its different! :P] it's gonna be horrible if he's really on the team. on one hand, i'm sad he's disappointed but on the other hand, i'm freaking happy...

and yes, i'm feeling guilty for feeling that.

what is wrong with HR these days?? we have to fill in what?? PDP? personal develop plan?

tell me if this make sense, i have to spend more than 8hrs just to go into the freaking unrealiable system, pray to god that the server doesnt crash or i'll have to do everything again, fill in freaking details of which YOU should have being the HR and all, tell you what my career aspiration is which should be the same as in the PPA system that we have to fill in every 6 months, and i have to update my resume and upload it in the system.

for what?

why would u need all the information (almost of it you can find in some other blardy brilliant system you've forced down our throat in the past years) for? to track my career? help my development plan?

or is it some blardy initiative without any benefit to the masses but you??

ok, lets play it by the book, yes? all tasks have to have RICE to be worthy of your time in the office.

Tell me what Result i should expect out of doing this? what? how will it blardy help me?

Tell me what Impact doing this would help me? the company?

oh, and dont bother with the C and E, i can easily tell you what the challenges and effort are to do this blardy thing.

and so, why should i spend any minute of my time doing something i dont see the benefit?

oh yeah, because HR said so.

of course, how can i forget.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

oh great, it's october already..

another half year ppa cycle to write and a "momentous" decision to make.

jeez, i do hate making decisions and even worse, i hate writing ppa, half year or end of the year.

the new policy is not helping. force-ranking sucks. i'm due for transfer and when i do the probability of me being placed on the 10% is high. yes, who'd be the best target to screw err target than the new staff if you really have to force-rank someone.

plus, i hate transfers. it's like moving into a new high-school.

but i suppose i have to do it. jeez, ironic, when i want to leave, i didnt and when i actually dont want to leave and happy at my place, i have to.