Thursday, September 03, 2009

yes ppl, i'm in the process of letting my suzie go..

i'm so tempted to just let her be traded in but since i've had so much fun with her, i'd rather she goes to someone who'll really appreciate her, hopefully an aspiring swifter :D rather than sit at a car dealer somewhere, sulking, not knowing where she is and y she's left there...

ok, psychotically-emo, i know but hey..

shit, now am sad..

2005 CBU Swift for sale

1. Year: 2005
2. Color: Silver
3. Mileage: 57k (second car)
4. Others: black leather seat, armor tinted (newly installed, warranty 25 years), accident free, fully maintained by TR Mulia (every 6mths eventhough mileage is not 10k), everything else stock standard.
5. Reason for sale: replacing her with an SUV
6. Asking price: RM55k