Saturday, August 29, 2009

dang! i am lazy to blog these days..

not that there's not much stuff going on, i do indeed have at least a thing or two or at least a dozen to write but i just cant the blardy time to sit and write at the lappie.

ok, excuses, i know ;P

oh well, we are off for a night out now.. mebe later k peeps!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

lil pink shoes that made me cry...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i can feel that today will not be a good day.

1: my boss will not be in the mtg today and i am honestly worried that i may lose my freaking temper and snapped at stupid freaking people, or person whichever the case may be..

2: the weather is so not helping. i mean, COME ON! do u want to be warm or chilly today, london?? MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MIND! an hour of gloomy, an hour of sunny, another hour of chilly wind, another hour of rain, and then sun again, and then chill. what, pms-ing isit??

3: and stop talking about how bad swine flu is in malaysia because we, in a freak of nature, decide to declare openly our statistics. we know it's worse in ur freaking country. u just dont want to admit it!! if u did, ur freaking stupid economy will be already be way more than 6 feet under and then u'd really be living off rations.

4: although it may be [a bit] true, i always hated it when people compare the "courteous-ness" [yes, i have a headache so mind my english pls] of malaysians against mat salleh's and how we are lacking. pergi lah, try and LIVE there and see how really courteous they can be. kalau setakat duduk dua tiga hari for vacation or business trip, jangan cakap banyak ah.

5: i am missing my hubby.
oh please lah, stop annoying me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

got books?

who wants bengal's heart by lora leigh, mastered by love by stephanie laurens, burn by linda howard, bad moon rising by sherrilyn kenyon and storm of visions by christine feehan?

i havent had the time to post about them but kalau korang nak the ebooks, email la k..
right, we have such plans to take leave and smoochy2 at the beach but of course we have to be at two different different places at the same week, all in the name of the Co... yes, high drive and resilience.. of course..

but at least sayang is somewhere warm and at least near a beach, i am blardy cold here! like hallo? isnt august supposed to = SUMMER = 27+ degrees?? celcius that is, not some blardy 20 degrees!!

anyways, i think this should be my last [free] trip here - hehehe - since the project is supposed to end this mth.

YES!! no more blah people to deal with..

now, when can we re-schedule that beach trip?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

and here we go again..

ok, so i know i havent updated my blog lately... BAGI CAN LA!! laki baru balik msia dua minggu k.. hehehe.. too bad coz the second day he came back i got my period! HAHAHAH! kesian pakcik.. dats y la got lag one week of incommunicado.. ok, too much info, SORRY! ;P

anyways, i am getting a presssie! *sengeh sampai nampak gusi*

the thing is, i have to choose my present... and the choosing part is a PAIN in the arse!

tak boleh just bagi je ke? at least i dont have to make a decision. u know i hate making decisions. u know i will psychotically-OCD-ly analyze everything, every single point.. i cant just drive through cheras auto city and pick one! what, ingat donut ke? come to think of it, nak choose donut pun i'm quite picky. well, except for JCo alcapone.. hehehe..

oh, why i'm getting a pressie? hehehe.. our house deal is almost coming through and i'll be getting the prof!!! yea! sayang laki aku...

now i have to think how to pay the monthly payment la kan.. HAHAHAHAH! so not funny...


but then again, if i choose another scenario that i'm not selfish then mebe we can get the walk-in wardrobe for the new house and a spanking huge-ass fridge and that 50-blardy-inch hd tv.. and electronic gate.. ok, mebe tak cukup for the electronic gate.. kah kah kah...

oh god.. lagi mau buat kelakar..