Monday, June 29, 2009

how tired can one be?

like literally exhausted.

i only jogged 1.5km and walked another 2km.. it didnt even take an hour. it was not even step class and i am exhausted...

tu lah, satu minggu lebih skip gym, lepas tu tiga hari makan nasi lemak, durian, pizza.. padan la muka kan..
auntie, i know i look like a snot-nosed sixteen year old sans makeup with raggedy gym clothes on - correction, i looked horrible when i was 16!! HAHA! - anyways, just because i looked like i baru keluar kampung doesnt mean u get to push me so blardy hard just because u would like to be right in front of the blardy makeup counter.

it doesnt mean that u get to hog the sales person when she was attending to me, even if u're holding a phendi bag and have a hairstyle that looked like a bee-hive.

and just because i'm so blardy tired working my ass off at the gym that i didnt say anything doesnt mean u get to bully me.

so i'm not going to say i'm sorry when i literally LAUGHed my ass off when i saw u getting into that car parked right in front of mine. i guess ur phendi is literally from P.S. Boutique. or maybe it's real and u're just borrowing ur driver's car.

jeez, i am nasty..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

22 more days to go...
... and counting...
... and counting...

i love...

.. this body butter that i accidently, mistakenly bought from body shop.
cocoa butter body butter..
i used to use this one, the shea body butter coz it smells heavenly vanilla-y and i looooove all vanilla smells.
plus, it's thick and just right for my strangely dry skin.
but few weeks ago, when i ran out of stock, i went to get more at body shop. and i took the cocoa butter by mistake.
since i've already opened the plastic cover before realising it's a different butter [yes, if u notice, the color is the same], i have no choice but to use it.

and surprisingly, it smells even more delicious than shea butter. it's like chocolate vanilla! kinda make me want to gnaw myself!
but it's kinda really freaky when strange people started to tell me that i smelled like chocolate. y are u smelling me?? eeik!

Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen

do i even need to tell you to go and watch this??
but shia le beouf [or however u spell ur name], u SUCK for kissing another girl. and yes, bumblebee is right, THAT IS STILL CHEATING!
can we have another hero pls?

17 again

i think i fell in lurveeeee... with a 20 year old BOY!!

but damn! he's so cute!!

too bad that his "mature" character is played by matthew perry [i think that's his name], blargh.. i so dont care that u're one of the "friends", i think u suck.

but zac efron, u make me drooooooool... damn, even if i wished that i'm 10 years younger pun will only make me 22, and that's still older than him!!
so, anyways, the movie, yes. it's hilarious, sweet and entertaining.. but dont expect much more than the cute guy, or boy..

Drag me to hell..

.. is the yuckiest movie of 2009.

it's not a bad movie, it's just GROSS!!!

seriously, though, it's not scary, terkejut badak ada la tapi takde lah "takleh tido" punya seram..

nice twist at the end though..

Confessions of a Shopaholic

so i finally watched this movie.
emmm.. agak terasa jugak lah kan.. HAHAHA!
anyways, quite irritating, annoying but sweet nonetheless..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

another bout of flu..


i blame it on the haze and the guards who clamped lil suzy..

Monday, June 15, 2009

stupid blardy ass!!!

i got home early today coz i have a pounding headache from the freaking cold office. and i stopped by suzy's parking spot to transfer my gym bags coz i wanted to drive her tomorrow.

and guess what?

she was clamped. again.

i sooo couldnt believe it.

yes, the parking spot is MINE, though rented, it's still MINE!! i paid money for it.

so, dengan sakit kepala ni, i went to the guard office to ask them WHAT THE FUCK? of course, it came out with much higher volume, cud have been higher but my pounding head cannot afford that additional volume.

u will not believe the reason why they clamped my car.

apparently, they freaking clamped it coz i parked OUTSIDE my parking box, and that is illegal parking.

of course u know what my response was, right? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK????

for your info, my rented carpark is one of the spots against the wall with ample space between the freaking yellow box of the parking and the wall. so last wknd when my brother came, instead of asking him to park at another spot (which we also rented so he has a card and a sticker), i moved my car closer to the wall so that my brother can park infront of me. still my space, not blocking blardy anyone. and when he left, i forgot to move my car back to its rightful BOX, ingatkan dah carpark sendiri, punya pasal la kan?

and the freaking strangest thing is that, kalau nak cakap illegal parking pun, cakap lah masa ada double car parked there. bodoh sangatlah kalau ada satu je kereta and then baru nak clamp dengan reason: tak park inside the box.


puas aku menjerit kat security head tu.

lagi tak tahan tu, satu guard bodoh ni dok menyampuk: samalah kalau parking kat luar, tak park dalam box kenalah saman.

APA KAU INGAT AKU TAK PERNAH PARK LAGI ILLEGAL KAT AMPANG NI??? HUH??? KAT KLCC PUN KENA WARNING JE TAU, TAKDE CLAMP2. ni dah lah carpark aku. padanlah muka kau kena jerit kan!

anyways, i literally forced him to open the clamp, and when he didnt want to, i made him call management. and u bet tomorrow, i am going to call the committee president and complain. kalau dia pun cakap tu illegal, memang aku JUAL rumah ni.

sebodoh2 guards kat gurney heights tu takde pulak nak main clamp2 macam sial - except they called JAWI on me. buat kelakar la pulak kan..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

yes, look at the camera, you little munchkin you, but dont take auntie's phone.. when u know how to say auntie's full name, auntie will get you one, ok..

oh no..

sayang, we have a problem...

spotot can only fit ONE golf bag in his trunk, only one.

and even that's a woman's golf bag..


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

yup, cant sleep..

i tossed, i turned, i've read two new ebooks, 1 old one and watched one old movie. all of which should lulled me to sleep.

no, lying down on the bed in the dark trying to sleep does not work for me. i get agitated coz honestly, alone, in the dark, actually scares the crap out of me..

so yes, today is going to be a loooong day.. sigh...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

36 more days to go..

would you...

... trust a fren who have had an affair with the husband of another mutual fren?

girlfriends always have this weird code that we will never poach on each other's.. but what happens when one does?

even if it's not you who are affected, would u still be OK with her? knowing she has had a track record of poaching [for the lack of better words]?

wud u trust her with your own husband?

when being naughty is delicious..

who would have thot that i'd caved in and walloped two yummilicious KKs.. out of the 6 that i bought for the meeting.. nasib baik i didnt get a whole dozen! ;D


and worse, they make u crave for more.. more.. they make you forget that u're supposed to be on a diet! they are evil, EVIL, i tell u!!!

ok, habis drama.. esok, GYM!!! oh, r we still on for the driving range thingie, lin? i dunno the way, can i go with u?

Monday, June 08, 2009

happy birthday

happy 60th bday, mom..
though i almost never say it, i do love u..

Friday, June 05, 2009

and here i thot ampang pt is bad...

i was in bangsar today for an appointment.

i swear to god i must have spent at least half tank worth of fuel just to find parking! god! banyaknya kereta! dah lah banyak kereta, jalan kecik2 pulak tu! and cars double park everywhere!

i was quite surprise coz despite the small roads and tiny-barely-squeezable-between-cars streets, the cars are humongous! ok, it's bangsar, big cars = expected, right? but still!! tabik spring siut for them makciks who BRAVELY squeeze through with their muchos dineros cars without even one single scratch!

i was literally praying out loud for spotot's well being...

i'm so impressed with my condo management office. lately, there have been a lot of improvements at my condo area. they clean the pool more frequent, the security guards make rounds often and they have these notices everywhere to remind people abt everything.

and of course, the biggest notice board of all was on the guard hse on the way in!

now, if only they can make refuse areas on each floor, or at least at each block so that i dont have to carry my rubbish all the way to the main waste area at the back of the condo..
guess what the tikus did today?

yes! she had her first golf lesson!! and no, that's not her in the pic. that's nis and our instructor..

and guess where the tikus had her lesson?

in a freaking shopping center! HAHAHA!

what, u think i'm crazy enough to go out in the hot sun to learn something that i may be VERY bad at? na-ah..

this way is sooo much fun, it's air-conditioned, its cool, it shaded.. at least i wont be distracted and frustrated with the weather or the heat or the heat or the heat and actually LEARN how to play golf..

otherwise, i would have quit after my first lesson!

now, i actually cant wait to go to the driving range! woo-hoo! who would have thot, huh?

emmm... shud i go get golf stuff now? ;D

Thursday, June 04, 2009

free range piggies..

i saw something strange on Oprah today.

they were talking about pig farms used for breeding and how the pigs are being treated in them.. they were arguing whether or not pigs kept for breeding should be caged or should be let about free.

i dont get it.

u gonna eat the little piggies later right?

what do u care about having them caged or let about free?

they gonna end up in the toilet bowl sooner or later.

u have so many homeless people in your country who need homes or shelters and u worry about piggies?

yeah, right..

ok, y am i talking abt pigs again? huh... eeeiikk!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

who in the world would want to fly to melaka? sigh...

Melaka Airport's New Terminal Creates Another History For The Historical City
Source: Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Melaka, the 'Historical City' chalks up another history when the airport relocates to a brand new terminal which starts operations today.

The total project cost was RM131.5 million, funded by the Federal Government and the project management consultant was KLIA Consultancy Services Sdn. Bhd. (KLIA Consult) while the contractor was Uni-Integrated Sdn. Bhd. The project started in April 2007 and completed in April 2009. The airport is now known as Melaka Airport instead of Batu Berendam Airport.

Member of the media witnessed the first landing at the airport today when Riau Airlines touches down at 9.15 am and the passengers were greeted and presented souvenirs by Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Hj. Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam, Chief Minister of Melaka. Members of the media were also given a tour of the new terminal. The old terminal ceased operations with the departure of Riau Airlines to Pekan Baru at 10.00am yesterday.

Dato' Seri Bashir Ahmad, Managing Director of Malaysia Airports said: "This is our commitment to further enhance the airport users' experience when using the airport. The new terminal will offer better services and facilities, in line with the increasing expectations of customers."

Compared to the old terminal which could only handle 0.3 million passengers per annum, the new terminal can accommodate up to 1.5 million passengers per annum. It has six check-in counters for international and domestic flights.

The new terminal has two parking bays capabale of accommodating B734/A320 and four parking bays for GAA. The terminal building is capable of handling 300 passengers per peak hour compared to 100 previously. Passenger comfort level has also been elevated, from 20 sq. m to 24.5 sq. m.

While the old terminal had only three immigration counters for both arrival and departure, the new terminal has four counters to handle departure and six to handle arrival. Three baggage carousels have been installed to handle baggage for departure and arrival flights.

Commercial activities are offered with outlets for F&B and a duty free shop. Car park lots totalling 90 are available for the public, while 20 are allocated for staff, 10 for taxis and 10 for buses.

The terminal is configured with 38 CCTV cameras for security monitoring. The public can also enjoy ample seating at the airport with 370 seats available. Currently, Riau Airlines is operating from this airport. The airport operates from 7.00am to 7.00pm daily. The new telephone number for the terminal is 06-3191707.

For the year 2008, Melaka airport processed a total of 23,751 passenger movements, handled 178,618 kg cargo shipments and 700 aircraft movements.

The Batu Berendam Airport was officially opened on Oct 1952 by the Duchess of Kent. It is located 10 kilometres from Malacca town. Under the Japanese Occupation during the Second World War, the airport saw little improvement. Further construction only took place under the British from 1948 onwards
today is such a strange, strange day..

i received an email from one of the project team members, i failed to notice the attachment. and then, my colleague N started to laugh, i asked why.

she replied, did u watch the video attached??

i frowned. as far i knew, there's no videos whatsoever during the project meetings but i looked at the email again. true enough, this guy sent out an email on action items for the project and he attached a video titled "huhu3".

i clicked on the video and it played a clip from a tamil movie. yes, tamil movie.

one, i've never watched a tamil movie before, sorry, i prefer hindustan movies instead. two, WTF?? y r u sending out tamil movie clips to all project members and some of them are management??

apparently, this tamil actor is pretty famous for his super-power-Newton's-law-defying acts.

and then, my colleague [after a bout of laughing] sent me this newspaper clip.