Sunday, May 31, 2009


Reading: Dont Bargain with the Devil

hahaha! trust SJ to come out with titles as corny as this.. but then again, that's the whole purpose of these kinds of books, right?

synopsis not too interesting, but i have nothing else to read at the moment. can someone go crazy with boredom? i know kutu can mati from boredom HAHAHA!
if u have to know, i am not the most patient of a person in this little world of ours... swear words can be spewed out of my mouth as easily and as fast as my cute little middle finger can be raised. i can shout obscenities at you without feeling an ounce of guilt.

and yes, at the start of every freaking year i do try to be a little bit more patient. but by the second day of the start of the new year, i will be swearing like a sailor again.

so when i do not respond to any of your taunts, be happy. and be quiet.

i'm giving u a warning, u push me again, i swear to god we'll see if u can take as much as u give.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie Watch: G.I.JOE and New Moon

some new movies that i havent put in my watch list yet..
Release date: August 7th, 2009

i saw the trailer and i like! cute guys, gorgeous chicks and bombs exploding, my kind of movie.. lets just hope sayang is STILL around in msia to go movie-dating with me this time.. 46 days and counting.. sigh..

2. New Moon

Release Date: November 20th, 2009

oh god, please dont tell me edward the-most-beautiful-man-in-the-world cullen is still powder-puffed!!! oh well, dont think i'll be watching this on the big screen. i hated this book.

of proactiv, skII and tia amelia(?) and skin programs

i am back on proactiv again, yes, my miracle acne cure-r - if there's ever such a term for these marvellous thing...

i have been getting humongous zits on my chin lately - and i think i know from when, but we wont go there huh.. and until this particular event is settled, i think i'm going to be visited by these irritating-stupid-little-aching-monster zits!

after almost two years of zit-free, they are back again *sigh*

so yes, if u want to know how i got those giant zits off my face for good all those years ago, it's with proactiv. i have been using them for almost 10 years i think. nothing else worked for me, not clinique, not dermalogica, not anything. and believe me, i have used them all, from estee lauder to elizabeth arden to clinique to the freaking expensive creme de la mer.
such a waste of money. those products are definitely not for problematic skins.
but i am kinda frustrated. coz i was on phase 3 of my program [ceh, got program k] already!! yes, for unfortunate ppl like me who has stupid oily skin with big open pores, i have to make a program for my skin - yes, yes, call me skema but hey, if it works..
phase 1: get rid of zits - [i thot i was] done with proactiv [but apparently not]..
phase 2: get rid or at least even out the zit scars [and i have a lot of scars] - done with SKII - yes, blardy expensive and tu pun i only used the miracle water and the facial treatment repair C. but i did see the results in about a year...
and phase 3: get my skin tone even and [hopefully] brighter - and this, suprisingly, i was using tia amelia. a local product introduced to me by nis [yes, i was surprised that she used].. i've only managed to use it for about a month and even then, i can see some results already.
but of course, now, i have to start ALL OVER again..
i am freaking 32 years old! not 13! stop it already with all the zit thingy!! not funny OK!!
oh plis, let it be true!!!!
for once, i LOOOVE malaysian airlines! ;P


so i finally watched this.

the story? i think its ok. just ok. i agreed with some comments that the it somehow felt disconnected. its like there's no continuity from the previous T3. they are supposed to begin in the bunker. what happened then? how did it get to now?

dont get me wrong, the movie is ok. but it could have been soooo much better if there's an additional half an hr of john connor and kate brewster's introduction rather than how marcus wright went for the lethal injection. the movie is almost, almost like a movie about marcus wright, the cyborg, than john connor the leader of the salvation.

that movie would have been a great Terminator 4.5, as opposed to Terminator 4. we, or at least I, want to know what happened in between aka from T3 to T4, smooth transition and continuation, please. and you can scrap that governor off the screen. urrgghh! my eyes felt violated for the seconds he appeared on screen.

putting that all aside, bale as john connor ROCKS!! except for the fact that he has this strange lisp when he talks. LOL!!
if u are still not sure whether to watch or not, watch it just to watch him.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

oh sucks.. no matter how cute u are, matthew mcconaughey, you are soo way past the cute chick flick age, ok. waaay past.

Friday, May 29, 2009

is it fair to be frustrated?

is it fair to put your life on hold for someone, something?

well, i am frustrated. and i dont think its fair to put my life on hold. i dont know how the others did it but i dont think i can.

i'm sorry but i just dont think i can.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

faces of me?

bear with me with this but i just had to do it.

i have a question for you.

pls, tell me who do i look like?

no, this is sooo not a trick question and neither is this a "masuk-bakul-angkat-sendiri" moment. HAH!

no, i am honestly just plain freaking curious.

so far i have three look-a-like mysteries, mystery coz for the life of me i so dont think i look like any of them.

this, is my FB profile pic, which elicited comments that i look like these people.

this is usually who ppl said i look like. emm.. strange, but ok, fine..

and then, yatt of all person, said i look like her. huh?

and then, of course, the mother of all mysteries, do i look like her??? coz tell me, if i do look like her, then DAMN!! yes, i will willingly masuk bakul and not only i will angkat the bakul sendiri, i will run around the KLCC park with the bakul. *gelak guling2 atas carpet la kan*

and oh, one more question, do i even resemble her? ;P

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

oh EFF!

i cant sleep.

i was on MC yesterday [since its already morning the next day] and was asleep most of the day from the loads of pain killers for my cramps and now, i cant blardy sleep.

great, just great.. and i have a full day tomorrow.

Book Watch: Mastered by Love

Mastered By Love
by Stephanie Laurens
to be released 28 July 2009

the last of the Bastion Club series, the story of Dalziel.

cross my fingers and hope it's good. SL had wandered [and lost] far deep in the freaking tropical rainforest [for lack of better words].

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i am on MC today, i couldnt help it my cramps were worse than usual this morning despite my usual pill-popping routine the night before.

and as i was searching through the web on menstual cramps, look what i found.

blardy hell!!!

i supposed only a MAN could think of something like this.

power your mind MY ASSS!!!

how would u like it if i were to POUND ur lower abs and your back with batu giling, endlessly, for the whole day? do u think u can poof away the cramps with your freaking power of mind???? i really like to see you try that!

Monday, May 25, 2009


what i had for dinner today??

HAHAH! yes, kerang rebus!! and the freakiest thing is, i rebus them myself!!!

ok, ok, i know, what's the big deal right.. hehehe.. for someone who only eats seafood at kedai or when my mom cooks them, it was an amazing feat for me! siap rebus dengan serai sekali k! :D

Angels and Demons



sorry guys, but OMGWTF it was soooo boring...

Star Trek

to tell you the truth, i have never watched any of the original series or movies that featured william shatner or any of the original members. they were too old.

the only star trek series and movies that i've watched were the ones that has jean luc picard as the captain and data, well, whoever he is. and i loved those.

so when this movie came out, i have no such appreciation [for lack of better words] or even eagerness to watch, unlike the other star trek movies that featured jean luc picard. but since many of my frens and even gurlies said that its smashin', so, i went to get the dvds.

it's ok, but calling it smashin' is a bit of a stretch.. watch it for fun..

coz yes, the lead actor is quite cute :D

i have no idea who he is or what other movies he'd acted on previously.

but that dont matter huh? ;>

but i have issues with spock, or better yet with sylar as spock.

oh, dont get me wrong, he was actually quite good acting as a err.. spock(?), my gripes with him is for a totally unrelated matter (HAHA).. after watching sylar brutally murdered nathan petrelly, is kinda difficult to see him as the good guy..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Night at the Museum 2

loads of laugh!!!

but not as good as the first one, though

Saturday, May 23, 2009

why do u even have appointments when u so obviously dont know what it means?

i just got back from trimming and treating my sadly-damaged hair. ok, sadly-damaged hair is another story i sooo dont want to talk abt :(

i want to talk about this salon that takes appointment but dont know how to keep it.

i left my old salon and my old stylist (sob..sob..) because i was sick of the "come here, come all" concept. everyone can come irregardless of how busy the stylists are and how irritated the clients are of having to WAIT for the shampoo girl, the stylist and the hair-blow girl. no, this is soooo not a snobbi-ness [is there such a word?] issue. this is an issue of having to wait half an hr on the chair to get smone to wash ur hair, another freaking half and hr for the stylist to flit through clients after clients to cut ur hair, and another freaking hour to wait for the hair-blow girl because they are over-packed with people and not enough hands [or scissors or blowdryers] to cater to them all.

so i left my old salon, for good.

this new salon takes appointment, specifically for this stylist. and i was esthatic. until i found out that they also take in some walk-in clients. some but enought to make me wait forever!!!

i hate being left on the chair with wet hair plastered on my head. more than that, i actually HATE sitting in the chair, period. so wen i wanted to get my hair trimmed and treated today, i expected for the whole procedure [for lack of better words] to last a max of an hour.

but nooooo, my appt was at 3pm and i was only out at 5.10pm!!! i took note of the time, shampoo 10mins, hair treatment 20 mins, cut 15mins, blowdry 15min. should be abt an hr kan??? but the fact that i had to wait a total of an additional hour in betweens, tu yang tak tahan gila tu!!!


is there, anywhere, anywhere at all, in this freaking klang valley that has a salon that not only takes appointment but the stylist stays with you the whole time of your procedure???

blardy obsessed!!

yes, i am obsessed with counting calories lately.

do you know that it takes burning 3500 calories to lose 1 blardy, miserable pound?
yes, pound. not even kilogram.

so to lose 1kg, you have to burn abt 7000 calories. seven freaking thousand calories!

so if i want to lose 5kgs, i have to burn 35000 calories???


my hour of slaving myself at gym pun only burn me, at most, 200-250 calories. mana nak cari 35000 calories??

supposedly, by living and breathing, our body will naturally burn from 1000-1300 calories per day for daily functions, depending on metabolic rate (so, lucky no.7, u must be burning freaking thousands and thousands of calories by only breathing!! oh, am so green).

but then, we go and eat bfast min of 250 calories, lunch min 500 calories, dinner min 600 calories, and ur natural calorie burning credit is gone.

so then, we go slave ourself at the gym, burning a pathetic 200 calories.. and so, by mere simple maths, i'll be able to lose 5kgs in abt 175 days.

yeah right, dats not counting the days i skip gym, decide to treat myself to KFC or superlicious nasi lemak panas.

so basically, it may take me almost a year to just lose 5 freaking kgs?


oh shait...

remember my bathroom-pipe-burst incident? the one i found out right after my return from the states?
the one that had water gushing out all over my bathroom and THANKFULLY didnt spill over to my bedroom for almost two weeks!! yes, two weeks, judging from the amount of sediment left (and still some stain i could scrub out) on the bathroom tiles..
yeah, well, i just remembered that i havent paid the water bill yet..
and guess HOW MUCH the blardy bill is??
just take a wildest guess..
50 bucks?
not even close..
100 bucks?
i wished..
200 bucks?
the bill was close to SIX HUNDRED BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes, 600!!
never, NEVER in my freaking life i came even close to 100 bucks of water bill for the whole month..
so esok, i have to go to the bank (OH! esok is PAYDAY!!! yea!) and take out money to pay the bill.. and while am there at the maintenance office, for sure they'll force me to pay the maintenance charges as well... and then, they'll make me pay the additional parking space rental..
URRRGGHH!! baru nak pergi shopping kan...

Monday, May 18, 2009

i cant write anything today coz i actually brought work home to finish up.

yes, idiot huh?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

what is up with parents who bring their ENTIRE brood for groceries shopping???
yes, i just got back from tesco ampang and OMGWTF!!!
it was like a public freaking theme park!!! come children, lets go and spend time at Tesco every weekends..
honestly, people, doing groceries are one of the chores and NOT a recreational activity that u can bring ur kids along!!
i mean, if they behave like kids from freaking Pleasantville takpe lah gak, kan? ni tak, sekor2 macam SETAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i must have been pushed by carts that were pushed by some blardy kids like million times while their parents were pretending not to see my *evil* glare. and then when one of them lenyek my toes, my cute adorable lil toes [yes, well..], i literally growled and shouted at the stupid kid and his parents.
pls la, ppl, if u want to spend time doing something with ur kids, GO TO THE FREAKING ZOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
and when u're there, GO SEE UR FRENS!!

supernatural: season 4 the final episode

BLARDY ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont even want to talk about it!!

UURRRRRGGGHH!!!!! die sam winchester, DIE!!!

anyways, the whole season 4 actually rocks! cant wait for season 5!!!

sakit hatinya!!

have u seen the pictures on the ciggie boxes these days?

my cartons and cartons of duty free ciggies are finally finished last night. so i had to actually buy one la kan..

and they have these icky pictures on the boxes of lung cancer and sick kids and etc..

i was like, WTF??

sure, i know smokers have higher probabilities of suffering these inflictions but hey!

why not we just paste pictures of mutilated bodies from accidents on ur cars' steering wheels?

or start making eating plates with pictures of heart attack patients or mutilated legs of a diabetic so that we dont even eat??



.. to use the mutitronic paddle shift?

for someone who cant drive a manual car, who doesnt really understand the concept for manual changing gears to even learn how to drive a manual car properly and who have had the comment "shift gear wrongly" on her driving test result that showed she cant learn how to drive a manual car even with a freaking instructor, paddle shifts are just another mystery to me.

yes, i've played PS games that required me to change gears on the joystick but that's different! if i wrecked that car [yes, the engine seemed to blow quite a lot!], it'd just an imaginary car! if i wrecked spotot's gearbox, it'll be a blardy 20k on my freaking head! plus, an extremely annoyed and irritated and angry husband HAHA..

but yes, i would like to learn. i let the EMCEE drive spotot last week on the elevated hway and he used those cute lil pedals behind the steering wheel and spotot was spewing power like crazy!

i went green with envy.

so, who wud want to volunteer to teach me how to use pedal shift with their car? plis? preeeety, preeeeety plis? :P


... to do today?

i have absolutely no idea.. aside from the usual house errands that i have to do irregardless, i dont think i hv anything to do..

yesterday was fun. i had brunch with linds and farah whom i havent seen, physically, since one of their kids bday last year. imaan (son of linds) and faisal and sufia (both farah's) are too big now to be cuddled by aunty dilla.

last time they have no idea who's holding them, this time imaan at 2+ already know how to say "mummy, tolong!" whenever aunty dilla comes near! it was so blardy funny! he even held his spidey backpack close when aunty dilla ask if she can borrow it!!

faisal at 5 was just too handsome for his age. he had eyelashes so long and curly that a full bloodied 30+ years old WOMAN would kill to have!! and sufia who's 2+ was just adorable. she introduced her brother as "nana" and herself as "ishah".. both farah and zaihan have no idea where she got those names!

i wished i'd brought my camera yesterday and post their pics here. but i do have reservations abt posting other peeps kids pic in a public page, well, other than the hunny bunny!

Friday, May 15, 2009


at the end of American Idol on TV8 today, there's the janice dickinson show [yes, dat strange bitchy judge in the previous ANTM].

in the show, they were showing how the animals were cruelly treated before they were skinned alive for their furs for fashion industry and how the models protested against wearing fur..

yes, i am all for "no fur" ONLY because i am allergic to all kinds of fur! HAHA! otherwise, i dont actually care - i am not a fan of animals [sorry].

but that's me.

but for these people who are against fur, i wonder whether they are really gungho abt it coz they really care and are against cruelty to animals used for their furs or just because?

bcoz if its really for against cruelty to animals, what abt the animal skins used for accessories and wallets and shoes and handbags and belts? just because they are nasty snakes and crocodiles do not mean that they deserve to be SKINNED as well.

what abt sheeps they took wool from? or rabbits for their angoras or cashmere from goats?? how sure r u they are not in pain? do u talk sheep? or goat? or did bugs bunny tell u that his rabbit cousins are not in pain?

well, not that i care, right?

but then again, i dont wear furs, or wool [itches my skin] or angora [yes, allergic] or cashmere or snake or crocodile skin stuff [itch]. i'm all cotton and silk and sateen and nylons and lycras and denims and other engineered materials that do not irritate me, like, physically..

my brother has this t-shirt that said "i love animals"

and at the back, it said "they are delicious!" :D

not again..

my throat started to tickle yesterday..

today it's beginning to feel scratchy and my eyes are hot...

my body is extra achy.. and i can feel the sniffles at the back of my nose..


not again...

the people in my department has been running a "flu relay" ever since i came back from states last month. we've been passing the "flu baton" to each other and earlier this week, the last person to get sick has gotten sick.. and now, apparently, she'd passed it back to me!!



i'm such a bad bad girl today..

dah lah semalam tak gie gym kan, and then stay in the office till freaking 9 pm..
yes, i know..
and then, today, not only did i skip gym, AGAIN, i ate like 10 shticks of these succulents yummy sinful satays...

please, please god, "induce" me to use this tonight!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i am one HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY bunny today!!!!

cross my fingers and i hope it's true!! [nope, pregnancy is not the news here]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i decided to reward myself with a pair of new trainers.

yup, the tikus has gotten herself a pair of spanking new running shoes... just because she managed to jog non-stop for 10 minutes.. ok, pathetic i know. but I CANT SEEM TO JOG!!

i can do full hour of bodystep classes and briskwalk forever and use the stepper like a crazy but for the life of me i cant blardy JOG!!

even in highschool when we were forced to run in the morning of every friday [when friday was a weekend], i remembered having troubles with it.

i have no idea why.

so yesterday, when i could jog for full 10 minutes [last record was 5minutes ONLY] i was estatic! again, yes, pathetic but hey..
just because u talk so blardy much about ur life does not mean that u have a life.


and yes, i am blardy smart AND pretty.

if u cant handle that, then

Sunday, May 10, 2009


i am an avid "follower" of supernatural series.

thanx to my brother dhaney, i am always kept current with the latest episode.

and currently, i am sooooooo hating sam winchester. and blardy dean, are u ever getting some super powers or not?? how the heck r u going to kill the demon? and stupid stupid angels.

like seriously, i so think i'm pms-ing now. why so emo? huh?

Lover Ahvenged

Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7)
by JR Ward

i've finally finished reading this one.

its abt Rehvenge aka Reverend, Bella's brother, Bella, the mate to Zsadist in Lover Awakened, my favorite of all JRW's books.

sadly, the brother-in-law's story is not that interesting. the mate oso not that interesting..

even worse than not interesting, the freaking king is really blind now?? and john matthew aka darius reborn is doing xhex?? WTF???

like WTF??

read it to get irritated. pls, read it if u need some more blardy irritant in your life. *snarled*


maxis, if u are a person, dah lama dah aku bakar rambut ko!! [pinjam ye ateen ;p]

punyalah org tulis panjang2, dia takde line pulak tiba2! oi, sakitnya hati!!!!!
i need to get a small low table to do work in front of the tv. yes, yes, i know, "u cant do work in front of the tv"..

well, strangely, i can.

when i'm doing work, the tv and its sounds comfort me. strange, i know. but one way or the other, they are my white noise.

i cant stand total silence. my eardrums will start to hum annoyingly.

emm.. come to think of it, it is strange. sayang cant stand the fridge or the lampu in our kitchen humming while i sometimes dont even notice their hums. but i will notice when they stopped humming.

anyways, where was i? yes, i need to get a small low table coz my back is aching from typing with the lappie on the carpet on the floor in front of the TV.

hah, that's like way off topic huh? :D

my poor baby...

my poor, poor baby...

sayang is not feeling well. he just had one of his tooth extracted and he's in pain now.. poor baby.. wish i'm there with you..

get well soon sayang..

True Love and Other Disasters

True Love and Other Disasters
by Rachel Gibson

emmmm... if u like the story of a stripper/playboy bunny turned into a goody goody millionaire, then u might like this one.

i didnt though. urgh, it was rather painful to read.

the beginning was interesting. and then it went downhill from there. i kept hoping RG would bring out Layla a bit more but sadly no. it could have been much much more but it wasnt.

i was not happy.
today is such a strange day.

i woke up reasonably early [11am on a sunday of a long weekend, is early] to brave myself to pertama complex. i had to send sayang's helmet to be cleaned or replaced or do watever they need to do to get that icky mold out before they grow into a blardy colony.

after getting lost in sogo amidst the throngs of makciks, i found my way to pertama. yes, pathetic isnt it? but getting lost in sogo is one thing, getting lost in pertama is whole another worry. ohmygod, that place is a maze! after asking three people where mecinda racing is, finally one gave me the correct directions.

anyways, the helmet cant be cleaned coz the infected area is non-detachable. paksu, the owner, recommended for the padding to be replaced but since the helmet is quite old, agv has discontinued the replacement paddings. paksu said he can get local ones instead. ok lah kan? local pun local lah..

and then i bought another visor for my helmet that's all screwy. hehehe..


happy mother's day, mom!!

and happy mother's day to all you mothers and mothers-to-be and aspiring mothers. cross our fingers and hope this year is our year. but if it's not, then, there's always next year.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

wacky calendar..

something is wrong with my internal calendar.
i just had my period like less than two weeks ago and now am getting PMS symptoms again! WTF???
i have two freaking pimples the size ooooooooof... yes, TEXAS *cringe* and my back aches like nobody's business...

Friday, May 08, 2009

just so hot..

oh god, today is SOOOO blardy panas!

i wanted to go to pertama complex today to get the helmets fixed [hopefully] but after being scorched by the heat and sun when i went to tiara ampang to pay the maintenance fee, i fell asleep exhausted.

i woke up just minutes ago with a freaking blardy headache the size of texas [dont ask me why its the size of texas, its just something we say kah kah kah!]

Thursday, May 07, 2009