Saturday, February 28, 2009

Touch n GO

what is it with these KL-ites who refuse to get the touch and go card and still insist on queueing up for toll???

i'm not asking u get the 150 bucks smart tag but the touch and go card which is just 10 freaking bucks!

believe me, it'll make ur life so much easier.

but i guess some people are just dumb stubborn.


huh... i had high hopes about this movie when i bought it.

mainly because of that tiny tot actress, dakota fanning. heck do i care about the others. i just love all of her movies, war of the worlds included. oh, and that's of course also because of yummy cruisie.

but this one, push, sucks. i dont get the movie, i dont get her character. let's just leave human-with-super-powers to heroes shall we..


this has to be most interesting movie i've seen so far this year. well, aside from the fact that liam neeson is the only main character in the movie, it was quite entertaining.

watch it if you are a fan of liam, otherwise, you may get bored with just him in action.

Friday, February 27, 2009


i had enuf of this appraisal thingies!!

we have to do a write up on R.I.C.E. basically, Results obtained, Impact to the Company, Challenges faced and Effort undertaken. for each and everyone of the freaking objectives over the year.

annoyingly, agonizingly, painstakingly hard thing to do. [yes, pardon my England which has suddenly gone Indon]

i'd finished with the R's and the I's over the pass two days. now, i'm left with Challenges and the Effort.

all i know is that i'm severely CHALLENGEd and it takes a freaking huge EFFORT to finish up these things.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


.. it takes one whole month [give or take] to re-adjust myself to living alone..

since friday the 13th (hah!) i have been out of my mind catching up with work, especially after that particular note from my BOSSES. yes, both of them. god. and still, i'm playing catch up.

the only reason why i am here at this space now is because it's that time of the month again. well, not THAT, but its the appraisal time, again.

yes, i have my spreadsheet of objectives and indicators and results on the screen next to me and i dont know how to fill them up. of course not helping is the freaking part where i'm missing like A WHOLE month of due dates.

god, what have i done?!!

ever since june last year, i thot i have conceded myself to being satisfied [or mebe even GRATEFUL] with an average rating but somehow, one way or the other, I WANT that stretch again!


but screaming and stomping and pulling my newly 'saw'ed hair is not going to change the freaking numbers on that screen.

i did not make the mark, especially with the competition this year.

i dont do well with disappointment. *munching angrily on a sneaker bar*

Friday, February 13, 2009

TGIF (the 13th?)

today is such a freaky day.

in the morning, i swore to god i saw my boss standing at his cubicle. i went to the printer in another room, rushing to get some papers to get by him for review. minutes later, i called out to him while walking over to his cube. he was not there.

i asked my two colleagues who were standing by their cubes where did he go and both of them looked at me strangely.

N said, huh? R is not here yet.

the hairs on the back of my neck rose. OH GOD, so who was standing at his cubicle?

A said with a frown, no one came over..

the hairs on my arms rose.

i took out my ciggie and left for the smoking room.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


it has come to my attention that a certain user ;D has encountered some problems to click out of my blog. she suspected that my blog or script or something has been infected with virus..

so, ni nak tanya la ni, korang2 yang visit blog ni kan, ada masalah tak bila nak click out of this blog? kalau ada silalah cakap cepat2 ye sebab taknak pulak nanti tiba2 blog sitikus ni hilang ke sebab kena makan virus! and then sapa2 yang tau macam mana nak buat blog backup silalah habaq ye..

tapi kalau korang tak de problem then mebe that certain user tu saja je nak buat alasan so dia boleh beli laptop baru!!!

sorry faeiz! :P tapikan, samsung tu amat lah comelnya... oh, lenovo s10 tak suka ke?

what's tomorrow?

oh shait!!

esok friday the 13th!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


not all is good today though.. i was quite hesitant to post this in the spirit of not ruining the day but heck, why not..

today, for the first time in my working life, well, after SPU that is, i felt incompetent. utterly incompetent and worse, i was caught by my boss. sigh.. sucks..

i dunno why, i dont want to make excuses that i'm missing someone but lately, my work ethics are going down the drain. seriously.

i have never had to spend two weeks trying to finish one measly meeting brief. usually, after all of my trips, i would finish the brief the night after the meeting so that i'd remember what was discussed and what actions that have to be taken and what to be reported personally to my superiors when i return back to the office. it was one of the few disciplines that i managed to instill in me, until now.

i would never sit on a task for weeks just because or stared off the monitor, blank and fazed out.

what the heck is wrong with me here? everything just seemed to not be right somehow. i know i can still think but i cant sit still long enough to start thinking properly.

my papers, presentations and proposals are not even halfway done, negotiation points left unread and yet i sit here writing this blog without even blinking a bit of stress that my work, my career may crumble slowly around me.

few months ago, i would have pulled my hair out of my head, hunched over the lappie, shrieked with freaking agony over the stress and yet still manage to work through it while munching a bar of sneakers.

but apparently not now.


how long will this last, huh?


today, these arrive..

24 perfect little buds of red roses in one humongous bouquet. sorry, i tak sampai hati nak bukak stockings dia.. [ok, if u know what they call those things that cover the roses please do tell me]

of course, i was estatic but to be honest i'm not surprised! hehehe.. i was kinda expecting it.. tak senonoh kan? tak kisah, especially when this is the first anniversary that we spent away from each other.. sedey tau..

anyways, it was quite funny coz all the way from the tower's lobby up to my office and all the way from my office down to the carpark, people kept asking "eh, dah dapat valentine's flowers dah?"

i must have repeated the same answer like zillions of time :D

Book Watches

i'll be waiting and watching for these books this year.. sigh.. so few?
1. Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas (March 09)
i love all of lisa kleypas' historical romances, but her contemporaries are just a tad strange. haha. actually, her contemporaries are kinda like narrative novels from the heroin POV, which i dont quite like. but the storylines and the her writings are still one of my favs.

2. Danger in a Red Dress by Christina Dodd (March 09)

same like lisa kleypas, i love all of her historical romances, especially her Governess Brides series. hillarious and sweet. her contemporaries are not that bad either actually. and she also have paranormal series but not that great though, shapeshifter legend thingy..

3. True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson (May 09)
no pix yet

4. Hidden Currents by Christine Feehan (June 09)

this is the last installment for the 7 sisters series. i cant wait for it to come out just so that i can finish the whole series. yes, a bit warped i know, but christine feehan is not that bad. she's like the third car that i'll drive when i'm bored with my other cars. HAHAHA! yes, only in my very fondest dream that i can afford to have more than one car. thank god they are just books.

5. Bengal's Heart by Lora Leigh (August 09)

no pix
i cant wait for this coz i cant wait for the next book after this!!

6. Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon (August 09)
no pix
i think this is Fang's story. another werehunters thingy. shud be ok to fill in the time..
7. Burn by Linda Howard (2009)
no pix
god, i hope this one will be better than the others. i wonder what happened to linda howard. her books are just blah nowadays. i cant even finish reading death angel wothout falling asleep. i used to love everything from her, EVERYTHING! now, it's just too freaking disappointing.

Dream Warrior and Murder Game

Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon

finally done reading this one. okay je lah.. not that interesting since i dont quite like dream hunters series.. but i can wait for the next ones coz we have some bad dark hunters in town! woo-hoo! i can feel good things happening... :D

Murder Game by Christine Feehan

i think this is her 7th book of the Ghostwalker's series. it's about kadan, one of the main characters, it should be interesting, i have actually been waiting for his story, but.. yes, big but there..

i like all the previous 6 but this one just didnt do it for me. i dunno, it may be the heroin who may just be too weak of a character, or the ending that is just too anti-climatix (damn! how do u spell anti-climatick/x/k???).. if you follow it, read it, but otherwise, skip it.


to our 3rd anniversary
and many, many, many, many more to come..

love you

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tag: How Far We've Come

ok, since dah malas nak buat kerja lain kan, meh sini buat tag faeiz.. nasib baik tak payah buat karangan k..

the rules:
1. Put your music on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
5. Tag others

If I Were a Boy - Beyonce ~ once upon a time, i'm sure u'd wish this oso!!

Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson ~ mataku kadang2 hazel, boleh?

Lay All Your Love on Me - Mamma Mia soundtrack

L.O.V.E. - Ashlee Simpson ~ kasi can ah, esok anniversary kan...

The Winner Takes It All - Mamma Mia Soundtrack ~ keh keh keh! apakah ini..

The Scientist - Coldplay ~ hallo?

Away from The Sun - 3 Doors Down ~ i dont even know i have this song!

WHAT IS 2+2?
It's My Life - Jon Bon Jovi! HAHAHAHA!

That's What You Get - Paramore ~ eh?

Figured You Out - Nickelback

Voulez-Vous? - Mamma mia soundtrack ~ ops banyaknya lagu mamma mia ni!

Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue

Keeps Getting Better - Christina Aguilera ~ how apt..

Don't Say A Word - David Cook

My Sacrifice - Creed ~ oh tidak..

Masih Aku Terasa - Gersang ~ KAH!!!! KAH!!!! KAH!!!!

Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade

Take a Bow - Leona Lewis ~ Wo..

I Don't Have - Nickelback

S.O.S - Mamma Mia Soundtrack ~ when mr. bond sang like that, of course i cry..

Light On - David Cook ~ UWAAAA!!! wait, i'm supposed to laugh at this?

Lucky - Jason Mraz

If Everyone Cared - Nickelback

Breathe - Nickelback ~ tak sedapnya lagu ni..

Let Me Go - 3 Doors Down ~ oh how very appropriate.. hehe sowwy!

Lady Marmalade - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback ~ ye ye aku tau banyak lagu nickelback but i luurrrrvvve this song!!!

Money Money Money - Mamma Mia soundtrack ~ 'oly cow! isnt this nice?

Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams ~ huh?

How Far We've Come - Matchbox 20 ~ penat eh buat tag ni..

and like what faiez said, it's a fun thing tag to do, so am tagging people for once. saya mau tag
1. linz
2. angelita
3. isam d'allee (so there's something else other than environmental things on ur blog!)
4. k.snabby
5. norra


i wanna watch this.
is it good?


should i watch this?
i have the dvd i bought together with bridewars and mall cop but i have had a run of bad movies lately and i cant stand another bad one, especially brendan frasier's movies.
so tell me, shud i or shud i not?

dah agak dah...

kan hari ni start MAS travel fair kan?

so si tikus ni punyalah dari pagi tadi try nak masuk MAS punya website. satu jadah pun tak dapat!! system error lah, restart browser lah, cannot open page lah, pooracit lah!

i knew it would be like this. if its not the connection that's the problem, its the freaking traffic in the website.. i give up! ok, mebe i'll try again the last day.

but then again, why bother. i have enough points to get free tix. :D


this morning was hillarious.

u know how i have this ketumbit on [or i think, in] my left eyelid, right? well, this morning, it swelled more than twice the size of my eyelid, yes, i kid u not. and no, i did not take a picture!

i have no idea what caused it, but it gotten worse.

so, horrified, i went to the doctor. and since it's on my eyelid and not on my eyeball [yes, yucky to even think of it on my eyeball!!!], the doctor deemed that i am not incapacitated enough to be given an MC.

i begged. well, of course, i did!

no way am i going to the office with a swollen eyelid looking like some freaking mutant from a B-movie! either u give me an MC or bandage my eye or give me something to make the swelling goes down.

and i told the doctor that exactly. suffice to say, the cheeky woman laughed at me.

in the end, she gave me something to eat with whatever eyedrops yada yada, and told me the swelling will go down within hours.

i waited. patiently.

before noon, the swelling went down to a more manageable size. i sighed with tremendous relief.

and then, i went to wear my contacts to work... sigh... dah vainpot kan nak buat apa... sekarang ni, gatalnya mata, nauzubillah!

Monday, February 09, 2009

14 February Birthdays

thank god for birthdays on 14th February.

yes, once again, the tikus will be quite alone on valentine's day. and it has to fall on a saturday too.. so, yes, i have been trying to find stuff to do on that blasted day. sigh.. what to do, what to do..

until i get two smses, invites to birthday parties! yay! i have never been soo happy to attend birthday parties before. anything, anything, to not spend the day sopping at home.

so now, i have my day all sorted. early afternoon, a birthday party for a 5 year old chipmunk, later afternoon, a tennis game with my brothers and then later that night, another birthday party for a thirty-something hyper-energizer-bunny!

Mall Cop


honestly, dun waste ur money.

i still cant believe i watched it.

Bride Wars

this is one freakishly funny movie.

anne hathaway and kate hudson played two best friends, emma and liv, who dreamed of their perfect weddings at the plaza, until their wedding planner mixed up their wedding dates.

watch it with ur girlfriends though, coz it can be quite a bore for guys. :D

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair 2009

i thot i would be done with chasing over travel fairs for good deals when sayang came back three years ago.

but apparently not.

so, here we go, as usual, in February, Malaysia Airlines would not fail to hold its travel fair. starting from tomorrow, Tuesday 10th February, the fair will continue for ten days until the Thursday 19th Feb.

but this year, instead of a physical fair, MAS is going virtual; i.e. sales of ticket can be purchased over their websites, travel agents and ticketing counter.

more news on the travel fair, click here.

Becoming Jane

i watched this yesterday after a bit of hoo-ha over which channel it was supposed to be aired on. :D

it was short and sweet but it was sad and heartbreaking as well.

anne hathaway was a gorgeous jane and james mcavoy was a charming scoundrel! for a while there, ateen, i salivated. :P

good watch for a chick flick.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


.. is an annoying occurance!!


and i just had to have one on my left eye!

and no, i have not been "eyeing" anyone! certainly have not been "mengintai" either! blardy ketumbit! and it had to happen on a holiday when the clinics are closed!



i have no idea why a couple of my posts lately are like this but what the heck..

so people, what is ur definition of KEMUT?

for all of my life, well, a quarter most probably, kemut to me is kedekut aka stingy or a person's character of his/her reluctant-ness (if that's even a word) to part with his/her money or stuff or whatever.


like kemutnya kau! wud mean, kedekutnya kau, or u are so stingy!


apparently NOT!

try googling kemut and see what it is.

apakah ini???

normally, i wudnt even notice the things on the sidebar of facebook.
but i got to know about this from one of the gurlies during friday nite's out.
rahsia pancutkan isteri???
what in the world??!!
facebook is getting scarier these days..

Saturday, February 07, 2009


.. to yed, for the passing of his father earlier this morning.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coyote's Mate and Dream Warrior

Coyote's Mate by Lora Leigh

k, finally done reading this 18th (i think) book of the breed series. yup, i got it as soon as the clock hit 12am 3rd feb 2009, and yes, at my fav ebook haunt. :D

in general, of course i love the book but coyote's arent my favorite animal so i cant find it in me to be too absorbed in it as i did the other books. sorry..

i did wish there were a lot more snippets about jonas in it but i guess i'd probably have to wait till the end of year (hopefully) for his book to come out. LL is publishing cabal's book next in august or something. sigh.. oh well..

anyways, get it if u like something hot and steamy [as the case usually is with all of LL's books] or if u follow her series like i do. this one did not disappoint me.

Reading: Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon

the tikus is currently reading this, though she does prefer dark hunters better than dream warriors.

but then again, after flipping some pages, she got excited to see zarek's name in it as well!

cant wait for the weekend to finish it off!

Monday, February 02, 2009

work time, people!

The [Fair]Lady

she's sleek, she's fast, she purrs like a dream..

no, of course not me ;P

she's not even a human being.

this one lady is the Nissan Fairlady 350Z..

i went to have lunch with N today to give him sayang's stuff.. he was late from a meeting so i had a smoke outside with Pak N. and then, suddenly Pak N said, hah, tu dia dah datang tu.

i turned, expecting to see woppet but instead i and saw this black, spanking sleek cabriolet roadster coming to park. HUH? HUH?

HE BOUGHT IT? i asked Pak N. i know he wanted it but to actually get it??

and yup, dat man actually bought himself one cabriolet 350Z, delivered on chinese new year, not even a week ago. crazy, crazy man! and of course, me, being me, held out my hand for the keys!


well, u cant blame me for wanting a piece of that.. that.. pure estrogen on wheels.. well, i wanted to say "pure testosterone on wheels" but that car is a definite SHE [can't u see all that curves!], and she cant have pure testosterone now, can she?

in any case, this lady that he bought [ok, sound corny i know] is a 2004/2005 (not too sure) 3.5L, 5-speed automatic (one that i can drive! woo-hoo!). i didnt quite get the exact specs but that particular model wud have about 280 horsies and 350Nm (or more) of torque. please do correct me if am wrong..

gurls, dont pain ur pretty heads into figuring out what those two numbers are for, i cant even remember as well. just remember, the bigger the horsies and torque, the better, k. but bigger liter engines are not necessarily better. the road tax for a 3.5L for example is almost half my salary, not to mention the amount of gas it will guzzle.. but still.... sigh...

the interior of the car is pretty simple but still gadgety.. bose sound system, gps, automatic this, automatic that, tan leather bucket seats that are electric adjustable seats, retractable soft top and la di du da.. only two seats, of course, but while the seats are electronic seats, it cant, i mean CANT be raised or lowered. yup, vertically challenged person like moi found it a wee bit difficult to see esp while manuevering out of the carpark in alamanda! nasib baik aku tak calarkan keta tu..

anyways, i only drove the car on the way back from alamanda. i made him drive there first. i wanted to feel how the passenger wud feel. actually, i was kinda nervous to drive someone else's muchos dinero car! yes, well, u would too!
as a passenger, it was a wee bit hard. but then again, i am more motion-sensitive [if ever there's such a word] as a passenger than others, so others might feel fine with it. i found it a bit hard, granted, its a sports car, thus, the harder suspension. like duh, huh?
as a driver, all i can say is whooaa!! unfortunately, since it was during lunch hour, there wasnt quite enuf time for me to "kidnap" the car up to KLIA thus, there wasnt enuf space for me to test it at putrajaya. but the short moments and stretches that i can hit the pedals were excellent moments. i wished i had more time and space but it's ok. i know where to find N! :D
all in all, the little sprite is FUN! now i wished i'd gotten myself a bribe car instead of letting sayang buy his!!! UURRRRGGHH!!! but its ok, sooner or later, my time will come ;>

p/s: sorry for the bad photos but i only had my phone at the time. if i'd known earlier, i would have brought a full camera set!!

Transporter 3

what is it that's so cool about this movie?
the guy? na-ah..
the girl? oh god, puhlease..
the storyline? aint it the same for ALL three installments?
so what is it?
of course, it's the CAR! :D
honestly, i think the movie Transporter, be it 1, 2 or 3, has only one attraction: the car and the car chase [ok, mebe 2 but hey]..
go see it if u are a Transporter fan but dont expect smart dialogues, gorgeous heroines and stuff. expect cool car chases and stuff.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

books and more books

i finished reading these three books from these two authors that i follow quite diligently few days ago. i have to say though, none of the three books are up to par with their previous books. i have no idea why..

Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood

i used to loooooove julie garwood books. i have a complete collection of all of her books, real physical books. and that says quite a lot for someone who reads only [free] ebooks now. but ever since she started writing these comtemporaries, her stories are not that interesting any longer. true, her way of writing remains my fav, but the story lines are just blah..

fire and ice proved me right. its so disappointing.. it's like she could have made a punch but it felt like a tickle, not even a tickle, probably a touch. it's like a rush job.. and she's so into connecting her characters from her last books [probably trying to attract readers] that i think she lost connection with the real story. but then again, that's my opinion.

buy it if you collect her books but if not, read it free first.. that is, borrow from a library :D

Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
not too bad but it could do without belinda's, or whatever it was fleur's mother's name, story. it was too distracting, for me. but then again, it's SEP's first book [i think] and this one is a re-written one, so, i guess it's ok.

again, i dont recommend u to buy it if you want to read it, unless of course, u collect her books.

What I Did For Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

oh, god, it was a TORTURE to read. and i read it just because it was written by SEP. just because of that. otherwise, i would have clicked delete file already.

it was just too "messy". the story is everywhere and i think there's not enuf err "love time" between the main characters.. tiba2 je dah fall in love.. like hello? i expected more from SEP than this. and the guy's revelation of his love is soo kelakar.

definitely not up to par with her other books like the natural born charmer. now that i think is complete. even with two main couples' stories.

Book Watch: Coyote's Mate by Lora Leigh

i'm waiting for Lora Leigh's breed series new book, coyote's mate. i honestly dont care what's it's about. it's lora leigh's and it's the breed series. hence, i will read it. it's like a madness, serious.
i cant remember when i started reading her. i think it was not too long ago. and her books were my first X books, well, if we dont count JR Ward.
anyways, it's supposed to be out Feb 3rd, that's like two more days. god knows when kino will get this book in, but i hope i can count on astatalk to give me my medicine :D

cute lil PJs by Pinkos

i have no idea what Pinkos brand is and i havent seen it in any of my shopping journeys.

if i were to read it on paper, i would have thot it was kids' clothing brand. but apparently not.

after my bout at HOL, i stopped by FOS on my way back to the car. i wanted to get some tops and t-shirts and am not willing to pay more than 50 bucks for a piece of t-shirt thus FOS is always a good place to go to for a cheapo like moi :D

unfortunately, the choices for tops at FOS are not that great this time around so i went to look for its nightwears.. FOS sometimes carry Victoria Secret pjs and tank tops but apparently not this time around.

but they do have a lot, and i mean A LOT of pjs from pinkos. yes, pinkos, quite a funny name but the pjs are really, really cute! they cotton and silk and i bought 3 pairs of the cotton short ones for 17 bucks each [cheap huh?] and i might return tomorrow for the long ones.

but what i like about them is that the longs one arent actually that long [for vertically challenged people like moi], they are more like quarter length and some of them are even up to the knees.

so, ateen, u pj-lover, head on to FOS times square if u want to stock some :D

House of [Freaking] Leather: sale scam??

i just got back from times square, with the intention to get a new set of Proactive.

i think these past weeks have wreaked havoc on my hormone and thus, [mini] volcanoes have arrived smack on the tikus' face. i thot they wud go away once we reached past the 3-0 age limit but of course, with my luck, i'd probably still have pimples way past menopause.. well, lets hope not..

and to tell u the truth, nothing works better than Proactiv to get rid of these things. i'd swear by the products and they are not that expensive too.. the basic pack; containing a facial scrub, toner and acne mosturizer thingy [can be used on its own as well with other products] plus a free mask [one-night-wonder, i have to say], is only RM199 and they wud last you about 3 months.

well, anyways, back to the original story, yes, i went to times square to get this thing but i stopped by the House of Leather [HOL] to check out the bags. note: they are having sale [i dont just wander ard aimlessly, yang]. my last experience with HOL in KLCC was not good and i have banned the store from shopping store list so i was glad i found one in times sq. they have many nice stuff, u see.

but there were no bags that attracted me except for these passport holders in the display case upfront by the counter. i asked to look and this annoyed looking chinese auntie grumblingly took it out of the case. i can tell that she'd didnt want to help me and thus made me make her take all of the items out, painstakingly, one by one..

to me, if u dont want to be sales person and layan customers, then, dont blardy work there!! u give me attitude, i'd give you queen-biage in return..

in other cases, with irritating, annoying sales person, i would have them take out all fo the items and more [look for other colors etc in the store] and then smile and leave. but in this case, i actually like one of the passport holder. the retail tag is RM229, a bit pricy, i know, but its soft leather and quite cool.

so, i told her i'd take it, and i asked for a box. obviously, the auntie said "no box". nak buat apa kan, rolled my eyes and proceeded to pay. the bill came out to RM183 or something due to a 20% discount, i signed my receipt and took my purchase.

but before i left the store, i thot, emm, mebe i'd get one for sayang. so i asked the auntie if she has another of the exact passport holder. she was quite nice by this time after getting a look at my credit card [oh puhleease] and went to look for another and handed to me the exact one, which was amazingly, in a freaking box with dust bag somemore. emmm..

but i said nothing of that and told her yup, i want another one. and then when she scanned that one she suddenly said that actually the original price without sale is RM249 and not RM229. she told me that i have to pay an additional RM15 or something for the one i've bought a minute ago.

i was like, huh? no, NOT AGAIN!

i looked at the one i've bought and told her that the tag said its RM229, not RM249.

she said sorry, but when she scanned the item, the computer said its RM249. something about they didnt or forgot to update the tag on the items etc.. she still asked me to pay the RM15 difference.

i told her, look. i have signed my credit card bill. if there was a mistake, u should have told me before i finished the transaction and not after.

she still insisted that i have to pay.

i told her, 15 bucks is nothing in the grand scheme of things but the principle is NOT RIGHT. i told her, u dont play with me, i know my rights, my dad was the ex-state director for KPDNHEP [ok, i shudnt have dragged my dad into this but still]. i pay what's on the price tag minus the discount. u dont tell me after the transaction is done that the computer says otherwise and then ask me to pay the difference. that is just not right. if i take this to the consumer's tribunal, i would win. do you want to drag your store's name for mere 15 bucks that u know is not supposed to be paid by me?

she blinked like crazy and said fine, i dont have to pay. but she's not selling me the other one for RM229.

i laughed and told her, yeah, sure. good luck with selling it, ever.

i just cant believe it! this whole thing is exactly the SAME thing that happened to me at HOL KLCC!

that time i was buying my laptop backpack and after the transaction is done, the salesgirl said that the price is actually higher than what i've paid and insisted that i pay the difference. i told her exactly what i told the sales auntie at HOL times sq. sorry but NO.

one time, i would have thot it was an honest mistake by the store but now, TWICE? by the same store? i honestly think its a sale scam. that whenever there's a sale, they would put increase the original prices in their computer. but in my two cases they forgot to update the tags on the items [or probably lazy to update the tag, hoping that people dont actually buy their stuff], and thus, got caught.

i think i honestly should report this store. but then again, nanti banyak kerja la pulak.. i could just let it go and shop at other stores and tell my peeps out there to be careful with this store.

so, peeps, be careful with the House of Leather. check your price tag carefully before you pay. you may be duped into paying more that what the price tag says.


Happy Federal Day fellow Wilayah Persekutuans! i have no idea what federal day is for, but hey, more holidays are always welcome..

i have to say that besides november [when pwetty, pwetty girls are born], february is also my favorite months of the year. its the month of luuurrrrvve..

my anniversary will be in 11 days, 10 if we count from today :D though, this year will be a LONELY one that is.. i could probably date my lappie and sit it across me while YM-ing hubby.. but wait a min, 8pm here would be about 4am there! HAHAHA!
and then, there's Valentine's Day. emm.. we'll see if the quality of this year's valentine would be [almost] the same as when sayang was abroad.. well, after what 3 years of marriage, one could STILL wish that, couldnt we?