Saturday, January 31, 2009

AUSTRALIA the movie

i want to watch this. anyone wants to watch with me?
though i have to warn u, i [physically] drool for mr. hugh d'yummy jackman. wise to bring tissues, lotsa of them, and conversation during movie is not required :D

kiera's movie nite or morning..

yes, yes, please dont blame me for the barrage of posts, i have been deprived of them due my self-inflicted [mini] "depression"..

so, yes, on the [morning] flight to the UK, i went on a kiera knightley's movie marathon.. well, there were only two and that's enuf before i succumb to sleep..


what would i say about this one.. horribly depressing, sad! but good nonetheless, i think.. keira knightley was gorgeous as usual.

and the ending was not the one i quite like but then again, it was based on a true story, so, i cant really blame the director now, can i?


oooooh, i *heart* this one..

i love the book when i read it long time ago, i love the old movies, i love this new movie when it came out years ago and i still love it till now!


tomorrow is the federal day.

and thank god it falls on a sunday which means that monday would be a holiday too! woo-hoo!!

tomorrow, i think i will go and treat myself with a spa treatment. dunno where yet, havent even book but i feel like one and i will look for one until i find one! hhmmph! :D

and monday, am having lunch with N at the R center to give him sayang's stuff for delivery, yup, expensive delivery that was! hahaha!

sayang pesan his winter boots [yes, yes, sorry yang, i made u left the boots behind], another jacket and a spanking new phone...

ooooh.. i loiike his phone.. weally weally weally like! at first sayang wanted the white one, but when i went to get it, there's no way sayang is going to be seen with that color! it's toooooo girly!!! suits for me, though :D but not for him..

and honestly, i am bored with mine, i think its too errr "leceh" for me.. but i still want windows mobile and touch screen but the touchpro is just too UURRRGGHH!!!

sigh.. or is this another bout of my subconsious need for more retail theraphy??

but, but, i like phones... anyone wants to buy my hts touch pro???? :D

Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans

sigh.. like all the other sequels-mania movies, i just had to watch this.

happy to say that it's not that bad though..

although, i have to warn u that only crazy-underworld-mania like me would actually like this movie.

its actually the prequel to the 1st and 2nd installments. how the lycans aka werewolves came to be as they were..

and yea, selene did look like sonya!


when did i watch this?

ooh, last wknd, sad last wknd..

anyways, dont even bother.

if u still want to watch, take my dvd copy, i'll gladly give it to you else it'll be in the trash soon..

miracle [tooth] brush!

its been a while since i last clean my bathroom. haha!

yes, usually, my dahling hubby held the king-of-bathroom-cleaning trophy.. in the weekends when i usually chose to sleep late, i would hear him in the bathroom; clunking it clean.
last week, before i my trip, i decided to give it a go. it went well with that time of the month [yes, i have this thing for cleaning stuff when pms-ing; kinda therapeutic i have to say].
and while i was squatting on the bathroom floor, trying in vain to clean the corners where the two walls and floor meet [yup, went a wee bit crazy that time], i wished there was a better [and less tiring] way to clean this spot.. well, actually i wished for a maid but since i have yet to find a cleaning company that would come to this side of ampang, so hey, squat on the floor the tikus did..
anyways, i began thinking of an automated brush where it would scrub by itself. small enuf to fit in the corners. i kept on thinking, if some idiot could make battery operated toothbrush for [lazy] people to brush their teeth [what's so difficult with brushing ur teeth??], why cudnt they make one battery operated bathroom-scrub-thingy??
and then i remembered i had one of those free battery automated toothbrush [courtesy of osim when i bought those zippediduda thingies], Usparkle.

i took it out, dipped the brush in toilet cleaner and start scrubing the corners away.
what a wonder that little usparkle thingie was! i swear to god, the corners of my bathroom have never been so spanking clean ever since we moved into this house!
now, i just to remember to store the used toothbrush away so that no one would accidentally use it for err brushing their teeth...


the moment i decided to join the living again and went out to get some groceries so that i can finally have something to eat at home, i was barraged with a gutso auntie. sigh...

anyways, yes, i am sad to admit that ever since sayang left [for his trip], our beloved fridge has been empty.

yup, EMPTY, i kid u not. if u dont count the tupperwares of frozen kari and rendang both of our moms in the freezer, the fridge looked eerily like the first time it was delivered from carrefour. EMPTY.

so, yes, i decided to eat again, and went to ampang point for stuff.. fruits, juices, YAKULT [yummy], cheese, hotdogs, maggie, coffee, sugar and da di du.. and when the basket is overflowing with freaking heavy stuff, i trolled away to the counter.

happy to see there was only one guy at the counter, i queued up behind him.. my fingers are hurting and i wanted to put my basket on the counter but there was no space coz there was another basket there with grapes on it. i was about to push it aside when suddenly, this auntie came from no where and took the basket and scooted herself infront of me.

i was like, HELLO?

i looked at the auntie and told her: excuse me, i was here first.

and the auntie went: EXCUSE ME, you were not. i was here behind the gentleman first, i left my basket here [showing the basket with grapes], and i went to look for some other stuff for a while.

what?? WHAT??

i told her, no, that's not right. you were not here, thus, you did not queue. this is not boarding school where you can "cop" queue places with stuff ..

and then she went on this tirade of ok, fine, not a big problem but i expected more from someone like you.... she huffed and stepped aside and continued yapping behind me while i rolled my eyes and waited to pay for my stuff.


people, should i have just kept quiet and let her in front of me?

but if ppl can do that, then i could have just put some of my stuff on the counter while i go search for other stuff and then when i'm finished, i could just cut the queue coz hey, my stuff are here and i went to look for some other stuff for a while!

excuse me, but i dont think that that's right.

older than me or not, u should have known better, auntie!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

what does one do..

.. in the 1st wknd hubby is away?

the choo choo train asked me this while i was treating my hair.

i think this first weekend is quite easy. i have specific things to do, Sat: send laundry, do hair, retail theraphy, clean house (yup, its like a tongkang pecah and i didnt even bother to clean anything last week), watch dvd. Sun: send car to FIL and pack. yes, am going off on a business trip again next week. on CNY somemore! sigh.. the things i do..

anyways, yes, the 1st weekend is quite easy.

but then as i sat there under the steaming machinery, i got worried. what would i do next weekend? and the next? and after?

i cant go on doing retail theraphy! pokai la! nak keluar, all my gurlies spend wknds with their kids and families at home.


what the heck would i do the weekends after this???

Sleepless in Seattle

hello ppl..

its been a while, i know.. i just dont feel like writing anything this past week, too sad missing my hubby..

yup, he went on his trip already.. blardy long 6 months trip.. thousands of miles away in a blardy different continent that wud cost me a bomb to visit.

its funny that i thot i would be ok with this since i've done this before, but this past week has been quite horrible. i cant seemed to sleep properly and i cant even wake up on time in the morning. i used to complain that he made so much noise in the morning that woke me up but now that he's not here the silence is just disturbing.


thank god for yahoo messenger and skype..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

there are some days when it's so freaking difficult to write, even if u have things to write about.

today, the past week and this coming week, are my difficult days.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


the tikus is the very very sad today..

tinggal lagi 7 ari je till the day and there's so many things we planned to do that has to be postponed. sigh..

i feel like chaining him to the sofa [or the bed for that matter] and not let him leave, but we've made a decision and we are following through with it. it's not like we havent done it before, huh? true, dat time we were not married yet, but still, i'm sure the strength is still there in me, somewhere.. i hope..

otherwise, it'll be a looooong three year tenure to endure.

back to the iTalk and voip and freaking expensive phone bills..

lets just hope i'd get enough enrich points this year to join him there..

sad, sad, sad tikus...

Friday, January 09, 2009


today is very. very strange day...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

abt-6-days-a-bit-too-late tag

since am not going to be bothered with work tonight, i might as well do faiez's tag..

dang, girl, banyak ye soalan subjektif!!

1. How has 2008 been for you in a nutshell?
i honestly have never seen a 2008 in a nutshell.. dalam nutshell ada nut je la kan? :P
ok, honestly, 2008 has been one CRAZY year!

2. Apart from your family members, name one person who has made you happy in 2008.
ooooh, i know a lot of ppl who has made me "happy" in 2008... there's a mr.johnny, mr.jack, mr.stoli.. but of course, a certain Mr.S has made me the happiest of them all.

3. Do you feel you are better off, or worse off than you were in 2007?
lets see, 2008 new grade, new salary, new house, better skin, worse hair, worse weight, more stress, less debt... ok, better off then..

4. Where was the best holiday trip for you in 2008?
definitely redang, hands down. sun, sand, beach, it was all i needed..

5. Name 3 positive things you have achieved in 2008.
apa nih, kelas motivasi isit? emm..

6. Name the best movie you saw in 2008.
TRANSFORMER! alamak, tu keluar 2007.. dang.. oh! the Dark Knight

7. Name 5 friends that you have made in 2008.
err? in 2008 i mainly met old frens whom i havent met for the longest, longest time.. if u can count that as renewed friendship?

8. What new year’s resolution for 2008 that you have not achieved?

9. What would your new year’s resolution for 2009 be?
oh god.. please see the last post in december 08

10. Name 5 people you would like to tag.
do i have to? ok, sapa2 yang baca ni and want to tag themselves, pls feel free k.. HAHA!

schmoking rules smules..

guess what we were doing just now?!!
ok, pls, dirty-minded ppl take a deep breath, istigfar byk2 and think again.. :P
we were surfing through the internet to find apartments in u-know-where and i swear to god, that place [or shud i say state] has some very, very imaginative rules and regulations in the whole wide world!
first, i was introduced to the NO SMOKING STATE law. can u believe it? the whole freaking state has a no smoking law.


the rule is something like u cant smoke in public places, bars, restaurants, etc lah kan, much like europe, but additional rule is something like u cant smoke anywhere within 25ft of an entrance or window of a public area or something..

so, what, if i am in the middle of the city, in between buildings, i literally cant smoke anywhere?? not even while having coffee?? but they are the starbucks city!


and then, almost all of the apartment buildings / complexes are now non smoking buildings. aiye.. good time to try [TRY] and quit smoking huh, yang? hehe...

and then, the most hilarious of all rules is this:

"No Smoking. This is a 55 and older community. There must be at least one person 55 or older on the lease. Any persons under the age of 8 are allowed to stay 9 days per calendar year."

ok, granted, its a private community that caters for older people that i accidentally clicked on [sorry yang, i didnt mean to put u in old folks home!!!] but what is up with the rule for kids under 8?!i wonder what i will find if i were to continue this for another hour!!


Monday, January 05, 2009

i hate..


there should be an acronym of GIHM!!


screaming post

i am sooo not supposed to blog now..

but i'm having a mental block and no amount of ciggies can help me heave the stupid freaking fallen timber on my brain..

and since i can't blardy well scream out my frustration at this hour of the morning else people might think its some unnatural being, [not to mention sayang will come a-running and thus kantoi my not-supposed-to-blog moment] so this is my screaming post..


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bali (VI)

all in all, the trip was ok.

four days and three nights were definitely tooo short of a trip to bali. it would have been ok if it was just a beach holiday aka bump around on the beach all four days, but bali being bali, its not only a beach holiday. there are things to see and things to do and four days is just not enough there.

we didnt even get to go to ubud and the northern parts of the island. we didnt get to jimbaran for the seafood [though sayang couldnt eat seafood] and we didnt get to shop for the house items that we wanted.

nemind, we are determined to return to bali and next time it will be a minimum of 7 days. yes, 3 days to lay around lazy on the beach and another 4 for further sight seeing..

though, i have to say that if i were to compare the beaches, redang wins hands down on beach holiday [aka do nothing but laze on the beach under the sun, ya]. yes, redang will definitely win.. i mean, redang's soft white sandy beach with calm blue sea compared to bali's round grainy beach with huge strong waves? yes, i'd choose redang most definitely.

but i'd go to bali for something else. :D

Bali (V): Nusa Dua

i was getting depressed.. the sun has yet to come out by the third day and the humidity was killing me..

so sayang took me out to the shopping area/center in nusa dua... hehehe.. sayaaaaaaaang laki aku!
we went to Bali Collection in nusa dua. its a shopping area by the beach and public park with many little err huts(?) and sogo in the middle. yes, sirrie, sogo.
i didnt buy much there coz most of the stuff u can literally get them in malaysia. to me, if u can get them in malaysia, might as well get them in malaysia and help the malaysian's economy, right.. but i did get another pair of bikini though! bikini's in malaysia are like made for stick-women.. seriously.

nope, these spidies didnt follow us home..

this is at one of the village market on the way back from Bali Collection to our hotel at jalan pantai mengiat. very good place to get souvenirs and u can bargain as well.. well, come to think of it, i think u can bargain everywhere..
i got 4 packets of fridge magnets (a packet has four for 14k rupiah abt RM7), three ashtrays made carved from wood (from 15k to 20k each), two silk selendangs for mom and MIL, one dress and one bangle that i got free from buying the selendangs.
the selendangs were the hardest to bargain. the set price was at 200k (abt RM100) and i only managed to get it down to 100k (abt RM50).. but the same selendang is sold at the hotel's boutique and the price was abt 450k! talk about rip-off!

the balinese restaurant on the stretch of road at jln pantai mengiat that we decided to try for dinner that night. its called Baris. they are just opened in mid december and thus not that many people yet. i kinda like it that way. there are other restaurants down the road but they are crowded with people and other tourists and the waitresses/waiters keep haggling u to enter! aiya.. can i have a peaceful dinner please?

the restaurant at night.

sayang's dish; nasi remes or something. very very delicious. it has nasi kuning (yellow rice), rendang daging, sate, keropok, sambal udang, ikan pepes or something and some other stuff i cant remember. sayang was very very happy with it.

my dish; the seafood grill. it had a flavored rice [it looked like normal rice but not], big shrimps, squid, fish, sambal bali and a salad. the dish was lovely, i loved the mix but i thot the seafood portion could have been more.. but one thing though, i LOVE the sambal bali!!! i have no idea what they put in there but i asked for seconds [of the sambal bali] like twice!

the cool settings of the restaurant; nice wooden flooring, lighting and fishpond to match. there are also lepaking area where u can sit on the floor at the back area of the restaurant. nice if they have shisha, huh..

Bali (IV): Kuta

the sun was out only half the day in the morning of the second day, i only got to tan myself for a couple of hours and even that's a pitiful effort. so in the afternoon, we decided to go head to kuta, which i thot was a big, big BIG mistake to do on a sunday.
Ohmigod, there were a lot of people.
I usually don’t mind crowds but that is just way too many people in one small place that I can take.

Driving into Kuta was a mistake as well, a HUGE one. We must have spent about two hours to get into Kuta from Nusa Dua and when we got there we don’t know where to park. Thank god, sayang tried the Inna Kuta Bali parking area and successfully bribed the guard to let us park there. Otherwise, we would have been stuck in a parking zone for ages more from the freaking traffic at Jalan Pantai Kuta. NOTE to remind self next time: do not drive into Kuta, either get a scooter or have a taxi drop u off before you enter into pantai kuta.

We walked a bit amongst the many people on the street, went to the oh-so-famous Kuta beach, don’t ask me famous of what. I don’t know. Its open for public thus its crowded, its dirty and its freaking smelly!! And the street peddlers are way more than just a little annoying. i thank god we did not stay at Kuta area..

We took the appropriate pictures, bought the t-shirts and I asked sayang if we can leave already coz I just cant stand the place. The weather is not helping as well. For once [ok, maybe twice] in my lifetime, I understand the mat sallehs’ complain of humidity and the inability to breathe properly. I just cant breathe properly. It was just too humid for me and I wanted to leave. Plus, I have this tiny irrational phobia of being in Kuta at night.
Driving back was horrible as well. I just realised that the only way back once u’ve gotten into jalan pantai was to turn into jalan legian and that’s another major deadlock and even worse, that’s the root of my tiny phobia. I sooo don’t want to be caught in a traffic on jalan legian at night.
So sayang planned a route to cut into one of the small junctions so that we don’t have to go through all of jalan legian. But that road was sooo small, I kid u not, packed with assorted of small shops on each side. Its like driving in the middle of petaling street!! but with little mr.jimbo, we went through all the potholes and climbed up the curbs with no worries :D

the freaking-not-moving-traffic..

apparently the most fav food on the island!

yup, they do drive like mad...

the public beach on kuta

what can i say, i just have to get one pic here..
the short-cut that we took, its like driving in the middle of petaling street!

the bali bombing memorial on legian street.

next time [yup, there will be a next time], we will go to kuta in the morning so that we have more time to walk and peruse the shops there..


ok, that's it!

i am not going to bother trying to fix the freaking alignment of my pics!!! URRRRGGHH!!!

i must have tried fixing them four times now and they still come out like THAT! [see below]. so, pandai2 korang lah ye interpret which pics are which.

Bali (III): Nikko Bali

Due to our last minute planning, most of the hotels that we wanted to stay in were fully booked. The only beach front hotel that was available was at Nikko Bali in Nusa Dua [if u don’t count the available suite at St. Regis or Sheraton! Kah kah kah!].

the commandos stationed in front of the hotel to check the car for bombs or anything.. i was amazed with security; at each hotel we passed through to get to Nikko and at each entry point to get into Nusa Dua area, we noticed the same kind of security.

The hotel is gorgeous but what I like most about the hotel is the swimming pools, or should I just say the swimming pool. I think there is only one big, no, HUGE, swimming pool but they made it in such a way that it looked like there are a lot of them. And they are all CLEAN! Not one lumut in sight, even at the waterfall area or the slide area or the shower area.

And then, there’s one area of the pool where they have man-made beach with fake inward current to mimic a calm sea. And even that is clean. Our room is the beach front room on the 5th floor facing the swimming pool and the beach. Really nice with big balcony and excellent view.

the view from the balcony.

the little "fake" beach on the pool.

the entrance into the hotel from the beach.

the many many deck chairs on the beach with ashtrays on the side tables so that guests don’t leave their ciggie butts on the beach. It’s the first beach hotel that I’ve been to that has this feature. Usually, we had to use our own empty coke cake as ashtray so that we don’t litter on the beach.

the pool restaurant and bar called "the shore"

the small chapel on the hill perfect for weddings

the beach at the hotel is pretty nice. strange sand though. its bigger than normal sand that we get in malaysia and its round! at first, we thought its manmade but its not!

The waves are much, much, much stronger than what I am used to. People are actually surfing in this area, that’s how big the waves can get. And the current is very, very strong. I went into the sea, just a tiny distance from the beach and I was push back, no, hit, by incoming waves, fell literally on my ass and got dragged back into the sea! Me, whom I consider myself not a tiny waif being who can be easily felled by incoming waves!!