Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year resolution, again..

oh god, i forgot, its that time of the year huh?

do we really need to make new year's resolution? every year, every freaking year, i think my NYR are all the same..

1. quit smoking [yup, and i just bought what, 3 cartons of ciggie from the trip? hah!]
2. lose weight [yeesss, a bit touchy subject there...]
3. be kinder
4. less swearing [*@#%*&%*%#^%^&^!! do i have to do this?]
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. other personal ones that u might not want to know :P

oh, well, HAPPY NEW YEAR PPL!! please, please dont drink and drive!
hah! i cant believe we are sooo fine with the fact that we have absolutely no plans for the new year's celebration!!

seriously, sayang is still out with his sisters and getting me dinner and here i am still on the lappie trying to download new photo-editing softwares in my undies!

kah! kah! kah!!

mebe we could go out later tonight but i just cringe at the thot of being stuck in KL.. oh well, we'll think of something..

Savin' Me

and i got to know of this song while reading Acheron. i never knew Nickelback is wonderful!

Prison gates won't open up for me
On these hands and knees I'm crawlin'
Oh, I reach for you
Well I'm terrified of these four walls
These iron bars can't hold my soul in

All I need is you
Come please I'm callin'
And oh I scream for you
Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin'

Show me what it's like
To be the last one standing
And teach me wrong from right
And I'll show you what I can be
Say it for me
Say it to me
And I'll leave this life behind me
Say it if it's worth saving me

Heaven's gates won't open up for me
With these broken wings I'm fallin'
And all I see is you
These city walls ain't got no love for me
I'm on the ledge of the eighteenth story

And oh I scream for you
Come please I'm callin'
And all I need from you
Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin'


Hurry I'm fallin'
All I need is you
Come please I'm callin'
And oh, I scream for you
Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin',
I'm fallin'


Hurry I'm fallin'

new books

oh, speaking of new books, i got JG's Fire and Ice, SEP's Glitter Baby and CF's 7th series of the Ghostwalker Murder Game ebooks.

if anyone wants them, tell me and i'll email u but they are ebooks k. or better yet, u can get them here.

Acheron (II)

i know i should finish writing up my bali post but malas... i somehow lost my photo editing software and now i cant load up the pics, and until i do [recover my software that is] the post will just have to stay where it is.

so, anyways, i have been meaning to post this for ages but after Acheron, i got stuck READING the rest of the Dark Hunter series. EVIL, EVIL, EVIL series!!! cant even enjoy my holiday coz all i wanted was to snuggle in bed, reading!! EVIL!!!!!


i try to avoid reading sherrilyn kenyon [though i do read her as kinley macgregor] coz banyak sangat buku and the tikus got confuscius sekejap.. and then i read ateen's and faeiz's blogs and saw this book. i was already BORED out of my mind with no new books since my fav authors are not producing new books until NEXT YEAR, i went and google it. apparently, Acheron is the story of Acheron, the leader of the Dark Hunters and i thot, why not.

so i went to my trusted [free] ebook provider website, hehehe, and got the Acheron's book, plus the other 25 or 26 books in the series....

The Hero
so, Acheron, achimou, asheron, ash, [whatever lah he decides to call himself, i am still calling him A-ke-ron], is the leader of all Dark Hunters, an immortal, a god, son of Archon and Apollymi who apparently are the Atlantean God of Creation and Goddess of Destruction. Born as a human and later unlocked his powers as a god, or something like dat.. kinda reminds me of playing PS2 God of War. kah! kah! kah!

The Heroin
Soteria Kafieri, or tory, or sota or whatever la kan.. is a human, an archeologist who was about to discover the lost Atlantean's kingdom which had been destroyed by Apollymi [yes, Acheron's mother] who was pissed off coz ppl were screwing [like literally, huh?] with his son's life.

The Story Line
in general the story has two parts, one: the story about Acheron's past and his involvement with the bitch-goddess or heifer-goddess Artemis and how he came to be as he is; and the second: the main story, where he met tory when he was trying to protect Atlantis from being discovered.

my opinion
i dont understand what SK is trying to portray Acheron as; godly? intimidating? fearless? indestructible? loving? not trusting? whiny? drowning in self pity?

dont get me wrong, if i put aside my annnoyance and confusion about Acheron, the book is quite enjoyable to read. its witty and crisp [ok, i know its not a word to describe writing style but hey] and funny.. a crossover writing between julie garwood and jenni crusie.. entertaining as hell.. and so were SK's other DH books. the writing style is something i like reading and the story line makes sense.

but i seriously have a gripe with the freaking hero!

from what i read of the other DH's series, i get Acheron as supposedly to be very very intimidating, powerful, unquestionable etc lah kan.. with his powers and strange eyes and godly body. but that is not quite true in Acheron the book.

in Acheron the book, somehow SK managed to make Acheron sounds a tiny bit whiny with a whole baggage load of self-pity and no confidence. i mean, hello? isnt he supposed to be a powderful eleven thousand years old god, the final fate, the harbinger of watever? eleven thousand years and still cannot build self confidence and whack off that self pity huh?

i love Acheron in SK other DH books but i kinda not like Acheron in Acheron the book. kinda makes me feel like slapping him across the face "OI! grow a spine!"

and this woman, tory. her character is fine with me until SK made a line of the ancient soteria. i really like where it was leading, but please lah, do u have to make the ancient soteria a HEAD LIBRARIAN??

dont get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being a head librarian but in this story??? like everyone is a god of something, immortals, werehunters, dreamhunters and suddenly u relate the heroin [heroin to the most powerful god in the series] to a head librarian who died trying to protect the national archives when Apollymi drowned the whole city..

ok, other than that two things, the book is vunderful. i like connections of characters in books, though they can be quite confusing, but SK made them work. i cant wait to read about Ash and Tory again in her other books. but most importantly, her writing style is something i like reading. it doesnt bore me.

in the grand scheme of the tikus' selimut-busuk-reading-wonder, she will definitely read this book again and SK's other books.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Greetings from bali

hallo! trying very very difficult not to blog but the weather is not so nice that that the tikus has to bring her lappie out.

its hot and sweltering alright, perfect weather for the beach but one thing though, the sun is not out.

its mendung like hell but hot and humid and for once i feel so rimas.. but no worries, we are getting a rented car today so beach can be put on hold to the afternoon when, hopefully, the sun is already up and about.

oraitie, back to breakfast!


Thursday, December 25, 2008


have a happy Merry Merry Christmas people!

tomorrow [or today] is a "clean the house day", the next day [or tomorrow] is a "packing day" and then, its off to BALI!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


by Sherrilyn Kenyon

i am stuck [and still stuck] with this book since yesterday. believe me, i had only attempted to read SK's Dark Hunter Series once, ONCE, and i cant follow it. i cant even remember which book it was that i read.

but this book, this particular one, is EVIL!

i have not slept since yesterday!!

note: will post review after. maybe, probably, after 24hrs of sleep.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008


its the time of the freaking month.

i am in pain, literally, physically.

i want my sayang now!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008


yup, just got back from sayang's surprise birthday do!

it was not a biggie keeping it from him since i have never celebrated his birthday with a surprise party before! usually it'll just be a romantic dinner for the two of us..

it was blast, thanx bunches bebs for coming and special thanx to yed to helping me with this! and as promised, there will be NO pictures in the blog or facebook! NONE whatsoever! ;P [can i post a pic of the cake though? hehe]

now, i need to sleep - yes, cant believe i still have the energy [or even the ability to type this with correct spelling] to blog.

tomorrow, there's a brunch at marche the curve with our uni mates. one of them is back in msia from NZ for holiday and as usual, its the only time we get to get together.. i dunno whether i can make it at 11 though..

Friday, December 19, 2008

hyperkalemia. WTF!!

i got my blood test results this morning [and yes, i forgot that i have another meeting that morning!]..

a couple of hours just now, i was on google and wikipedia, googling all, yes, i mean ALL, of the tests and their definitions and implications. i just had to know what they are and what they are for and what my numbers are.

yes, i'm obsessed that way.

when i got the report, i have no idea what they mean [plus i was distracted with the vibrating phone that's apparently my boss calling that i have a meeting] and that freaking doctor just wont sit with me and explain one by one what they mean, so, it's ok. i have [dr.]google.

so, anyways, the report is like 3 sheet of paper with a freaking list of tests done and the results in numerical comparison. i just noticed that some of the results got stars. and there in the fine prints are the meanings of the stars: in summary, the ones that are beyond the "safe" range are given star(s); one star for mild to three stars to severe [ni star tak bagus tau, bukan star macam sekolah2 dulu].

and then i noticed two results got one star and one result got 2 stars. the one stars are of course, my cholesterol level. not too bad, 5.4 against 5.2, but could be better; and my LDL level 3.17 against 2.58. ok lah tu, the risk level is still way within range. i just have to cut down on that mee goreng..

now, the two stars item is my potassium level. i kinda remembered the doctor said that my potassium level is high but its not a cause to worry coz its probably due to red cell leakage. masa dia explain tu, i was not even paying attention coz i have no idea which item in the report he meant and whatever red cell leakage means.

so, tadi, i went to carefully check the list one by one in google and i get to my potassium level. 6.5 against 5.1. i thot since the doctor said not to worry takdelah aku worry kan.

but as i read through all the google pages and wikipedia pages, i gathered that 6.5 level of potassium is not really a "not to worry" level!! red cell leakage factor would cause probably an increase of 0.4 to 0.8 from the real level. so, that would mean, if i take into account lab error etc, my level is probably from 5.7-6.1. which is still above the safety level and which means that i do have a cause to worry.

why?cause high potassium can cause this thing called hyperkalemia.

taken from Medicinenet [ive read so many pages oready, i just paste what window is open] hyperkalemia can be asymptomatic, meaning that it causes no symptoms. Sometimes, patients with hyperkalemia report vague symptoms including: nausea, fatigue, muscle weakness, or tingling sensations. More serious symptoms of hyperkalemia include slow heartbeat and weak pulse. Severe hyperkalemia can result in fatal cardiac standstill (heart stoppage).

taken from the national kidney foundation:
What is potassium and why is it important to you?
Potassium is a mineral found in many of the foods you eat. It plays a role in keeping your heartbeat regular and your muscles working right. It is the job of healthy kidneys to keep the right amount of potassium in your body. However, when your kidneys are not healthy, you often need to limit certain foods that can increase the potassium in your blood to a dangerous level. You may feel some weakness, numbness and tingling if your potassium is at a high level. If your potassium becomes too high, it can cause an irregular heartbeat or a heart attack.
What is a safe level of potassium in my blood?
Ask your doctor or dietitian about your monthly blood potassium level and enter it here:
If it is 3.5-5.0………………………You are in the SAFE zone
If it is 5.1-6.0………………………You are in the CAUTION zone
if it is higher than 6.0……………..You are in the DANGER zone


ok, i dah malas nak blog lagi coz am PISSED OFF!! a lot of the pages said that the doctor should ask for a second test to determine the high level is not because of red cell leakage or lab error or what the fuck.

tomorrow, i'll go to either TTMC or PCMC [yes, the Co's highly expensive hospital] to get my second blood test done and an ECG and whatever other tests that i will squeeze from the medical center.

i swear to god, if there's something really wrong with my whatever this potassium thingy, i will go and scream at the blardy doctor. kalau pasal cholesterol, siap highlight lagi! aku tau lah aku dah debab, tak payah lah nak highlight2 pasal cholesterol kalau ada something else that u should have highlighted MORE!

Blood Type Diet

i just found out that my blood type is A! yea! [not that i know what to celebrate about an A type blood but it felt like i passed an exam or something!]

ive always wanted to know what my blood type is; reason being, i wanted to try this blood type diet which one of my gurlies have tried and it worked.

but the not so good thing about the diet is that for type A blood, i have to eat VEGGIE!!!!

VEGGIE!!! oh tidak....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dr. Feel [DAMN] Good!

yes, after a week of testing this jolly wonder of the world, i'd say: rush to the benefit counter and GET IT!

especially for ppl who has the tendency to "flood" their faces and makeups with that oily substance by lunch hour, yes, like moi.

i love MAC mainly because of their range of yellow tones that suited my skin. but their foundations and powders tak tahan la wei.. even with their special mattifying liquid or whatever, or even with their prep + prime. by lunchtime, my face WILL be oily and i have to reapply my makeup. yes, yes, i know some of you lucky little angels do not share the same [not] life-threatening-traumatic-experience like an oily face, so, u wudnt know the annoyance.

when i got the DFG [abbreviation ppl! not a swearing word], i was quite doubtful as well. some of the reviews are good but some wanted to stomp and burn the good little doctor. but i went ahead and got it.

the first thing u'll notice is the smell, which unfortunately, i dont quite like. cukuplah dengan body butter aku yang bau orange and vanila tu, dengan perfume lagi, tak payah lah makeup pun nak bau jugak.. but putting the smell aside, the balm is not really thick when applied to ur skin. and its not emm balm-y either [tak tau lah korang, but when they said its a balm, i terus compare with tiger balm punya feeling! kah..kah..kah!].. it feels almost powdery but not. dunno how to further describe, gie counter benefit and try.

and then u put on ur makeup like usual. i tried two days with the little playsticks [hahah!] and then another two days with my MAC. both makeups will last me till i reach home in the evening! i kid u not. my face were not oily at all! yes, talk about excited, right..

but one thing it doesnt do: it does not cover your pores. nope, no flawless skin. ye lah, kalau on top of dat, makeup u consist of concealer and foundation, of course lah flawless kan? but dont expect the doctor to cover your pores without your makeup.. the doctor is not a miracle worker irregardless of what the box says.

so, my next agenda will be pore minimizer. last time i tried estee lauder, clinic and dermalogica. all three brands mahal je nak mampus tapi takde result pun. now, i am using SKII facial serum or smtg. a lot improvement on my skintone but very very minor improvement on pores. i want to go try biotherm.

k, my 730pm meeting is almost here already.

FACTOPEDIA [ok, sooo not a word]

dang, ateen, why did u go and tag me??

and about facts on myself?? ohhhh!!! dah pueh dah dok cakap pasal diri sendiri dalam blog ni, juz go ahead and pick 7 posts can huh?

anyways, not wanting to be a spoil sport - but i have to warn u peeps, considering my exhausted and depressed and prone-to-confess state at the moment, u are likely to read something [probably] embarassing facts about me :P

Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Fact 1: i was actually NOT a people person. yes, people. i was not a people person, no matter how many times people say i'm outgoing. i DID NOT start as one. ask my primary school friends, my high school friends. i was actually a very quiet person and a skema person and only buried my face in books [and sometimes still do]. i changed a lot while in the States but.... [now it goes to Fact 2]

Fact 2: ... it started out as an act. yes, all those self confidence, social-mochial-chummy-chummy-kissy-kissy were all started from acts. in States, a whole new world opened up and yada yada [u dont want to me to get started on this "confession" k] and i wanted to be in it. but it was not comfortable coz i WAS NOT a people person. so i acted like one. i guess as time goes by, it did become me bit by bit.. but it still depends on my mood; sometimes, i just want to bite people's heads off and head to my CAVE aka under the selimut busuk with all my fav books..

Fact 3: i used to be a huge spender bordering shopoholic, until daddy..err.. [nope, not going there again].

Fact 4: i hate kiwis - the fruit, not the people. heck do i care that its good for my skin yada yada. its green, slimy, sour like hell and got this biji2 hitam that ALWAYS got stuck in my teeth. if it were alive, i would have thot i was eating an alien's head!!

Fact 5: i am a chain smoker. yes, i am. heck do i care that its bad for my skin, health, yada yada. it burns, it crackles, its sweet [this particular brand is], its smoky and it releases my stress... ok, i'll probably make another new year's resolution to stop smoking but dont hold your breath on it.

Fact 6: i am a junkie for techie stuffs, no, let me correct that. i am a junkie for handphones.

Fact 7: i would like to quit work and write romance novels while still have greens to spend. HAHAHAHAHA!! no, thats definitely not a lie. quit work can do, write novels probably can do, but still have greens to spend? huh, that's stretching it quite a lot. so, nope, not anytime soon, unless some millionaire died and made me their heiress.

Fact 8... oh, dah cukup 7 ke? oklah, sapa2 nak dengar lagi, tag lah aku lagi [NOT].. heheheh!

oh, kena tag orang pulak ke? alamak, nanti lah pikir k.. dah kol 1 dah, cek nak masuk tido k.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


today is a nasty, exhausting day. or maybe i am still in my exhausted mode that needs to be fixed somehow..

i have meetings from the morning, lunch, afternoon and dinner. i just got home, exhausted, with a paper to finish for tomorrow since my boss is leaving for holidays on friday. but thank god, its just a draft, but still, i cant just write shit can i?

tomorrow, there's a morning meeting, which i hate very much, but since the guy we are meeting flew in from austria [yes, u! :P], i guess i'll drag my ass out for him..

i cant wait for the weekend, but then again, i have my weekend full as well. my body keeps telling me to sleep, but my brain still trying to keep up..

usually a healthy dose of chocolates [especially godiva] will make me all chippery [not even a word] and happy, but strangely even the thot of them now makes me wanna puke..

i have a secret to tell [no, i am not pregnant] but i guess i cant tell u guys now, huh? i'll blog about it in detail on the 21st, that is, if i dont decide to sleep all day recovering from the *toot*..

well, dat's it for now. i really have to start on the paper and summarize a 300 page report into a 3 page presentation.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle

There's two things I know for sure
She was sent here from Heaven
And she's daddy's little girl
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
And I thank God for all of the joy in my life
Oh but most of all

For butterlfy kisses after bedtime prayer
Stickin little white flowers all up in her hair
Walk beside the pony daddy
It's my first ride
I know the cake looks funny daddy
But i sure tried
Oh with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right
To deseve a hug every morning
And butterfly kisses at night

Sweet 16 today
She's lookin like her mama
A little more every day
One part woman The other part girl
To perfume and make up
From ribbons and curls
Trying her wings out in a great big world
But I remember

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
You know how much I love you daddy
But if you don't mind
I'm only gonna kiss you on the check this time
Oh with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right
To deserve her love every morning
And butterfly kisses at night

All the precious time
Like the wind the years go by
Precious Butterfly
Spread your wings and fly

She'll change her name today
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away
Standing in the bride room just starin at her
She asked me what I'm thinkin
And I said I'm not sure
I just feel like I'm loosing my baby girl
And she leaned over

And gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there
Stickin little white flowers all up in her hair
Walk me down the aisle daddy
It's just about time
Does my wedding gown look pretty daddy?
Daddy don't cry

Oh with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right
To deserve her love every morning and butterfly kisses
I couldn't ask God for more
Man, this is what love is
I know I've got to let her go but I'll always remember
Every hug in the morning and butterly kisses


happy 62nd birthday dad!

i may not be the best daughter for years since..
and i know how u worry,
but thank you for letting me be,
for letting me fly to find my own me..

and never for once doubt that u are in heart..
and i love u always, no matter how far we are apart..

p/s: hope u enjoy the gifts! [though u'd never read this blog and i hope u will never ever know about this blog!! :D]

Sunday, December 14, 2008


YESS!! i posted my first youtube!

ok, ok, quite lembab one i know, but i still have probs posting pictures, so, HEY!

i love the whole world by discovery channel

i'm sure u guys have heard of this one! it's a song sponsored by discovery channel..
and i just gotta put this here..

lyrics from wikipedia [yup, can u believe it? :D)

I Love the Whole World
i love the mountains
i love the clear blue skies
i love big bridges
i love when great whites fly

i love the whole world
and all its sights and sounds
boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da
boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da

i love the oceans
i love real dirty things
i love to go fast
i love egyptian kings

i love the whole world
and all its craziness
boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da
boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da

i love tornadoes
i love arachnids
i love hot magma
i love the giant squids

i love the whole world
its such a brilliant place
boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da
boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da

mahkota parade

testing testing from starbucks melaka..

I don't know why I never tried to blog from my phone before.. oh, yeah, stupidos maxis maximos..

oh well, we forgot to bring our laptops and after a full round of pc fair here in mahkota parade we need a pitstop of full blasted sugar high coffee..

and I think I know what to get Sayang oready!

ok, dat does it! my little fingers are sore from typing from these small keyboard!


Saturday, December 13, 2008


i still dont know what to get sayang for his bday..

its 8 days to go and counting, and in my dizzy and light-headed state, i cant even bother to think anymore.. [while gulping tons of water to replenish watever fluid that's seemed to be dried out of my body.. jeez, its either this or the IV drip..]

tomorrow i start again.

oh shait!! 15th is my dad's bday!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

fainting friday..

i had a scare just now..

for the past few days, i have been feeling very very exhausted. whenever i go to bed, i'd woke up really late with my body muscles cramping like i've been to the gym.

just now, i woke up at 530pm. yes, 530pm, with a very achy body. i was worried. i washed my face and went straight to the doctor.

he said that my blood pressure is low and the sistolic and diastolic difference [or something] is low; something about my heart is not having enough pressure to pump blood to my body, thus the fatigue-ness and dizziness.

i must have fainted sometime in my sleep. emm.. can someone do that?

the doctor said there's two probably causes: organic cause and psychological cause. the organic cause is the normal: there's something wrong with my body i.e. heart problems, hypothyroid or something. he suspected it's probably because of dehydration. he suspected that i dont have enough fluid in my body.

the psychological cause is also the normal: too much stress. apparently, he said, the body has many ways to cope with stress and at one breaking point, the body will just decide to shut down. i look at him and said "huh? dat's medically possible is it?"

yup, apparently, its medically possible.

after all the jokes i make about my body and brain shutting down due to stress and didnt actually mean it to really happen, it may have happened for real.


next week i will have my bloodtest result and i will go to do my heart exams, whatever that means..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

and the wheel goes for another round..

ala... lagi 19 ari lagi nak new year..

tak payah lah nak pikir new year's resolution lagi..

and selalunya, they are always, ALWAYS the same k.. sigh..

Dr. FeelGood and Playsticks

nope, not some sort of porno movie title!

Dr. Feelgood and Playsticks are two products from Benefit Cosmetics which the tikus brought home with her today.

i heard so much rave about this Dr.Feelgood, an invinsible balm for matte skin [official description from Benefit Cosmetics website], but i have yet to try it..

on a very short trial at the makeup counter [had to rush to catch a movie], it looked kinda ok on me. basically, its a primer, yes, sorta like MAC prep + prime but in balm base. i was also told that it will somewhat cover pores and even out lines, giving u a flawless makeup. emm... tengoklah nanti esok aku try cam ne k.

and then there's this thing, that sounded like a miracle joy wand for woman [HAHAHAH!!], Playsticks.

i have had troubles with my foundation and power for the past months. One: they dont seemed to stick very well anymore [which i wonder y coz i have been wearing that MAC studio fix since like forever]. TWO: the color just doesnt seem to match as well as it did previously..

last wknd i went crazy and bought the mineralizer in one shade darker than the shade i'm used to. suffice to say the MAC sales err man/girl [pls pick] went all boogey-eyed on me. oh well, i just want to look tan once in a while..

so anyways, just now, lepas try Dr. Feelgood tu kan, kena lah try foundation nya pulak to test whether this claim of "flawless makeup" has some truth on it. i tried from Some-Kind-a-Gorgeous [a foundation faker; heck, i dont know what that means], to Get Even [pressed powder] to You Rebel [tinted moisturizer] to this Playsticks [concealer+foundation+powder]. all in all, i think the Playsticks gives me the best flawless visage; yes, yes, most definitely because of the concealer bit in it! hehe..

and then there's this product: Talk to the Tan

I have no idea why i have fixation with tan skin lately but i sooo wanted to get this. the only reason why i managed not to scoot it over to the cashier is the thot that none of my other makeup would suit this color and then i would have to spend more money for additional things.. NA-AH!

but i waaaaant.. sob..sob..sob..

sapa2 nak bagi hadiah kesian sila lah k..

The Day the Earth Stood Still...

... probably recovering from a massive shock of how not interesting the movie was..

since all of selangor was on leave today [GGRRRR!!!], including sayang kepayang, i thot we'd watch another movie after work.

so we went to see this, starring keanu reeves, jennifer connely and jaden smith.

suffice to say that The Day the Earth Stood Still is no way in the same league as The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, Armageddon or even War of the Worlds. have i gotten all alien or doomsday for planet earth movies?

but jaden smith was fab! and at that age, he looked sooooo much like his father!

Twilight: The Midnight Sun

i didnt know about this 5th instalment of the Twilight series until i went for a late raya haji dinner at the inlaws. and then of course, from the crazy gurlies' blogs i love to haunt..

so, of course, me being the irrational me, went to look for the book [i honestly thot it was out already]. i looked EVERYWHERE in the world wide web. all of my frequent haunts for err free ebooks did not have a copy of this midnight sun.

i was confused.

and then i went to author's website...


kan dah kena sound, of copyright la, of this la, that la...

hah, apparently, someone took her unfinished work and start distributing and circulating to the public.

she got quite, quite mad i have to say - since she did mention that upset as she was she may not finish the book at all and if she have to finish the book now, james would have won against the cullens - eeeiiikk!!

oh well, after watching the movies, emmm... what if james won? what wud happen to bella? she'd become a vampire now huh?


so anyways, there in her website, she attached the unfinished third draft [i think] pdf version of the midnight sun for us...

now i feel kinda guilty...

but anyways, the midnight sun was another version of twilight from Edward [d'scissorhand-wanna-be] Cullen's side of the story.

put two and two together [and pushing aside the horibble, horibble movie images from my mind], it was a beautiful, beautiful love story. honestly.

but i still cant get over that pasty powder-puffed, red-lipped, samseng-kampung-dusun-haired image of Mr-Edward-most-beautiful-man-Cullen.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

cookie monster...

i forgot to load up my touch & go card today. and as i was driving out of KLCC onto the elevated highway, munching on famous amos choc chip macadamia nut [yum!], i decided to pay cash and save the 1.50 balance on the card for the trip to work tomorrow. the jam then would have been crazier, no, correction, the NEED to move faster would have been greater then than now..

for once, i have no desire to speed up just now. mebe it was the yummilicious famous amos but also i kept thinking of a blog post that am going to write on eating in the car while driving. great topic huh? HAHAH!

and then, i got to the last exit while munching on a cookie.

u know how from the second last exit [into jalan kolam ayer or smtg] to the last exit of the elevated highway is this downhill S curve or corner before it straightens and joins jalan ampang? cars normally sped up on this stretch. the thing is, sometimes the jam usually starts right after the last corner -and this is a blind corner for incoming cars..

many of an occasion i have had to punch on the brake due to this blind-corner-jam, yes, i have to admit, i am one of the [lesser] sickos who like [loves] to speed on elevated hway.

today, it was different, i had to punch the brake coz i was distracted coz i was looking for the last cookie [yes, yes, stop cursing me!!]. but i managed to stop way, way before the big green MPV in front of me. i kept quite a distance coz i worry the incoming car behind me might not see me either.

for incoming cars that are fast, believe me, you will not have time to stop, coz this time, the jam is right after the blind corner. i was worried, yes.

i saw a car coming from behind me and i saw it braked a distance away. fuuh! i saw a taxi and it took the next lane to stop. another fuuh!

and then, i saw a small grey car careening from the corner with smoke behind him from the rubber burn of his tyres and screeching trying to stop.

it swerved to the lane next to me, hit the taxi that just arrived beside me. the force of the impact pushed the taxi to the right into the left corner of the green MPV in front of me!

if i were on my usual mode, i.e. tailgating cars in front of me [that sometimes i can peer into its exhaust pipe], my beloved debab suzie would have been hit on her left side! and judging from the impact the taxi made to the humongous green MPV, suzie would definitely be pushed up to the divider on the right.

the little grey car that eerily looked like a charade that always parked on the same level in my condo was now beside me. i can see its driver leaning his head on the steering wheel.

the driver of the car behind me was out of his car and shouting that the grey car driver was crazy, bodoh, "bawak macam sial dari belakang lagi".

the ppl from the ampang sports center [playing futsal, i supposed] crowded the jaring and shouted "pukul je!"

the cars behind us were honking like crazy. i mean, come on ppl! ada accident la, bukan kitaorg tak nak jalan!

some ppl came out of the their cars and pushed the green MPV to the side coz his left rear tyre was not functioning.

and all the while, i was in my car watching with wide eyes, still munching on the last cookie.

sorry tak sempat nak amik pics coz one of my hands was on the steering wheel and the other was holding the cookie bag.

Monday, December 08, 2008


wild child and quarantine..

.. or should i say quarantine [and] the wild child! hehe..

as an attempt to recover my mood from the bad-movie-nite, i went to my trusted how-on-earth-do-they-manage-to-do-business-there dvd supplier and got three movies; wild child, quarantine [yes, i just had to] and 24 [didnt even know they have a movie on this].

i wanted transporter 3 as well but the pakcik honcho said gambar tak lawa lagi.. neither was quarantine but hey, i really dont need a good dvd copy for that movie. yeah, like i wanted to see those zombie-like ppl clearly, huh..

so anyways, wild child was another pretty light and fun teenage movie.. quite entertaining but somewhat predictable as well..

yup, yup, like all those young adults romance books we used to read, they all have the same ending irregardless the story line..

watch it if u have time but its not something to salivate for..

oh! but i just knew that this little girl acted in the nancy drew series and she's eric robert's daughter.. eric roberts who acted in.. oh, never mind..
which also means that she is julia roberts' niece! huh.. no resemblance whatsoever but hey, at least, i thot her acting was soooo much better than ehem, that other 18 year old actress whose movie i saw yesterday..

and then, i saw this, quarantine..

emm... taking the words right off some of the reviews i read in the net, it was a mix of blair witch project [minus the scary hantu portion] + resident evil + 28 weeks + what's that dinasour movie... oh! cloverfield!

it was not great, but if i were to watch this yesterday, i would not be in as much pain.

but yes, wait for the good dvd copy though. it was rather dark.. HAHA!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

tooooWAILA[i watch this]it

i just came back from this why-la-i-watch-this movie... it was a choice between quarantine and twilight for our dinner-movie nite and of course, since sayang kepayang i tu cannot watch horror movies [yes, yes, i know, tapi nak buat cam ne..] so i picked twilight.

ok, so where to begin with this. there's so many reviews already being written out there and i dont want to be redundant but heck, why not.


it was the most PAINFUL 120minutes [or something] of my entire movie going life!!!!!!!!!!

there's nothing exceptional about the cullens or even bella. and i have serious gripes with how they did the cullens makeup. i mean, come on ppl!! i know vampires have to be pale but u dont have to make them look GAY!!

OHMYGOD!!! dah lah tepek bedak putih gila, pakai lipstick MERAH pulak tu!

honestly, the supposedly MOST GOOD LOOKING guy in school aka edward cullens, [sorry ateen] looked eeeeerily like EDWARD SCISSORHANDS!!!! and i had nightmares watching that movie. dah lah muka putih, pakai lipstick merah, rambut ohmygod! why?? WHY??!!

and rosalie, who was supposed to be THE most beautiful woman on planet earth looked err.. ordinary... mebe even less than ordinary..

i think only alice was right for the casting. and dont make me comment about jasper! UURRRGGGHH!!!

the acting was bad, bordering HORRIBLE, fullstop. bella and edward's conversations were painfully bordering spastic-like, worse than awkward, geeky nerds trying to converse.

and arent they supposed to be very stylish and elegant? WHERE? WHERE stylish and elegant? ok, maybe alice passed but the rest looked like hillbillies..

and what's up with these jumping monkey acts??!!

as i squirmed painfully in my seat, sayang kept asking, panjang lagi ke movie ni? sigh.. i felt sorry for him for having to endure this with me. but i told him, one more scene and then we can ciao k..

i just wanted to see the bad guys. and as expected, i liked them much, much better than the cullens, bella and even jacob.

and how come they can look NORMAL but still vampire-like and the cullens had to look like powder-puffed cakes?

and of course, their scenes are the most interesting, well, actually, the most worth while to watch in the space of 120minutes.

even sayang agreed.

tapikan, yang lagi tak boleh tahan dalam panggung wayang tu kan, was the two women sitting next to me. if i can puke everytime they say "ooooooh", "aaaahhhhh", "handsomenya", "lawanya", "ooooh sweetnya", i'd flood the cinema.. sampai TEPUK TANGAN bila movie tu habis..

ape2 jelah, labu...

pesanan penaja:
kepada yan or anyone yang belum tengok movie ni lagi, beli DVD ajelah if u still want to watch. DO NOT waste money to watch this in the cinema..

Saturday, December 06, 2008


i searched and i searched for what to get sayang for his birthday and then i came across this little thingie: Dell Mini 9

actually i came across this before at maxis the-muchos-irritating-service-provider center kat KLCC during the promotion time. the offer was quite attractive, they equipped the Dell mini 9 with mobile broadband as such that you will not have to rely on wifi or hotspots or even an external modem [aka connecting to your handphones for connection].. it was very very interesting. monthly payments of RM99 for 24 months tapi tau je lah kan, i have my personal doubts with maxis.

but then again, some ppl said that their broadband connection is not as bad as their err 3G connection through the handphone. honestly, i have no idea what's the difference between the two. if u do [know the difference that is] please kindly enlighten me.

but anyways, the little netbooks. or so they are called, these little tiny lappies that are targeting bloggers and internet users, are quite interesting. my bro bought the Acer Aspire One
for his wife months ago and that time i have no idea what they were or what they were used for. the specs were low [as compared to what specs we have currently for lappies] but so were the price, unless of course you are looking at the Vaio TZ series..

and every since i got this XPS, sayang had been complaining about his huge lappie without camera la blah blah blah.. so i thot.. emm.. mebe he would like one of these.. so i asked him whether he wanted the Dell mini 9 with the promotion from maxis..

he looked at me and said: emm.. tapi takkan i nak pakai laptop warna pink kot..

CK: huh? dell ni kaler putih laa..

sayang: ye lah, tapi bila u beli dell tu untuk i, sure u pakai punya lah.. takkan i nak pakai xps u yang warna pink tu kot..

CK: oh... hehehe... [thought: buat kelakar la pulak laki aku ni...]

Massive landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa

ohmigod... not another one.. thank god we didnt cave and buy a house over there!!

Massive landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa (Update 9)
KUALA LUMPUR: A massive landslide occurred in Bukit Antarabangsa at 4am Saturday. As of 2.20pm Saturday, three people are confirmed dead and 15 injured.
The landslide cut off access by the main road to the residential areas at Bukit Antarabangsa, trapping hundreds of residents.
As of 2.20pm Saturday, more than 2,000 residents have been evacuated, said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan.
He added that the search and rescue operation is ongoing for six people who are suspected to be buried but still alive.
On Saturday monring, Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said the military has been roped in to create a slip road to enable trapped victims to be evacuated from the area.
As of 2.30pm Saturday the police had airlifted six people who needed immediate medical attention - two pregnant women, two elderly women with weak hearts, a man who is a stroke patient and another man who needed haemodialysis treatment.
The last man is said to have made it to the hospital just in time for his treatment.
Among the dead are a Shaiful Khas, 20, and N. Logeswari, 40.
A total of 93 people have been rescued while seven are still reported missing.
Also affected are 14 houses in Jalan Bukit Mewah and Jalan Mewah Utama.
The injured and the remains of the dead have been rushed to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.
A total of 160 police, army, Ampang Jaya City Council (MPAJ) and medical personnel are involved in the search and rescue operation.
According to BERNAMA, the injured were given first aid at the Addinniah surau before being sent to hospital. At least 12 ambulances were spotted at the scene.
One of the affected bungalows is owned by Datuk Mohamed Thajudeen Abdul Wahab, the principal private secretary to the prime minister.
Thajudeen and his family are safe. They were not at home at the time.
Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman Azmin Ali said at the scene that earth movement continued to take place and that electricity supply to several housing estates in Bukit Antarabangsa was disrupted.
The site of Saturday's landslide is believed to be 1.5km from the Highland Towers apartment building which collapsed on Dec 11, 1993, killing 48 people.

More news:
Tiga mayat ditemui di lokasi tanah runtuh.
Personal account from ground zero
Kejadian tanah runtuh amaran kedua selepas Highland Towers - PM

almost done for the morning..

strange [or not], i still cant sleep..

so i went to sort out all the documents for our house project. aiye... rumah punya pasal, sanggup heret beg with documents tebal macam nak rak! nasib baik beg tu ada roda [and no, ppl, if u see me walking around KLCC with a trolley bag, i am not traveling anywhere. i just quit using the backpack and opted to save my heels instead..]

cross my fingers, we should know for sure, FOR SURE, that the house is almost 90% ours by the end of next week. and that's all due to my turn to sort out my side of the processes.. later when we are almost sure - [hopefully] by the end of next week - i'll list down in chronological order these looooong processes we have to go through to get this house. yes, and the pics.. :D

sigh.. i keep telling myself and we keep convincing ourselves that this is a good thing to do now. imagine trying to upgrade later in life, when we are [blessed] with [spoilt] kids, and our expenses are [surely] tied to them, we may not have the capacity to get this.

and sometimes we do wish for [cash] money tree underneath our beds, huh?


i didnt know that changing the address of the blog wud create err some technical problems, like the loss of links of blogs that i click on at the sidebar..

so please bear with me [since lately ni my IT intelligence seems to be hiding somewhere at the back corner of my brain], with some of the links yang i belom tersempat nak update. usually i just go to yan's or zarina's blog to click on their links to read others' blog! they seemed to have more than mine so buat ape susah2 ye.. hehe..

and then i came across blog red.mummy [bukan Mummy as in Brendan Frasier's Mummy but mummy as in mak orang k] thru sapa tah punya blog. vely interesting i thot, macam baca tabloid sikit + paper metro yang cool sikit.. so add la kat situ sekali, eventhough lembab lah sgt blog dia nak upload.

and then kan, actuallynya kan [ateen sure gelak besar gila ni], i have been visiting k.piah's blog! HAHAHA!! i know, i know, its HORRID of me but it's like one of those horrible accidents u came across the highway... sure canot turn away one!! sure wanna look one!! huh, lebih kurang macam tu lah.. sometimes, i just cant NOT read. especially bila korang2 semua ni lambat dok update blog...

so, ateen, kalau ada blog interesting2 lagi, habaq la k.. :D

per lah...

u peeps out there who so terrer post pics on ur blog kan, how to get these pics align properly huh? HUH??

i mean, i gave up!

i tried to sort out the madagascar 2 pics and LOOK what happened!! kelakar gila..

any brilliant tips ppl?


sayang's bday is coming in like 15 days and as always, i have no idea what to get him...

honestly people, what do you get for your husband's bday? another shirt? another tie? cufflinks? perfume? shoes?
sayang doesnt play golf, so i cant get him a golf set or something..

i bought him a phone last year but he's not a phone junkie [not like me :p], so i cant get him another phone this year.. besides, i went to see the Xperia the other day and THANK GOD i got the HTC Touch Pro instead... that SE X1 is definitely NOT worth the wait..

he's a car junkie but hey, we know NOT to go there huh.. na-ah, dun even think i cant afford to get him new sport-rims!

he's a wrist-watch junkie [and has more wrist-watches than moi!!!] but i got him one already two months ago.. and nope, if he wants this one, he'll have to get it himself.

so now am confused.. no, correction, confused would mean i have choices to be confused about. now, i have NADDDAA!!! nothing!!
should i just use the money to pretty up myself and then tie a ribbon???

Friday, December 05, 2008

Madagascar 2

we just watched a good dvd copy of this movie. all in all, i prefer the first madagascar. this one is almost, almost, like a slap-stick version of the lion king.

though, there are some hillarious notable characters!
i thot the penguins made excellent james bond[s].. haha!
are u serious?? "i like them chunky chunky"
even if u cant stand the movie, u should just stayed to watch moto-moto's scenes with gloria!
and err... who or WHAT is this little creature??

Thursday, December 04, 2008


ok, i made up my mind..

this blog will reach its fourth year ['oly cow! dah 4 tahun heh?] in 12 days.

and on the 15th of December [my dad's bday, yea!], if all goes well, this blog will get, either (a) a new address, or (b) discontinued and continued at the new address.

the new address will be [insyAllah]

jangan pulak dengki gie amik address baru pulak ye..


WO!!! dah sah sah la rumah aku ni ada semut dah!

ada ke, baru je nak blog balik [maxis line suddenly ada pulak la kan], sedap je sekor jalan atas monitor laptop ni.. ek eleh.. kan dah mati kena penyet! kalau ye pun, sembunyi la sikit.. apahal bodoh semut kat sini..

last time when i was renting at cheras [yes, with all the weird housemates - i cant seem to find that post anylonger.. emm..], the semuts there are very very clever [except for their tendency to drown themselves in water! yes, yes, i know ada ubat semut yang buat diaorang haus or something and cari air then die..]. anyways, yes, clever semut; they hid, yes, i kid u not, they hid whenever i saw them. if i saw one at the kitchen, they moved behind a bottle, if i saw one along the wayar of the rice cooker, they moved closer to the wayar so that i cant see them.

and then, to top all was this incident: i have this small breakfast-in-bed tray from ikea with the steel foldable legs that i usually put my instant coffee and mug on in my bedroom in front of the tv and my PS2.

usually, i will never ever leave my unwashed coffee mug in my bedroom as the semuts like to attack them [no wonder they were so active!]. but strangely, the semuts were not able to "climb" the steel legs of the tray and i was soooo happy! [yes, crazy woman to gloat over little tiny ants]

so one day, after work, when i went to switch the tv on, i saw a trail of ants on the TV cabinet. huh? i never had ants on the tv before so i freaked out. mana lah tau ada cicak mati yang diaorng hurung kan... tapi nasib baik takde, so i tracked their trail; from the floor, to the TV cabinet, to my TV, to my PS2, to the cables of the joystick of my PS2, to the joystick that was sitting on the steel legged tray and then to my coffee mug!!!!

i mean, diaorg ni ada GPS sensor untuk which trails to take ke?? gila terrer k!

but stfian being stfian, we are not that easily amazed with smart animals huh? especially after growing up with intelligent monkeys who knew how to open jars of jam and picked chipsmore to munch than the dry creamcrackers beside it.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008


apahal maxis ni??

dah lah lembab sokmo, reception kejap ada kejap takde, kejap H, kejap G, kejap 3G, kejap E, kejap H balik, apahal?! buat membazir duit orang ajer la!!!!!!


geram tau!!!

susah ke jadi salesgirl?

no, let me be clear from the very beginning; i do not see being a salesgirl/man as a degrading job nor am i degrading anyone who hold that position.

but sometimes i wonder if its really a difficult job.

i was at Isetan just now, i was just passing through - taking a short cut actually from the postoffice, when i saw this really nice pair of pumps. nice and on sale too, so what does an intelligent female shopper do? ask for a size, of course.

there were two sales people there, a male and female; lets call them abu and minah. i asked minah to get me the size i want and minah gave the shoe to abu with a laugh and said something like "kau lah pergi ambil, nanti aku salah bagi kasut lagi".

heck do i know what they were talking about and its not my business anyways but its my time that they are taking; laughing and joking with each other while abu was still holding the shoe that i wanted. when i began to stare at them and look pissed [yup, some people said i look horrible when i look pissed], abu went to get my size while minah is still talking and laughing to another salesgirl, lets call her minah 2, when their supervisor came.

minah was basically trying to tell her supervisor, lets call him ali, that it was NOT her fault she gave the customer two right shoes [right as in left and right shoes that form a pair of shoes]. it was not her fault because the customer tried SOOOOO many shoes and then bought only one pair.

she kept repeating that in a very very loud voice while laughing. minah 2 was saying something like, "yang kau layan siapa suruh.." Ali looked like he's at loss of words on what to say. Ali, who stood there in front of her, noticed me, who sat on one of the smart stools waiting impatiently for my shoes. i raised one eyebrow at him and he smiled apologetically, still didnt say anything.

abu came with the size i wanted, gave me the shoes to try and went to join the "not-my-fault" conversation. when i asked for a size smaller from abu, minah 2 said "size 7 takde, tu last piece". i looked at abu, he didnt say anything. i looked at ali, he stood there like a tree.

i almost wanted to say, susah sangat ke nak pergi check dalam store tu? when minah 2 said, size 5 nak?

i lose my train of thought.

and then i wonder at how stupid people can be... if i can fit into the display pair [the one that's size 5], would i even ask for a size 8? like 3 sizes bigger? and when size 8 is bigger for me and i asked for one size smaller, size 7, even a simple-minded person can think logically that people's feet will not shrink 2 sizes smaller to be able to fit into a size 5.

before i can say anything, minah 2 opened her mouth again "kaler putih nak?"


i stood and left.

with staffs like that, no wonder ali just stood there like a stupid tree.

how long does a jetlag lasts?

i dont usually get jetlags. not because i'm a seasonned jet-setter, nooooo, of course not. but it's just because.

i can usually survive on a 3 hour sleep or no sleep at all (for one day MAX) or sleep all day, so adjusting my body clock [if there's ever such a thing] to different timezones are pretty easy; either (a) i just dont sleep, or (b) i sleep all day.

but this recent trip has gotten me into the most horrible jetlag! it has been three days and i am still tired and sleepy in the day and all cheery-up at night!! i wonder why...

and plis, plis dont tell me its the age... UURRRRGGGHH!!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

got boots?

now where did i post about UGG boots? emm.. oh, not here, at facebook i think.

anyways, yes, i have a thing for boots. but up till recently i dont think i have ever entertain my evil shopoholic-buy-things-that-cannot-be-worn-in-msia twin.

and UGG boots? come on, where in the corner of Kuala Lumpur would i wear them? and for 300bucks?? that's like about 1000+ ringgit! err? for something i would only wear, well, once in a year? the good think-calculate-and-analyse-before-u-swipe-that-gold-plastic-thingies twin would definitely smack my head good.

but i waaaaaant!! i want! i want!! either one of these two or if i'm really, really, really, nice, maybe santa will get me both! hahaha!

UGG Elsey

UGG Felicity

and during the last trip to the UK, though i didnt get my UGGS [i'm sane enuf to not buy them in the UK, they both cost 300pounds there!], i got these! for 25pounds! yes, TWENTY FIVE POUNDS!

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

weird title for a movie huh? yup, weird, weird movie too. but cheeky, hillarious and sweet nonetheless.

it's another one of those in flight movies that u had no choice but to watch coz there's nothing else to watch.
it's based on a book called angus, thongs and full frontal snogging. heck if i know who wrote it coz that was the first time i heard about it.
apparently the director or producer [or whomever] is the same as the one for bend it like beckham. and i remember liking that one.
so, if u like bend it like beckham, have weird sense of humor, feel like u need to relive being awkwardly fourteen again, watch this.


i watched this during my flight back. i was a bit apprehensive about musicales. yes, yes, a bit kamps i know, but seriously, i cant stomach plays, operas, the philharmonik etc.. how to say this; they are not my cup of tea..

but when u are in a 13-hour flight, u'll run out of things to do pretty fast.. and the choice of movies and dramas are the same for both out and in flights. so, basically, u have about 10 movies to watch for a period of 26 hours and half of the movies u've watched already on land.

so its either watching reruns of batman begins, the darknight, finding nemo, atlantis etc, i chose MAMMA MIA first.

and god, its soooooooooooooo hilarious! and quite good and of course, the songs. call me kamps again yea coz i have no idea all those songs are from Mamma Mia!

but one thing though, as much as i *heart* pierce brosnan (yes, the saliva sindrome started with remington steel), i dont think this yummilicious 50+ james bond (yes he should have maintained as james bond!!!) can sing.

for those of u who have yet to watch this, coz like me, u'll just wont watch a musicale, go ahead and get a good DVD copy. its a blast i tell you. well, at least, u'll recognize the songs u boogied to those years long ago.