Thursday, November 27, 2008

have i ever..

..posted how much i hated the cold weather?!

oh yes, i hate.

especially now when i am in the middle "that" time in the month. wo, man, i tell you, even the down jacket + sweater + pullover + shirt + bra are not enough!

yes, yes, i spent four years in the cold blardy state of Madison, Wisconsin where winter is 6 months long and the rest is up to God, u'd expect i would be okie dokie with anything with temperature above 0 degree celcius. but no. NO!!!!!

i hate COLD!!! i hate WINTER!!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Is Your Destiny?

ok, something i got from faiez's blog coz i (1) have nothing to blog about or (2) am brain-dead from packing stupid stuffs for a four day business trip.

so, what is my destiny? and i thot i'd stopped all this mumbo-jumbo years ago.. sigh..

This reading is based on —Birth Name: A**** M***-S**** Birth Date: 11/12/1977 (November 12, 1977)

Your Inner or Soul's Urge: This is spiritual and emotional expression more than physical. It is your heart-felt desires, your incentive, how you look at life. Here are your areas of personal satisfaction. Number: 1

Usually not very emotional, you are in this life to take action.
You want to lead and direct.
You are independent at heart and desire to reach your goals by your own efforts and intelligence. You have a strong creative force with many original and interesting ideas. There is much inner strength available to you. Rarely do you shirk responsibilities.
You are proud of your abilities and seek opportunities to display your strength and usefulness.
Others will respect and help you, like a true leader deserves, so long as you acknowledge and validate the interests and desires of others as well as your own. Be kind and generous, and you can be a recognized leader.
You can display conceit and intolerance of people who are considered inferior -- boastful, egotistical, critical, impatient of trifles -- especially when you feel impeded. When you are headstrong, impulsive, or highly willful, you may appear contrary, bossy, dominating, or egotistical. You tend to be impatient with those who are resistant to change.
You can be reticent, and can lack self-confidence. Sometimes you won't take a stand for fear of hurting others. Yet, something continually keeps urging you forward.
You want your home, spouse, and family to be a credit to you.
Overall, you are loyal in friendship, fair in business, a safe leader, and work diligently. You are capable of great accomplishment.

Your Personality: This is physical expression more than spiritual or emotional; your outer self, the way you express when meeting others. It may or may not be the real you. Number: 4

Others tend to see you as loyal, dedicated, dignified, and honest with a desire to perform the work at hand instead of taking a lot of time for fun and pleasure. You seem to be thrifty, prudent, and orderly.
If you focus overly much on work, others tend to see you as someone in a rut and unable to change habits.
Your self-image can suffer if you do not receive compensation or praise, at least recognition, for your labors.
The practical aspects of your personality can be enhanced by wearing tailor-made clothing of straight lines and good material, neat rather than showy.

Your Quiescent Self: Stripping away all outside influences, aspirations, ambitions, "shoulds", and "shouldn'ts" -- this is you when you are alone; just you and your dreams.. Number: 4

Family, society, country, and civilization are better off because of your tireless efforts and meticulous attention to detail. You are the pillar of society. A staunch patriot. Your rewards are accomplishment, duty, Love, and appreciation.
Your thoughts and pleasure are the creation of firm foundations upon which family and society as a whole can prosper.

Your Destiny or Ultimate Goal: This is your desired lifetime accomplishment. It is a key to a useful and happy life, and to feeling fulfillment during your latter days. Number: 5

Your destiny is to promote the idea of liberty for all; knowing that happiness cannot last without the right to be free. You know progress comes through change, by entertaining new ideas and trying new methods. Your destiny includes helping people live life more fully and with more joy. You are versatile and clever.
You are comfortable interacting with people of diverse races and backgrounds, a natural lecturer or teacher, an artist with written and spoken words, and capable of understanding many different viewpoints. You insist on having freedom of action and speech. Your life changes often, sometimes unpredictably, and you enjoy it because each change brings new opportunities to understand and absorb yet more aspects of life. You love travel and the open spaces, and you have the best opportunities to succeed in occupations that have those qualities and also bring you in contact with people, including sales, acting, speaking, teaching, commercial artist, legal fields, or as a writer or editor.
You are striking, attention getting, entertaining, and find it easier to move about than to make permanent associations with people or undertakings.

Your Life's Path: Here are clues to what fate has in store for you. It indicates the type of encounters, events, and opportunities you are likely to experience along your physical life path. Number: 11

You are drawn to movements or organizations with idealistic aims. You have a tendency to become caught up in fanatical cults or other fringe movements. Your path includes diplomacy in its various aspects -- smoothing the affairs of others with discretion, tact, intuition, cooperation, patience, persistence, persuasion, and loyalty to those you serve; being the peacemaker, cultivating friendships, and helping others reach their goals. Your path is easier when you express kindness and gentleness and are considerate of others' feelings.
Your path includes developing your talents of invention, seeking the discovery of new principles, and elevating everything to the plane of inspiration. If you decide to investigate the psychic, healing, and metaphysical fields, you will be able to put them to their highest use. Trust your intuitions. Inspire by your own example. You can effect more change through persuasion than by force.
Your opportunities are along spiritual lines or in the realms of invention, metaphysics, politics, or acting. You are liable to achieve great public attention and influence if you do not seek them from ulterior motives. You do well helping others reach their goals.

This Year's Path: Here is what you are likely to encounter this year -- your feelings, your predominant perspective, and the type of situations, circumstances, and opportunities you tend to attract during the calendar year. Number: 6

This is a year of service for you, a duty year. You feel you're assuming new responsibilities. People make more demands of you this year. You are needed in many directions.
Warmth and good will toward others, along with love and harmony, will make everything worthwhile. Justice, fair play, and honesty are important. It is a year for unselfish service.
Take care of your health because without it you cannot help others. Find time for rest and relaxation. This is a year to be thorough and conscientious about everything that you do.
It is a year of fine and friendly influence for marriage, tranquil home conditions, and traditional family activities. You may feel a strong desire to get settled.

Next Year's Path. Number: 7

This is your year for personal reflection and perfection, a year of introspection. You feel like analyzing everything you have been and are doing. You think about beauty, love, perfection, and what life is all about.
You spend a good deal of time alone, getting acquainted with yourself and your new inner power. This year you gain a better understanding of your emotions and your spiritual nature. Take time out to rest, study, read, and travel, and to look at life from a different angle. Find outlets for personal creative expression.
If you have psychic, spiritual, new age, or mystic interests, this is the year to pursue those studies.
Quality is your standard.

Last Year's Path. Number: 5

This is a year of change for you, a year to get out of the rut. Your opportunities are found outside ordinary routine. New opportunities and new conditions are manifesting (some may appear unexpectedly) -- new relationships, new ideas, new contacts, new enterprises, new plans -- more freedom, more variety, more travel -- broader fields of interest and activity.
It is a year of new experiences -- change, growth, fun, freedom. You feel an inner push to go do something, anything, so long as it's a new experience. You notice more opportunities to travel. It is time to take advantage of the prevailing atmosphere of change and variety to learn something new. The year adds new life and color to your undertakings.
The changes can be thrilling and inspiring. Now is the time to take advantage of the enhanced sense of freedom you feel and create new outlets for your genius. It is also a time to let older people and children inspire you.
If you have a business, you may wish to advertise more than usual, possibly presenting your business with a new, even unique, angle.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

where did the days go?

pejam celik pejam celik, dah 20 November dah.

rasa2nya, benda nak deliver dalam bulan November ni macam banyak ajer tapi satu pun belom siap lagi. sekarang ni ada 10 hari jer tinggal lagi. 10 - 5 hari sebab i'll be traveling for 5 days. so, tinggal 5 hari.


the day regret knocked on the door.

do we have a choice to feel regret or not?

or is regret something that just be?

today, i went to a place where i used to be. i attended a project meeting as an observer mainly because i have to oversee a newbie's work on the project's analysis.

as the meeting dragged on, i felt a tug in my heart. i cud have stayed here; something known, someone familiar, safe... the projects i'm in now rock my knowledge foundation, if i ever had one to begin with. the projects i'm in now basically suck.

but i took a step back and thot about it. many years ago, the something known and familiar and safe was new as well. and i remembered thinking "it sucks" as well.

so i smiled and closed the door on regret.

one decision made and thousands more to go.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

thriller authors la plak..

semata2 untuk kome zarina.. but i dont read much thrillers or horror books.. too err horrifying? ;D

anyways, i tend to look for these people [but mostly the first two] if i'm in the mood for something to scare me at night..

Dean Koontz - i like his twist. the door to december started me on his books, almost all of them.
Nicci French - sometimes too twisted and psychotic
Beverly Barton - emm, thriller aka murder investigations and some romance la..
Iris Johansen - her previous ones are interesting. i started with The Ugly Duckling. oso got some romance in it a bit..i stopped reading her when she started with those series with one character[eve duncan] in all books. gila tak berkembang..
Robin Cook - but too much err medical technology that i have to understand..
John Grisham - yes, who doesnt read him? but who needs books when there's movies? haha!

Stephen King - i havent read him since STF! dont even know if he still writes but i like his books.
Nora Roberts - some of her new books are horror/thriller k! err what's it called? the brothers or something? i havent read her books as JD Robb. NR ni i macam stress sikit nak baca coz sometimes they are so bad [in my opinion] that i gave up on her. but sometimes its quite up there with JG/LH and all.

p/s: before anyone ask, i dont read sci-fi or self motivation or any of the chicken soup thingies books k ;P
pp/s: and not non-fiction either...
ppp/s: and most of the time [well, all the time actually] i dont read newspapers..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my fav authors..

k.snabby asked me to list down a couple of my fav authors. i actually have the intention of having a separate book section but the books i read are commonly trash (;P) so maaaaluuuuu laa.. hehehe

but then again, who cares, right?

for reading pleasure, i follow the authors. its difficult for me to get attached to a new author unless recommended by someone. i would rather wait for my fav authors books than read any random author.

so anyways, this list will be categorized into Y[young adult romance], C [chick lit], R [normal romance] and X [u know what i mean, yea?]. they are not in any order. i just type them down as i remember them.

Virginia Andrews
Stephanie Myer

Jennifer Crusie - very very witty characters
Rachel Gibson - she's bordering romance novels already
Lauren Weisberger
Adele Park
Susan Andersen
Candace Bushnell - sometimes only, her books are often too complicated.

Judith Macnaught
Julie Garwood
Linda Howard
Stephanie Laurens
Lisa Kleypas
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Rachel Gibson
Christine Feehan
Christina Dodd
Nalini Singh
Jude Devereaux
Johanna Lindsay
Nora Roberts
Amanda Quick / Jayne Ann Krentz / Jayne Castle - same person ya
Beverly Barton
Suzanne Brockman
Kinley Macgregor
Sabrina Jeffries
Julia Quinn
Julia London
Teresa Medeiros

Lora Leigh
Christine Feehan
Emma Holly
JR Ward

Monday, November 17, 2008

rest in peace (III)

saturday evening we went to DSH again.

they said that my cousin had opened his eyes. i almost sighed with relief until i saw his unfocused eyes.

i tried to stay out of the ward as much as i could.

on sunday, when i asked my dad when to go to the hospital, he said there's no need. dhaney was on the way to drive my parents back to melaka. i thot everything was ok. we ate the lunch that sayang tapau-ed for us. and then the phone call came.

abg zie passed away that sunday.

and the strangest thing was, eventhough i witnessed his pain and almost witnessed his death, i was not feeling sad. instead, i was relieved. and i was not feeling guilty over feeling relieved because i was relieved that he was not in pain and suffering in this world any longer.

i dont know if that even makes sense.

rest in peace, abg zie..

rest in peace (II)

and then i saw him at the ward.

i have never seen a dying man.

when tokbah passed away, i was in the States. two nights after my parents' call, it finally hit me that tokbah was gone and i cried myself silently to sleep. there, tears were easily replaced and forgotten.

when yong passed away, i was in KL. i remember driving to UPM to pick up dhaney at midnite. i remember Aan refused to leave his room - yong helped raised us (when it was just the two of us) when mom and dad were away; so i let him deal with his sadness his own way.. i remember staring at her still body covered with kain kapan and her pale face looking as though she was sleeping. i remember the coldness of her skin when i kissed her goodbye.. i remember watching her body being placed in her kubur and i remember saying goodbye as i left the cemetary. tears used to run silently down my cheeks when i thought of her. nowadays, it was just a hitched of breath and if i'm lucky my eyes would water before i blink them away.

dat saturday morning, i stood shocked when saw my cousin on the bed, even more shocked when i heard the moans. even worse, i didnt know what to say; to him - would he even hear? - to his wife - a simple i'm sorry just doesnt do it anymore at times like that. i just kept silent and tried to stay as long as i could in the room before i just had to leave.

i just cant stand it.

rest in peace (I)

sorry for the long silence gurls and boys..

where did i stop? oh, friday the 14th at 3am+.

so, yes, dat same friday night at around 10pm, while we were preparing to meet up some friends and have dinner outside, my parents called from melaka; my cousin, who had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer was dying [nazak].

my parents came to KL that night with another cousin who drove from muar - my dad cant drive long distance anymore; he gets sleepy behind the wheels - he liked to use his medicine as the reason why but i think the main culprit is because he stays up late at night reading his kitab. emm.. sound familiar? only the daughter reads another type of kitab till late nite... :D

so anyways, at 130am, when my dad sms us that they are near DSH, sayang, me and dhaney went to DSH as well. when we reached there, my cousin was in a bad shape. to tell you the truth, it was not a shock to hear that he was dying - we were told much much earlier that he did not have much time left - but it was always a shock to me seeing him so sick and wasted that way.

he was the eldest son of my dad's elder sister who's house we used to go back for raya. he was much older than me and my brothers and we used to play mercuns and bunga api under his supervision until we nearly burn down a 15ft high coconut with our flyaway rocket. yes, we were banned from mercuns from then on.

i used to remember him as a tall and built guy, quite serious. he was great to me and when i was small, i looked at him as an older brother - yes, having younger brothers are nice too but they tend to get rather pesky most of the times.

but the man whom i saw for the first time after many years - of not going back to kampung (on my dad's side) for raya, of staying in KL far too long, of not able to learn to visit relatives even when they are only half an hour away - after i heard of his illness was the man he would have been 20-30 years from now if the illness did not strike him.

when i saw him a week after raya last october, he looked older, much older than my dad, thinner, sick, wasted away. but his spirit was still high..

Friday, November 14, 2008

i'm borrrrreeeeeeeddd!!!

usually, if i have to do an all-nighter, i wud be snuggling with my selimut busuk - oh, my selimut busuk got a HUGE tear in the middle now!!! uwwwaaa!!!! - and read my fav authors.

but i'm bored of reading their old books! so now, how am i going to survive with new ones coming only in 2009??!!

mebe i should start reading newspapers for a change!

12th? or 14th?

ok, so ive decided to not sleep. emm.. lantaklah, esok sure mata merah semacam..

anyways, i just realised that today is the 14th of November. today is actually my official birthday! kinda like the agung's official bday! - perasan maut betul k..

yes, its true. my real bday is actually on the 12th November, which i have been celebrating on for the past 31 years. and for the past, past years, ive always thot that my dad FORGOT the day i was born when he went to register me, his first child. kinda sad huh?

but then, i got to find out the real reason why i was registered on the 14th!!! oh tidak, bukan sebab aku dijumpai di tepi sungai [which was what my two brothers like to claim].

you see, when i was born, the 12th fell on a saturday. in those times [as i was told], when u delivered a baby, u will only get 2 days off [oh, so cruel]. so, when u delivered a baby on a saturday, u will not get working day off.

so, my cheeky mom asked my dad to go and register me on the 14th, which was the monday, so that she can get 2 working days MC!!!

i soooooo cant believe that my dad, my strict dad, actually let my mom cajoled him into delaying his first and only daughter's bday!!! ohhhh!!!

no wonder that now, i oso like to take MC!! HAHAHAHA!!

should i...

.. sleep?

its almost 3am and i have a whole day meeting tomorrow that starts at 8am!

if i sleep now, for sure, FOR SURE, aku akan bangun lambat gila! GGGRRRR!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tomboy protests a security threat(?)


someone has got to tell me what exactly is this fatwa (word-by-word) against wearing trousers!

how could "trousers" be un-islamic? and risks young girls to become tomboys?


it must be a totally different sort of trousers than which i have been wearing for the past THIRTY ONE (+ one day) years!! [oh, thank you for the bday wishes!! hehe]..

i mean, for something to be able to influence women to be un-islamic and become a tomboy and later have all sorts of spunky sexual acts, this different sort of trousers must have been such a bad animal huh?

tell me where can i get this different sort of trousers?!!!

Tomboy protests a security threat: Malaysia police
Thu Nov 13, 2008 5:12pm IST

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysia's police, who have recently cracked down on dissident bloggers and broken up anti-government demonstrations, say that protests over an edict against Muslim women wearing trousers are a security threat.

Mainly Muslim Malaysia's National Fatwa Council recently issued a religious ruling that wearing trousers was un-Islamic.

It said that, by wearing trousers, young girls risked becoming "tomboys" who became sexually active.

That move triggered small protests later from two non-Muslim non-government organizations -- Katagender and Food-not-Bombs.

"I'm warning them and will take stern action as it involves national security," Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan told reporters on Thursday, according to the state-run Bernama news agency.

Malaysia frowns on oral and gay sex, describing them as against the order of nature. Under civil law, offenders -- male and female -- can be jailed for up to 20 years, caned or fined.

As well as women in trousers, the Fatwa Council is considering barring Muslims from practicing yoga.

Just over half of Malaysia's 27 million people are Malay Muslims, practicing the moderate form of Islam.

(Reporting by David Chance; Editing by Paul Tait)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


what do u peeps think that is?

bad case of PMS? hair-pulling-out-ponstan-frenzy time of the month?


i wanted to write about this but i am not in a bad enough mood to bitch about it [someone just got a bday pressie!!! :D].

maybe in a couple more days!


i was sorting out some documents earlier today for the 1st process of the HOUSE project and came across my EA form [penyata gaji tahunan].

to be honest, i never look at it properly until its time for income tax hoop-la.. so, da di du da i read my EA form.

eeiik, sayang's name is in my EA form for some reason. cool! how efficient is HR now? [NOT].

so, curious, i looked at sayang's EA form for my name. EH? where's my name?? gggrrr!! nak mengamuklah ni.. and then, when i look properly, the column said "sekiranya seorang perempuan bersuami sebutkan maklumat suaminya"

ppfft! nasib baik aku tak gie jerit kat HR...

i wonder why they only put nama suami only and not nama isteri? y isnt there "sekiranya seorang lelaki beristeri sebutkan maklumat isterinya"?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

and i'm on the lower side of the wheel now..

u know how we always say what goes around comes around?

yes, i think that's happening to me. and all i can do is laugh at the irony. i think this is my punishment for all the playtime i had when i first started work.

god, these new intakes are testing me..


i'm entering a whole new level of patience.

u know how when u play those PS[#] games and u steadily [or failingly] move forward to the difference levels of terrer-ness, yes, that is how i view my level of patience.

everyday, i combat with people whom i think seriously test my patience.

and suddenly today, i think i jump to a new level! i even managed not to raise my voice and still continue doing what i was doing without missing a beat!

or maybe it's just not the time of the month! hah!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


finally, after two years of bickering on where to live and searching all over klang valley, we booked a house.

it wasnt even in our list of areas to look at but its still in ampang and much closer to town than taman dagang permai or ampang saujana. and the good thing is, its new and we got it at the developer's price.

i wont post pics yet (though i have tons of them) coz there's still a whole lot of processes to go through to get this thing secured in our hands.

cross our fingers, and hopefully, u bebs will finally be getting the house-warming we have been promising since gurney heights!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Quantum of Solace


err... emmm...

i dunno what to write about this movie. i didnt understand it in the first place. i cant say its bad, but i cant say go watch it. i just dont get it.

and i dont get him as james bond, no, i dont like him as james bond, this whatever-his-name-is.

House Bunny

i think this must be my "what da EFF!" movie.

i dunno what possessed me to get this dvd today but i did. and it has to be the lamest, dumbest, movie ever that i've seen. even the korean movie with the mutated-fish-looking-monster was better than this and i thot that was bad enough.

a little pink wudnt hurt!

last tuesday my new toy arrived ;>

after a major freak out over a graphic card problem, i managed to change my order to a lower spec and hopefully less problematic system.

but after a chat with linz, there's a nagging feeling that i should have gotten the new mac book instead..

but still, my toy is more than satisfactory enough, and yes, its exactly that colour! :D

what is it with the people i meet in lifts?!!

isnt it common sense that when u enter the lift u'll move directly to the back to allow others to enter?

our parking is at level 3 of the building. when the lift came from level 1, there was this couple who stood side by side at the front of lift (inside) who refused, just plain refused, to budge and move in further into the lift to allow us in. we had to squeeze in between them to get in.

when i want to press the numero 6, the floor that we live in, i saw the only other button lit, number 12.


kalau ye pun dah tau dok kat floor tinggi, dok lah belakang sikit!

the fine line [intentionally] made blur..

i have to ask u peeps something. and mind you, this situation has nothing to do with me, or any of you bebs i know.. so, dont go asking urself after reading this post "is she talking about me?". NO. this is about someone that none of u know [fortunately].

i am wondering where the line is, the line that separates close friendship and cheating on ur spouse.

imagine a middle age man, with a wife and kids. the man has a friend from work, a female friend whom he is close to. close enough to talk to [phones, sms, chat, blog whatever] everyday, to try new stuff with, go out to try new restaurants and food that the family knows he DOES not like to eat at all, out for coffee for nothing, write songs for, protected her when she was harassed by a co-worker, etc... all in all, he spends more time with his close friend than with his family

and she is about a bit older than his daughter.

when confronted by his wife [who obviously is suspicious and uncomfortable] he claimed that she is just a friend. she's a close friend. his line is always: so what, my close friend is a girl.

my question is: is he cheating on his wife?

true enough, he is not having sex with her [well, not that we know of] but at that age to spend so much time with someone else of the opposite sex almost half his age, doing other things than work and actually enjoyed them better than spending time with his family?

what other conclusions are there?

will u accept that they are just friends? just close friends?

despite the fact that the wife had clearly said that she's uncomfortable with his relationship with her? whatever that relationship may be?

or do we define cheating only when a spouse starts having sexual relationship with another?

where is the line here?

Friday, November 07, 2008


ohmygod, thank god its friday!!!

though, its only friday morning at half past two and i have only about 5 hrs to sleep. two kelakar meetings to go to tomorrow, or later today, though the work they'll entail aint that kelakar...

i have more to write but i guess i better sleep. but i need to poo first. after 3 days of not doing business (angkara painful diarrhea makan spicy ayam goreng mcdonald), i think my system went on strike.

nite bebs!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


i am so sore today.

my whole upper body aches like crazy k. i guess its time to start lifting those weights again.. sigh...

i woke up at 1 in the afternoon - yes, and i do wish i can wake up at 1pm every day - and sayang has already up and about without any achy muscles! my vanderful husband has already sent the laundry, picked up laundry, put undies in the washer, fixed coffee for drowsy wife and tinkered with his car. jeez, talk about being efficient.

i'm actually quite amazed with him. despite a long nite or a tiring day, he would always wake up early even in the weekends. i definitely cant say or even do the same. well, i can force myself to wake up early during weekdays but weekends are MINE.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

and what a way to start november

yes, peeps, what a way to start my favorite month of the whole year. our small department arranged some sort of a family get-together activity. we went skytrekking at taman pertanian malaysia aka taman botani aka bukit cerakah.

honestly, all these three names are on one or the other sign boards on the way there. i mean, come on la ppl, i know we have a NATION-WIDE problem with sign boards - they seemed to like hiding behind trees - but cant u just get the park's name straight?

thank god we hv a very reliable and uptodate GPS otherwise, we would have been lost in bandarraya shah alam. sorry, no offense to shah alam ppl, but me the ampang person find shah alam like a different planet altogether.

anyways, skytrek, yes. ive explain what's its all about in my other post yeah, so no need to trod on describing what it is further. there are about 7 of us who came with our families. all laden with food for the tea afterwards. i took the easy way out and bought 2 KFC variety buckets. u honestly dont think i'd cook, do u? :P

so, wen all of us are in, we have to take a bus - looks kinda like a safari truck to me - to the site. its a looooong way into the park k. when we got the the skytrek site, we were told that there were two types of trek, the extreme aka adult trek and the easy aka kids trek. almost all opted for the easy trek as soon as they saw the height of the starting ladder!

sayang surprised me that he wanted to try the extreme one. i was like, huh? u sure? mind u, i was worried that he'll faint or something. he really has a thing with heights. looking down from balconies make him woozy. but this time, he said he wanted to try, so i went as well with two other colleagues. the rest went for the easy trek.

before we start the trek, we have to go for the initiation course for briefing. there are like three challenges in the initiation course and the heights are like 10 feet from the ground.. i can already feel my hands getting cold and my knees shaking. i thot i could handle it but from the moment i climbed the ladder for the first initiation course challenge, i made up my mind: i am only going to finish this initiation course and then am heading to the easy trek.

true enough, the 10 feet high initiation course was enough to break me in cold sweats. the thing is, i could probably do it if i have upper body strength. but after staying away from the gym for the longest time, i guess my upper body strength is now equivalent to a child's. i suck!

i told sayang that am not doing the extreme course and he said ok, he'll join me! hahahaha! dah agak dah... but i was soooo proud of him for even doing the initiation course challenge.

all in all, the thing was really ok and fun actually even with the easy course. it would be even more fun if u have the strength to pull ur body up aka if you are fit. otherwise, it'll just be a traumatic experience. i think one of these days (next year or the next) we might try the extreme course. MAYBE k.

as always, i did not take much pics. come on peeps, i cant hardly be hanging 6ft above ground trying to be calm my shaky knees while at the same time snap some pics!

(1)at the car park waiting for others to come.

(2) in the bus to the skytrek site (a loooooong way in the park)

(3) i think this is the most difficult thing to do

(4) sayang giving moral support (who would have thot! i am soooo proud of him!!)

(4) the wire walk was the easiest i have to say

(5) this is horrible also!

November past one

i love the month of november!

a lot of weally weally prewwty girls were born (and will be born) in the month of november :D