Friday, August 29, 2008

my fellow blogging friends, i have a question.

when someone ask you "why do you have to write down everything in your blog?", what will be your answer?

pour moi, i was quite stunted by the question. after a while, my answer was "it's my blog, suka hati i lah apa i letak dalam my blog!"

yes, exactly.

if u dont like reading my supposedly diary-like blog, then, yes, please get the hell out of it!

i cant believe it took me more than 1 sec to answer that question :{
tomorrow we are going to lindot's son's 2nd bday party. yes, yes, i missed his birth AND his first bday.. jeez, linds, come on... ;P

i bought him little baby sneakers that were just too cute to resist. originally, i wanted to get a pair of Adidas but those little suckers are so not comfortable! ok, i did not try them on. jeez, u think i can fit huh? maybe my big toe can masuk lah.. anyways, everything about the Adidas pairs were hard. more like decoration to me. nike ones are too err out of this world. puma ones are mostly racing types. no, i am not encouraging that little tot to go racing k. so in then end, i got the little reeboks. very old school design with flexy soles. heck if i know what that means, but the sales guy said its good. and what's more important is that its rather comfy. the thing is, they dont have gift receipts here just in case i misjugde the size. oh, linds gave me the size oready but hey, little tots can spurt up in size in matter of seconds, u know! ok, exagerating a bit here...

right after the bday party, we are heading back to melaka.. i am not excited. i thot ever since hunny aka N.A.H is here, my mom would cease (well, she never actually started) asking me in one way or the other when am i going to have a baby. but nooo, it has gotten worse! everytime i got near the little angel, she would say something like "hunny wants a playmate" or something like dat. my usual response was to just roll my eyes and "emm".. what else to say? well, apparently, i got the feeling that eventhough hunny is here, she still wants something from me, her one and only daughter.. oh good god. it's not like i can get one from the shelves of KLCC!

then, on sunday morning, dhaney is belanja-ing us all makan2 for his new job. sigh. my lil bro is so big and all responsible-like now! hehehe.. one good thing, i dont have to sub him money anymore now! woo-hoo! ;> we are coming back on sunday afternoon itself coz on monday, we have to go and get some stuff for that event thingy on the 12th. its a good day to go scouring masjid india, i think..

other than that, i am not looking forward to the month of September. too many crisis on the project end that have to be handled with too little energy and not to mention the withdrawal effects of nicotine and caffein. i would definitely be cranky and snappy with a tad tendency to bite ppl. oh, hey, actually, i'm like dat every month!
puasa is on MONDAY?? really? oh shait..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

what is it with YOU who are slow moving at the traffic light when it turns green?

i mean, come on, ppl! how difficult is it to press your foot on the accelerator pedal and move? i know ur car is expensive, well, heck, my car is expensive too, everyone's car is expensive too but we, well, definitely I, do not want to spend 24-7 in my blardy expensive car. not if i can help it.

so excuse me if i have to stick a finger at you when u took too blardy long to move! its cold and i'm having a really bad PMS, yes, P-freaking-MS, and u are just blardy inconsiderate to the long lines behind you!

Monday, August 25, 2008

the hair affair

have i told u that i went back to her?

well, yes, i did. i did not mean to but few days ago i ran into Z and J while looking for sneakers at Studio R and joined them for a light lunch at Kino.. of course, i recognize Z's hairstyle and asked whether she still goes to her.. well, of course she does.. and suddenly, i missed her.. i missed my hair looking like dat.

that weekend i went to her. i can see from her expression that she was shocked to see my hair. how could she not, she took care of my hair for almost 8 years now, and seeing it so chemically influenced (haha) was not her favorite sight.

i was put under the steamers, conceded to treatments after treatments and promised to come back before raya to fix it. fix it, meaning, make it straight and not so blondified... sigh.. in a way, i do miss it. but dont tell her that once in a while, i will still see HER.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

i had fun test driving all these cars. even if none of them will follow me home, i honestly dont care. if one does, follow me home that is, i will definitely post it here and why we made that decision.

if the decision were left to sayang to make, he would probably get another scooby and i would probably suffer backaches pre-maturely. well, not that i havent had any backaches!

if the decision were left to me, i would probably get a second hand XC90 and sayang would probably suffer a 20k gearbox replacement and some other horrid amounts for those rare parts besides being teased with driving a soccer mom's car.

so that was an experience by itself; compromising to get a middle ground for something both of us will like.

the german (car) debacle.. Part (I)

These posts were actually supposed to be waaaay before the CRV post. We went to see these cars much earlier. but I have had trouble describing the Audis and the 3 series. and so it got postponed, until today, literally.

we tested the VW Golf GTI, eyed the VW EOS (aka transformer wanna be), tested the Audi A4 both the B7 and the B8 and tested the BMW 320i sport. we didnt get to test drive the 325 due to unavailability of the test drive unit at that time. we also did not consider the Mercedez because, well, just because.

the posts will come in three parts, mainly because i cant manage it in one.

(I) The VW Golf GTI MkV

honestly, i am not a VW person. i have no idea why sayang kept on insisting on German cars, but hey, he who pays can at least has a say in it.. ;>

so, couple of weeks ago, we went to test drive the Golf GTI MkV. It’s a hatchback, which falls into one of my fav categories. So, one good point. There’s nothing much to say about the exterior.

Frankly, the GTI looks err normal? No such characters that I can describe, not like the 147 or the 1 series, or even my debab little suzie.. To me, it’s just normal. Yes, yes, the front grill is something too, but the effect is just not there, not the same with the other German brand with front grills to kill for.

The interior of the GTI is surprisingly quite nice. Very much nicer, I have to say, than the 1 series that I’ve seen so far. Of course, that particular 1 series has fabric seats and the dashboard et all is bare minimum. this GTI is nicely leathered.

(some of the pics are lefthanddrive versions coz i did not take pics of the GTI).

The not so nice about the GTI’s leather is that it only comes in two colors; anthracite or latte . I was kinda eyeing the red leather in the Eos (eyeing the Eos as a whole actually).
but sayang pulled me away from the transformer-wanna-be as quickly as he could. ;> actually, the Eos was quite interesting. And within the price bracket too, yang! Hehehe.. ok, ok, too many electronically moving parts that can go wrong.

So, yes, back to the GTI. The front two seats are electronic, meaning, u can adjust it from the two knobs at the lower side of the seat. Beats having to crank up the seat in woppet. Sorry dearie, but mummy gets frustrated a lot with the manual labor! They have an option of placing a sat nav for u and a dvd player, though I kinda wonder who in the world would put a dvd player in a hatchback.. laurence the sales person said he can take 5k off if I dun want the dvd player.

There is a total of 8 airbags, if I’m not mistaken in the GTI; front (2) side(2) and curtain airbags. i was quite surprise that for a very sporty and high performance hatchback, it provides the option of switching the front passenger airbag off to allow for a baby car seat to be placed backward facing. Most cars don’t, not even the Japanese cars. the back seats are surprisingly comfortable and spacious enough for a hatchback, can easily fit 3 back there…

the boot space is double that of suzie’s and I think probably half of woppet’s. We’d already knew that it can fit a peg-prego stroller, with quite a space to spare.. no, not my stroller, we met C.H. one time at the same showroom and he and his wife had a stroller with them.. apparently, the stroller is a sign-off criteria for them. Hahaha, yes, well, some ppl has GOLF BAGS as their criteria.

One thing I don’t like about the car is the accelerator pedal. It’s the same as woppet, the one with the pivot point on the floor of the car, and I’m not quite comfortable with it. I am so used to the err hanging (?) pedal and I feathered it with my toes, yes, ppl, I accelerate using two toes, sometimes five… So, u have to imagine my frustration with having 200 horses to command but my foot is just awkwardly placed to gauge the acceleration. But like driving woppet, after a while (a very short while, kinda excited with all the horsies I can push), I got used to it.

Anyways, we took the car to the elevated highway. Yes, we learned our lesson of test driving cars on Tun Razak. Blardy jam that u cant get anywhere or test anything. Well, mebe test the aircond and the sound system. So, anyways, we took our smart tag and off the tikus went on the elevated hway with all of the 200 horses under her little foot. By god, she had fun!

The car is FAST! Really fast. I was doing 180 on the AKLEH without effort. Literally without effort. While suzie had to huff and puff and screech to reach 120, the GTI just glides to 180. I spun the tyres on a u-turn, re-entered the toll, potong kiri some cars and when we got back to jalan Ampang, I saw how wide sayang’s eyes were.

Err.. why la?

I never knew u drive like that!”

Err… emm.. sengih je lah, nak buat apa lagi….

To me, there’s nothing special to this car, except for its engine and yes, the DSG gearbox.. well, something about being a manual gearbox but automatic so it’s more efficient. Emm.. google it k, I dun understand either.. the fuel consumption is about 12km/ltr and for a turbocharged 2 liter little sprite, that is pretty good.

The GTI could be a consideration but at 198k, i think it’s a tad too expensive for a hatchback. (yeah, and I’m considering a 1 series? Jeez..) the second hand value is pretty ok, since the GTI is considered as a collector’s items by quite a number of fans. But aftersales is still not attractive. even so, I’d already chosen the color if I were to get this car; candy white with anthracite leather..

Part (II)

(II) The Audi A4 (B8)

Last week before we went back to Melaka, sayang took me to glenmarie to the Audi showroom, under the pretext of “after that we go to Auto Bavaria k”. U have to understand something, it’s not that i am not an Audi person, but there’s only two Audi cars that i will consider, a TT or a Q7. again, this is majorly because i am not a fan of sedans and if i were to get a sedan, it would have to be a 3 series. No, i am not a snot but that’s just the way it is, i’ve always liked beemers..

So, yes, Audis. The latest edition to the A4 is the B8 model launched earlier this year, yes, the ones with the led lights. Jeez ppl, is that the only thing u can describe about the car? “Oh, yang ada led lights tu eh?” was one of the comments we got when we went to Auto Bavaria. I am a sucker for the underdogs, no matter how long I have rooted for beemers but hey, u don’t have to be a snot.

But I have to admit, that I was reluctant to even view the car. To me, its overpriced, rare (meaning difficult to service and get spare parts; not rare meaning exotic) and more importantly it has no secondhand value. The moment you sign the loan agmt, u’ll lose 30k-40k on the spot... and they do not have the buy back option like the family of the BMW.

when we got to the showroom, NO ONE attended to us for the half hour that we were there. so there were quite a number of other people there but no one came to at least say “we’ll get to you in a minute ya” or something like dat. Ok, that was too much for me, and of course I got my waaay annoyed look already. 10 more minutes of this, and I’m leaving. its not that I’m snooty and expecting to be served immediately but hello? this is not the first showroom I’ve been to and I know how the other showrooms treatments are like even when they are busy. So plis, don’t patronize me. when finally I saw this one malay salesman came towards us, I was not even interested to greet him, I literally rolled my eye in disgust and turned my back, away from him, ready with sarcastic and scalding remarks, until I heard his apology when he reached sayang. Emm… nothing beats an apology even if we’re not sure whether its sincerely given or not.

So that aside the unit that we saw was a 1.8L turbo S-line. The difference between the S-line and the standard one is on the exterior body kit and the interior seats and fittings and the sunroof (all of which accounts to 25k diff). The 2.0 will be coming sometime next year or by the end of the month. The B8 exterior was nice to look at, ok, more than nice to look at. Its signature front grill was as menacing as I remembered seeing through suzie’s rear view mirror. The led lights, well, now I understand why it’s the first thing that comes to mind when u describe the B8. but to me, it’s just another feature to the car. Nothing bombastic to talk about (oh plis, what do I care about lights).. the backside however reminds me too much of the 3 series and thus, the japanese cars. I mean, come on, what happened to ur sleek rounded backsides?

now, the interior of the B8 is something else. Gorgeous might not be a proper word to use as Audis are pretty much known for their macho-ness, never prettiness… everything inside is so stylish and modern. The level of electronic ingenuity in the car is pretty amazing. There’s a display on the front center console where you can literally “program” the car. And the info is also displayed on a smaller display in front of the driver.

There is a 6 CD changer as standard, dual zone air-cond and all other techie hooplas u can think of. There is also this three mode driving style button thingy where u can choose from dynamic mode, comfort mode and auto (where the car will think for you and change the style according to your driving). Quite scary, if u ask me. What if there’s a glitch and the car suddenly went crazy and kept switching by itself? Ok, a bit too much Christine-like there but u never know!
There is a standard number of airbags in the car, plus like the Golf GTI, the front passenger seat airbag can be switched off for baby car seats to be placed in front. Quite genius I have to say. Both front seats are electric seats plus memory seat for the driver. The parking brake is err controlled by a switch (?) on the center console. If ur engine is on, and u are already wearing a seat belt, u don’t even have to flick the switch on, just press on the accelerator pedal and the car will go. It wont work if u are not wearing ur seatbelt though..
The back seats are spacious, I thought they are standard sedan size. The boot size is also standard. Everything can go in I supposed.
We took it for a spin with sayang as the driver first, since he is the one who has a crush on this car. As a passenger, the ride was very smooth. I can barely hear the sound of the engine as it was floored by Mr.Hyde sitting beside me; mebe it was just the excellent sound proofing these conti cars are well known for. I can tell though that sayang’s smile was wider than when he tested the GTI. Sigh…
And then, it was my turn to drive. Emm… got on the seat, adjusted everything and hey! the accelerator pedal is the normal one! Ok, ok, so what’s the big deal yeah? Hahahaha! I was put on the dynamic more first and I have to say, the ride is niiiiiceee! I can’t feel the turbolag at all, the car is so responsive, pickup was excellent and fast and FAST that sayang had to warn me not to drive like the GTI, and of course I didn’t (besides, it has less 30hps than the GTI :P) but the normal pedal made me a bit wacko with the foot ;> then, suddenly I felt the steering wheel went lighter.. heh? Sayang switched me to comfort mode. Oooh, so, that’s the difference. not only that the steering wheel feels light, the ride is also eemm bouncier (?), for the lack of better words. I didn’t like it. sayang laughed when I practically ordered him to change it back to dynamic. So, yes, Mrs.Hyde is in da house!
For 235k for the 1.8L standard and 260k for the 1.8L S-line, it was steep for a car that I have no affection for. Though I have to admit that the car drives like a dream and looks preeetty good too. But the aftersales is not quite good. Euromobil only offers a two year warranty, without any free services at all. But the worst thing is, N, the sales man said that the waitlist is until January 2009, mebe later. I was shocked. That many buyer huh? Well, apparently (if I get this right), Audi Germany is not releasing their cars until next year, something about it’s already into the 3rd quarter of the year and they wud rather the customers get the cars in 2009 so that the value of the car will not drop in a mere 3 months of ownership.
Quite thoughtful when u think about it but they forgot one thing. The bank interest rates are climbing. In july it was 2.4%, we were warned that it will increased in august but we ignored it. true enuf, in august it is now 3.6%, and next month it will be about 4%+. Rumor has it that next year it will as high as 6-7%! Emm… so say goodbye Mr & Mrs Hyde

Part (III)

(III) The Audi A4 (B7)
while we were there at the showroom, sayang wanted to see the old model of the A4, the B7. it was late and I was already tired but since this would be the ONLY time we will ever be here at the Audi showroom (unless someone is getting me a Q7), I conceded. He has always wanted to see this car ever since it came out years ago. Sigh… yes, yes, I know you have a fixation on these Ingolstadt-born vehicles…
The B7 in the showroom is either the 2.0L S-line or the 2.0L S-Line Quattro. For the benefit of those who have no idea what Quattro is: Quattro means four in Italian. Yes, that fancy-smanchy word only means FOUR (and QuattroPorte just means four doors. Imagine naming yourr car Four Doors, literally, in English. It would definitely be laughed at, yeah? But these Italians get away with everything!).
And the Quattro version of the A4 (or any Audi for that matter) means that it is a permanent four wheel drive car. No special additional power or torque to it. it just handles better than the two wheel drive version. Recommended if u drive on snow (which is waaay nil of a chance with being in Malaysia), or off-road (u take ur 295k SEDAN off-road? Oh my gawd!) or u just drive like a lunatic on the road (most probable case is when engaging with a beemer in a testosterone-showdown, as I’ve heard these past hours. Jeez, what is it with this bad blood between the two? And it’s an international disease too!).
The B7s are apparently on promotion with something like a 50k discount. From a 280k price tag of a non-Quattro, they are now 235k with a four year maintenance and service free. Emmm, ok, show me the car…

There is actually not much of a difference between the B7 and the B8, except for the front bumper, ok, yes, the front lights (jeez ppl), the backside (this one is the nicely curved ass) and err the body lines, if u know what I mean. And oh, the B7 S-Line has a sunroof. Other than that, they pretty much look alike to me, except for the fact that I think the B7 looks meaner... like its successor, it has very good-looking front and back profiles but the side profile reminds me of a errr waja? Sorrrrryyyyyy!!!
The interior, well, how do I describe this. It is definitely one of a kind. It looks so sterile but in a very good way. This B7 is a minimalist, clean lines, sleek as opposed to stylish, simple and very utilitarian-looking as opposed to the other modern cars with all the gadgety gadgets they have... the center console is this simple curved plane thingy sans any tombols (I forgot the English word for it, oh, yeah, knobs) with 6 CD changer, flushed square-ishy buttons, and dual zone air-cond. The steering wheel is a very simple multi functional steering wheel with err pedals (?) to shift gears. Too bad that this version has no option to switch off its front passenger airbag. Other features in the B7 are similar to the B8, I think. so, no need to delve in much further, just read the above. Oh, one thing, the rear passenger windows and rear windscreen of the 2.0L B7 have some sort of pre-installed shades (?) on them. The rear windscreen shade can be activated automatically from the front but the rear side windows are manual.
Sayang wanted a test drive, of course. Since there was no B7 test drive cars available at that time, N took one of the manager’s car for us to test. Of course, the disclaimer is that the car is a two year old car and it’s a company car which meant that the car has probably been used as a test drive car and has been lenjan-ed a lot. Suffice to say that the drive was not to the passenger’s (aka moi) liking. Maybe the driver was having way too much fun with it but I felt nauseated. No, not nauseated disgusted but nauseated as in dizzy with the wanting to puke feeling. I don’t know whether it’s the car or whether its sayang’s driving or whether I’m tired and hungry. Either way, I did not like the drive at all. I think N saw my expression and mentioned it again that the car has been used a lot. Well, like I care huh? There’s no way I’m going into it again. Or so I thot.
Apparently, the next week, sayang said that N is giving us a B7 for the weekend to test drive properly. Oh shaaait. So, the next Saturday, we went to glenmarie again. We got a spanking black B7 S-Line Quattro. this time, I admit, the drive was nice(r). when I test drove it, I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised. I didn’t like that I like it but I have to give respect when it’s due. And in my honest opinion, considering the fact that I refused to even enter the car previously, it deserves a lot of respect. I even thot it drives better than the B8. the 200hp with the pedal that I can control properly is just astounding. It’s all that I’ve described about the drive with the B8 on the dynamic mode and more. Way much more. It drives like the God of War, menacing and always ready for battle. For once, I understood.
For two days, we had fun driving it around. No, we did not take it to Genting or bukit kayu hitam (Jeez, ppl!). The last day of the weekend, we sat at the car park to carefully scrutinize the car. From its stud-ly exterior to its sleek interior.

Then, somehow, I felt like I recognize this car with something… or someone. As I sit and stare at the interior, it came to me. This is the interior of a no-bullshitting-me-lets-get-down-to-business car and this is the car that gives a 110%-no-holds-barred-I’m-ready-to-charge-into-battle-attitude drive.
“oh god, this is sooo sayang”…
I got out of the car, looked at sayang grinning in the driver’s seat, oblivious to my revelation and I cringed…
Houston, we have a problem...
this is HIS car..

Part (IV)

(IV) The BMW 32oi Sports

Attention/Achtung: I have to warn something, if any of u readers are beemers freak fanatics and are embroiled with this stupid rivalry, this post will draw some blood. U will not like this post and you will not like my opinions on it either. Please be reminded that this is my blog and I will express my opinions as I seem fit. If you have a tendency to make nasty comments please click the “x” on the upper right hand corner of the page and leave my freaking blog immediately. Capish? Comprendez? Verstanden?

We went to Auto Bavaria (finally) at Sg Besi on the Sunday that we have the B7 with us. yes, we took the B7 into the enemy’s camp. And thank god there were only female sales ppl. Sayang was sure we would be thrown out of the compound if there were any salesman on duty. Haha, funny, but I really don’t get this horrible sibling rivalry so I don’t care. I mean, come on, they are both fine German cars and i felt the need to compare my idol to sayang’s idol and I want to compare these cars side by side.

So anyways, we wanted to see the 320i sports since at $245k its the “price” contender (156hp) and the 325 at $265k is the “performance” contender at 218hp. Lets forget about the 330 and the M3 k, not even any of the 5 series, I mean, come on ppl, 5 series? not even in the list of contention. So we went inside. There were only two sales ladies that day since it’s a Sunday and they were attending to ppl in there. but J or what’s her name, came to us and said that she will be right with us in a minute (see! Good sales manners).

So off we went to each and every car in the showroom to pick and ponder by ourselves. Of course, the first target was the 320i sports version of the 3 series. The exterior was pweetty… ok, soo not a good word to use for these cars but honestly, after seeing the Audis I cant find the correct description for it. ok lets try this.

If I stand in front of the Audi its like standing in front a sleek tiger roaring and ready to pounce.

If I stand in front of the BMW its like standing in front of a sleeping lion; it’ll open its eyes snootily to gauge u and if u are not a threat it’ll just growl, rolled its eyes and go back to sleep.. someone will smack me for these descriptions but hey, again, its my freaking blog.

Anyways, for me, I have always wanted one of this ultimate driving machines… and though woppet is there, the new 3 series are just so salivacious (if that’s ever a word) except for their strange Japanese-like backsides…
everything else on the exterior was near perfection with just the right proportions for a car (not humongous like the 5, yes, sayang, I call it as I see it). if this is a doll, it would be ken; except that ken’s ass would be emm, somewhat strange. Hahahah!

Jokes aside, there is quite a bit of difference between the 320i and the 320i sports. the exterior body kits are different and the 320i sports is also tuned for a more sportier performance with additional err 6hp, stiffer suspensions and some interior fittings,,, ok, if sports tuned would mean that I would get the same driving feel as the B7 and the B8 then, I would be happy.

And then, I got inside. I literally scratched my head, blinked a couple of thousand times and didn’t speak a word for like 5 minutes. Eh? is this it? I actually got out of the car and went to the 5 series to see if its bigger brother is better. Huh? is THIS it? someone asked me much later “what else do u want?”. What else do I want? What else would I expect from more than a quarter million bucks car? Well, apparently, a whole lot more. This is not because I am biased towards Audi, it’s because now, I have had something else to compare them to.

The front dashboard seemed like three difference blocks of pieces being stacked on top of each other, unevenly at that, with the middle part sticking out like a sore thumb. And they are all the same with 5 series! There is no “flow” to the lines, sharp angles bulging everywhere; it’s almost like the designer went all manic! And then there’s these two square slots on the dashboard in front of the front passenger seat that are apparently the cupholders. I mean, what are you thinking?

The center console is so simple (and gets worse(r) in the 5!) and lacking flair… at least I can call the B7 classically-utilitarian and the B8 stylishly-modern but I just don’t know how to describe this, nothing comes to my mind. It’s just simply blah… wait till u see the 5 series interior. It’s more than blah, its get-the-blardy-ass-out-of-here!

pictures: the 523 dashboard and center console.

pictures: the 525 sport dashboard and center console.

The airbags are all standard except for the fact that they don’t offer the option of having the front passenger seat airbag off. hey, I know its not so much of a feature but when u are a woman who will drive this car with ur baby, u will want this feature. And if there are other cars than can offer this feature, why not this so-called Ultimate Driving Machine? Or is it just Ultimate for some selected ppl?

The passenger seats offered no consolation either. there’s these two bulging things at each sides that made it a bit awkward to get into the car and to get out of the car. U ‘ll keep hitting these two bulges. Ppl with built-in bulges will definitely feel a lot more, no pun intended but that’s just the reality. The space is a bit squashier than the A4. the boot space is of normal size, thank god something is normal. But there is no spare tyre. The 3 series are all using run flat tyres. Those tyres can run up to 80-100km(?) after being flat that is. A good safety feature but useless if u can’t find the parts for it. yes, I know someone who had to wait almost two months for his run-flat-tyres to be in stock. Rather inconvenient huh? and they don’t come cheap too, not that it would matter to this man who has deeper pockets than most.

Ok, maybe it would perform well, or at least better than the two A4s… we asked for two test drives, the 320i sports and the 325 but listen to this: there is no 325 available that day and the 320i sports was being taken for a spin by the manager. taken for a spin? Nice one ppl. U should have made something up like being taken for a test drive or something. But we waited since the lady said the manager will be back shortly. About 15 mins later, the manager came in, with grocery bags! Can u believe that? I know it’s a Sunday but using the company’s test drive car during work hours to do your grocery shopping topped all when it was witnessed by your customers. If I didn’t already have prior attachment to this brand, I would not have held my tongue to deliver scalding remarks the manager, the sales ladies and four other customers would definitely cringe hearing.

That aside, we took the 320i sports for a spin on the north south hway. While sayang was driving it, he floored it to test it. the naturally aspirated 2.0L 156hp engine squealed like a boy and the sales lady who followed us winced and gasped at his driving. She was saying something like “aiyo, drive like that huh?” when the rev needle was reaching the red line. I wanted to say auntie, these cars are high revving cars, so please shut it and sit back there quietly while my Mr.Hyde drive but I didn’t. we ignored her and drove as we drove the other test drive cars..

We switched at UPM and suffice to say that when I drove it back to A.B. I was sorely disappointed. Majorly disappointed. I just can’t believe it. But both of the A4s definitely topped this little snot any time any day. I felt my heart breaking. I wanted this car. I was ready to show sayang how the A4 would fall short against this car. Of course, this is the littlest brother, sayang said. We should have tried the 325 or even the 330 and it will feel a lot different. He would know I supposed, being a test engineer and all. He wanted to check if Sapura Auto has the cars, but why bother, I asked. If it drives the same (or maybe better but at this juncture I was not feeling it anymore) but I still hate the interior, then what’s more to consider?

Unless you want to get me one of these?

The 630i coupe: Thor, God of Thunder. Now that is the Ultimate Driving Machine, still, I have issues with the bulging center console.
i have been procrastinating in claiming my cash rebate, yes, from the road tax renewal. i was dreading the thought of having to queue at the post office.

queuing sucks.

so when i heard that we can get the rebate online, i was estatic. last month i tried to register and all, and the line sucked. my connection kept dying on me. even at the office. oh plis, it was after hours, dun tell me u never did it.

anyways, 5 minutes ago, i tried my luck. and hey, it was done in less than 3 minutes! i was impressed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nissan x-trail

oh crap, i left my review in my other lappie. and long one at dat.. i was thinking of just pasting it over but i guess now i have to rewrite everything..

the nissan X-trail.. it was not in my list to test drive, nor was it even in my list of vehicles to see. mainly because of the center-meter-syndrome thingy that i find quite annoying. come on, why would the passengers want to even look at the meters? yes, they are for the driver. do not distract the driver with your backseat driving with the center meter thingy. but i came across the new x-trail in the world wide web of apparently very busy space nowadays and boy was i glad to see that nissan has regained its senses and returned the meter thingy to the front of the driver.

so, off we went to the showroom at pandan indah and to my disappointment the new x-trail is not out yet in msia, the sales man said that it is expected in the mid of next year.. jeez, it has been out for a while already, almost a year plus. i guess TCM has to clear all of its old stock first coz the prices for the 2.5L have definitely gone down by almost 30k.. i heard it was about 170k when the 2.5L came out. now, it's only 145k with 2.98% promo interest for 7 yrs, plus free armor coat (the tinting that will hold against any attempts to break ur windows.. cool huh?), plus free nismo kits and free something else, i forgot.. quite a spiffy deal but i really wanted the new one.

apparently, there's not so much difference between the two on the exterior. it still looks the same. only that now, the new one will be using its big sisters' platform which will make it a bit lowered (i think, pls correct me if i am wrong) and a bit wider and longer. maybe dats why it's taking TCM longer to bring it in its production, they probably have to get new tooling sets..

the main difference is in the inside. the old x-trail looks like the old crv. very emm sparce looking and very utilitarian. very military-like, it somewhat reminds me of my dad and my late grandfather. very simple steering wheel, no electric seats whatsoever and u can tell that its old design. but what i really like is the cup holders which are intelligently placed on the very end of the front dashboard on each side, instead of the normal center console cupholders. the new one will have these as well. standard like all japanese cars, the old x-trail has a lot of little spaces to put stuff. everywhere can open here, open there.. there's even a small compartment on the bottom of the center console that supposedly can be used as a cooler box! how cool is dat? not that i will be cooling anything in the car.. jeez.. hahahah!

same like the crv, the front passenger airbag cannot be switched off as well. the passengers' seat at the back is spacious. i have to say that it is a lot better looking than the crv. mebe because this one has leather seats and the crv is just plain fabric. the boot space, well, what can i say. its a five seater SUV, of course the boot space will be huge..

anyways, we went for a test drive. the sales man was this old chinese guy who looked like ur old math teacher or something. very kelakar oso and runs everywhere! i swear to god, he must have dreamt to be a sprinter or something. he ran to photocopy machine to copy my IC, ran upstairs to get the car keys, ran back inside to get something, and ran to the car to open it for us. i mean, jeez, uncle, we really can wait, no need to run..

we tested the 2.5L version, since the new one will only have these engines in auto with a CVT 6 speed gearbox. the old one that we tested is just a normal 4 speed gearbox. we didnt get to go along the hway but went through the housing areas in pandan. i have to say that the 2.5L engine rocks! i dont feel like what i felt while driving the CRV.. it was not sluggish at all. but then again, the difference in cc plays a lot in it all. the pickup was marvellous, the turning radius was surprisingly not bad for an SUV. and for an almost 4 year old test drive car (well, now its the manager's company car) it ran smoothly. the engine barely made a sound. i was impressed.

of course, i didnt go crazy and drove like the golf gti. not that i didnt want to, but the old chinese fella kept backseat-driving me!

"no, no, turn left, yes, left.. no no, not now, a bit in front, now turn... straight straight straight, turn right here, stop, stop, ok, now go.. "

i was so freaking distracted, i deserved a blardy medal for keeping the car straight on the road and holding back my snorts of horrified laughter. he sounded like my driving school teacher!!! he even reached to the dashboard to switch the 4wd and 2wd buttons off and on to show me how easy it was to change it!! i almost smacked his hand to stop distracting me, but he was such an old fellow that i tak sampai hati... nasib baik he didnt try to hold the steering wheels for me! i didnt want to think what i wud do then if he did that, probably slammed on the brakes and let him fly out the front windscreen!! ok, ok, too mean, i know..

well, all in all, if i were in the market for a 5 seater SUV, i think the x-trail won the first spot on the affordable list. the new one definitely.. i like the way it looked. while the CRV is all curvy and pretty and feminine, the X-trail is all brash and rugged and masculine.. very very macho the tikus thinks. of course, its a poor substitute of her first love, the handsome XC90, but it'll do, if she was in the market for a 5 seater, that is..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Honda CRV

we had an appointment with my new and kelakar OBG that strangely sayang is very comfortable with two weeks ago or something.. I mean, he’s ok.. oh, yes, did forget to mention that my new OBG is a guy? Yes, well, quite an old guy. Come highly recommended by two cousins, one of which has had 5 kids delivered by him. Anyways, I have not had a guy OBG since, well, since FOREVER.

Unlike most women, I have a thing with male OBGs. No offense and I do not mean to be discriminating but hey! I honestly don’t know how they can be specialist in parts they have never had and will not ever have, sex changing aside that is. My past arguments were “How wud u tell a woman that her pms pain is “pain” when u have never experience it before?” and “how dare you say that labor pains are ok, not too painful when you have never and will never experience it?” Ok, quite judgmental, I know, but quite logical to me at that time.

it took me quite a while to get comfortable with the idea of a male OBG, well, this was waaay before I decided to have this new OBG as my OBG. But I limit his services for pregnancy and delivery only ye… for other female checkup stuff, there is no way I will have a male OBG down there, especially one who is now a somewhat family friend. I mean, ick!

so, anyways, back to the stuff I really want to blog about. Hahah! Yes, we had an appointment and you know that eventhough u made an appointment it did not mean a real appointment? It just means that you are slotted for any time between 930am and 1pm. It’s still first come first serve but you are somewhat guaranteed a slot. Sigh.. somewhat not very convenient huh? Ok, digressing again… jeez!

Seeing that we are numero trois on the list of ppl to see the doctor, we decided to have breakfast first, at coffee bean across the road. Across coffee bean is the Honda showroom. We have abt half an hour to kill so we went inside. I wanted to see how the CRV looks like and suddenly we are making appointment for a test drive.

So how shall I describe thee?

I have to admit that the CRV is very pleasant looking. Ok, ok, pretty actually. And quite spiffy on the inside. Everything just looks clean and stylish. What I really like is the empty space under the center console thingy. I can easily put my handbag there and its still within reach as opposed to putting my handbag on the floor of front passenger side. Safety reasons u know..

The back passenger seat is somewhat too benchy-feeling for me. Spacious, no doubt but it felt (and looked) like cheap taxi seats. Emm… the boot space is humongous. No problem with bringing ALL of your babies accessories in it. but it only seats five. I wonder why Honda has yet to come out with a 7 seater SUV. Yes, they have a lot of 7 seaters but they are all MPVs. No, stream is still an MPV. I mean, look, all its other competitors have 7 seater SUVs, even mazda with its giganormous (is that even a word?) CX9 and Toyota with the fortuner and prada oops, prado and others if u get what I mean.

No, please don’t ask me, again, why I want a 7 seater SUV. I just do, ok? Why do u want a 200BHP sedan when u know that KL traffic will not allow u to use it all to full advantage and a 150BHP will do just as fine? Yes, same reason. I just do. So can it!

The thing that bugs me is, this car, or SUV, and all of its other cousins, are mainly used by women. But it does not allow for the front passenger seat airbag to be switched off for cases when mothers want to drive alone with their babies on the front passenger seat. I mean, both the golf GTI and the Audi A4 (B8) have the function and they are performance cars, yes, with TWO FREAKING HUNDRED BHPs. Mebe it’s the German influence. But again, BMW does not have this function either. Mebe its just the Das Auto and its branches of family. They did say that they are the people’s car…

Anyways, yes, I took it on the elevated hway again. After testing a couple of performance cars, this auntie of a car feels like an auntie. Of course, it’s a whole different type of ppl mover but it just don’t feel “right”. I feel like I have a huge ass trailing and pulling me behind. Ok, so there’s the err launch button? Boost button? Well, there is A (what ever it is called) button on the gear stick right under the knob that u can press is u want to floor the car. Supposedly, it will give u an extra “push” for more pickup power.. yeah sure.. emm…

So, for a 2.oL, I would rather get the Blondie. 10k price difference but hey, it’s a SEVEN seater TURBOdiesel! Satisfied?

Monday, August 18, 2008

wo, this new template is seriously stark and "naked".

but lately, i felt restless and i felt the need to change something. usually i would just rearrange the furnitures in the house. yes, ppl, i would reposition every single damned thing in the freaking house. but this time, there were too many things in a very cubicle-like house and repositioning them would probably mean no space to walk in betweens.
i am hurt, but dats life huh?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday.

my god, what did i do this week? i can hardly remember and now its friday already. i know i have some backlogs to clear up, especially those that really need to take off right after the B seating..

and the thot of having to wake up very early tomorrow for a teleconference that may need some negotiation is just not very appealing. the tikus' brain is just not capable of fast-thinking before 10am.


i was also hoping to get a clear weekend this weekend but now i think there's no such hope.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arianna (II)

this laughing little pretty angel is three already.

and getting prettier as we speak, i bet.. u're gonna be a heartbreaker, my darling..

yatt, u better get ready to smack all those teenage boys!! ;> i courier u one penyapu lidi from KL k!
have i ever posted how thankful and lucky i am to have the friends i have now?

well, i am.

childhood friends, old friends, college friends, work friends, good friends, best friends, gurl friends, blogging friends, facebook friends..

yes, all of you, thank u for being my friend.

Friday, August 08, 2008


i have nothing to post on this day.

it was a horribly head-pounding-patience-leaking-super-duper-foul-swearing day.

and they say "8" is a lucky number?

i beg to differ, no, i DEMAND to differ.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

uncle Indi..

we also saw this one of the days last week or two (ni kira macam balas dendam lama tak blog la ni.. hehe)
i honestly dun know what to say of this movie. i dun want to kutuk it (because hey, its harrison ford! its indy!) but i cant praise it either.

let me explain it this way.
indiana jones have always commanded sort of an "awe" feeling to me when i remembered watching the previous series.. its kinda the same feeling i get (but on a bigger scale) when i remembered watching star wars and the even for all the new installments of star wars.

its that err.. je ne sais quoi feeling (for the lack of better words) when u watch it and after it ends u cant wait for the next installment. its the same feeling u get when u watch transformers, x-men, ironman, the (new) hulk and the darknight, even knight rider. u've read the comics before, u've seen the cartoons or movies when u were small and u were literally "awed" by it. and when it came again during ur adult life, u cant wait to watch it because of all u've felt previously. and so far, all of the reinstalled versions of all the cartoons, comics and movies of sort from childhood did not disappoint me.

so i expected a lot from this indy. i used to love indy, i used to fantasize about indy, okay, exagerating a bit, but u know what i mean. indy is up there (well, couple of levels down) with luke skywalker, bruce wayne and octomus prime and michael knight (yes, i know, sad isnt it)..

but now, indy is... an uncle.. my hero is... old? the movie is...lame?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


last sunday we saw this.

at first, i was doubtful of this movie. even the name sounds dodgy. hahaha!
but boy, was i wrong.

Wall-e has to be the cutest movie so far this year!! the first half of the movie was like watching a silent movie. it was hillarious! the second half was even funnier.

the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor

we went to see the mummy last thursday.

i was disappointed.

i think they should have stopped at the mummy's return.

even more disappointing, evie is not evie any longer!

Holiday Villa Cherating

our impromptu short break last week was at holiday villa cherating.

frankly, i have no stamina to review this resort. before we went, almost all of our friends warned us not to go to holiday villa cherating or even to cherating. but since this is a very short break and since we can just drive there in less than 3 hours, we thot what the heck, it cant be dat bad. but believe me, it was exactly as what they said including a particular incident that practically ruined it all. what particular incident? wait ah, i'll tell u in due time.

The Resort / room (1/5)
i think its more than fair (and more than what it deserves) that i give it a 1. i gave berjaya redang a 3 and i thot it was pretty good already. in my opinion, the hotel is so unkempt and need major refurbishments. however, one and the only major point is that it has two good size and clean pools. the deck chairs at the pools were adequate considering the limited number of guests at the hotel. but the tables and chairs at the old wing's pool looked like they have once been covered with moss and then the moss were scraped off. it was actually pretty disgusting. there's a fun pub that says that it's open from 5pm to 12 or something, but we never saw it opened when we were there. i think there was a gym though i dont know whether the equipments are working or not, one poor looking pool table, one sadly looking beach volleyball court and one, only one, cafe. there are no, i repeat, no sea activities whatsoever. not even one measly jet ski or banana-boat, well, not that i would ever ride on a banana boat, but u get my drift.

the old wing (i honestly dun know what its called) is being repainted when we were there. thank god, i would say, for the paints were peeling off like nobody's business. the palace wing where the garden villas were look quite new but the garden villa that we stayed in could have been better. the wooden floor creaked like crazy, the sofa is questionable and ppl, there is only ONE channel on the tv eventhough they gave us Vision Four leaflet. there were also a lot of cicak and mosquitoes in the room. please, please, if u went insane and decided to stay at this resort, ask for a ridsect and mosquitoes repellant. we got bitten A LOT and could not even get proper sleep that first night!! i tell u, thank god it wasnt aedes otherwise i would have sued the blardy resort.

The Beach (2.5/5)
i wanted to give it a 1, but wait, i have already reserved 1 for PD beach!! hahaha. so, how to describe cherating beach? it could have been cleaned and taken cared off better. there were very very limited deck chairs, if u can even call them deck chairs. they look like that getah reclining chairs that my atuk used to have at his house. and they are sadly looking, CHAINED together in pairs at their equally sadly looking huts. there are no "cushion pad thingy" for the deck chairs. u have to literally either lay on ur towel (which i have to say is not a proper beach towel size) on the chairs or lay down on the getah itself. quite sad, especially the being CHAINED part. i wonder if deck chair theft is common over there?

The Food (3/5)
look at it this way, it's in cherating, u can never not have enough food. there are a lot of kedai outside the resort and the beach restaurant (yes, the ONLY restaurant in the resort) prices are quite ok. u can get nasi goreng special at 15 ringgit or something. but taste wise, err.. ehhmmm.. the breakfast buffet is a disappointment. there were very limited food and their juice glasses are not properly washed! there were still stains of a couple of them and when i told one of the staff that their glasses are dirty, all she did was to smile and look away. WTF, literally.

The Spa (1/5)
the spa there is called eh.. ah, so dont remember anymore. there was only one therapist and i think she's leaving the spa as well. the physical condition of the spa is terrible. my massage table (or something) was icky!! nasib baik she draped layers and layers of kain batik on it. and the sauna was horrible. it was small, and the wood looked like they are going to crumble any time.

The Incident
yes, the incident. at 1130pm in one of the nights we were there, i received a phone call from the front desk. a guy was on the line and he was apologetic for calling so late but he had to ask me a question. he asked whether me and my "guest" are married. i was shocked with the question and answered "huh? of course we are married!". then, he said thank you and hung up the phone. for a moment i sat on the bed and was speechless. who the heck dared to ask such personal question? then, something popped in my head, shit, not again! sayang looked at me with raised eyebrows and i told him:

"yang, i think this is the second time we are being suspected of "membuat maksiat"".

yes, ppl, we were raided once last year, after celebrating my birthday, at 230am in KL at our condo by JAWI. sooo not going into THAT incident anymore!

anyways, yes, so, i was mad, and as expected, sayang just laughed. i wanted to go and confront the front desk ppl there and then but sayang said esok lah.. so the next day i went to the front desk and asked wat was it all about. the biage who was there was so bloody rude while telling me what happened. she literally acted like i was lying and guilty and did not even offer an apology for asking that question. apparently, someone made a complaint and orang Jabatan called the hotel and they called me. i mean, come on, couldnt they (the hotel ppl) explain it better to us after asking such personal question?

"ah, minta maaf ye puan tapi ada orang buat aduan dan kami terpaksa tanya puan samaada puan dah berkahwin atau belum.." or something like dat that would have made peace with me.

is it too difficult to say that?? is it too difficult to admit that you fitnah-making ppl are in the wrong?? but nooooo, not a single apology or a proper explanation. all i got was this very rude treatment from this KAMPUNG-looking-makeup-tebal-dunno-how-to-wear-eyeshadow-BIAGE.

this is exactly the same thing that happened last year. dah lah serbu rumah orang pagi2 buta, making all sorts of noises and comments and acting literally like SAMSENG. when i asked to see their ID cards (they said they were from JAWI so of course i wanted to see some IDs) they refused to show it to me until they see our marriage card! and even after seeing our marriage card they did not, i repeat, DID NOT even apologize for making the serbu or acting like samseng kampung dusun! i mean, come on! they were literally being shown they were wrong (i repeat, we are married!!!) but not even a "minta maaflah puan, encik, tapi kami terima aduan, dan kami terpaksa menjalankan tanggungjawab kami" or something along those lines.

UURRGGHH!!! dat incident literally ruined my break. sayang asked me whether i wanted to leave dat day but i said no. from then on, i went out of my way to become the most irritating, annoying and leceh guest to the hotel staff. i waited for the hotel manager to show up but i never did manage to catch her at her station. and i am planning to write a complain letter to the KL office as i do not think one of the guests made the complaint; it has to be one of the hotel staff. all the other guests were either koreans or mat salleh. but the letter is only halfway done. i have no time.

just one word; CRAP.

please, please, please la dont go to that resort ppl. it should not even be called one. if they cant even maintain their resort, take care of the limited number of guests that they have there and their staffs are rude and busybody ppl, they might as well close it down.

i have pictures of the resort that i wanted to post but writing this piece just made me mad again and i cannot afford to lose my ever depleting patience. i have spent enough patience with the stupid internet connection.

hullo ppl.

wow, this must be the longest i have not written. and the blame will be: work has been haywire for a while and the internet connection has not improved since my last complain, though they have been sms-ing me to pay my bills even though it's still below my limit..

anyways, since my last post. what was it? oh yes, please do not bother me? yes.. sometimes, i just dont get it. u tell ppl u are on leave and u also specifically put in out-of-office email response to tell people who send u emails that u are not in the office, so why dont these ppl get it that u are not in? sigh..