Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i honestly dun know whether to feel sad or relief that i am back from hols..

but i do know that i am exhausted (from doing nothing? heh?) and i wud like to snuggle up with my selimut busuk as soon as possible. msgs and calls from the office will be ignored until tomorrow promptly at 9.

jeez, ppl, i am on leave, still. can u pls not, again, NOT, bother me until i'm back?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

doodly doo..

what in the world would i bring to the beach tomorow?

it would definitely help if i get my ass off from this lappie and start trying to pack. so many things to do but still i'm on this website doodling over what to do.. its not like i have sooo many things to write on this blog anyways.. but still...

i forgot to do my hair today.. all because sayang took me around to look for my "bribe" car.. yes, there's such thing as a "bribe" car.. why is he bribing me with a car? hehehe.. that i will tell u when the time comes. no, it has nothing to do with trying for a baby! hahahah!

but why did i ask for a car? i am not a car person, no, correction, i am not a sedan person. any kind of sedan just dont do anything for me. not a 3, not a 6, not a C, not a 4 and most definitely not a 5. u can try to bribe me with a 1, or an MCS, or an S. not a Z or an M, pls. i dont see the benefit of just having a two seater.

sigh.. can u just get me the unit that i wanted sayang? plus reno? hehe ;> loooove....

down the lane..memory, that is..

i was checking out my primary school's group in FB (i cant still bliv that they have an FB group for that primary school) and went through the pics.

somehow, i totally forgot what year i was in primary school. well, come to think of it, i totally forgot about primary school. oh come on, it was,what, 20 years ago? and the years were so embarassing that i refuse to think about it!! LOL ROTF.. so anyways, just now, it clicked to me that i was there from 84-89 and there were some pics that were from those years. last time i checked i only saw Lucky #7 name being tagged to a photo, though for the life of me, i cant figure out which one of those little girls was she (thank god, huh, jett? ;>).

so this time, when i went back, i thot i saw aju (my old good friend, whom, obviously, i have not kept in touch with all these years) in two of the pics that says "pengawas perpustakaan 1986" and "badan pengawas 1987"..

so, if aju was in the pics, i must be there as well. tengok punya tengok, i honestly cant remember which one is me. i can guess but then again, who would say yes or no if i myself could not recognize me. haha!

<= pic: badan pengawas 1987 (dont ask me why i post this pic)

but i recognized hoo seng chin from both pics. i remembered him as my nemesis in school. we always fight for the 1st place in class. skema tak? ;> last time i saw him was at bukit baru's pasar malam about 3-4 years ago. he's working in spore now i think.

emm.. now i wonder what happen to my other nemesis, shane sua. god, i always fight with him. sometimes over nothing. and one time, he threw a shot-put at me and hit my thigh! yes, a shot-put!! SAKIT tau.. there are a couple of others that came to my mind now that i wonder what happened to them.. but hey, again, it's been 20 years plus and maybe, like me, they also would not like to remember the past.
oh no way..

i soo forgot about daughtry's concert! darnit!

Friday, July 25, 2008

a lil private area

today is such a funny day.

during lunch hr i had an appointment at the Strip KL. yes, u guess right. a waxing appointment. i decided to have a brazillian. linz and nis went on wednesday and i wasnt able to join them. linz was kind enough to teman me today to get mine done. it's my first time for that nether region to be stripped, so u can guess my anxiety. linz already warned me how PAINFUL it was but nothing could be more real than the actual act itself. oh by god, it was painful! i thot i was the sifu of waxing but i thot wrong. nothing could prepare you for your first brazillian!

but thing is, i think i was more embarassed by it than the girl who did it. i mean, come on, how often do u get other ppl to be "touching" u there other than ur significant other and ur OBG? it was rather disconcerting. but i have to say that the girl who administer my "pain" was rather clinical about it. everything is so.. proper and hygenic. latex gloves, facemask and all. i was impressed, well, until she started her little torture and kept chuckling over my shocked gasps.

the end result, i must say is worth a little pain. i am pleased. lets just see "who" else would be pleased tonight shall we? *wink* wink*

Thursday, July 24, 2008

dhaney just told me that his application for tutor-ship at his U was accepted and he'll be in the tutor program starting August. i am so happy for him. being a tutor would mean that he will get a proper pay from the U (not like the RO's position) and a scholarship for his PhD overseas.
have i said that i am very very happy for him? ;> i am. very very happy.
if all goes well, he'll be going to Aussie for his study, maybe sometime next year since his masters will finish end of this year.
good job bro!
the sofa arrived this evening and i was back just in time. we honestly did not realise how BIG it was for the condo!

at the showroom it looked.. just nice.. duh..

after spending nearly 3 hours picking out the sofa AND the color, now i'm kinda afraid to sit on it.. putih siut.. i had to warn sayang that under no circumstance that food or drinks are to be consumed on the sofa. not even ciggie!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

N.A.H. finally (3)

finally, she's here!

J was induced at 3 am this morning, i was awake at home, ready to go to hospital again. at 5am her water finally broke just when my parents arrived at the hospital. waiting for the two whom u expect to wrap around ur little fingers huh? ;>

only Aan and my parents were allowed in, Dhaney and me went to the nearby mamak stall for cups and cups of nescafe tarik and ciggies.. at 8, the nurses finally let us in to wait. J had been in the delivery room for abt two hours already i think..

i kept glancing at the clock coz i promised to leave at 9 since there was a meeting that day. promptly 10 minutes before 9, the infamous granddaughter deign us with her presence. half an hour later, the nurse brought her to the nursery where we, the grandparents, dhaney and myself ooohed and aahhed over the glass wall.. and good to see that the little princess follows tradition; she has our family's lips, if u know what i mean ;> i was busy snapping her picture when she suddenly did this!!

hah! it was like she was saying "no problem, piece of cake, guys!"

i was laughing my head off when i saw that pic!

u little minx, u!

the wait for N.A.H. (2)

i just got back from the hospital..

J has been admitted for delivery. the doctor will be inducing her at 3am this morning and the labor should begin somewhere around 7am, or so the doctor said. we went around 11 just now and got "thrown" out at 1130 coz the visiting hours ended at 10.. the nurse was kind enough to give us half an hour to see J..

i will be back at the hospital at 7 tomorrow to see them again, unless she delivers before that. i cant wait to see nur ain hannani!

Monday, July 21, 2008


hullo visitors!

my blog tracker tracked quite a number of frequent visitors and i kinda wonder who you are. except for linz, isam and lucky #7 who jot down comments, i really have no idea who else out there who visits this blog of mine.

so yes, jot down a comment or two even if just to say hi.. if i dont know u then we can get to know each other.. i'm quite harmless i assure u ;>
in two more days we would know.

woo-hoo! i couldnt wait!
i had a mild asthma attack this morning.

a usual thing that would happen when i have a horrible cough with a lot of phlagm and a stuffed nose at the same time.

but a bad thing when i could not find my inhaler. i panicked and it got a bit worse. so i told myself to breathe in as deep as i can and sleep it off.

jeez, how can i be so stupid to have lost my inhaler.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the wait for N.A.H. (1)

i received an sms this morning, dat my new niece will be coming next week. i totally forgot. i have yet to buy her her gifts..

so right after lunch, we went to scour the city for a car seat and a baby cot. i wanted to get a stroller as well but Aan got it already, so they asked me if i can get a cot instead. so yes, off we went to KLCC. we must have tried more than 10 baby car seats and strollers (just for fun) haha.. i must say, those things are pretty hard to choose from. definitely harder than choosing a sofa! by the time we got out of Mother Care (0r something, after "terrorizing Isetan and Parkson) i still couldnt make up my mind.. especially when the car seats there cost almost a grand.. come on, one grand to use for only 15 months?? hullo? sooo not cost effective..

so sayang called his trusted O, and he suggested to go to Midvalley but heck no, not there. he also suggested to go to Jusco, where he said would have a lot of choices and not necessarily the fancy European brands.. so we went. my god, were there a lot of choices.. and the cutest thing is, their designs are eerily similar to those in KLCC with almost half the price! so this auntie-to-be went and borong one car seat, one cot, one tilam, one comforter set and one cot bumper set (or something).. i almost bought the stroller as well and some clothes and bottles set but sayang stopped me. it was 9pm already and we were past due to be at mak ngah's house.

so tomorrow lunch hr, i will go and get the rest of the stuff i wanted to get for her.. fuuh...

The Dark Night

yesterday we went to see The Dark Knight..

when Batman Begin came out with Christopher Bale as the star, i had my doubts. he did not seem like the Batman material. something about being too.. cute, for the lack of better words..
but yesterday, i thot he grew into the role pretty well.. "cute" was definitely not the word to describe him anymore. shall i say emm.. sexy then? ;> but i still think they should have had in it. not that maggie did a bad job, but it would be nicer i think..
ok, ok, the movie, yes.. definitely the LONGEST batman series i've seen. and yes, i've seen them all.. but parents beware, u might want to watch it first before u let ur kids (under the age of 12, i would say) at it.. and then decide whether they can watch it. definitely a bit gorier (is that a word?) than the past series.. also, if i might add, a bit sad.. and a bit of "aah, dats why.." expression..
i would definitely say this is the best Batman in all of its series.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

done for this morning.

today, i think i will go and kaler my hair.

it was a toss between kaler or rebonding. no, i cant do both at the same time. not "chemically" feasible. it was also a toss between thinner hair if i go do rebonding or "karat" hair if i do color my hair. both are bad but thinner hair is worst of the two, me thinks.

but whats up with us that just cant keep our features true to themselves? if we have wavy curly hair, we go straighten. if we have straight stick hair, we go perm. if we have tan colored skin, we go whiten them, if we have pale white skin, we go tan them. hullo? never satisfied is it?

brain: ehem, didnt someone prayed to God every single day when she was 10 for God to make her hair straight?

CK: ayo, dont la story!!
i have a bad feeling..


i think i have had this feeling for the past two weeks now.. ever since that "urghh" kind of ppl comes to visit..


but its ok, topshop is having sale.. (huh?)


Friday, July 18, 2008

darnit! do u know that since late last month, they have allowed motorcyclist to use the elevated hway?

i mean, come on..

i like to say that i have nothing against motorcyclist, but i cant. not until they learn to ride their motors according to the rules and not sideswiping people's cars. yes, a lot of bad history here. and hello?? please do not ride ur motors on the fast lane of the elevated hway at 60km/hr!!

there's no emergency lane that is usually used by motorcyclist so these ppl use ONE lane all by themselves, cars have to literally brake to avoid them coz the cars cant move onto the fast lane (yes, there are other fast cars on the fast lane) and there are times when there's a FLOCK of motors riding together crowding the lane. for godsake. this is not a place to happily-merrily-convoy!! go use jalan ampang where u can easily sideswipe other slow moving cars rather than be sideswiped by a humongous speedy gonzales 4x4 (no, not me) on the elevated hway!!

the tikus is feeling much much better after her two day MC.

the emcee kept thanking her for the flu virus she have him.. hey, come on, sooo not my fault if u are not well yet. doctor said go home and rest, but nooo, still want to go to work, so again, it might be my fault u caught the virus but its soo not my fault u are still sick ya. ;>


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sex & The City

finally, i played this DVD.

i havent watched this series since forever.. but two things for sure, i have always loved BIG and Carrie but i have never thought they would marry. EVER.

but enough to say, SATC did not disappoint me..
i am sick again.

apparently, last week i infected a couple of ppl from the other department, this week they retaliated and infected me intentionally..

and they won, haha..

i am so sore and achy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

just a drill

did u hear about the monorail supposedly accident? something about the train fell off its err track.. yup, i heard it on friday with supposedly 7 deaths. somewhere near chow kit.
so today, i went to my news source, yes, the internet. soo dont have time to buy newspaper anymore. plus, i'm saving the trees haha..
anyways, apparently it was a rescue drill.. they kinda faked a bus accident to see how HKL can handle emergency cases.. laa.. really? have to go that far huh? cannot just fake somewhere in the hospital compound? i guess not.. but what they should really test is how FAST an ambulance can get to the "accident" and then to the hospital.
anyways, with all the hooplas, i just cannot resist taking this pic.. poor kitty..

we went for lunch at the magnificent fish & chips (or something) just now.

sayang has been moaning on the fact that the fish & chips in msia do not serve vinegar (or something, jeez, what do i know, i didnt pass the interview to study in the UK). we came across this restaurant by chance, surfing the net one time. he was so excited with the reviews he wanted to try it immediately. he even forgo his spa treatment so that we can go to have lunch there. emm...

so we went. oklah, now i see what he was moaning about. but me, i cant stand the smell of vinegar. it just reminds me of my organic chem lab classes.

then, we stop by the new cavenzi outlet at ampang. it was having a sale. we have been wanting to get an L shape sofa since, like, forever.. we thot, ok, since we know what we want, we would go in, look and buy.. but me, being moi, the ever-cerewet-being-when-having-to-choose-sofas just had to try on ALL of the sofas in the store.

yes, ppl, i mean, ALL.

the decision maker is not my head, but my butt. when "it" finally chose one that "it" likes, we had to decide the color, of coz the dark suede thingy is just not on my fav list of color these days. THAT took another hour. we even bought a tall shoe cabinet before we decided on the sofa color. sigh. what could have been an only half an hour job, turn out to be a two hour job. okay, faiti, faiti, missy has to go pee pee.. that was the only reason why it wasnt another additional hour. haha.

now, at home, we couldnt figure out where to put the sofa.


where would the RED go now?

sigh.. tak sedar diri tu rumah kecik je.. nak beli sofa besar2.. sigh again..
for updates..

SKII : results were ok. definitely took looonger than 28 days. but the vit c serum is marvellous. really expensive, maybe biotherm is good enough.

HERBALIFE: emm.. sayang lost 3 kgs, i lost only 1. so, after this last pack finishes, i wont buy another one.

ZIPPY U ZAP: baru seminggu.. tunggula sikit..
i have to write really fast coz this stupid nokia is going to konk on me ANY MINUTE now.. and not to mention the erratic internet connection that right now acts so much like chipsmore.. kejap ada, kejap takde..

i was posting some ads for my condo and masa nak bayar lah pulak takde connection.. blardy idiot, i have to repost everything again!

my dopod has somewhat gone haywire or maybe now i think its largely because the stupidos MAXIS, yes, MAXIS. cannot get reception, even calls cannot come in. and the idiot call center guy's response was "oh, maybe dah banyak subscribers kot sekarang".. yes, well, IDIOTS i tell u!!

siaplah kau, come monday, i'm going to ask for refunds or free phone bills forever! huh..

condo for sale

oh, yes, i am putting my condo for sale.

it was a leceh decision to make so i am playing it by ear. if, and only if, by the end of the month, someone offers for my condo AND the other unit is still available, then, i will go ahead with it. if by the end of the month, no one offers for my condo but the other unit is still avail, then i will have to go to plan B. no, plan B does not include financing from FAMA.

so, my unit, abt 910sf, 3r2b, nice renovation, with kitchen cabinets, stove and hob included, build-in wardrobe in master bedroom, yard build-in cabinet, 2 airconds, water heater and iron grills. oh, and repainted with those paints that supposedly u can wash any markings (i.e. pens etc) off.. well, that's what the contractor told me unless i was totally ripped off.. the unit is facing the tennis court and the pool. i'm still thinking of whether or not to leave the w/machine and fridge..

the condo is at bandar baru ampang area, opposite taman kosas, it's gated, 24hr security, has a pool, wading pool, BBQ area facing KLCC, tennis court, gym (equipped with gym stuff) facing the pool, club house and covered parking. very near public amnities, bus stop right infront, 5 mins walk to jalan ampang.

i'm selling it for abt 180k considering the renovations (others in the market are abt 168k-178k for basic units), rental is ard $800-$1100 depending on the unit (just in case for investment). i could have refinanced it and rented it out but malas.. the horrors of sayang's tenants are still clear in my mind.. haha..

reason for sale, no, im not leaving the country! ;> im interested in the other unit at the same condo. yes, that one. though, wanting and needing are two different things altogether... emm..

so, if any of u are interested, let me know.

another weekend

wow, i've really severed my sleeping patterns now havent i.. the past week, out of five days i slept only 3 nights of them.. emm..

oh well..

anyways, we went to see the favorite child of hell just now. i had to warn sayang that that movie is strictly comic issue and i just had to watch it. just like i just had to read the comic books. just the same like all batman, spidey and x-men movies. i just had to. no matter how bad they get. sigh. yes, some ppl just never learn.

but the hellboy was not bad. i had seen worse. and let me tell u, nothing can be worse that the happening. JEEZ.. nope, not going into that again. but i think sayang enjoyed it. i wished i could have gotten the DVD instead rather than going for the movies. but we were short of stuff to do this weekends so hey, another nite of "dating" at chillies and tgv is not bad too.

tomorrow, or rather today, im taking sayang to the spa. he has been complaining of achy here, achy there.. oh man, if i was not achy myself, i would have given him a massage myself (yes, ppl, i am quite capable of giving quite a good massage. tak percaya tanya linz! ;>) so, yes, we are probably going to energy spa at the GE mall..

end of the month, we are planning for a quickie (break that is) to cherating. there's a 4d3n package at the holiday villa cherating for 700 bucks for its garden villa. we chose it because it has a spa. HAHAHA. yes, i have gotten sayang hooked on spas. jeez, what have i done.. literally, i may have cut my allowance for spa in half now because sayang would want to go as well. jeez, brilliant tikus, just brilliant.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

breathe tikus, breathe..
maybe i'll change my mind.

isnt it my prerogative?

why do u care anyway?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

done for the nite

would u feel "freaky" if u know ur boss is reading ur blog?


i wonder if mine does..



Monday, July 07, 2008

darn it!

last weekend, or rather yesterday, we went to see one of the penthouses at my condo, for fun.

it's huge, definitely bigger than any of the kl intermediate landed property that we saw, along with a rooftop skyline garden terrace that is bigger than my own unit. it has 4+1rooms with 3 bathrooms. it was so tempting. but it was not in our plan, although the price made us salivated a bit... getting it would be another interim plan instead of the long term plan a landed property would serve.. besides, both of our current properties have not enough loan tenure for our refinancing plans. i did feel a bit of regret not to get it in the first place instead of my unit now.

we decided to pass...

and then...

for the last 40 minutes, my upstairs neighbor has been pounding something and the noise is grating our nerves. we thought it was a chinese family with a small child who likes to play on the floor. we had been patient. sayang went upstairs just now with the intention of letting them know our "annoyance" but when he saw a couple of workers' boots on the foyer, he came back down.

oh shaaiit! who the heck is living upstairs?


i will recheck on the refinancing plans tomorrow, but heck, am sure the answer would be the same... emm..

Sunday, July 06, 2008

u-zap me, two

wo, trying the uzap on the tikus' thighs gives strange vibrations.. hahaha!

u-zap me pls!

guess what we bought today?

the uzap mini!

hahahah! i have been harping in the sweeeetest voice to get one of these stuff.. it will be my last toy before i give up and try a different approach altogether.

mr stanley, the bubbly sales person at osim klcc, said that the average duration for results is about 2 weeks, if and only if, i use it 30 minutes diligently everyday at 10 minutes intervals. the thingy will automatically off itself every 10 minutes so no need to keep time.

now, the tikus has strapped itself well to be zapped.

will update again on the 15th day.

Friday, July 04, 2008

making time

sayang and i made a couple of plans.

we decided that every friday we will try to leave the office earlier (definitely later than 5.40pm ya) than usual to meet up at either pavillion or klcc with either a couple of frens or just us..

we, or rather i, will try not to bring back work except in dire circumstances. except for sundays, lappies are allowed to be opened for blogging or surfing the net or downloading stuff that we should not be downloading. hahaha. we, or mostly i, shall also sleep earlier than usual.

its our effort to keep a balance life.

we heard from friends that the late doc M had a couple of burst arteries and a deteriorated kidney due to hypertension. apparently, the doctor who did the postmortem said that the kidney had been deteriorating for a couple of years.

i will be making two appointments with the screening doctor next week for sayang and myself. with the amount of stress he's in, the bad food we eat and the amount of ciggies we smoke, we could easily be walking around with bull's eyes for heart attack.

we will make time.


believe it or not, these can be found at Pantai Selamat Supermarket, Bandar Chukai, Kemaman.

heck, no, dont ask me where it is!

i took this photos from odie's blog.. err.. without her permission, sorry beb, but i just HAD to post this amazing feat by bandar chukai.. kinda makes me glad i bayar cukai.. LOL!

i have never seen these treasures in KL.
but if u peeps out there have, please tell me where. but LAPAN RINGGIT LIMA PULUH SEN SEBOTOL macam mahal sikit tak? kat states bukan like US$3.50 per pack of 4 ke?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

yesterday the emcee forwarded me a hardcopy of one of those Co bashing emails. this time, that particular email did not bash just the Co but the Co staffs in its regards of us "lazy" workers who goes home early and not at office when called at 540pm.

i wonder, missy, how do u like receiving all those emails from us?

us, the supposedly "lazy" workers, who, in one way or the other, help bring in billions of profit for the company and the nation.

we know we've given back to the nation, more than you ppl out there ever realize. oh, of course u dont know that. just because we dont rally up hordes of media for every single check and every single help, does not mean we havent. we know and that's enough for us. as for what the G does with what the Co gave, that, like you, we also would like to know.

tell me, missy, what has your company done for the nation lately? besides giving us yellow-colored water through our pipes?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

wow, did it just click on the "x" of the document that i was reviewing and decided to do it tomorrow come hell or heaven?

huh.. good for me.
i think i have severely altered my sleeping pattern. i am soo not sleepy now. i have 2 agreements to review, one paper to finish and one pack to finalize. not too bad. sigh..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

in a flash

the past few days were like a blur to me. i can hardly remember what i did but my body remembered the brunt of it. i am exhausted.

thursday was an all day meeting with dinner. i had to miss the preparation of the open day. i was sorry for being snappish but i used up my last reserves of patience. didnt even know i had that much to begin with. i even blew up in the meeting. totally unnecessary but when u have such **urgh** of people u just cant help urself. i couldnt.

friday was the open day. a lot to be said but better left unsaid as the event proceeded nicely. i am still frustrated with myself as i thot i could have done better. but who could have guessed a whole day meeting with that **urgh** of people would leave such effects. by the end of the day i was exhausted having to run up and down the slopes of the PR. i wanted to post some pics but again, i am too lazy to waste my newly refreshed set of patience to wait for the pics to be downloaded.

saturday was the kkp. sayang had an event and i promised to attend if only to snap his pics. i managed to haul myself out of bed and got there by 11. god, it was HOT! i was sweating like a pig after a few steps into the compound. i dont know how the makciks and pakciks could stand the heat and the sun. managed to take a couple of snaps of sayang and his toys, went around the field for some more pics and i was done. not even an hr and i had to leave. i couldnt stand it, my head was aching bad, i honestly thot i was having a heat-stroke. i had to cancel meeting linz there and drove back home. spent the whole day with a pack of actifast and my selimut busuk. i did have a mini heatstroke.

sunday was not that bad though there was still lingering ache in my body and the pounding in my head eased up a bit. i still havent received the emails i need for monday so we decided to watch Wanted. eemm.. it could have been better. i was expecting a Mr. & Mrs. Smith's kind of ending, with blazes of glory but "eh?" was what it was. we thot either norton or colin farrell would have done a better job at it than that guy. either way queen jolie still rocks. we went home and still no emails for monday. even after tons of smses sent. i had an impending feeling it would be a looong nite, and yes it was. 2am in the morning, the email came. another bottle of patience flew out the window. i was still finishing up the slides when sayang left for work on monday.

monday. was my eyes as red as my vision? sorry, but i could have done better if i received the information earlier. sorry but its not my fault the people we work with are **urgh** kind of people. i got home wanting to sleep. madam smsed a fellow gm passed away. heart attack. hubby called and we went to the hospital straight away. god, true he's not young but he has no history of heart attack. he had finished eating with a fellow colleague and collapsed on the way back. it's scary how a number of the Co staffs collapsing with heart attack these days. some were not even in their 40s. stress was the buzz word. and yet, some ppl out there still dont believe we deserve our rewards for the work we do. working 8 to 8 or even longer might just not be worth it any longer. not at the expense of our health. Rest in peace, doc.

today i cant wait for the girlies beach break.