Wednesday, May 28, 2008

its finally here..

for 11 days i hoped..


Monday, May 26, 2008


so many things happened these past days but all i want is to snuggle up on the big red sofa reading some cheap trashy novels with ice chocolate on the side. oh, yes, forgot, i'm on diet.. UUURRRGGGHH!!!

i just got back from Ampang Point, got some stuff for dinner, yes, like chilli tuna. sayang is going to be late today, its IPC time again. poor baby and poor me, dinner alone tonite.. anyways, i was checking out one of the stalls infront of giant and McD when i heard this shriek-y irritating voice coming from McD. i dont remember exactly what was said, i dont pay attention to ppl around me let alone try to remember what was said on the background. but what i heard was enuf to make me turn my head towards McD. there was three girls and a guy. one of the girls is a plus size and another is a tall reed thin. the reed thin girl was saying something outloud, in the middle of McD, to the effect of "mestilah, aku kan cantik", yes, that made me turn my head.

so ok, one eyebrow raised, she's not bad, but hello? in the middle of McD? with a shrieky voice? uh... i turned my head again, not interested to hear anymore. until MORE loud shrieks came from McD. what i could remember what something like "kau lelaki jangan masuk campur", "kau tu gemuk macam babi hutan" and somemore demeaning remarks towards the plus size girl and then SLAAAAP!!!


i had to turn and gape. apparently, the guy (fren of the plus size girl) slapped the reed thin girl. a mini catfight then ensued, IN THE MIDDLE OF MCD, between the plus size girl and the reed thin girl. the friend of the reed thin girl was swinging her handbag at the plus size girl. the reed thin girl was shrieking that the guy slapped her.. DUH?? after saying those things?? i mean, i would have given the guy a hug, a HUGE, hug for that.

one McD staff tried to talk to the reed thin girl but she did not stop shrieking. then there was a pakcik and makcik in between the girls. i have no idea who they are, i think they are the plus size girl's parents, or not, i dunno. by then there was already a crowd around the entrance to McD and i cant see much anymore, so i left.

i hope the plus size girl sucker-punches the reed thin girl flat on her face.

sigh.. i know, i know, violence never solve anything..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

we went to Red Box last night with Nis and hubby.

it was, maybe, my second time karaoke-ing and sayang's first time ever. i could tell that nis and hubby were pros, and nis, u have a nice voice, girl! but we were.. HORRIBLE, for lack of better words.. sayang and i were literally croaking! hahahaha!!

maybe now i can get the home karaoke set i sooo wanted...

can eh, yang??? we have to practise...

bat eyelashes, bat somemore...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Awana Kijal

i just got back from Awana Kijal. we had a three day course there.

i was so excited to go, thinking that i could get another "beach" escapade plus spa. so, out of sheer luck, we got an early flight into Kuantan and hotel rooms immediately. apparently, that was the only luck i had during my stay there.

i soo dont want to describe the horrible hotel and its services. i still have a complaint letter to write to the General Manager, one En. Amiruddin Salleh, and to the Public Relations cum Spa manager, one Pn. Nor Aisah Muda, but i have no time to write.

but i have pictures of the beach deck chairs for you. the deckchairs are attached to the tiang in the middle with a small table. you cannot move it around and neither can you recline the chairs further.

but then again, who in their right mind would want to sit half naked on a really YUCKY deckchair like these? not only that the tiang in the middle is berlumut or going to be berlumut, there's also semut and sampah sarap underneath the small table. it was really sad coz the weather was fine.

Monday, May 12, 2008


wow, we decided to take that step.

sayang got to know about this stuff from P Mini Sport Day.. apparently there was a booth there and he got himself scanned. he came home and started to pitch to me..

no need to pitch hard, i already know about this stuff.. come on, what lose weight products do i not know already? ;> i have yet to try it, yes, but some of the gurlies had. i admit to its effectiveness. it's eerily like Atkins but with fringes.. emm...

so yes, i went to the distribution center at plaza soo hoy chan or something at jalan raja chulan.. thot i could buy the products without being "stuck" on an existing agent.. but noo, they do not allow that.. so ok, i asked this guy behind a counter whether he knows anyone who can help me.. he called this girl who just in time came through the door.. we chatted, and lo and behold, she is from the same agency that arranged for the booth at P Mini Sports Day..

a little explanation here, a little scan there, a little measurement everywhere and there i was swiping my credit cards for two of this

its the Start Now Pack each consisting of one Formula 1, one Formula 3 and one Tea. i managed to bargain with the girl for two free mixers pour moi and mon mari ;> there are about like 5 flavors for Formula 1. i chose the vanilla and the cappucino.

and then, knowing that sayang wud probably want to munch on something or he wud do all shivering with hunger, i bought their protein bar.

fuuh! i have never spent so much on dietary products before.. tomorrow will be our first day. we already spent an hour separating the amount we need for the week. and sayang already took pics of us as of now. oh no, i am sooo not going to post them right now.

oh god, it was hilarious. i never seen sayang so gung-ho to do this dieting thing.
so, peeps, stay tune for the results. if there are such magnificent changes, i will post the pics after. the girl said we should see some results within 2 weeks, if, and that is a pretty big IF, we do not cheat and stick to the plan.

uurrrgghh, u know me with rules and orders.. but we will see. if u gurlies or guys are Qrious and interested to try, i wud suggest u go to their website and see the results and pictures. pretty amazing actually..

the ultimate betrayal

we have been together for a total of 7 years now.. sigh..

it was truly a love-hate relationship, we were the moodiest couple.. i loved it so much when she glamorified (soo not a word, but heck) my hair.. and i hated it so much when she was moody while cutting my hair and it turned out SENGET!!

three times! three blardy times i had to endure outstations hairdressers gawked and mocked my hair coz it was SENGET!! but i thot, three times of seven years of nice hair is still manageable. until she did it again a couple of long months ago. i took the coward way out and played the silent game and i played.

i did not see her again for the longest time, started to go to rogue salons who neither know me nor care enough to take care of me and my hair.. it was like playing one night stands at an old age... i was tired, my roots were almost half my head, my hair was like straws from the different products from different salons.. i wanted to go back to her but i cant. i wont.

the other day i was desperate, i had an event to go to and i had no time.. i went to the salon next to hers, which i had avoided trying, scared if i might bumped into her. i had no appointment, i know no one. i went in, chose a snr stylist out of the many funky cards they have outside. the receptionist brought me to a chair. someone stood behind me, i looked up.

my heart almost stopped. SHE looked eerily like her!! when she was in a good mood that is.. i stuttered for a trim and a style. SHE smiled and burst into a torrent of the friendliest chatter. i stared and literally tried not to gape.. while she always gave me sleek shiny straight hair, SHE gave me soft bouncy juicy curls i never thot i could look good in..

i was breathless, i wanted more from HER.. two days after, i decided to see HER again. as i walked to HER salon, my heart stopped. there she was, outside her salon leaning on the wall that separated HER salon, talking on the phone. she noticed me and waved, "hey! lama tak datang?!" she asked.

"Uh.. tak sempat lah.." i stopped and tried to smile. "tgh rushing ni. see you k" i rushed away. away from both of them.

i cannot handle this. but i still want to see HER. does this mean i can only go see HER on Mondays when she is off duty? otherwise i have to sneak around?


Sunday, May 11, 2008

i forgot Mother's Day.

oh god.. i never fail to remember Mother's Day ever since the good teachers at Christchurch Kindergarten introduced me to the craft of making bookmarks for Mother's and Father's Days...

until today.

i forgot.

i'm sooo sorrry, mom..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

is it a test?

i just got back from La Bodega Pavillion. treated some peeps to dinner as promised. had a blast too while we were at it.

then, they are planning to head to Pulse. hehehe.. nope, i bailed out due to some strange internal policies but sayang got lesen besar today. i let him have his "boys" night out AND on top of that, i will pick him up later tonight, or err, this morning...

"is it a test?" some of them asked (a test to see whether sayang really will take the lesen besar offer).


hahahaha.. dats for me to know and for u never to find out! ;>

Thursday, May 08, 2008

i think my brain is still in redang.

i cant seemed to concentrate on work. i kept thinking of when we could go for ANOTHER break! oh god.. tak pergi break susah, dah pegi break pun susah...

CK: ehem.. excuse-me?

brain: yes?

CK: when do u think u'll be back in KL?

brain: emm.. lets see, how does next year sounds to you?

CK: ERR???!!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

i was browsing my frens blogs and came across this in Noura's.
  • suami kena sediakan makan, pakai, tempat tinggal yg selesa untuk isteri... makanan tuh mesti yg di masak, kalau lagik bagus suapkan ke mulut isteri... ustaz tuh kata, suami beruntung sebab isteri nak tolong jaga rumah, masak etc...
  • betul tu.. dulu masa saya gi kursus kawin pun ustaz ckp gitu. ustaz siap ckp tanggungjawab suami utk menJAGA isteri [jaga = kebajikan, keselamatan, makan, minum, pakai]. kalau si suami tak leh buat sendiri tapi mampu provide maid, kena provide maid. bestnyer dengar masa kursus kawin tu ehhehe...... lagi satu ustaz tu pun ckp, isteri masak, membasuh etc tu ialah sebagai HADIAH tanda kasih dan sayang pada suami, bukannya tanggungjawab dia. lagi satu ustaz masa kursus tu siap ingatkan pada org lelaki, tanggungjawab menjaga isteri tu sangat besar dan berat, jgn jadi kedekut.. kalau isteri nak gi spa, bagi la.. jangan kuman seberang sungai nampak, gajah depan mata tak nampak.....
wow.. responsibilities of a husband, interesting huh? i can hardly remember my kursus kawin ceramah but i did go to the additional afternoon religious classes during primary school (yes, and i was an excellent student at that too ;>). i remembered one extraordinary ustaz explaining this. but somehow along the lines as different sets of ustaz and ustazah with very different sets of views came into the picture, it was somewhat forgotten.

interesting isn it, when u think about all the lessons u learned about Islam when u were in school and all the different styles of teaching. the most common though, and the saddest, is inflicting fear and punishments into the students.
i remembered when i was 13 i had to stand throughout Agama period just because i wore a pinafore and having to leave the class when i was 14 or 15 just because i refused to be forced to wear a tudung during Agama period. it was not in the school charter, it was not a religious boarding school. if i had wanted to go a religious boarding school, i would have accepted one of two offers from very prestigous Islamic boarding schools in Malaysia. yes, i was an excellent student in Islamic studies, too bad that bad styles of teaching veered me away.


i will not comment further. this topic is strictly off limits. my beliefs are between God the Almighty and me.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

UURRGGHH!! could it get worse?

i cant seem to post pics anymore.

half way through uploading, it just went blank "internet page cannot be found". every freaking time. i have even reduced the size of the pics to mere 30kb from 3MB and it still gives me the same blank page!! WTF!!

thats not even the worst of it. the SD card that holds all of the pictures in Sydney (the ones i kept procrastinating to upload) is corrupted. i cannot access any of the pictures in there, including the pics with yan and the pics of the meeting!! uuuurrrrrggghhh!!!!

i am so stressed now.

and, i think my lappie has a virus. to make matter worse, i think its a trojan! oh god.. i have to remember to backup like every freaking day just in case.

i feel ike screaming now. i need another vacation.
so yes, i am finally registered at the gym!

the offer was quite interesting as well and i did not know that the Co has a corporate rate at the gym! 150 per mth for a passport membership. cool. i added another 25 bucks for towels usages. all in all, i will spend less 25 bucks than planed and 55 bucks more than the Co's gym. not dat bad huh?

now, i have to go find a couple of bike shorts for their rpm classes. yes, bike shorts, the ones that come with padding for the.. uh.. private areas.. i refuse to get blisters over there!


yes, i am back.. sigh..

i had thought to write a day by day replay of redang for all the four days am there, but heck, the beach was gorgeous, the weather was super fine, the spa was amazing and u think i'm going to sit and report on the blog? na-ah, definitely didnt happen!

so, only part (I) is the original draft of the first day. the rest is a summary of what i can remember.. i will post pics soon but u have to bear with me, i have no PATIENCE to wait for the pics to be uploaded. stupidos MAXIS line here in ampang is RIDICULOUS! almost as bad as streamyx! so, yes, i'll post some, if i am lucky with the connection that is. otherwise, if you are my friend on facebook, i've posted some pics there as well.

(I) 1st day
hullo peeps! the tikus is officially on an island with amazing 3G connection!
yes, yes, i brought my phone and laptop as well..

the weather is a bit cloudy when we got in but the most important thing is IT IS NOT RAINING! ditsy weather report got us panicky for nothing.. now its all sunshine over here, thank god..

as soon as i got in the room, yes, i went to check the food prices. with all the reports (from gurlies and internet) that the food is MAJORLY expensive, i have to see whether it's true. emmm... standard hotel prices i think but maybe a bit steeper for certain things. who in the world would eat a 42 bucks nasi goreng?

anyways, next the spa menu... emm.. interesting, not too many choices but the important ones are there, so thats ok. prices are ok also, though they are standard resort spas' prices, about 50 bucks or so more than KL spas, well, some KL spas, some are even way more expensive.. so, first thing first i went straight to call for appointment, two massages please to start the retreat..

(II) Summary
The resort (3/5)
we stayed at Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. mainly because of the flight. yes, sayang has this thing for small boats. anyways, overall, the resort is just OK, could have been better if the renovation was completed! its website said that the renovation will be completed on 30 April. i was expecting maybe workers cleaning up and packing their tools away. but no, when we got there, it was still under way. it was clanging here, drilling there. they were renovating the resort lobby and a couple of the chalets.. oh god. and not even a note of "we apologize for the inconvenience"..
the resort has one pool and two kiddies pools. two pool tables, a lounge (i guess for live band, though we hardly hear any music at night), a small recreation desk (a fun club they call it), a beach volleyball court, two restaurants and one beach cafe.. they also have a sea activities hut and quite an extensive diving service which of course we didnt opt to try.

The room (3/5)
the room was not too bad, bed a bit HARD for my delicate back (HAHA), TV reception not that good (but who watch it anyways) and the toilet was.. emm.. how to say this politely.. could have been cleaned better? maybe i am just very particular about toilets. and oh, if u peeps ever wants to stay here, please bring ur own hairdryer and extension powerpoints. the hairdryer they provided is so TINY it took me ages to get my hair dried and there is only ONE powerpoint in the room for use (other than the TV etc). so, an extension powerpoint is required if at the end of the day u want to charge ur phone (two phones if u are a couple), ur camera battery, ur lappie and use the TINY hairdryer and boil water at the same time.
the minibar selection is miniscule (not that u ever will use any anyway) but please note, there are no FREE mineral water in this resort. though, if u ask nicely, u can get the waiters to fill ur bottle water with skyjuice ;>.

The Beach (5/5)
the beach was gorgeous as expected. the sand was white and the water was so clear. there were not many deckchairs as i would like them to be but its manageable. not much to say about the beach, i spent most of my time there just lying sun tanning, went in the water, sun tanning again, dozing a bit, eating, went in the water, suntanning again. there's a small beach cafe where we ate our lunch everyday. the beef burger is excellent for all of its 40 bucks.
there's not resort designated lifeguards around so please enter the water at ur own risk, though the water is pretty much calm most of the time. it only get choppy in late afternoons when the tide is in. the beach gets full on from friday, way too many people if u ask me. during one of the days at the beach, we got the misfortune of getting deckchairs beside these couple of chinese teenages (teenage boys and girls). they were LOUD and shrieking and i wished i brought with me all those ear plugs sayang has at home. lesson to be learned, choose ur deckchairs wisely. best to be seated beside elderly mat-salleh couples (least probable to steal ur stuff ;>).

The food (4/5)
Emm.. the food in the restaurants was not bad actually, if u dont mind the prices. breakfasts were provided. the buffet was quite ok, standard breakfast buffet food. lunches, we took at the beach for convenience purposes.
but dinner was a different story. we didnt want to eat dinner at the resort if we could help it. the first nite, we asked the front desk if there is a taxi available. yes, of course the answer is no. and then we asked how far it is to walk outside to the nearest food stall. the lady said (please remember this yea) twenty minutes walk. shhhaaaiit, its already 8pm and there was no way we were going to walk in the dark for 20 minutes!
so, the first nite we had dinner at The Beach restaurant,thinking that tomorrow night, we will leave for dinner a bit earlier. the next day, we left for dinner at 7pm. we decided to walk that 20 mins out. we came across one of the guards at the still being renovated lobby and i asked him where we could find a place to eat outside. surprise, surprise, his reply was: "kat guard house kat depan tu dah nampak dah tempat makan" eh, what? we walked to resort's guard house and lo and behold, a proper food stall only a stone's throw away... ceh!!!! and that front desk lady said we had to walk TWENTY minutes?? F****** B****
the place is called Aima's grill or something. it has all the required local food with all the choices of ikan, udang, ketam, kerang, sotong etc cooked in all the different ways u can imagine with the right kind of prices. yes, thank you god. there's also a small stall for souvenirs, ABC stall and satay stall. AND they also sells munchies and can,bottle and kotak drinks AND cigarettes!!! ok, a little warning. these ppl, they might not have the same cooking style as those maplais in KL. the food might taste different even if its just a simple nasi goreng. we asked for nasi goreng papril which we would expect nasi goreng with that lauk paprik and a telur mata, but instead we got a emm.. nasi goreng with serai in it with a hint of tom yam. we did ask whether this is what we ordered and the makcik said yes, that's nasi goreng paprik. oh well...

The spa (4/5)
the spa there is Ayura Spa. there's not too many choices but the important ones (for us) are there. there's massages (3 kinds), scrubs (2), wraps (2), facials, hair treatments, mani and padi and hand and feet treatments. the first day, right after unpacking, we went for a massage, aromatheraphy for moi and deep tissue for mon mari. excellent choice to start unwinding before heading for the beach. the 2nd last day, we took the prana package (i think) that consists of a coffee and cocoa scrub and an aromatheraphy massage. nice, i dont think i ever smelled like one hot chocolate cake before! haha!

The recreation (1/5)
honestly, i thot the resort's night life is dead. it was a good thing that we were there to unwind and relax at the beach, which we did successfully. otherwise, we would have been bored to death. other than the two pool tables, there's practically no, and i mean NO, night life there at all. the life band (i think it was there for like once) was not that good and there is no transport or shuttle courtesy of the resort to take you to the other side of the island..
but there were a couple of guys (privateers) wandering around the resort during the day who will ask guests (while they are lounging) whether u want a diving trip, around the island trip, snorkelling trip or a ride to the beach discos as night. they can arrange it for you if you want it. so, there's still hope left, if u know where to find or who to ask. but dont depend on the resort to help u out. yes, like they told us it'll take TWENTY minutes to walk to find a place to eat.

so, that's the summary. the tikus wished she could stay longer at the beach..