Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i think we are finally done with the packing..


for quite a short vacation, we kinda pack a wallop!! i managed to fit in everything into the carry on lugggage.. hehe.. yes, yes, sayang, we can do without the i told u so..

also, i did my tax in e-filing in like 10 minutes! geez, its soo freaking easy that its almost too bad they didnt introduce it like TEN years ago! and the system is amazingly fast! i tell u, FAST with capitals! quite a surprise considering my level of expectation of a government office (they now sit a whole lot higher than the Co HR in my rank of service expectations).. and yes, this year, i have to pay tax... sigh.. the previous years, i managed to overpay (dunno how i managed that, probably thanx to mom with the zakat thingy ;> ), but no suck luck this year..

ok, enuf about that, i have to go to sleep now! our flight is EARLY, like 845am early! uurrrggghhh!!! sayang said we have to wake up at 530 tomorrow.. eeeiikk... its 3 more hours. can i just not sleep?

Monday, April 28, 2008

the 1st non-leave leave day..

well, at least the dinner was fun and nice.. i ate so much i should be slapped silly, lin! sooo not a good idea when u are planning to go to the beach in like TWO days! lets see if i can fast tomoro! ha ha...

i spent the whole day in the office today instead of the planned half day.. sigh.. didnt even get to go and register at the gym.. sayang said wait la till habis vacation.. like if i register now i go to gym now.. sigh again..

so, anyways, tomorrow R said i could have my half day.. thank god! i still need to run some errands, get new bikinis, drinks, a couple of books and munchies.. and if i can rush over to strip for a lil strippy-strip, i would be all ready for the trip.. yes, there's that thing called packing that i still have to do.. emm.. how to fit 3 pairs of shoes and all the stuff i planned to bring in one carryone luggage??

yaaaaaaaang, can we ,or rather I, bring the bigger bag plisssss....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

depressing day

i am so depressed today.

i went to klcc after sorting out the house, well, halfway sorted anyways.. then sent the laundry to the store, along with the extraordinarily DIRTY racing suit. oh god, sayang, what did u do? race on ur bum is it?

anyways, then i went to klcc, got my body butter and my blot powder (amazing little things) and then i decided to do a little shopping. i thot, what the heck, i need to celebrate especially with my newly raised paycheck (woo-hoo!! i know, i know, meagerly raised paycheck but still.. a girl has to have her weird kicks sometimes). and off i went to the usual stops.

good god, i was shocked. how could i have let this happen to my body!!! ok, exagerating a bit here, but GOD!!!! urrrggghhh!!!! i dunno whether i wanted to stomp my feet and cry around the block or go find a dark corner somewhere and sulk. yes, ppl, i cud not fit my usual sizes!!! ooooohhhh!!! this sux.

tomorrow or today since its already almost 3am, i am going to klcc again and i will re-register at fitness first. no more mrs.nice woman. i will be off work at 6 and i can be found at the gym from then on.


lin, nis, zz and james, if u see me eating anymore desserts (or eating even for that matter), please slap my face, i mean it!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

ok, one last blog before i officially shut down the computer and clean the coffee table.

u know how my house is directly facing the tennis court? well, it's one blardy hot afternoon (thank god, a nice change from all that rain!) and these two guys are playing tennis with their shirts off... i almost salivate, it's not often u get to see hunky bodied guys playing tennis right in front of ur eyes.

good afternoon, or morning, depending on whichever country u are from.

i'm kinda spaced out today. with the thot of so many upcoming leaves (fewer by the minute that is) i dunno what to do with my weekends. sayang has gone to service woppet. i know i should go and service suzie but i want sayang with me when i do. i dunno why. when he was there, i can do everything by myself. now that he's here, semua nak dia buat.. sigh.. i used to know every crook and cranny of daisy's engine bay. yet, with suzie, nak masukkan air pun i dunno where! cant even remember if i had ever pull her dipstick out to check the oil level!! hopeless!

my house is in shambles today. well, not dat bad. but i have to admit, i havent done any housekeeping lately. at least all the dishes have been washed. but i still have to sort out the four handbags lying around in the living room, the shoes that i have no time to put them back on their shelves, and the laundry that is still neatly folded in the store's plastic bags need to be neatly folded in the wardrobe! uurrrgghh!! i have been meaning to take a day maid or even a weekend maid but its soooo embarassing! anak pun tak de lagi dah nak amik maid! ceh...

ok, enuf with this blogging thing. i need to get my house sorted before sayang balik.

Friday, April 25, 2008


i had a plastic pack of durian just now! it was sooooo gooooodd!!

i bet sayang gonna scream, hahaha, he hates durian and the whole house now smell like one!!

last time i had durian, he could smell it from the lift outside of the house!


i cant wait to see, or hear, his reactions!


i had taken leave of 5 days from Monday next week to Monday the other week (yes, too much i know but heck) for our trip. i was sooo happy, i had plans.

and then, i received an email. the dude is coming over next week. there was to be a meeting on monday and tuesday and possibly wednesday. UURRRGGGHHH!!!

i kinda thank god that our flight is on wednesday but stiiiiil!!! i had plans!!!

this sux.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

i wonder

i havent wrote for a long while.. lately it came to me, nudging silently, insistently, desperately... i cant sleep properly anymore.. sigh. i wish i am brave enough to take that leap, months off, sit and write as much as i could. as much as i can see.

sometimes i wonder whether i am really suitable for the job that i am in. sometimes the work is soo much fun and exciting and sometimes it just suck big time. i had pondered on the possibilities. but again, that little voice of reason, or most appropriately, of fear, held me back. i couldnt do it. i wonder why.

i kept making excuses after excuses. that this thing come when i am really stressed out. when i need my cave. (yes, not only males need their caves. some women need cave time too.)

sigh again... i wonder, can it be?
long story short, sayang's car got vandalised again!

this morning, he found that his bonnet spoiler got stolen pulak!! FOR GODSAKE!!! i had a meeting at the R center this afternoon and went to see the damage. good god, they literally scrape that thing off his bonnet. i tell you, either we are marked or it was just a really, really, really BAD night. and u ppl in the R center of a specific block (haha), can u pls not blame ME for what happened to his car? i know its a joke but stiiiiillllll!!! i had enuf feeling guilty already!!

i talked to the guards this morning and they said to come over to the management office to view the parking CCTV. heh? of course i will but not to check the tapes! i will lodge a full blown complain and make a huge drama u would want me in your next soap opera!! dont u think the first thing i would do last night after the 1st incident was to check all the cameras at the parking lot?? of course i did! and those little suckers were definitely NOT facing the parking lot! what idiot place them facing a WALL???

IDIOTS. all of them are IDIOTS.


lets move to ur place pulak lah sayang. i hate it here already.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ok, i think everything is settled now.

sayang is not mad at me, i know, yes, sayang, but i feel soooo guilty..

i'd buy u another one k..

so anyways, dat just ruined the whole evening. i had not even gotten to do the work i brought home to do.. sigh..
oh god, i have a backache.

i dont know whether this is a result of the toot we gurlies and hubbies did last saturday (tak sedar diri dah tua) or as a result of long time high-heels-backpacking-laptop... but it hurts. god, this sucks..

aaaand i was interrupted with sayang's call.. wait a min k..

OH SHHHHHAAAAAIIITTTT!!!!!!! some blardy asshole stole sayang's rear spoiler (or something)!!!!

GODDAMMIT!!! and it had to happen when i was driving the car, well, not WHILE driving the car.. i got back earlier than usual, parked the car and got up to the apt. next thing, sayang called and said his rear spoiler thingy was missing!! i rushed downstairs and F$%#&# SH**!!!! they literally TORE the thingy off, leaving streaky messy silicon trails on the car... ohmigod.. i feel so guilty. the thing is, i dont know whether it happened in KLCC or at home. i swear to god i would have noticed that black streaky thing if it happened at KLCC. but just in case, i will go to KLCC parking office tomorrow and ask whether they have CCTV ard that area. i feel guilty.

who ever you are who did this, I CURSE U!! die a horrible accident.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

i just got a new bag!

i just got a new bag!!


but yes, i had to listen to sayang nagging me (again) about if i were to listen to what he said much much much earlier, i would not have to buy another bag and i would not have hurt my spine..

urrrrggghhh... maybe i just want MORE bags.. yes, i have a thing with bags. handbags, gym bags, computer bags, little cutey pouch bags for fons and pencils and pens and ciggies, shoe bags, tiny makeup bags.. i love them all. i will create some strange excuses to get them if i want them. but too bad i cant afford the weally weally nice ones that i want... sigh...

think positive, remember what the vunder-ful doctor said..

think positive.

yeah right.

i am pms-ing, my back ache and i feel like a giant potato with bad ass black top.

positive my A**!

definitely not today or any day in the next 7 days of the month.
i colored my hair black last night.

good god. it's so BLACK!! i have not had full black hair since i left highschool!!

and i loooove it!!

i was so surprise with the color and now it looked healthier than it was before.. yes, yes, an illusion, i know, but stiiiill!! no more straw-like hair!!

yes, yes, sayang, i know.. the things we women worry about.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Kind Of Mom Will You Be?

Stay At Home

You'll be one of the fundamental pillars of the family and take great care of your kids.
huh... ok...


i remembered taking this book off the New Arrival shelf and reading the synopsis at the back few years ago. i remembered the sudden hitch of breath and my eyes got blurry. i remembered placing the book back on its shelf and walked away as fast as i could. i told myself i would never read the book.

on the flight to aussie, the movie PS I LOVE U, starred by gerrard butler (yes, dat skimpy-spander-wearing-spartan-please-wipe-my-drool-off-my-face gerrard butler from the movie 300) and hilary swank, was one of the movies on the plane. on the way back to KL, i decided to take a chance. look, i thot it would not be bad. movies, especially chick movie this is, will not be bad. i was wrong.

i was already crying when she got her 30th birthday cake from gerry and the steward who was bringing me the satay tried so hard not to notice.

i could not handle it.

i stopped and watched i am legend instead.
i am back from down under!

overall trip verdict: OK.

could have been magnificent if sayang was there and i was not on a working trip! but considering the circumstances, i think it went well. i have to say this though, sydney is gorgeous! GORGEOUS!! much much much more gorgeous than paris or zurich and quite comparable to beautiful san fran.. well, i guess it depends on preference. i do prefer cities on the coasts rather than cities with old buildings or with mountains and snow.. now, i have to go to south africa to make another benchmark on my list! sigh.. got projects in sud-afrique?

met with old friend, yan. jeez girl, u look the same as u did when we were in school!! and as thin as ever!! and soo happy too! thanks bunches for taking me around beb, and hope ur hubby enjoy his twisties! nasib baik tak kena confiscate by the custom coz i didnt declare it!! hahaha.. didnt know twisties pun kena declare!

oh, one thing i dun like about my trip. the airports and the airport's process to get out of the airport! oh my god!! it is worse than heathrow and i thot heathrow was bad enough already. 1st, the immigration. the line was looooong. and then the customs, the line was even looooooooooooonnngggeerrrr... and there were multiples of looooong lines... uurrgghh... but i guess it's not always like that. one of the airport authorities told us that that morning, they had 5 flights arriving at the same time. so things get a little HECTIC with what, around 300 peeps/plane x 5 planes. yes, do tell us about it..

i managed to get some day pics on our brand new lumix! thank god we had the wednesday morning to ourselves. otherwise, my pics would have all been night pictures! and i have yet to figure out how to use this camera so the pics werent as nice as they could have been. will post them soon k.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

i was in KLCC today, getting stuff for my down-under trip (woo-hoo!)..

it was full, packed with people. huh? why la.. oh, PC fair... figures.. whenever there's a PC fair at the convention center next door, KLCC will be outpouring with people, from all ages, sizes and smelli-ness. yes, smelli-ness, try getting into a lift with smelly china-men (no offense to other not smelly china-men but the ones i encountered are horrible). urrrgh! tak mandi apa? busuk nak mampus.

anyways, i was on the escalator in Isetan, and i heard giggles and whispers of gossips and boys behind me.. little girls' giggles that could either make u smile of fondness or puke from disgust.. intrigued, i slowly turned..

good god! there were three girls behind me and these girls must not be more than 10 or 11 years old judging from their very un-developed body. their makeups were so heavy and lips laden with lipstick their mothers' must have not taught them how to apply. their clothes were so indecent that i, me, moi, was shocked to my bones. i always considered myself as very liberal with my views and always, always, respect other people's rights to do as they seemed fit so as long they do not cause harm to others.

but this??

i wondered what did they learn from their parents. do they even listen to them? or do they hide their behaviors from them?
is this a result from lack of good parenting (or lack of parenting at all) or is this a result of peers' influence?

i dont have an answer..

but it frightened me. will i be strong enough to be a good mother?


Thursday, April 10, 2008

the flu bug is back again..

and guess where i got it from? my dont-want-to0-admit-he's-ever-sick-so-he-can-go-to-work husband.


and it has to happen mere days before my long awaited trip!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

it's end of tuesday already?

man, the weeks pass by so fast these day. 24 hours in a day is not enough already. i have three more days in the week to sort out tiny irritable but have-to-do project administration stuffs..

GOD! HR should be outsourced permanently.

plus, having to wait for information from different time-zones are sooo not funny. and people still complain i come in late. come on, all my bosses know what i do so why do you freaking care??

irritating idiots make me crave for the beach.

oh, sayang is planning for redang (cross my fingers) in early May. Apparently i am not the only one who is stressed out that we need vacation much earlier than our prescribed annual vacation! heheh.. good lah, since i will get new camewa oso!!! woo-hoo!!

now, i have to leave the office coz:
1. it's blardy cold.
2. i need to get a rolling case (kah kah kah) - i need to go get a computer/documents bag that has wheels on it. my spine cannot handle a laptop + 3 paper-packed-to-the-max clear folders + notebook (the one that u write on ;>) anymore.

yes, age is creeping up on me... plus, walking around with 4in heels is never good for anyone. but they are soo pweety and i wanna go buy another pair!! hehe

Sunday, April 06, 2008


i wrote a VERY VERY long post and connection went bonkers and I LOST ALL OF IT!!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bicester Village

i was reading ZJ blog tonite and she was writing about her trip to london and bicester!

oh thank god, finally, a factory outlet in UK. i have no idea why none of my gurls have come across this place.. or maybe i have not thot to ask ;> but thankiu ZJ!! thankiu thankiu thankiu. next time, the blardy cold weather, dry skin, chappy lips, snoty and runny nose will all be worth it!!!

and i will be bringing a colored printout of this the next time.

Friday, April 04, 2008


i just got back from UTP. it was only a day trip and i had to drive a total of 7 hours (3.5hrs per way) today. oh god..

going there was not too bad coz it was in the day and it was hot. i was ok. going back was hellish (i told u so!!). it was raining and it was cold and by the time i got home i got cramps on both legs. sucks. suck some more when i just remembered that our deep-heat is gone and i had to use smelly tiger balm. leg cramps suck.

and have i told u that i cant see very well at night? not that i cant see, its just dat car lights hurt my eyes and these stupid ppl on the road pasang high beam like nobody's business k!!

i mean, come on!!! u are sooo not in a jungle driving alone. there are other ppl on the road. please, please, pleeeeeeeeaaassse be considerate and not put ur high beam on!! i had to duck so that i wont see my own rearview mirror to avoid u freaking-waja! and if u think u so fast just potong me la!! dont tailgate me like u have something to prove! uurrrrrghhh!!!! stop bullying my suzie!!!

am pissed. but thank god its friday.
i just remembered i had to do a search on UK petrol prices.

wow, i didnt know diesel is more expensive than gasoline over there.

Unleaded 110.9p
Diesel 123.5p
LRP 115.9p
Super 120.9p
LPG 59.9p

i wonder y... will search tomorrow. right now i HAVE to sleep. got a long journey tomorrow remember.
i want a new camewwwaaa!!!
our camera is sooo outdated already. it has only 5MP!! well, err.. not that i use it always, but.. but.. sayaaaaaang, if i were to get the slim one, i can always carry it with me and i can use it evewytime....
and it is sooo not my fault that the red minolta is nowhere to be seen. i dont know where it is! the last time i remembered using it was when i was in london and that was in 2006!! how the heck should i know where it is now..
anyways, back to the new camera. i was surfing the net (yes, yes, sayang, i know i should go to sleep like NOW) and found these from this website:

1. Canon ixus 860IS

2. Lumix DMC-TZ3

3. Lumix DMC-FX33

emmm... pick one?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

so someone asked me why my profile pic looked so different. emmm... i soo dont know how to answer.

nak cakap masa kurus, tak jugak. i took dat pic like three months ago i think. and i was definitely at the same weight. believe me i would know. haha.

it was the hairstyle. i got crazy one afternoon and chopped off my hair into full fledge bangs, by myself, in the bathroom. if u look clearly, u can see that its not a straight line. it was so funny coz sayang was asleep when i did my deeds. when he woke up, all groggy and snuggy-woggly (awww shucks...), i was at the coffee table playing hookie with the internet.

i saw sayang frowned, squinted and sat at the dining chair. he didnt say a word and just stared.

"oh god, my first thot was 'who is this woman in my living room and where is my wife?'" hahaha.. dat was what sayang told me.

i told him i was "giving" him a new "gurlfren"..

he was not amused. kah kah kah!!

i kept the hairstyle for like, a month i think, before the bangs covered my eyes and i cant see my spreadsheets!!

then, i made a mistake of going to a different hairstylist coz i was terrified of getting scold by estee. that bugger chopped off my bangs!! and i looked so gonjeng k.. now, i am in the process of growing my bangs again. am sooo irritated. it is such an awkward and embarassing process!! i grew out of the tiny butterfly clips phase and now i have to dig them out from my messy makeup case.

urrrgghhh.. ppl say u have to poo a lot to make ur hair and nails grow faster.

too bad.

i have been traveling these past months and yes, my body is wreaking havoc with me for that. yes, yes, people i have a problem with doing business at external toilets.

u sooo dont need to know that huh?? HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!

remember this?

remember this?

my vewy vewy vewy long love affair?

so, sayang told me the diesel version is coming to msia!!!! ohmygod... finally!!!

i was kinda peeved when i got to know that volvo did not bring in the diesel version of the xc90. no matter how much i loooove the freakishly-handsome-i-drool-till-i-drop 4x4, i will NOT drive a gas-guzzler! the only 4x4 i will get is a diesel, for now, unless they come up with a hybrid version.. too bad ford escape hybrid is not a 7 seater, not to mention that its not in msia at all...

tomorrow i am going to tronoh... huh... sooo not looking forward to the trip.. wish i had a 4x4 now!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wooo! i found out how to upload pics!!

anyways, i watching Ghost Hunters on Star World, though god knows why.. usually, the episodes are not scary at all. they will never get any reaction or response other than change of temperature.

but tonite, HOLY COW!!! they were in a tunnel or something and as usual they would be calling out "hellos", wondering and joking around and i was diligently trying to figure out how to upload pics easier onto this beginning-to-feel-boring-blog and suddenly from the TV, the Ghost Hunters heard a reply hello and I HEARD it too!!! a small female voice "hello" and later another hello and a small laughter.

i am freaked. where my sayang?

what la

i suddenly have the strangest craving for a caramel macchiato with extra caramel.

and B&J choc chip cookie dough.

today i was seating in interviews for people for the Project.

these set of people comes from the SGS-to-be-like company (yes, cross our fingers and hope it REALLY happens for the benefit of the Company and the country). it was amazing (to me, maybe) to see how focused they are in what they are doing, at this stage of their lives!! and mind you, they are not old-timers k, the oldest one is like 25 or something.

i tell you, when i was at their level, i dont freaking know what to do with my life, let alone my career. i admit, i was naughty but to tell you the truth, i think the program they are in and the people they report to make a huge lot of difference. i might say it took me a while to grow up but i think if i were in their shoes now, i would be just as focused. i know i would :>

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

blardy cold office!

i told myself to bring a sweater to work every freaking day, and i swear to god, every freaking day i forgot to bring one.

i have no idea why it is so cold there. by 5pm i am literally shivering. i had to call the building maintenance to increase the ac temperature but it is still cold.