Monday, March 31, 2008

oh man, something is wrong with the line again!!!

i tell you, if this continues, i will switch to the yellow man!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Puntianak Sundal Malam

ok, so, it was on tv. i had to watch, it was like those moment when u cant help watching something gory.

just to note, i am soooo not a fan of horror movies, especially not MALAY's horror movies (yes, jangan pandang belakang was the worst one i got suckered into watching by dhaney!!!!). when it was on, sayang left to seek refuge in his "office"!! hahahahah!! macho nya wei!!

so, i was left alone with that sucker red eyed female banshee (or so it was translated in the movie) with the 45" screen showed every freaky details. i admit, i was spooked. but i think what made it scary (or scarier) was more due to the fact that it is one of our traditional folklore rather than because it was scary. truly, i think if i have not had this preconceived notions of pun&*%^, i would not have found that movie to be scary at all.

come on, she had a bad makeup, strange accent and the whole storyline is confusing. it would only make sense if you have your hand over your eyes half of the movie.

still, bad makeup or not, it still freaked me out.

haha.. i will not be leaving my bedroom's windows open tonite!!

What kind of goddess are you?

Goddess of Wind

Friendly and playful, you are naturally a kind person. Sometimes your temper may flare, but your easygoing attitude lets problems go easily.

maju maju maju segera maju...

"Perempuan juga berhak berjuang kerana kedaulatan bangsa, kerajaan dan tanahair. Kali ini, kalau Melaka tewas, bererti anak cucu kita Melayu kemudian hari kelak akan jadi hamba"
- Tun Fatimah -
and her words almost proved to be true..
went back to my hometown yesterday. yes, melaka. it was hot and sweltering. i didnt know how my parents could stand the weather and the strangest thing is, whenever they are here in KL, they are COLD!! can u believe that? anyways, the trip was ok. i got tons of food packed from my mom (yes, tons, could have kept me fed for weeks if i dunno how to get food for myself anymore).. now, i have to call my bro and ask him if everything's ok. he's hvg some probs with his MIL and i really symphatize with him. his MIL is CRAZY and i am not kidding. i will tell him to get his MIL admitted into the psych's ward!! yes, i will. his MIL is a menace even to J.

sigh... the weekends are over.. again.. monday will be very stressful for me, in a good way. my appraisal has been good and ok.. i thank god, but i know i have to work even harder now. i try not to think of the mounting expectations and go on as i always do. i guess, this will come one way or the other. i just have grit my teeth and solder along.. phheeww.. cross my fingers and hope everything will go well.

other than that, the motogp guys are quite cute (except for rossi, he looks like a troll), despite the fact that they are small, like, really small.

Friday, March 28, 2008

i am seriously sick of doing this appraisal thing.

it's two in the blardy morning and i cant figure out half of the sentences that i wrote (yes, wait last minute to write la kan.. emm...)

but seriously HR PEOPLE (HULLO?) why isnt our superior's judgement enough? why do you need to bring in some god-knows-who appraisers who have go sift through thousands, i literally mean thousands, of papers and decide our performance rating in, like, FIVE minutes?

our superiors know us. they worked with us. if we perform, they perform. if we dont, they dont. so, why not just trust what they say?

why change the blardy bleeding system every fracking year? last year was STAR or something. this year is RICE, for pete's sake.

and do you know how SLOW the company's intranet is to have the online system? DO YOU? yes, of course, your website took more than half of the traffic.


oh dunnit! i forget my vunder-ful doctor's advice: "think positive and positive things will come to you"

two words..


i am going to sleep now. that's something positive isnt it?

Monday, March 24, 2008

i will

i will

i will finish my appraisal tonite.

but its House re-run night...

i will

i will

i will finish my PEP..

but its blardy House re-run night!!!
oh come on...

i need a holiday..

i need to do my minor procedure...

or two minor procedures, depending on my courage level to have the sinus thingy done! urrrgghhhh scwaawwwyy! but i honestly think sayang should go ahead and have his sinus done. he has difficulties breathing at night and i worry. at least i just snot non-stop at inopportune times (like while having a blardy negotiation!!! ooooh, so unprofessional!)

i wonder why i am still in the office. yes, i blog in the office at 7.18pm coz sayang is still working and will probably be home by 10 (CLOSE TO 11) again.. so why bother going home eh? when the internet in the office is amazingly fast at these lonely hours.

this week is going to be a hellish week, i can feel it. my gray (or is it spelled "grey") matter is apparently having a "plant shut-down". it refused to work. i have great many little things, big things, tiny things, humongous things to do and blardy brain decides to take a break. soooo not funny. it's appraisal week and i am not FUNCTIONING properly!!!

brain: seriously, what is the problem here?

CK: well, i need you to work properly

brain: i have not taken leave for a while, so at the end of this FY, i decided to empty out my leaves.

CK: eerrrr.. leave is your superior's prerogative.

brain: excuse me, if i decide not to work, what can you do? get another brain?

CK: oooookkkaayy......

the tikus sulked and decided to get an Indian head massage to "ampu" her brain..
facebook is amazing! i have found yet another one of my old classmate from college!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

of all the nastiest things to say to people...

*this blog has been removed by the tikus*

Friday, March 21, 2008

i need to create

it's been awhile since they last came.. i felt nothing. there was nothing.

i was so lost in work i didnt even realize they are not here anymore. somewhere deep in me i feel the loss.

for once, i need to create, but they are not here anymore.

f1 weekend

the f1 weekend is here again. and again, i am not going.. thank god. i thot i was going to get suckered into "entertaining" guests this time.. thank god, again.

the first time i went, i slept on lin's lap. and my "tan" lasted a year. the next time i went i had to work with the marshall team. my "tan" lasted another year.

i would still watch the race, though.. well, mebe, if i remember to switch on the tv..

sayang might go, i think. he got a pit pass from his old buds there. good thing, i think. i think he misses them. i am going to be indulgent for once and let him have his "boy's" weekend. but i'm jotting this down in my buku 3 lima k sayang..
it's complicated.

i tried so fracking hard.

y did it come so easy on others?

i hate sudoku!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


i was bragging too soon..

i felt sick again yesterday and this morning.. wanted to go to my incredible doctor but he is not in town so had to go to another doctor who is very very very stupid might say. he gave me PANADOL and told me i should be ok by lunchtime.

huh? i need antibiotics lah.. i have panadol at home u bugger!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

blabbing like a housewife.

i have not blogged for ages huh?

totally not my fault k. 1st there are still tonnes of work bunching, literally bunching and BRANCHING, on my table. never ending papers and projects and stupidos who dont know when to quit. then, there's this bug running around the towers, playing hookie on us, trying to see who it can infect more. which i think is doing it rather successfully and at an alarming rate. i have caught this stupid bug three times already!! from three different departments!

and then, there's this internet problem i am having at home with the ever supreme stupidos master maxis. i mean, come on. if you know your line is already major packed with subscribers, either improve your facilities and services or stop subscribing more people!! seriously, i am not getting any reception at all!! and no, i did not miss paying my bills k.. i thot maybe it was a problem at home or something, but then it's the same in the office and the freaking maxis tower is next door! come on people, i need my internet at home. i need my internet in london and you keep giving me sms that my line might be barred coz i am roaming??? F*@$#$Q!!! i deposited 500 bucks before i left, in addition to what i paid for my bills, to cover my bills and you wont connect me??? uuurrrggghhh!!!!

so, anyways, UK trip is horrible this time. freaky weather. i almost thank god i am 5kg (ehem.. mebe more) heavier than before or i would have been blown away. even freakier railway system. if you cancel your earlier trains, DO NOT PUT ALL OF YOUR CANCELLED PASSENGERS IN THE LATER TRAIN WHICH ALREADY HAVE PASSENGERS IN IT!!!! i swear to God, i felt like i was in a train in INDIA!!! well, not that i have ever been to India, let alone in its train but all the same, PACKED LIKE SARDIN would only make you think of trains in INDIA.

and then to top all of it, some stupid idiot broke onto the airstrip the day before our flight with some "suspiscious backpacks". the airport security was already testing my patience and stupid acts like this was making it worse! i really pity the people living there. i was only there for couple of days the most for maybe like twice a year and i was already afraid of what might happen. i could not imagine how bad the Britons must have felt.

but anyways, got back to the country ok. and sayang is writing up his cv for u-know-what. emm... i am not saying anything. i know he has issues with his job now. believe me i know. if i could charge hourly sessions listening to him like a shrink does, i would be able to afford the chloe bag i wanted already. but i see the difference in what he does. he might not like his job, but he does it real well.

believe me sayang, i was here the whole 7 years. i know how it was like previously, and you did a whole lot of a good job.

but then again, it is not how well he did his job. it all comes back to his happiness. i do not want to see him that strained and he is. i remembered when he was there. he worked just as hard and just as good, but he was happy, he was.

that, too, i see the difference. i do, and so, if you want my blessing, you have it. your happiness always comes first. that, and also the fact that i might finally be able to become a tai tai!! hahahaha.. wishes are for horses and i am already blabbing like a housewife.