Wednesday, February 06, 2008

the tikus is sick

it has been more than a week.. it started with just a sniffle, escalated into a flu.. but the tikus refused to take the MC the super duper nice doctor wanted to give and persevered even though she knew how sickly she is..

then, it almost baik, but the flu has gotten around the office and almost all of the tikus' colleagues are sick or starting to get sick. so being the sickly little tikus she is, she fell sick again and still refused to stay home and sleep.

two days ago, she started to have dry cough. she only had dry cough twice before in her life and she hated it. her whole body will ache and her chest will feel like a mightly block of concrit had fallen on it. but most of all, she hated that in the middle of the night, she might panicked coz she cant breathe and her asthma will kick in..

she slept outside on RED coz its more airy and she doesnt want to disturb her sayang's sleep.. but her sayang was so nice he pulled out a sleepover mattress and slept outside with her..

citykoos is not feeling any better today. she will eat her ubat and will return to mont kiara for further checkup on monday..

Monday, February 04, 2008

all dolled up..

i did not think my heart can take any more of its temptation..

but lo and behold the strength of a female's heart..

and what i had to endure...




if u like to see and read more, please go to xc90 all dolled up

Friday, February 01, 2008

federal day

my federal day has been rather productive.

i woke up early *shock*, yes, i know.. showered, had breakfast, sorted out laundry, checked email and left for bangi to chase ZAR.

had lunch with sayang, saw one of those kru brothers (oooohh still cute me think, though sorry i dont remember which one u r.. it has been quite a looooong while since my last drool ;>)


went to klcc, had hair done, checked epf and voila, am home..