Thursday, March 08, 2007

the UDM

It has been 5 days since i first drive sayang's UDM.. and honestly, i dont think i like it..

ok, technically, the car is marvellous! i push, it goes, without a groan.. having driven economically-wise cars before and having heard the engine groaned and roared at having pushed, i can feel the couple of thousands difference.. i dont know how to explain it, but the engine is so smooth, i can almost feel the slickness of the pistons in their chambers..

but comfortwise, i think i would be more comfortable being a passenger than a driver. I'm short and my legs are thus, short too. Yes, this car provides the endless options of moving ur seat forward and upward for us the vertically challenged people, but it's not enuf.. i hate the feeling of being engulfed and moving my seat forward and upward makes me uncomfortable.. my head is so near the front mirror and my right leg is at an awkward position to step on the accelerator.. and yes, my leg almost cramp on me during a traffic jam at sungai besi..

i wonder if other UDM's drivers feel the same way or they just ignore it and get use to it.. i cant.. not if i can get a better car at the same price..