Tuesday, January 23, 2007

new house

my l'il condo has been completed, yeah!

now, the little huge proejct of renovating the apartment.. urrgg, sucky...


welcome to the new year my frens..

I have decided to continue with this blog since "sumthing' happened to the other one.. i had a "dark" episode and it just happened.. it's certainly not for viewing anymore..

i dont know, sometimes i do think i have split personality or at least manic depression (yes, neither one is good, i know..) coz nothing can explain why i did it..

but hey, things are now as they shud be, and even though sometimes (most of the time) i still wish for IT, i am making a resolution to try make the best out of it or at least, stay away, far away, from it so that nothing "extraterrestrial" would ever happen again..

p/s: oh yes, i still wish for IT , no doubt..