Saturday, September 30, 2006

you will be amazed at how much i can endure and will be able to endure if i put myself to it..

but be careful, i might just decide i had enuf...

and then, where will we be?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

metabolic rate vs hormones: or are they the same?

i was sorting out my files in my hard disc last night and found my before pictures... god, i was thin.. frens and others say dont worry, it's normal after "that" that people gain weight, it's the hormones..

but i still dont get it.. i dont eat as much, and i go to the gym, well, maybe not as much as before but quite ok i think, so why??? my pants can hardly fit me now.. it's irritating and embarassing and i hate the hormons excuse.. what hormons? i certainly dont feel any more chemically inbalanced than before..

maybe it's the age.. and the whole metabolic rate shenanigan.. mebe my metabolic rate has slowed down and if i'm eating and doing gym at the same rate as before but the body consume calory at a much slower rate, then of course! habis tu, takkan tak makan langsung or spend half of the day killing myself at the gym??

will talk later when i have enuf info on this..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I have no idea why you acted like that.
Well, maybe I do. I can't see very well nowadays, yes, though I will not admit it again in any near future… and sometimes I tend to stare longer at a person (with a frown) trying to figure out whether they are who they are or whether my eyesight is wrong…
And thus, there you go, I certainly did not mean to not smile at you or pretend not to recognize you but I can't see!!
I don’t know why I am writing this. You are certainly not among my circle of friends, though, yes, we do have common friends and it would be rather awkward if we are contemptuous (for lack of better words) with each other. And history has taught me that you never know when you might need the person you’ve slighted…
It may sound strange to you but I am quite a pleasant person. I smile, I say thank you and I certainly say please, to most people, in general, and definitely to the people I know, a little or a lot. But there are some instances when I found that some treated me like I have slighted them in some way… emm… strange, coz I only slight rude and extremely inefficient people, which in this case, you might be one of the two… but the problem is, I might not remember it because I can't see you properly.. haha

Monday, September 18, 2006

presenting: imaan daniel

my dearest friend linda has a baby already!!!!!!!!


the baby boy, imaan daniel (nice name, i must say), was born on 31st of august 2006, two weeks earlier than expected..

the funny thing is that, i was at langkawi at that time and while having dinner with sayang on merdeka day, i told sayang that i havent seen linda for ages and i'd promised her to see her before her due date sometime in september.. so sayang said, dont wori lah, balik nanti pegilah jumpa dia... and then, when we went back to our room, i got an sms from linda... she had just delivered a baby boy!! oh my god, talk about coincidences!

but i finally had the chance to see them today.. they are doing really fine and linda has lost weight! caya lah!! hehehe..

beb, i wish you all the best in all that life has to offer.. yes, i'll join you in 2008.. 20.08.2008 is booked k.. but 08.08.08 oso fine, but i bet sure penuh delivery ward nanti!!