Friday, August 11, 2006

holiday, finally!

we are finally going on a holiday.. our extended honeymoon, so to speak.. both of us were in the same hectic / busy / pathetic project these past months...

so, yeah!

we r not going far.. we thot since we've been to europe, sayang has been to africa, i've done north america and some parts in china so why not we go local.. neither of us have been to langkawi..

yes, believe it.. so, we are taking 6 days off to see what's up there..

being me, i've had tons of langkawi webpages surfed, maps copied and printed and itinerary well planned.. i dunno whether it'll be like another "Melaka" (you know what i mean) or it'll really be fun for us.. i almost got bored in Paris so i'm crossing my fingers...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

recently, i've found out that there are two sorts of parents..

i have always believe that parents raised their kids as they were raised, with love and expectations for the kids' bright future and expect nothing out of them in return..

but then, i found out that there are parents who raise their kids out of necessity and when the kids are older they expect some sort of "payment" in return..i have always taken it for granted, but i am thankful that my parents are amongst the first one..

p/s: i will only start trying when you prove to me that your priorities are where i want them to be..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

my friend's birthday is coming up this 17th..

i have no idea what to get a lady/hot-mamma who already has everything (well, almost everything, i think) for her "ehem"th birthday... i thot of getting her a kitten since she lost figgie (yes, we think she's been eaten by a snake!) but sayang said the kitten (to be bought, that is) would probably cost about a grand with the certs and all.. i said, ala, ada yang murah kot..

frankly, i have no idea how much a kitten would cost, being allergic to cats and dogs and practically anything that has fur and all, i dont think i have even wondered about it.. sayang said it could go from 50 bucks to thousands depending on pedigree.. well, ok, can i get a mixed breed one for 200 or less? they're cats, they're not racists, i dont think so.. and it's a gift, anyways.. she loves cats, i would guess she loves all kinds of cats.. persian or paria (pardon my french)..

so, does this mean that i have to go shop for one? eeickk.. i distinctly remember the pungent smell of a pet shop and the sneezes afterwards..


double sigh..

tunggulah bila i baik demam and tengok cam ner..

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

oh yes, a new month, august is here already.. i didnt quite notice it with fever and all.. unfortunately, today, i have to go to work.. after sleeping the whole of sunday and half of monday, i think i'm feeling quite ok.. the doctor said my headache is gone and eventhough my throat still icky, my nose still stuffy and i have to breathe through my mouth, which is an act i despise (i hate people breathing onto me with their mouth (i do not wish to know what u had for lunch) and i do not wish to do the same to others..), i cant get another MC for today.. fine..

so i brought with me to the office a big box of kleenex.. hahaha.. one colleague saw it and he told me to go home.. i laughed, huskily, (though not naturally and not by choice) and said "it's the doctor's wish that i spread the virus around" and i bet u, the my whole office will be down with flu by the week's end..