Sunday, July 30, 2006

dhaney had his convo earlier today..

am so proud of him.. and of course, he achieved higher CGPA than me and aan.. in a much more difficult field, i think.. sayang has been really helpful today as well, for taking pics of us.. i cant wait to see the pictures, though i know i look horrible. sigh.. it was hot and sweaty and frankly, at that time i couldnt care less coz it was dhaney's day and we were having so much fun..

all the best wishes, dear brother,
for your future is yet to come..
one phase and yet another
choose carefully as they come..

Saturday, July 29, 2006

today is the open day at one of the Company's offices..

i went, thot it would be nice to mingle around..

emm.. it was not even an hour and i already got bored..

thank god i brought my own car, so i left before lunch..
sayang is so much better today..
but i'm starting to feel icky again..
but i just got well!!!


i need to get full dosage of VitC..

Thursday, July 27, 2006

oh no, i forgot..

tomorrow the Parents are coming over..

thank god dhaney will be with them.. dhaney's convocation is this saturday, am so happy for him..

but i have to do a major house-cleaning this evening.. the guest room is in shambles, well, that's not quite true.. it's ok, just berabuk je.. and i have to make sure all ashtrays are hidden.. well, sayang has gotten lesen besar to smoke in front of my dad, so, should be ok.. emm..
i drove him to the clinic last nite..

poor baby was sweating and swaying even he walked.. we wanted to do blood test to rule out dengue but the clinic's machine was not working.. so we drove home with bunches of medicine, antibiotic and all.. sayang went to bed shortly after taking his dinner and medicine.. he was sweating profusely in bed.. i wanted to open the window but i was scared he might get the chills so instead i opened the bedroom door and let the air from the living room circulate in..

today, sayang said he's feeling much better, he even made coffee for me! i am sooo happy.. and then after our trip to the clinic and i was preparing my stuff to go to work (yes, almost noon already but wat to do, i cant afford another emergency leave), he said he wanted to go to the track..

EH??!! amboi amboi, rasa baik sikit dah nak gie track.. dat was exactly my reply.. i told him, it's normal to feel better after sweating like dat at night but he is still weak and he needs to rest.. he replied that he really wanted to do the test or at least view it, he even promised to not test-drive the carts..

of course, i was livid.. first of all, the Company does not even pay us enuf to work when we are sick and secondly, the Company does not even appreciate you enuf to place you where you want to be!!

i tried with "NO", yes, of course it didnt work.. so i tried what other intelligent women do in situations like this: i said, go ahead and continue hauling my stuff to the door, to work, as if i dont care anymore.. when i turned, he was looking sheepishly enuf that i have to bit my inner cheeks from smiling.. i pushed, pergilah kalau nak.. and i left..

at the parking lot in KLCC i received a phone call.. emm, it's from sayang..

citykoos: yes?
sayang: yaaang..
citykoos: emm?
sayang: i tak jadi pergi lah..
citykoos: y not?
sayang: you were right, i went down to the parking with my bag and suddenly i was out of breath and sweating again..
citykoos: emm.. (i said to myself, he tried?!)
sayang: hmm.. then i'll c u later at home k..
citykoos: ok..
and somemore mushy2 stuff am sure u dont wanna know..

sayang is not well for two days now, and yet he is still at work..

sometimes i wonder where does he gets this energy to go.. i would run (ok, probably not run) straight to the hospital if i have anything that could not be cured with the miracle Actifast and my favorite blankie overnite..

i have to get him to the klinik, at least he'll get an MC but i know he wont use it now - he has testing sessions for the Company.. sigh.. my hubby a workoholic but balik rumah dok complain kat i, demam.. emm.. ni sure nak manja ni..

citykoos smiles.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

is it my foot or the car or is it the fuel?

my fuel consumption is terrible! it's almost the same as sayang's mitsi and that's terrible..

twice, with caltex i got 380km for 60 bucks, so that's approx 12.2km/ltr.. emm.. actually that's not bad, considering that i'm always in extreme city driving (bumps and trafic every 2-5km)..

then, with primax3 (yes, i decided to be LOYAL to the Company after hoarding enuf stickers to get Caltex's gym bag), also 380km for 60 bucks, which is strange coz my fren got 50km more.. and then another time with primax but this time i was on the highway to Melaka and i got 430km!! 50 km more.. emm..

it's not the foot,
it's not the car,
it's not the fuel..


Thursday, July 20, 2006

i have not been writing well these days..

i'd even noticed it in my work.. writing reports are like pulling a tooth out (ok, bad analogy but almost as painful).. sometimes i wonder whether my english and my general ability to write would deteriorate with time.. sometimes i would stare at the blank screen of this"create a post" for hours, my thot process is ok but putting them down in words takes effort and i wonder..

how many books have i read lately? almost nil.. emm..have i read the newspaper lately? in the smoking room, usually in a rush and i just scan the pages (yea, yea, so sometimes i just look at the pictures, so what)have i read any magazines besides female, women's weekly, instyle etc (u know what i mean)? err.. they are not in the hair or beauty salon that i frequent that will have all the other magazines..

how long do i sit in front of the screen called the TV? eh, almost right after work till bedtime..DUH!!!! no wonder my writing skills have gone haywire.. i have not read anything of substance or anything at all!! ok, mebe that's exagerating a bit but face it..

it's a wonder my speech is still ok.. oh no, didnt i hear sayang complained about my speech the other day..

Thursday, July 06, 2006

what is it with men and our handbags? why cant they ever seem to understand?

i went to work today with my tote and my gym bag, yes, finally i'm going to force myself to the gym after months of wasting money.. and then i met a guy friend in the lift. hi, how u doing, etc... were going on while the lift travels at almost lighting-speed.

suddenly he said, so many bags, cant you just combine them all into one?

i frowned, huh? this is my gym bag and this is my tote, i said, looking as if "DUH?"

and then he rolled his eyes (YES HE DID) and said well, ok, how about those two? your tote does not seem full anyway

maybe i was in lala-land for a while coz i wasnt getting him. my frown got deeper. i said, what other two?

that one! he pointed to a bit left of my chest, towards my arm.

eh?... it took me a while but OOH! my handbag? i asked.

yeah, y cant u combine them? he asked

and i must have sounded like a koo-koo to him coz my reply was "but.. but this is a handbag.."

mebe i should have explained further to him of how a handbag is literally not a "nice to have" anymore and maybe has never been one.. handbags are "need to have"s.. it's like a third piece of underwear, u just got to have one before going anywhere.. well, err.. some have.. err.. less.. underwear.. ehem..