Saturday, September 30, 2006

you will be amazed at how much i can endure and will be able to endure if i put myself to it..

but be careful, i might just decide i had enuf...

and then, where will we be?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

metabolic rate vs hormones: or are they the same?

i was sorting out my files in my hard disc last night and found my before pictures... god, i was thin.. frens and others say dont worry, it's normal after "that" that people gain weight, it's the hormones..

but i still dont get it.. i dont eat as much, and i go to the gym, well, maybe not as much as before but quite ok i think, so why??? my pants can hardly fit me now.. it's irritating and embarassing and i hate the hormons excuse.. what hormons? i certainly dont feel any more chemically inbalanced than before..

maybe it's the age.. and the whole metabolic rate shenanigan.. mebe my metabolic rate has slowed down and if i'm eating and doing gym at the same rate as before but the body consume calory at a much slower rate, then of course! habis tu, takkan tak makan langsung or spend half of the day killing myself at the gym??

will talk later when i have enuf info on this..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I have no idea why you acted like that.
Well, maybe I do. I can't see very well nowadays, yes, though I will not admit it again in any near future… and sometimes I tend to stare longer at a person (with a frown) trying to figure out whether they are who they are or whether my eyesight is wrong…
And thus, there you go, I certainly did not mean to not smile at you or pretend not to recognize you but I can't see!!
I don’t know why I am writing this. You are certainly not among my circle of friends, though, yes, we do have common friends and it would be rather awkward if we are contemptuous (for lack of better words) with each other. And history has taught me that you never know when you might need the person you’ve slighted…
It may sound strange to you but I am quite a pleasant person. I smile, I say thank you and I certainly say please, to most people, in general, and definitely to the people I know, a little or a lot. But there are some instances when I found that some treated me like I have slighted them in some way… emm… strange, coz I only slight rude and extremely inefficient people, which in this case, you might be one of the two… but the problem is, I might not remember it because I can't see you properly.. haha

Monday, September 18, 2006

presenting: imaan daniel

my dearest friend linda has a baby already!!!!!!!!


the baby boy, imaan daniel (nice name, i must say), was born on 31st of august 2006, two weeks earlier than expected..

the funny thing is that, i was at langkawi at that time and while having dinner with sayang on merdeka day, i told sayang that i havent seen linda for ages and i'd promised her to see her before her due date sometime in september.. so sayang said, dont wori lah, balik nanti pegilah jumpa dia... and then, when we went back to our room, i got an sms from linda... she had just delivered a baby boy!! oh my god, talk about coincidences!

but i finally had the chance to see them today.. they are doing really fine and linda has lost weight! caya lah!! hehehe..

beb, i wish you all the best in all that life has to offer.. yes, i'll join you in 2008.. 20.08.2008 is booked k.. but 08.08.08 oso fine, but i bet sure penuh delivery ward nanti!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

holiday, finally!

we are finally going on a holiday.. our extended honeymoon, so to speak.. both of us were in the same hectic / busy / pathetic project these past months...

so, yeah!

we r not going far.. we thot since we've been to europe, sayang has been to africa, i've done north america and some parts in china so why not we go local.. neither of us have been to langkawi..

yes, believe it.. so, we are taking 6 days off to see what's up there..

being me, i've had tons of langkawi webpages surfed, maps copied and printed and itinerary well planned.. i dunno whether it'll be like another "Melaka" (you know what i mean) or it'll really be fun for us.. i almost got bored in Paris so i'm crossing my fingers...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

recently, i've found out that there are two sorts of parents..

i have always believe that parents raised their kids as they were raised, with love and expectations for the kids' bright future and expect nothing out of them in return..

but then, i found out that there are parents who raise their kids out of necessity and when the kids are older they expect some sort of "payment" in return..i have always taken it for granted, but i am thankful that my parents are amongst the first one..

p/s: i will only start trying when you prove to me that your priorities are where i want them to be..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

my friend's birthday is coming up this 17th..

i have no idea what to get a lady/hot-mamma who already has everything (well, almost everything, i think) for her "ehem"th birthday... i thot of getting her a kitten since she lost figgie (yes, we think she's been eaten by a snake!) but sayang said the kitten (to be bought, that is) would probably cost about a grand with the certs and all.. i said, ala, ada yang murah kot..

frankly, i have no idea how much a kitten would cost, being allergic to cats and dogs and practically anything that has fur and all, i dont think i have even wondered about it.. sayang said it could go from 50 bucks to thousands depending on pedigree.. well, ok, can i get a mixed breed one for 200 or less? they're cats, they're not racists, i dont think so.. and it's a gift, anyways.. she loves cats, i would guess she loves all kinds of cats.. persian or paria (pardon my french)..

so, does this mean that i have to go shop for one? eeickk.. i distinctly remember the pungent smell of a pet shop and the sneezes afterwards..


double sigh..

tunggulah bila i baik demam and tengok cam ner..

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

oh yes, a new month, august is here already.. i didnt quite notice it with fever and all.. unfortunately, today, i have to go to work.. after sleeping the whole of sunday and half of monday, i think i'm feeling quite ok.. the doctor said my headache is gone and eventhough my throat still icky, my nose still stuffy and i have to breathe through my mouth, which is an act i despise (i hate people breathing onto me with their mouth (i do not wish to know what u had for lunch) and i do not wish to do the same to others..), i cant get another MC for today.. fine..

so i brought with me to the office a big box of kleenex.. hahaha.. one colleague saw it and he told me to go home.. i laughed, huskily, (though not naturally and not by choice) and said "it's the doctor's wish that i spread the virus around" and i bet u, the my whole office will be down with flu by the week's end..

Sunday, July 30, 2006

dhaney had his convo earlier today..

am so proud of him.. and of course, he achieved higher CGPA than me and aan.. in a much more difficult field, i think.. sayang has been really helpful today as well, for taking pics of us.. i cant wait to see the pictures, though i know i look horrible. sigh.. it was hot and sweaty and frankly, at that time i couldnt care less coz it was dhaney's day and we were having so much fun..

all the best wishes, dear brother,
for your future is yet to come..
one phase and yet another
choose carefully as they come..

Saturday, July 29, 2006

today is the open day at one of the Company's offices..

i went, thot it would be nice to mingle around..

emm.. it was not even an hour and i already got bored..

thank god i brought my own car, so i left before lunch..
sayang is so much better today..
but i'm starting to feel icky again..
but i just got well!!!


i need to get full dosage of VitC..

Thursday, July 27, 2006

oh no, i forgot..

tomorrow the Parents are coming over..

thank god dhaney will be with them.. dhaney's convocation is this saturday, am so happy for him..

but i have to do a major house-cleaning this evening.. the guest room is in shambles, well, that's not quite true.. it's ok, just berabuk je.. and i have to make sure all ashtrays are hidden.. well, sayang has gotten lesen besar to smoke in front of my dad, so, should be ok.. emm..
i drove him to the clinic last nite..

poor baby was sweating and swaying even he walked.. we wanted to do blood test to rule out dengue but the clinic's machine was not working.. so we drove home with bunches of medicine, antibiotic and all.. sayang went to bed shortly after taking his dinner and medicine.. he was sweating profusely in bed.. i wanted to open the window but i was scared he might get the chills so instead i opened the bedroom door and let the air from the living room circulate in..

today, sayang said he's feeling much better, he even made coffee for me! i am sooo happy.. and then after our trip to the clinic and i was preparing my stuff to go to work (yes, almost noon already but wat to do, i cant afford another emergency leave), he said he wanted to go to the track..

EH??!! amboi amboi, rasa baik sikit dah nak gie track.. dat was exactly my reply.. i told him, it's normal to feel better after sweating like dat at night but he is still weak and he needs to rest.. he replied that he really wanted to do the test or at least view it, he even promised to not test-drive the carts..

of course, i was livid.. first of all, the Company does not even pay us enuf to work when we are sick and secondly, the Company does not even appreciate you enuf to place you where you want to be!!

i tried with "NO", yes, of course it didnt work.. so i tried what other intelligent women do in situations like this: i said, go ahead and continue hauling my stuff to the door, to work, as if i dont care anymore.. when i turned, he was looking sheepishly enuf that i have to bit my inner cheeks from smiling.. i pushed, pergilah kalau nak.. and i left..

at the parking lot in KLCC i received a phone call.. emm, it's from sayang..

citykoos: yes?
sayang: yaaang..
citykoos: emm?
sayang: i tak jadi pergi lah..
citykoos: y not?
sayang: you were right, i went down to the parking with my bag and suddenly i was out of breath and sweating again..
citykoos: emm.. (i said to myself, he tried?!)
sayang: hmm.. then i'll c u later at home k..
citykoos: ok..
and somemore mushy2 stuff am sure u dont wanna know..

sayang is not well for two days now, and yet he is still at work..

sometimes i wonder where does he gets this energy to go.. i would run (ok, probably not run) straight to the hospital if i have anything that could not be cured with the miracle Actifast and my favorite blankie overnite..

i have to get him to the klinik, at least he'll get an MC but i know he wont use it now - he has testing sessions for the Company.. sigh.. my hubby a workoholic but balik rumah dok complain kat i, demam.. emm.. ni sure nak manja ni..

citykoos smiles.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

is it my foot or the car or is it the fuel?

my fuel consumption is terrible! it's almost the same as sayang's mitsi and that's terrible..

twice, with caltex i got 380km for 60 bucks, so that's approx 12.2km/ltr.. emm.. actually that's not bad, considering that i'm always in extreme city driving (bumps and trafic every 2-5km)..

then, with primax3 (yes, i decided to be LOYAL to the Company after hoarding enuf stickers to get Caltex's gym bag), also 380km for 60 bucks, which is strange coz my fren got 50km more.. and then another time with primax but this time i was on the highway to Melaka and i got 430km!! 50 km more.. emm..

it's not the foot,
it's not the car,
it's not the fuel..


Thursday, July 20, 2006

i have not been writing well these days..

i'd even noticed it in my work.. writing reports are like pulling a tooth out (ok, bad analogy but almost as painful).. sometimes i wonder whether my english and my general ability to write would deteriorate with time.. sometimes i would stare at the blank screen of this"create a post" for hours, my thot process is ok but putting them down in words takes effort and i wonder..

how many books have i read lately? almost nil.. emm..have i read the newspaper lately? in the smoking room, usually in a rush and i just scan the pages (yea, yea, so sometimes i just look at the pictures, so what)have i read any magazines besides female, women's weekly, instyle etc (u know what i mean)? err.. they are not in the hair or beauty salon that i frequent that will have all the other magazines..

how long do i sit in front of the screen called the TV? eh, almost right after work till bedtime..DUH!!!! no wonder my writing skills have gone haywire.. i have not read anything of substance or anything at all!! ok, mebe that's exagerating a bit but face it..

it's a wonder my speech is still ok.. oh no, didnt i hear sayang complained about my speech the other day..

Thursday, July 06, 2006

what is it with men and our handbags? why cant they ever seem to understand?

i went to work today with my tote and my gym bag, yes, finally i'm going to force myself to the gym after months of wasting money.. and then i met a guy friend in the lift. hi, how u doing, etc... were going on while the lift travels at almost lighting-speed.

suddenly he said, so many bags, cant you just combine them all into one?

i frowned, huh? this is my gym bag and this is my tote, i said, looking as if "DUH?"

and then he rolled his eyes (YES HE DID) and said well, ok, how about those two? your tote does not seem full anyway

maybe i was in lala-land for a while coz i wasnt getting him. my frown got deeper. i said, what other two?

that one! he pointed to a bit left of my chest, towards my arm.

eh?... it took me a while but OOH! my handbag? i asked.

yeah, y cant u combine them? he asked

and i must have sounded like a koo-koo to him coz my reply was "but.. but this is a handbag.."

mebe i should have explained further to him of how a handbag is literally not a "nice to have" anymore and maybe has never been one.. handbags are "need to have"s.. it's like a third piece of underwear, u just got to have one before going anywhere.. well, err.. some have.. err.. less.. underwear.. ehem..

Monday, June 26, 2006


do you notice the kind of information you give out during chit-chats with friends or with people u just met? when u are describing what ur job is, or where u work at or this and that?
do u know that there are people out there who actually collects information on your corporate strategy based on the "chit-chats"?
emm.. i didnt..
but now i know.. interesting..
a question i have heard today:

situation now: u love someone and you wanted to marry that person.scenario now: you got to know of an intelligence report that says that there is a 90% possibility of that person turning into a person that u dont like in the next 5 years

question now: would you still want to marry that person?

i dont know what others would answer but i bet there would be many who will disagree with me coz i would say yes in a heartbeat..

go figure..

Sunday, June 25, 2006

the mouse has lost one of the most important thing in her life..

it must have been 2 years plus since we were together.. why did it have to happen? i was so careful, we were never out of sight.. one fateful moment and you are gone.. i wish i could turn back time.. i'd never realise how difficult life could be without you..

oh my phone, please be found..

Friday, June 23, 2006


i have been sick for four days including the two that i've managed to get MCs..

my chest felt and still feels like it's going to explode with each cough.. i have a headache and my nose is still runny.. i have chill sweats from 8pm until 10am the next day, depending on how soon the sun decides to grace us with its presence, and my skin has a parlor that looks soo disgusting.. and not to mention that i have not shaved in four days... my legs felt like the wire brush in our toilet.. disgusting, yes, but they are all realtive to how i am feeling at the moment.. i couldnt care less.. all i wanted is for this virus thingy to go away..

but i lost 2 pounds.. woo hoo!

Monday, June 19, 2006


yes, it's almost 4 in the morning!

I was putting some finishing touches to my model and was planning to turn in right after sayang (after pleasantly suprised with australia's loss hehe), and then graph here, graph there, the 42 inch rectangular thingy started to show france vs south korea.. i thot, great, france would barely survive this..and i dont want to see zidane's disappointment but just as i was about to click on the "X", thierry henri scored a goal! heh? emm.. ok... and then there was a goal that was not a goal but i could have sworn it was one.. anyways...

and now it's halftime.. urrgghh.. sleep or not?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

drama queen (ii)

i dont feel bad anymore..

the email that i sent out the other day had sped up a lot of things and my colleague finally got his stuff.. yea! the PIC even gave out his personal hp number to them so that they can contact him instead.. lets just hope that this kind of service will maintain and improve..

i'm not a drama-maker, lets get this one thing straight. some people would go out of their way to not offend others eventhough they are the ones who felt the pinch (yes, pinch, not punch k). sometimes i do that too, well, quite often actually. but when being nice and polite is not getting anywhere and we are being even more pinched, then i say start making noise and pinch back (again, just pinch, no punching). sayang even said mebe it's the only language that they will understand the urgency of the matter.

do they really? do we need to be rude to get our message across and fast? i dunno but this is what i encountered.. service people are strange (haha).. when we are polite, they might walk over you: oh so many excuses, jap lah, nantilah, yes i look into that in a minute, yes i'll tell the pc support to expedite... and they will probably take an hour to find the size you wanted or three months to get your pc fixed. but when we are rude or threatening (mebe just by saying "where's your boss?" in a very irritating/urgent manner), then suddenly, everything speeds up.. miracles can happen within minutes, i must say, coz my size miraculously appeared and two days after that email, the pc got fixed.

mebe it's not fair to generalize but when you think about it, it does happen often, now, doesnt it?

Monday, June 12, 2006

monday blues

the weekends crept up on me and passed by as silent..

i cant even remember what we did for the weekends..

oh yes, i went to pilates on saturday and that's practically it.. we need to get a hobby.. or i think, at least sayang needs to get a hobby.. i am, happily, a glorified weekends-couch-potato.. i love and cherish the tot of just simply lounging off on the sofa or even sleeping off the weekends.. but sayang has to have something to do.. and i feel obliged to do something with him and in the end will leave me disgruntled and cranky and will have an even worse monday..


Sunday, June 11, 2006

off my back, please.

i've made up my mind..

nobody will ever get to tell me what i can or cannot wear.. ever, again..

if you are not satisfied with how i dress, then i simply wont go.. easy as a-b-c.. this is not high-school and you are not my "cikgu Hal-Ehwal-Pelajar".. she wanted to know what i just simply wont change.. well, THIS IS ONE OF IT!! get used to it, coz i'm beginning to think that i'm tolerating this situation more than they are.

if i can bite my tongue refraining myself from all the sarcastic remarks i so wanted to make, they can learn to close their eyes and mouth.

Friday, June 09, 2006


my fren, lin, had an episode with an anonymous "comment-er" in her blog... to me that was really uncalled for but we suspected that the anonymous person really terasa by the blog lin wrote and lashed out nastily..

i think, people have to realise that blogs are one of the channels we vent out, express ourselves, to whomever out there.. it's some sort of a weird theraphy, being able to tell strangers (well, in most cases that is) what we think, what we feel.. believe me, sayang has not been able to understand why i blog, especially when i keep my blog a secret from people other than few close frens.. hehehe.. am still shy.. ;P

anyways, back to the topic.. disclaimer, yes, i also would not appreciate any nasty comments to my blog (since i have higher tendency to be chemically inbalanced and moody and pms-y and irrational than most people), so, i will place a disclaimer on the top of my blog.. it will have something like this:

if you dont like what i've blogged, just click on the "x" at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.. if u still feel like you have something to say, make your own blog and vent out and "comment" me your address.. you can have a whole blog of men"caci" other people's blog but at least this way, i wont have to read it!

drama queen (i)

i sent an email that could make someone's life miserable.. or at least, very very annoyed..

i wish there's a "retract" button..sayang said mebe it's best to save all "nasty" emails as draft first and review it tomorrow when wen my chemicals are about balanced and then press the "send" button..



Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hong Kong Airport

yes, i am at the Hong Kong International Airport at the moment.. quite an amazing airport, i must say.. the internet facility in the lounge is quite good, could be excellent if they provide wireless and a smoking room.. emm..

i'm worried... seriously... i have managed to wallop the nasi goreng, 2 lamb kebabs, 2 salmon sate-like-thingies, one pear, two cookies and an apple juice.. and i also ate on the flight from Nanjing to Hong Kong, and not to forget, that small bun i had at 630am this morning before leaving for the airport.. i have no bloody idea what's wrong with me!!! i have been eating like a pig lately..

GOD, I HOPE I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no, i dont think so, how can that be, am on the pill.. yes, breath, breath in deeper.. exhale... fuh..

on a totally different chord, i have made up my mind, i think i will change gym.. i have yet to muster 5 reasons why but i think i could easily do it now..

1. 32 bucks more than TTFC
2. Loads of people3
. so leceh to go during lunch hour (have to walk, like, what, 10 minutes to maxis and then have to get a card to swipe in.. come on..) and so penat to walk after work
4. no towel service at that price (TTFC offer towels at that price)
5. shower conditions are not that good for the price that you pay (i think the result of loads of people)6. have to queue to get into class.. what la..
7. the BodyStep instructors are not interesting anymore..
8. hahaha... this is a good one, RPM classes hurt my crotch! hey, RPM classes were my main reason to register at FF in the first place!

so what, 8 reasons now..

emm.. definitely so..
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

DaVinci's Code

we went to watch the movie last night..

literally, no comment.. dats probably y i never bother to read the book.. yeah, so, call me clueless.. like i care.

BUT I GOT TIX TO WATCH X-MEN 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

things to do that i cant remember

i seemed to be so not organized lately. my eyes are blurry with all the numbers that i have to analyze and i seemed to forget everything that i have to do.. shit, have i taken my dry-cleaning? yes, oh thank god..

today, tuesday:
1. should i go to the gym during lunch? emm..
2. pick up mail at pos laju center after work
3. visit mak ngah and pak ngah from UK

tomorrow, wednesday:
1. apply for advance for stupid trip at BTM
2. go to kopetro

day after tomorrow, thursday:
1. gym after work

that's all that i can remember for now.


playing the waiting game

i have to go to china again next week, well, this sunday actually..

it sucks.. the trip has been postponed since two weeks ago and i have no idea why we are going in the first place.. or, in other words, i have no idea why they wanted me to go.

i've finished all the numbers they wanted me "analyze" and personnaly, i dont think i will add value to the meeting (cewah!) no, really, my opinion, the thing that they have to pin down now is the technical stuff and decision on the numbers between the parties, and the numbers are there with all the conditions required. i do not want to go just to write minutes of meeting.

i have concluded my opinion about this department long time ago and til today, it still stands. the engineers are still so high up on themselves and treated others like their "kuli". over and over again i've told myself that i had it, i'm fed-up and i'm going to leave. but i'm still here, partly because of the comfort factor but mainly because i want my upgrade first. i am so willing to learn new skills, skills that are actually recognized, rather than sitting in a box of a different description but doing other tasks. not that my other tasks are insignificant but they are not applicable for skill group that i am in. and to change skill group now, without being upgraded first would have me competing with others who have done tons within the new skill group. i'm in a dilemma but the most decent thing i've heard the department has done for me is to appeal for my upgrade, which i have yet to know the outcome.

so, i am playing the waiting game but is it worth it?
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Monday, May 22, 2006

for you...

I Love the Way You Love Me
John Michael Montgomery

I like the feel of your name on my lips
I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss
The way that your fingers run through my hair
And how your scent lingers
Even when you're not there

I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
How you enjoy your two-hour baths
And how you convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Heart and soul, so completely
I love the way you love me

I love the sound of old RNB
You roll your eyes When I'm slightly off key
And I like the innocent way that you cry
At sappy old moviesY
ou've seen thousands of times

And I could list a million things
That I love to like about you
But they all come down to one reason
I could never live without you

missing daisy...

went back to my parents house yesterday.. my parents, my dad especially, seemed to miss daisy so much.. i tried to ignore it but i cant.. yes, i do miss her.. a lot.. she's more than just my first car.. she's my symbol of independence, of living my own life and paying for my own way.. fuuh..

and then i stopped by upm to drop off some of dhaney's stuff.. he complimented on suzie but then he said "so, no more daisy huh?" and i nearly cried.. even my crazy brother loves her..

then, i went to the car dealer to drop of daisy's cert of insurance and there she was, all cleaned up and repaired, like the baby i brought home nearly four years ago.. the owner was nice enuf to park her under the shades as compared to the others in the area..

i miss her, i miss her quirky rattles everywhere, her lack of air-cond gas even after i've changed the freaking can, the i-cant-sneeze-otherwise-i'll-crash feeling when she literally flies at 160kph trying to show off and i miss the attitude she has when having to deal with "monster trucks" bullying her... i miss her, i miss her, i miss her...

dear daisy,
i know that whenever i see a silver kelisa, i'll be wondering if it's you.. have a good life and take care of your new owner like you did me..
love, mommy..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

she's here!!!!!!!!


after quite an issue, she's finally here..

my swift little ms suzie..

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

she's nearly here

she's nearly here..

but somehow she's seemed so hard to get..and that's nobody's fault but mine!!
urrghh..sayang is sooo helpful...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

happy mother's day, mak..

you are the pillar of my life, the strength that i drew upon ,and like the northstar, the light that guided me home..

i know i really rarely almost never say it, but

i love you.

oh pleez!!

had a very interesting / annoying / i-dont-want-to-know discussion with MIL.

i dont even know what started it but it got my blood rushing to my head in matter of minutes into the discussion.

first, dont make any opinions of me.

second, you would probably jump out of you skin if i REALLY tell you what i dont want to change, and

third, i DO NOT want to know how f***ed-up your marriage is and what was done to you!!!!

i have a very high tolerance for pain and insult and you tested it really well. i sincerely thank you for whatever it is that you taught him to make him into the fine man he is but get off my back. he's an adult now.i really symphatize your family for having to deal with you.

thank god the kid will be out of the house soon.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mission Impossible Trois

we went to watch mission impossible III last week.. emm.. what was cool about it? obviously, tom cruise, though his recent "marriage" to katie holmes (she's younger than me and i was like, what, 11 years old when i began drooling at Cruise!! it's kinda disgusting..) does dampened my ever-glowing mention of him..

anyways, the movie.. as usual, action-packed and as usual, the first one was the best.. the story does, i mean, really, revolved around him.. the other members in the MI:III team did not have any significance in the movie, not like the first one.. they might as well not be there and the title might as well be named Hunt's Mission Impossible.. and it is soooooooo predictable..

anyways, that's my opinion..

regardless, terrible or not, one-man-show or not, like batman and all milla jovovich strange movies, if they ever come out with M:I:IV, V, or XX, i will still be one of the first to book online for the tix (what, u think am gonna queue for tickets? come on..)..

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Test Drive: Episode Numero Uno Vios vs Myvi

sayang had it all planned out for me.. since i've decided that i'm going to change car (daisy is four years old and bare), we are going to test drive the vios, city, suzie and myvi.. i was not a fan of test drives coz i hate driving people's car, i really do... so, i did not expect anything to come out of this since i've already made up my mind that with my budget and preference with small cars (yes, yes, i still have a phobia of driving big cars), i'd probably get the myvi.. sigh.. what to do..

but anyways, we went to test the vios first.. the first thing the sales guy told me was not to worry, i can floor as much as i like.. i looked that scared is it?but MAN!!! i tell you, it was the first sedan car i drove that i dont even feel like it's a sedan! ok, am mumbling and rojak-ing my sentences but hey, am excited.. and you have to bear with me that i will describe the car from a woman's point of view.. hahahaha...

anyways, the car is not as heavy as i expected.. it's not even 1 tonne k!! the steering wheel's response was good, i didnt feel like i had to haul the car.. it danced with me when i tried cilok-ing here and there and it moved when i floored.. ok, so mebe not as good as abang daisy but hell, certainly much better than daisy.. the panelling inside is cool, except for the center display thingy.. not that irritating but have to get used to especially when i cant think of anywhere else to put my shades on.. emm... seats are nice, mirror on the driver's side (cool!) and black is easy to get.. but the boot seemed difficult to close! look and feel so plastic-ky..

we said goodbye to Ah-Seow, the ever-so-friendly toyota sales guy and head to the perodua sales next block. the sales guy seemed more eager to layan us (mebe coz he saw abang daisy) than when i drove alone with daisy! anyways, we got our test drive car almost immediately.. i was a bit more eager to drive the myvi than the vios, assuming that the cheekiness would be almost the same as daisy.. and i drove the car.. and i floored.. and i tried to move... errr.... eh? EH?!! damn damn damn! no words could have described my disappointment.. of course, sayang did say not to expect the same level of movement (or something) with the myvi coz the body is bigger but stiiiiillllll.........

i was willing to forgo the strange looking radio console that seemed to assume the driver is either shortshighted or a child but i cannot, will not, forgo the feel that i get when driving daisy.. the pedal seemed, how would i describe it, soft? and the distance between the pedal and the carpet underneath is short.. some would say that you just have to get used to it but stiiiiiiiil.... we postponed the city and suzie test drives coz it was gonna rain, but mainly because i was in a near catatonic state of disappointmnet. we stopped to have a snack at McD (i couldnt even finished my fav burger) and sayang suggested to test drive the myvi again at another dealer, mebe this one is being floored too often and not being serviced etc.. so that the performance is not as it should be.. i was still pouting.. i told him, come Monday, he should go and test drive one of our friend's new myvi and feel the car.. he agreed..b

ack to the main topic, definitely vios if you have additional 30k.. but pour moi? je ne sais pas.. i will wait..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

not flg that good..

am not feeling welll..

its 130pm and am at home with an aching body and nauseous as hell.. nope, am not pregnant, thank you...

i must have had ten missed calls from one of the project manager.. well, too freaking bad, am not in the mood to answer your calls..

Monday, May 01, 2006

i'm Jasmine!

hahahha! i took the quiz from elinz blog and am a JASMINE!!


Independent and adventurous. You don't want much; just to break out of the guilded cage society has put you in and experience life to the fullest. Following orders isn't really one of your strong points, and you would rather live a life of poverty than being forced into something that you hate

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

abg daisy turned red and got turbo now..

sayang got a new car today..

well, actually its the same car but with turbo and it's RED! cool!! daisy got a new brother..

should i get a myvi or the city? interest rate is climbing, mebe i should just change daisy's suspension and stick with it till i get pregnant.. emm.. pregnant? mebe not so soon.. am not ready to be irrevocably FAT!!

cant sleep again.. emm.. mebe its the mug of caffein beside the lappie.. sayang's happily in the dreamworld..5 more minutes and am turning in..

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abg daisy turned red and got turbo now..

sayang got a new car today..

well, actually its the same car but with turbo and it's RED! cool!! daisy got a new brother..

should i get a myvi or the city? interest rate is climbing, mebe i should just change daisy's suspension and stick with it till i get pregnant.. emm.. pregnant? mebe not so soon.. am not ready to be irrevocably FAT!!

cant sleep again.. emm.. mebe its the mug of caffein beside the lappie.. sayang's happily in the dreamworld..5 more minutes and am turning in..

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