Thursday, July 14, 2005


i met a gym mate of mine on the way to the gym during lunch hour today..
i complained to her that i've gained "toot" kgs in the past few months that sayang was here; the exact amount of kgs that i lost 4 years ago which took me almost the whole year to lose.. and she was saying how frustrated it is that we went up and down, up and down the stepper, half dead to burn fat and oh, we'll probably lose less than a kg in a week but if stray a bit, suddenly fell into the craving of nasi lemak or kfc, up 2kgs we'll be THE NEXT DAY...
it is frustrating.. i do admit it.. gym is painful.. well, at least pour moi.. how did i get like this??? i managed to maintain my weight for four years and all of the sudden, shiiiiiiit... but yes, i do love having boobs again, as anis so tactfully say, my boobs are definitely bigger now.. hehehe.. ala, naik 10 sen je dah nak bising..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

is it possible to hate one's job so much?

i think it is..