Thursday, June 30, 2005

please, god..

am going back to Melaka tonite..

i havent packed a thing..

am nervous.. am stressed.. and am in a mood.. a black one.. sigh..

mr. and mrs. smith

i sooooo want to be mrs. smith last nite.. sorry yang..
he was oh so cute.. and she was gorgeous!!!
but the movie was ok to good.. not as WAH!! as the 95% of War of the Worlds but not disappointing either, although, its kinda strange that the couple did managed to get away from flying bullets from all directions (with them smacked in the middle of the foray) without a scratch.. but hey, rather that than they conclude with a narration..

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

War of the Worlds aka "The Ferriers' Journey to Grandma's House"

we saw the movie yesterday..

i dont know what to say..

i didnt want to be a spoiler but here it goes..

95% of the movie was WAH.. WAH.. and WAH!! it was as good as the trailer made it to be.. tom cruise was as cute and droolly as ever, and the effects were nail-biting and hand-gripping (sorry yang..)

and the last 5% was... was... eh?

maybe it should be called "The Ferriers' Journey to Grandma's House" instead of "War of the Worlds" coz it did seem like that was the highpoint of the movie..

forget getting the dvd.. i will look for Independence Day dvd instead..

dear mr. spielberg,
i understand that its the ending in the book but could u at least twist it a bit so it'll be as dramatic and as 'punching' as the rest of movie? u changed most of the story-line from the book, why not the ending.... why not the ending??!!!

disclamer: this is a personal opinion.. hehehe

Sunday, June 26, 2005

am going home today..

at noon..

BUT SAYANG'S COMING WITH ME!!!!!! yea, yea yea!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i finally shopped..

Friday, June 24, 2005

something smells shitty..

god, its hot.. the later in the afternoon, the hotter it gets..
i just got back from Coop, a version of Cold Storage, planning to get only chocolates for martina and dishwashing liquid (yes, periuks and pans and plates in the sink) but i ended up with 42 bucks of groceries; i got sugar, eggs, margerine, sayang's fav chocolune, chocos for martina, more choco's someone pesan from home, dishwashing liquid and sayang hair gel.. and i brought only 2 small pastic bags (paper bags at supermarkets are not free..) mak datuk oi.. heret lah balik rumah..
i was sweating like a pig, and the area smells like shit.. apparently, they spray manure somewhere when they expect a rainy day the next day.. man, tomorrow's gonna be hot, wet and shitty.. thank god, we're going out of town tomorrow.. sigh..
one more load in the dryer to pick up..

up and down

oh man, i left the vacuum downstairs..

yes, sayang's not-so-new apartment has a loft of somewhat, that has a bedroom, bathroom and a balcony.. downstairs are the kitchen, living room and a yard.. it's cool actually.. but not when u realized that u left ur ciggies downstairs early in the morning.. and then, it's my only exercise over here.. up and down the stairs..

boo boo baa baa

we had leftover lontong from dinner last nite for lunch just now.. i wished i hadnt eaten too much, now, am sleepy and feeling really really heavy..

tonite we are having dinner at erich's house, sayang's boss.. which reminds me, i have to go get some chocos for his gf.. man, i havent even showered and there's another load of laundry waiting for me..

yes, i have a thing with doing laundries, especially when there's a dryer and am not paying for electricity and water.. i cant wait to have dirty clothes so that i can do laundry again.. hahahah.. u must think am joking, but i am not.. the only thing that annoys me with doing laundry is having to fold or hang them in the closet.. sigh.. sicko..

Thursday, June 23, 2005

nasi beriani resepi made easy

so that i wont forget how i cooked the nasi beriani.. it was dang good and easy!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!! the resepi on the packet suggested that u cook the chicken along with the rice, but i only eat beriani gam for that.. so, i'd substituted it with chicken stock instead to maintain the chicky taste in the nasi..

oh, thanx to maggi for a vanderfuul creation...

1 paket rempah nasi beriani Maggi
2 cups of beras - washed and drained
1 bawang besar - cincang
1 cube chicken stock
2 tablespoons (or more) margerine / mentega / ghee etc
different kinds of rempah ratus, amts are as per ur on taste (u have to know that i have no idea what they are called.. the easiest is to just get the already mixed ones at carrefour)
- some bunga lawang, 1 kayu manis, some cengkih, little green pods thingies, etc..
some raisins and green peas

1. Put margerine in a heated pan. Stir fry bawang and rempah ratus till golden brown.
2. Add in rempah nasi beriani and chicken stock till wangi.
3. Add in beras and stir fry till completly mixed
4. Transfer the mixed beras (rempah ratus, oil and all in the pan) into the rice cooker pot.
5. Put in water - i have no idea how much water u'll need.. for me, it depends on the level of the beras, something my mom taught me.. Stick in ur index finger till the bottom of the pot and measure the height of the beras level. then, lift ur finger and stick it in again but this time only up to the top of the beras, measure the height of the water on top of the beras. the height of ur water level should equal the height of the beras level. confuse? well, cook it as u would cook ur normal rice in the rice cooker..
6. when its cook, and the rice cooker clicked to warm, add in the raisins and peas and stir to mix well.
7. leave for few minutes and serve with rendang ayam or ayam madu or kurma, made also from either adabi or maggi... eh, at least i didnt use brahim and just pour in what's in the packet..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

BMW Sauber?

BMW Sauber announcement imminent
Press conference scheduled for later today. BMW expected to unveil Sauber plans...

After months of rumour, BMW will later today hold a press conference in Germany where they will announce its plans ongoing plans with Peter Sauber’s Swiss-based F1 team. Prof. Dr. Burkhard G√∂schel (Member of the Board of Management of the BMW AG, Development and Purchasing), Dr. Mario Theissen (BMW Motorsport Director) and Peter Sauber will be present at the press conference. It has been speculated that BMW will purchase the Sauber team although both parties have always denied such a suggestion claiming that they are in talks over an engine supply deal for the 2006 season.

êxcerpts from

goo goo ga gaa..

sayang's working over lunch today.. sigh, thank god or computers and internet connection at home..
yes, lin, i really agree of getting a computer at home.. and internet connection.. i want my own too... emm.. yaaaaaang, instead of handbags and shoes and wallets, can i ask for a lappie instead? hahahahaha.. fat chance huh?
ok, i better go and shower...

batman and shopping

we went to watch Batman Begins yesterday.. nice.. not awesome but ok.. the usual batman stuff.. since my brother got me hooked on batman's comic years ago, i do make a point to watch all the batman movies, each with a new hope that it'll be better than the last.. sigh.. no such luck.. i always ended up rooting for the bad guys.. Poison Ivy was my favorite.. ;)
anyways, next we'll see Mr. and Mrs. Smith.. this, i cant wait!!!!!! two of my favorite moviestars, well, actually my favorite actress and actor; angelina jolie and brad pitt!!!!!!!!! i cant wait, i cant wait, i cant wait.. but not tonite coz sayang's taking me to Zurich-city to get some stuff.. sigh... if i tell u guys this, u'd rolled over and laughed.. i cant seemed to shop over here.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uuurrrrggggghhhhh....
last saturday we went to Mendrisio, there's a big factory outlet there with all sorts of famous brands and and we wanted to get some stuff for our day.. but i ended up getting only a small black Bally purse, which i actually in need of one.. itu pun after the second round (we came back to the Bally when i cant find anything i like in other stores)... am i dat finicky? i dont think so.. mebe am just not in a shopping mood.. huh? emmm...
let's hope we'll find something tonite.. or if not, we'll probably go to another outlet in germany this coming saturday.. oh, i feel so bad..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

a real summer this time

summer comes with a vengence this time around, pour moi...
u know how i used to ridicule zurich's summer? yes, well, now, is hot, it's sweltering, the sun sets at 930 at nite (which is not bad actually) but the sun RISES, oh, at about 5am like dat... NO SHIT!!!!!!!! i thot i'd slept in today coz when i woke up i was sweating and feeling so icky (the usual condition when u woke up after 12noon in malaysia) and rushed to the bathroom to bathe.. and then i saw my watch, huh? its only 845am??? r u serious?
oh well, more time to laze around and do nothing.. well, actually i have to go and do laundry.. then i might go to migros but then again, since i've forgotten what little i've learned of german language, i better not.. hehe..

Sunday, June 19, 2005

no mowing..

i suck at mowing lawns... hahaha..

if we were to have a garden, yang, please get me a heavy duty motorized lawn-mower.. but then again, cutting off the grass with a gardening cutter (i have no idea what those 'macho' version of an ordinary scissors are called) can be quite therapeutic.. chomp chomp chomp.. and u see them fall down...

Saturday, June 18, 2005


sorry, i fordot..

happy 22nd birthday, dear brother, and a lot more to come..
i wish u all ur wishes to come true..
i wish u all the happiness in world
i wish u a love so true
and i pray that God continues to grace his blessings upon u..

Friday, June 17, 2005

da da di du..

i arrived safely friday morning.. no problem with the immigration this time hehehe.. i did make the best effort to have my "sembab" face made up so that i dont look "pasar" to the finicky swiss officials..
this time the weather is terrific.. it was warm enuf, with a slight "air-conditioning" coolness effect and the sun is marvellous.. i have to say that the sun here is more "terik" than in M'sia..
so, anyways.. goddammit, i have to get used to sayangs keyboard again.. yes, its the german version where the y and z switched places, along with some other alphabet, and there are tonnes of other little signs and they have this other "shift-like" function called Alt-Gr for those extra symbols the people from this area must have loved using.. emm..for all its trouble, its pretty cool k++ (ok, that's an example where they switched the exclamation mark from shift-1 to some other place after the alphabet P) the keyboard is cordless and so does its matching mouse...
men, they can barely get their socks to match but when it comes to their techie stuff, by god, they have to match.. sorry yang, i just can resist.. and next time remind me to bring a keyboard from m'sia k.. love u

Monday, June 13, 2005

to see sayang

FOUR MORE DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea! yea!

bleak monday

it's a bleak, bleak monday..
somehow the tune of the original song got stuck in my head the moment i saw how cloudy the freaking sky.. and how warm and snuggly my comforter was.. uurrrggghhh.. monday.. i was late again, as usual, but it's worse nowadays coz they closed the u-turn intersection (for the other lane) after the traffic lite (somewhere at my place) and now the cars from the other lane had to make a u-turn at the traffic lite which in turn made the red lite longer and the traffic at my side of the lane worse..
i know am rambling but what the heck.. i have a pounding pain at the side of my right jaw since tuesday last week and it hurts real bad whenever i open my mouth wide.. up till now, i have three thoeries to go by; one: i have an ear infection which affected the ENT mucus-way or something, two: my right lower jaw is mis-aligned (i have no idea how this could happen since i was never involved in any jaw-misaligning-fights) and three: my wisdom tooth is peeking out..
I have a strong suspicion that it's number 3.. but WTF?? i'm reaching 30 and u're just coming out? does this mean that i can grow a little bit taller? oh, like around 4 inches more?( of my legs that is, not my head or any other part of my body) pleeeeeaaaasssseee? hmm.. fat chance, ya..

Thursday, June 09, 2005

my morning

i know u're bigger than me..
i know u can be much much faster than me if u choose too..
but until u do (choose to be fast, that is) MOVE to the left lane!!!
i'm freaking late and u drive like this is some sight-seeing bridge!!
ppl use this highway to get to the office FAST, if u want to fiddle-daddle, use jalan ampang!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

supposed to be so simple..

im sooo stressed...
there's just not enuf time!!!
it would be awful for me to just leave them with all the things to do but then.. uurrrggghhh!!! it was supposed to be soo simple..