Monday, May 30, 2005

postcard pictures

it was such a pretty sight...
the heavy rain yesterday did good for KL.. usually, i wouldnt be able to see the towers this clearly from my window.. it would always be hazey or smog-y.. but today, it was all fresh green and the bluest of blue and purest of white.. the delicate fog that enveloped the city was amazing from here..
i wished i could take better pictures.. am sure sayang would have been able to capture the amazing colors better than me..

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Friday, May 27, 2005

getting shouldered at

yea! sayang loves the paragraph i made for him!! i've only let a couple of my STF sisters read my stories, and that was ages ago!
anyways, dats dat.. today, after gym during lunch hour (on my way to Famous Amos for the macadamia nut soft cookie.. sigh..), i suddenly decided to be rude.. someone walked into me without even saying i'm sorry!! i dont know what's wrong with these people.. maybe it's me who's tooooo freaking courteous (yes, im the one who muttered out sorry to the guy who bumped into me!) or maybe its automatic for me and just too damn strange for others..
and suddenly, im like, WTF, lets see how many people actually gets annoyed when i bumped into them.. so there i went, hauling my gym bag on my shoulders, a tote and a phone in my hand, held my head high and walked straight to Famous Amos... i did not swerve one bit for anyone, let it be the slow-pokes makciks and pakciks, huge guys, smelly guys or a line of giggling teenagers.. u want to walk into me, be prepared to be shouldered by me.. i was on a vengence..
oh my god, not only that they didnt even give a look (u know, one of those turn-and-stare-with-a-frown to show your disbelief), none of them said anything, not even a single hey! or ouch! either they honestly didnt feel my gym shoes poking out from my bag or they pretended its nothing just to avoid confrontation or maybe its just normal to be squashed by other people.. is this there something missing right here? emm...

sang kura2

oh, did i tell u that the paragraph is in MALAY!!!


ohmigod, i must have read like, oh maybe, only 10 malay books in my life.. sang kancil dan sang kura2 or si beruk makan cili or something when i was 4 or 5 years old tak kira ye!

a paragraph

last nite i took sayang's challenge and created a paragraph for him.. sorry yang, i couldnt sleep, especially when u gave me something to think about.. hehehe...
and by the time i lay my head on the pillow to sleep, i perfected the concept in my head... i know how the couple will look like, i know the main characters, the punch lines and i have the ending.. everything at the back of my mind..
it's getting all of those together that's difficult.. weaving a story out of traces of events, completing the gaps between episodes in my head..
uurgghh, lets go smoke..

three weeks to go..

today, in three weeks time, at this hour i will be on the plane to zurich..
a couple more hours to land.. a couple more hours to see sayang..
yeah, yeah, cheesy.. but DUA BULAN LEBIH wei i havent seen my sayang..

Thursday, May 26, 2005

wat la..

i tell you, this thing i have with writing is tres tres strange.. and it bothers me! when i really, really want to write (remember that love poem i wanted to write for sayang? yes, that one..), i cant even hold a proper sentence.. but when im in a middle of something, i suddenly feel this urge..
it's annoying.. especially when u try to sleep early, knowing you have to go to work early in the morning, and suddenly PANG! i need to write something.. the images were so clear in my head, the dialogues and sometimes even the faces of the characters.. i tried to ignore them, and there i was tossing and turning at 2 am in the morning, fighting the urge and ending up taking a teaspoonful (no, am not addicted, i know my limit k) of cough syrup to drowse me sleep!!!
it's embarassing!! i remember the first year in college, i took english lit classes.. oh, dat time the urge was horrible, but not the worst.. i came early to class and started to jot down the things in my head and all of the sudden there was this guy frowning at me.. are u talking 2 urself? was what i heard.. GOD DAMN IT!! i was lip-reading the things i wrote!!!
but i'd never say it's a curse or i hated it.. yes, it bothers me, it annoys me, and it did, one time, embarassed me, but once, in the loneliest of my days it kept me sane.. and one of these days, i will take it up again and then we'll see how far i can challenge myself, balancing reality with fantasy..
HAHAHAHA not so corny la bebs.. wat la..

the need to write

i have the strangest but the most familiar urge lately.. and it was strong, beating at the back of my mind..
i have had this urge before, for as long as i can remember, and for as long as my mind can wander.. it was strong then, and oh, i did indulged in it... then, it disappeared for a while, letting me relish reality..
but now?
it'll only interfere.. i dare not lift a finger, i dare not wield a pen, only to let them linger at the back of my mind.. but the urge is so very strong...
the need to create
they come in flashes of color
the wildest imagination ever
fantasies never known boundaries
reality stretched to a point of envy
leave me alone, i ask of you
i love my world with boundaries
limits that i see to a tee
and a love that is so much a reality..
i'll lose myself if i indulge
ur world is a dream at large
spans of wings to see me fly
but none to wipe the tears i cry
leave me alone, for now, at least..
i'll never forsake u or deny u ur peace..
the time will come, i beg u please
when all the pages will finally be finished..
Copyright ©2005 Dila Mohd

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

nothing usually happen on tuesdays

tuesdays and thursdays are my boring days.. dont think i can think of anything that are memorable to them...
monday is oh-god-it's-the-first-day-of-work day, wednesday is come-on-it's-halfway-to-go-before-weekends day and friday is the famous thank-god-it's-friday and then the weekends are weekends, the please-dont-let-it-be-over-yet days
well, this tuesday began as boring as usual.. and i have a nagging feeling that 17th of May is one of my friends' birthday but for the life of me, i cant remember whose it is.. hiya...

Saturday, May 14, 2005


i managed to be the first one to "die" first in the two out of four games we played.. sigh.. but it was a blast!!
and it was scary and too damn fast and not too sakit.. ya la, i got shot at from a farther distance than my other mates hehe.. all of them have bruises to show off but i have 3 measly cuts on my left arm.. ok wat.. not as bad as i expect it to be.. and i got to be a General! hehehe..
anyways, we played four games and won only once.. thanx to AO who managed to be the last man standing to fetch the flag from the other side.. the other three games, we were slaughtered.. mebe we'll do a better job the next time around in the karnival keluarga..

Friday, May 13, 2005

this and that

i honestly thot i had ran out of luck since morning.. not only that i am still not cured from this flu thingie that seemed to be affecting my hearing now, daisy was side-swept by a motorbike this morning.. uurrggghhh.. thank god, she was not scratched.. and then i remembered that it's friday the 13th today..
anyways, Linda's making history.. she's getting engaged this 20th May 2005 at 20:05hrs.. hehehe.. caya lah babe!!
and im still paintballing tomorrow morning.. it's ok since the event is only one day and i can still attend my day of indulgence and pampering (after being bruised tomorrow.. eiik...).. but the thing is, we have to report in at EIGHT in the freaking morning.. waduh... waduh.. are u serious?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

sickly wednesday

i am sick today..
my throat feels like it's on fire, my eyeballs feel so hot and my nose is leaking icky stuff and blocking precious air into my lungs.. but still i smoke.. sigh.. and oh yeah, am i terribly pms-ing.. my back is hurting and am cramping.. and i just remembered that i'll be having my period during my day of pampering.. and this morning i showed a finger to 3 colleagues for pissing me off, at the same time, of course..
im officially in the blackest mood of the year.. but yet, it's only may.. i just want an MC..

Monday, May 09, 2005

not finished yet


did i mention that the day of indulgence and pampering also includes a shopping spree?




embrace the chaos

last nite was funny..

i called up my mom to wish her happy mother's day.. i know, i know, i forgot.. and she wished me back, saying that soon i'll be a mother too.. oh no, i sensed an impending awkward moment..

my communication level with my parents is minute, it might as well be zero.. but ever since my announcement of getting married sunk in, and the planning has been a bit chaotic, we've managed to talk quite a bit.. although our conversations are laced with nervous laughters and silly jokes to counter the awkwardness, i thot they were nice progress.. i have been moaning and whining about the chaos but now, if it is a form, i would embrace chaos..

i've told u before, sayang, that our relationship will be the bridge of me and my parents.. thank you from the deepest of my heart..

indulgence and pampering

i thot i'm gonna have pretty sucky monday.. the weather's gloomy and i havent gotten my usual dose of coffee and nicotin..
but then someone from a radio station in m'sia (duh) called and said that i've won a day of indulgence and pampering!!!!!!! she asked me whether im coming to the this sunday.. huh? apparently they sent me an email to my yahoo account and of course, since i dont open third party's emails during office hour and my apartment is not equipped with internet facility, i have no idea what email she was talking about..
and then im supposed to be in a paintball game with the guys this weekends but hell, u think i'm gonna pass out on a day of indulgence and pampering and get my ass shot at with balls of paint?? heck no.. hahahaha.. dat was an easy choice and the luckily the guys have reserves in line for their team..
i have been planning to get myself to the spa to be pampered, scrubbed till my skin is dewy soft, soaked in creamy milky bath, massaged until i can barely feel my muscles and oiled with the most fragrant of oil..
emm.. although the itinerary of the day does not really say they'll have all that but im still sooooo deliriously happy..

dedicated to Daisy

sayang got his new camera yesterday!
he'd already tested it out in more ways than i could ever thought of using a camera... but then again, my idea of using the camera is just point and click.. kah..kah..kah.. couldnt even be courteous enuf to say "point and shoot"..
sayang took this out of his lawn yesterday.. i thot it would be appropriate to dedicate this to Daisy (my car, that is)..
Image hosted by

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love u shayang..

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

what a surprise!

i saw another old fren of mine today! i was out smoking with Lin and then i saw this small girl with a six footer.. surprise, surprise!! it's jiecs and andy!
she's staying and now working in Germany, having married to a german guy (duh..), who in those days, we thot he looked like Richard Gere.. hahaha, we even thot Michael looked like Richard Gere, kan Lindot! well, a smaller version with dark hair that is.. but i never had a crush on Gere!! i swear!!
anyways, she's still looking good! with a freaking great tan, i say! and Andy looked more matured.. i cant even remember how long ago they were married.. emm.. i think it's gonna be 4 or maybe 5 years coz it's dat time when i was still staying at desa kudalari..
i have to make a point to visit her the next time i'm there..

matching matching

oh, did i mention that the duvet cover, the bedsheet set and the bedskirts match our color theme? hehehe..
smile, bat eyelashes..
bat somemore..

am only a woman

i wanted to be strong remember?

well, i did.. but then, there's this weally weally weally pwetty duvet cover with matching bedsheet set and it's 60% off.. and i waaaaaaant... but it's 60% off from RM700+ .. and the thing is, i found matching bedskirts in Mines and it's oso on sale... uwaaa..

y do u test me so... am only a woman..

old frens

my dear old fren is having her first child, it's a girl.. she's due in another two mths or so..
i dunno why, but am sooo extraordinarily excited with the fact that she's pregnant.. mebe becoz i know her since we're in college, still trying to make ways for our early adulthood.. she was one of my roomies and now, she's the first one to get pregnant.. well, actually, she's the only one who has gotten married amongst all of us for that matter!! hahaha.. LINDA, U'RE NEXT!!!
i have booked the position of the "cool auntie" for her daughter and we laughed about it, but it's kinda sad for me coz what's the point of being the "cool auntie" when i get to see her, oh maybe, once a year.. and for the first four years, she wouldnt even remember me.. dunno why am so soappy.. i just wish my old frens are nearer (in the same country would be a start hahaha) and we can have our kids grow up together..