Saturday, April 30, 2005

is it our event or theirs?

am so stressed..
it's planned perfectly though i know implementing it would be hell but hey, it's 10 months away.. but i feel like dying oready..
sayang has been great but sometimes i wish i could just.. pout and let him handle my parents.. sigh.. i have to remember that it's for the greater good..
it's supposed to be small, with 300 guests, 400 max, and i have rough budgets for everything (yes, so that i have that baju) but now, i dunno how we're going to fit all those ppl in my parents' small house..

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


i am at a block.. oh my god.. a huge one..

i cant write anything, i cant concentrate on anything, and i can barely remember wat i want to do just now..

am so frustrated i just want to go home and lie down..

Monday, April 25, 2005

cant concentrate

there's so much things i have to do right now.. and work suddenly came a-rolling without permission..
but lately, i cant concentrate on work.. it's now totally focused on planning my "engagement" and my wedding.. and since my "voluntary" wedding planner got pregnant, i guess i have to do it myself then.. sayang has been great but i could only wish that he's here.. but that's ok, like he said, we'll take one thing at a time..
anyways, being me, who wants to remember everything (oh yea, and i do hold grudges.. hehehe.. some of them anyways, some of them are not worth my brain cells), i want to have a log of my pre-marital exercises.. HAHAHAHAHA!!! not that lah wei.. dirty minds u people have.. i want to log things that i did, the stress, the schedule, the progress.. and finally the wedding.. k, everything..
so, i have dedicated a blog specific for this, and for other events that will have a long-winded story-mory of it's own.. so, check out Wedding Diary on the right hand side okie dokes?

Friday, April 22, 2005

please be strong..

Isetan wil be having sale again end of this month.. sigh..

i will be stronger this time.. double sigh..


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

not a funny game

long ago, i too had played and i know the games they are still playing..
i found sayang, or rather we found each other.. and i stopped everything and thank god, he is not the playing type.. but just understand this, i dont want the people ard him (even though not always) put him in a situation where everything is "within these four walls", where everyone are cousins to each other and neither are related..
sayang and i tell each other everything and i trust him.. but i cant say much about the others..