Friday, January 28, 2005

here comes february

hey peeps, the end of January is here.. ehmm.. wat have i accomplished in the first month of 2005? err... errr... ehhmm.. hahaha.. cant think of any..

going to the gym now.. oh, do we get unrecorded leaves if we work during holidays? me and zizi have to attend course tomorrow k! even if it's only one day holiday in the middle of the week, it still sucks..

Monday, January 17, 2005

silver lining

end of monday... fuh.. but why am i still at the office?!! actually am waiting for my boss to dissapear into his room for me to dash out the front door! hahaha.. no lah, i've just finished emailing and filing and planning for work tomorrow.. wah, come to think about it, am pretty efficient about my work nowadays.. HAHA!
anyways, my good fren linda emailed me and our frens today about our picture while we were in States having an MSA picnic with bandanas on our wrists.. i have the exact same picture and i must say, it always bring a smile to my face whenever i look at it.. it was such a carefree time, though i'm sure we did not think of it that way at the time.. and everytime, i used to wish that i could turn back time as easily as snapping my fingers and changed the decisions that i've made.. but today, for the first time, i do not want to change anything.. changing my past will most definitely mean that i wont be with sayang and i will not have that..
it's true what they say, there's always a silver lining after the dark clouds.. and in my case, there are tonnes of dark clouds..
ok gurls, am off to gym now.. have 5 kg to lose before.. ehem..

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Saturdays and Sundays and PMS-ing

it's sunday again, or what's left of it... i must say that i have been wasting my weekends just like that.. i have been sleeping in for two saturdays in a row and cramming everything that i wanted to do on saturdays on sundays, which left me with no real time to relax..
for example, i am in the office today, waiting for a report from UK, which was supposed to be emailed to me on Friday evening (time difference yea..) and which i promised i'll get my ass to the office yesterday to work on it but instead, i slept in.. till late!! so today, i have to cram everything that i wanted to do yesterday today.. do laundry, clean house & toilet, go to office but get Secret Recipe's Choco Mud Cake first (YUM YUM) so i can munch at work, work on report, scan forms for sayang, finish off emails to friends, do blogging (ooppss, kantoi i blog in the office ;>), window shop for a pair of sneakers and training pants, get nails done, maybe trim hair, get mineral water and do groceries, ALL by today..
yes, u guessed where i am now lah.. at the blogging activity.. i could have finished all this blogging yesterday and could have been at the mall window shopping and getting my nails done.. i bite my nails endlessly.. and sayang said i grind my teeth in my sleep.. i searched in the internet today, biting nails and grinding teeth have something to do with anger, pain, frustration or nervousness or to someone really competitive, agressive and hyper.. emm.. really? or it could just be a dental problem.. i think it might be the childhood insecurity that still bothers me.. hahahaha!!
wah, did i just digress from complaining about my weekends to nail biting and teeth grinding??!! sorry babes.. i guess im just so tired from all the toilet scrubbing and my period cramps are acting up again.. i wish all the Malaysian doctors could have a taste of MY period cramps.. that'll teach them to just shrug it off like im halluncinating about this pounding, cramping aches in my tummy and the endless backaches and moodswings.. it's really scary when u train urself to notice ur moodswings.. i was at Secret Recipe for my mud cake and the service person or something was not attending to me.. usually i'm patient enough to wait but this time i can feel blood rushing to my head and anger hits me and the next thing i know i was nagging to the girl about how inefficient she was..
ok lah peeps, it's 630pm oready and i want to get other things done.. i think i'll rush to get my nails done first and then go window shop.. ehmm.. sempat ke? we'll c lah how..

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

what to eat??

what to eat? what to eat? what to eat?

there's such choices of food in KL and i have no idea what to eat for dinner.. god, woman, just pick one!!

dis and dat..

it's been quite a while since my last entry.. work has been stressful and plentiful for me and for the love of god, i still cant wake up early to satisfy the 8am requirement.. sometimes i do wonder how sayang manage to get in the office at 730 in the morning everyday.. but then again, he's always the early riser and he does go to sleep at 9pm.. oh, wish he's here to always wake me up in the morning..

yes, am missing sayang quite a lot.. the long distance relationship is quite difficult, i must say.. but to me, i do believe in this relationship and so does sayang, and we are going to make it work.. quite a number of my frens does not believe in long distance relationships.. the general consensus is that "u can never trust what ur partner is doing".. my opinion, your partner can cheat on u even when u are living in the same house, sleeping in the same bed..

i'm an analyst, sayang always say that i think too much, and believe me i do.. i am not a risk-taker but i do weigh the risks' costs and benefits and when the benefits or potential benefits outweigh the costs, i'll take the risk.. yes, long distance relationship is riskier than others, but with sayang, the benefits and potential benefits outweigh all others by a landslide.. and the most important thing is that we trust each other..

ok, enuf about that.. it's 730pm already and i have to get home.. get dinner first, get home, wash up, do some more work and sleep.. and pray to god that i'll wake up early tomorrow..

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

crashing back to reality

my plane touched-down this morning.. i wish i can say that my start of 2005 in malaysia was a good one but sadly no..
the flight was awful, i tell u.. ok, maybe it's not that as awful as my flights to Madison from Malaysia during school days, which had me crammed in the small quarters of the economy class for a total of mebe 20 hrs, including a transit in either Narita or Taipei and twice flight change in LA and Chicago (coz big planes cant land in Madison, Wisconsin).. but this particular flight back was really bad.. i had just recovered from flu and cold plus some other ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat, for u very healthy people) maladies and was happy coz am sure i can pop my ears when the plane ascend and descend.. u know how bad it'll get if u cant pop ur ears with the altitude change.. anyways, the girl who sat next to me was all runny nose and coughing and sneezing at the same time, and i thot to myself, oh god, i'm gonna be sick again.. and ten minutes next to her, even before the plane takes off, i was already sneezing and getting stuff nosed.. and yes, my ears were not popping properly and my head was pounding like nobody's business..
and then, i had to wait for more than an hour to get my bag because of a "technical problem" with the carousel or something or the other, which made my brother missed his class (he's in UPM).. and to top all of it, my rear tyre blew on my way to the office on the MRR2.. yes, i have no idea how to change a tyre (theoretically, i do but physically, god no).. the last time i had a flat tyre, i called my other brother and he came all the way from rawang to change it for me, which of course it was at nite.. so this time, i cant call him coz he's at work and the little one is in another class.. i was frantically trying to call AAM (yes, pathetic, i know) but "all operators are buzy" when a pakcik came along on a motorbike and offered to change my tyre.. i swear i was sooo thankful i could have given him a hug..
anyways, i got to the office all sweaty and exhausted, with a freaking bad headache, feeling like crying looking at all the mails (most of them bills) and papers strewn on my desk when my boss told me i had to crunch some numbers by today, its urgent.. alaaaaaa....
i wish that i am still there.. i wish i dont have to work.. i wish sayang is here to comfort me.. i wish wishes were horses...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Resolution


new year resolution? oh no.. again?
ok lah, its whatever i made up for last year's, which i can bet i didnt do any of it.. haha..

but the serious ones:
1. cut down smoking..
2. lose 5 kgs :3 kgs i gained from my visit here (yes sayang, its 3 whole kg) and another 2 kgs for fun (no gurls, i am not aneroxic)

ehmm... those two sound eerily familiar, maybe they were last year's resolution also!!! ;>