Wednesday, August 31, 2005

guess what am doing at the moment?

am at starbucks, connected to skype and talking to my sayang on the phone at the moment.. FOR FREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, deeper and deeper being cheapo...

Monday, August 29, 2005

they are here..

as clear and real as i closed my eyes
a world above the reaching skies
sentences formed in a blur of motion
paragraphs and chapters and closed captions

a word, no, two, a jot here and there
days or nights, i no longer care
wings i borrow, my soul i bare
but my tears, my love is always there...

Copyright ©2005 Dila Mohd

Saturday, August 27, 2005

it's there..
i can see it..
can i realize it..

it's there...

starbucks melaka...

it's amazing this wireless connection thingy.. it almost makes me wanna get the 3G wireless starter pack from maxis.. i said almost.. like $1600 per starter pack almost.. hehehe..
but i wonder how good the connection is.. especially with that celcom advertisement that showed the couple camping somewhere in front of a lake, in their tent, connected to the wireless internet, really huh? dalam hutan pun can get connection? or is it in front of lake titiwangsa? dalam KL pun sometimes reception not good, lagi mau dalam hutan..
anyways, i have to get home now.. my mom already called, dinner time.. till the next starbucks venue..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


yes, i finally joined the cheapos world of wireless... hehehe.. no offense, but oh my god, its so bloody easy to just sit here and connect to the internet!!!!!!!!

i tell u this free internet thingy VANDERFULL...

and i have downloaded skype to explore more of the world of cheapos connection.. hehehe.. hey, our combined phone bill now can get me a tix to zurich k..

k lah, peeps... talk later..

Thursday, July 14, 2005


i met a gym mate of mine on the way to the gym during lunch hour today..
i complained to her that i've gained "toot" kgs in the past few months that sayang was here; the exact amount of kgs that i lost 4 years ago which took me almost the whole year to lose.. and she was saying how frustrated it is that we went up and down, up and down the stepper, half dead to burn fat and oh, we'll probably lose less than a kg in a week but if stray a bit, suddenly fell into the craving of nasi lemak or kfc, up 2kgs we'll be THE NEXT DAY...
it is frustrating.. i do admit it.. gym is painful.. well, at least pour moi.. how did i get like this??? i managed to maintain my weight for four years and all of the sudden, shiiiiiiit... but yes, i do love having boobs again, as anis so tactfully say, my boobs are definitely bigger now.. hehehe.. ala, naik 10 sen je dah nak bising..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

is it possible to hate one's job so much?

i think it is..

Thursday, June 30, 2005

please, god..

am going back to Melaka tonite..

i havent packed a thing..

am nervous.. am stressed.. and am in a mood.. a black one.. sigh..

mr. and mrs. smith

i sooooo want to be mrs. smith last nite.. sorry yang..
he was oh so cute.. and she was gorgeous!!!
but the movie was ok to good.. not as WAH!! as the 95% of War of the Worlds but not disappointing either, although, its kinda strange that the couple did managed to get away from flying bullets from all directions (with them smacked in the middle of the foray) without a scratch.. but hey, rather that than they conclude with a narration..

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

War of the Worlds aka "The Ferriers' Journey to Grandma's House"

we saw the movie yesterday..

i dont know what to say..

i didnt want to be a spoiler but here it goes..

95% of the movie was WAH.. WAH.. and WAH!! it was as good as the trailer made it to be.. tom cruise was as cute and droolly as ever, and the effects were nail-biting and hand-gripping (sorry yang..)

and the last 5% was... was... eh?

maybe it should be called "The Ferriers' Journey to Grandma's House" instead of "War of the Worlds" coz it did seem like that was the highpoint of the movie..

forget getting the dvd.. i will look for Independence Day dvd instead..

dear mr. spielberg,
i understand that its the ending in the book but could u at least twist it a bit so it'll be as dramatic and as 'punching' as the rest of movie? u changed most of the story-line from the book, why not the ending.... why not the ending??!!!

disclamer: this is a personal opinion.. hehehe

Sunday, June 26, 2005

am going home today..

at noon..

BUT SAYANG'S COMING WITH ME!!!!!! yea, yea yea!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i finally shopped..

Friday, June 24, 2005

something smells shitty..

god, its hot.. the later in the afternoon, the hotter it gets..
i just got back from Coop, a version of Cold Storage, planning to get only chocolates for martina and dishwashing liquid (yes, periuks and pans and plates in the sink) but i ended up with 42 bucks of groceries; i got sugar, eggs, margerine, sayang's fav chocolune, chocos for martina, more choco's someone pesan from home, dishwashing liquid and sayang hair gel.. and i brought only 2 small pastic bags (paper bags at supermarkets are not free..) mak datuk oi.. heret lah balik rumah..
i was sweating like a pig, and the area smells like shit.. apparently, they spray manure somewhere when they expect a rainy day the next day.. man, tomorrow's gonna be hot, wet and shitty.. thank god, we're going out of town tomorrow.. sigh..
one more load in the dryer to pick up..

up and down

oh man, i left the vacuum downstairs..

yes, sayang's not-so-new apartment has a loft of somewhat, that has a bedroom, bathroom and a balcony.. downstairs are the kitchen, living room and a yard.. it's cool actually.. but not when u realized that u left ur ciggies downstairs early in the morning.. and then, it's my only exercise over here.. up and down the stairs..

boo boo baa baa

we had leftover lontong from dinner last nite for lunch just now.. i wished i hadnt eaten too much, now, am sleepy and feeling really really heavy..

tonite we are having dinner at erich's house, sayang's boss.. which reminds me, i have to go get some chocos for his gf.. man, i havent even showered and there's another load of laundry waiting for me..

yes, i have a thing with doing laundries, especially when there's a dryer and am not paying for electricity and water.. i cant wait to have dirty clothes so that i can do laundry again.. hahahah.. u must think am joking, but i am not.. the only thing that annoys me with doing laundry is having to fold or hang them in the closet.. sigh.. sicko..

Thursday, June 23, 2005

nasi beriani resepi made easy

so that i wont forget how i cooked the nasi beriani.. it was dang good and easy!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!! the resepi on the packet suggested that u cook the chicken along with the rice, but i only eat beriani gam for that.. so, i'd substituted it with chicken stock instead to maintain the chicky taste in the nasi..

oh, thanx to maggi for a vanderfuul creation...

1 paket rempah nasi beriani Maggi
2 cups of beras - washed and drained
1 bawang besar - cincang
1 cube chicken stock
2 tablespoons (or more) margerine / mentega / ghee etc
different kinds of rempah ratus, amts are as per ur on taste (u have to know that i have no idea what they are called.. the easiest is to just get the already mixed ones at carrefour)
- some bunga lawang, 1 kayu manis, some cengkih, little green pods thingies, etc..
some raisins and green peas

1. Put margerine in a heated pan. Stir fry bawang and rempah ratus till golden brown.
2. Add in rempah nasi beriani and chicken stock till wangi.
3. Add in beras and stir fry till completly mixed
4. Transfer the mixed beras (rempah ratus, oil and all in the pan) into the rice cooker pot.
5. Put in water - i have no idea how much water u'll need.. for me, it depends on the level of the beras, something my mom taught me.. Stick in ur index finger till the bottom of the pot and measure the height of the beras level. then, lift ur finger and stick it in again but this time only up to the top of the beras, measure the height of the water on top of the beras. the height of ur water level should equal the height of the beras level. confuse? well, cook it as u would cook ur normal rice in the rice cooker..
6. when its cook, and the rice cooker clicked to warm, add in the raisins and peas and stir to mix well.
7. leave for few minutes and serve with rendang ayam or ayam madu or kurma, made also from either adabi or maggi... eh, at least i didnt use brahim and just pour in what's in the packet..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

BMW Sauber?

BMW Sauber announcement imminent
Press conference scheduled for later today. BMW expected to unveil Sauber plans...

After months of rumour, BMW will later today hold a press conference in Germany where they will announce its plans ongoing plans with Peter Sauber’s Swiss-based F1 team. Prof. Dr. Burkhard G√∂schel (Member of the Board of Management of the BMW AG, Development and Purchasing), Dr. Mario Theissen (BMW Motorsport Director) and Peter Sauber will be present at the press conference. It has been speculated that BMW will purchase the Sauber team although both parties have always denied such a suggestion claiming that they are in talks over an engine supply deal for the 2006 season.

êxcerpts from

goo goo ga gaa..

sayang's working over lunch today.. sigh, thank god or computers and internet connection at home..
yes, lin, i really agree of getting a computer at home.. and internet connection.. i want my own too... emm.. yaaaaaang, instead of handbags and shoes and wallets, can i ask for a lappie instead? hahahahaha.. fat chance huh?
ok, i better go and shower...

batman and shopping

we went to watch Batman Begins yesterday.. nice.. not awesome but ok.. the usual batman stuff.. since my brother got me hooked on batman's comic years ago, i do make a point to watch all the batman movies, each with a new hope that it'll be better than the last.. sigh.. no such luck.. i always ended up rooting for the bad guys.. Poison Ivy was my favorite.. ;)
anyways, next we'll see Mr. and Mrs. Smith.. this, i cant wait!!!!!! two of my favorite moviestars, well, actually my favorite actress and actor; angelina jolie and brad pitt!!!!!!!!! i cant wait, i cant wait, i cant wait.. but not tonite coz sayang's taking me to Zurich-city to get some stuff.. sigh... if i tell u guys this, u'd rolled over and laughed.. i cant seemed to shop over here.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uuurrrrggggghhhhh....
last saturday we went to Mendrisio, there's a big factory outlet there with all sorts of famous brands and and we wanted to get some stuff for our day.. but i ended up getting only a small black Bally purse, which i actually in need of one.. itu pun after the second round (we came back to the Bally when i cant find anything i like in other stores)... am i dat finicky? i dont think so.. mebe am just not in a shopping mood.. huh? emmm...
let's hope we'll find something tonite.. or if not, we'll probably go to another outlet in germany this coming saturday.. oh, i feel so bad..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

a real summer this time

summer comes with a vengence this time around, pour moi...
u know how i used to ridicule zurich's summer? yes, well, now, is hot, it's sweltering, the sun sets at 930 at nite (which is not bad actually) but the sun RISES, oh, at about 5am like dat... NO SHIT!!!!!!!! i thot i'd slept in today coz when i woke up i was sweating and feeling so icky (the usual condition when u woke up after 12noon in malaysia) and rushed to the bathroom to bathe.. and then i saw my watch, huh? its only 845am??? r u serious?
oh well, more time to laze around and do nothing.. well, actually i have to go and do laundry.. then i might go to migros but then again, since i've forgotten what little i've learned of german language, i better not.. hehe..

Sunday, June 19, 2005

no mowing..

i suck at mowing lawns... hahaha..

if we were to have a garden, yang, please get me a heavy duty motorized lawn-mower.. but then again, cutting off the grass with a gardening cutter (i have no idea what those 'macho' version of an ordinary scissors are called) can be quite therapeutic.. chomp chomp chomp.. and u see them fall down...

Saturday, June 18, 2005


sorry, i fordot..

happy 22nd birthday, dear brother, and a lot more to come..
i wish u all ur wishes to come true..
i wish u all the happiness in world
i wish u a love so true
and i pray that God continues to grace his blessings upon u..

Friday, June 17, 2005

da da di du..

i arrived safely friday morning.. no problem with the immigration this time hehehe.. i did make the best effort to have my "sembab" face made up so that i dont look "pasar" to the finicky swiss officials..
this time the weather is terrific.. it was warm enuf, with a slight "air-conditioning" coolness effect and the sun is marvellous.. i have to say that the sun here is more "terik" than in M'sia..
so, anyways.. goddammit, i have to get used to sayangs keyboard again.. yes, its the german version where the y and z switched places, along with some other alphabet, and there are tonnes of other little signs and they have this other "shift-like" function called Alt-Gr for those extra symbols the people from this area must have loved using.. emm..for all its trouble, its pretty cool k++ (ok, that's an example where they switched the exclamation mark from shift-1 to some other place after the alphabet P) the keyboard is cordless and so does its matching mouse...
men, they can barely get their socks to match but when it comes to their techie stuff, by god, they have to match.. sorry yang, i just can resist.. and next time remind me to bring a keyboard from m'sia k.. love u

Monday, June 13, 2005

to see sayang

FOUR MORE DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea! yea!

bleak monday

it's a bleak, bleak monday..
somehow the tune of the original song got stuck in my head the moment i saw how cloudy the freaking sky.. and how warm and snuggly my comforter was.. uurrrggghhh.. monday.. i was late again, as usual, but it's worse nowadays coz they closed the u-turn intersection (for the other lane) after the traffic lite (somewhere at my place) and now the cars from the other lane had to make a u-turn at the traffic lite which in turn made the red lite longer and the traffic at my side of the lane worse..
i know am rambling but what the heck.. i have a pounding pain at the side of my right jaw since tuesday last week and it hurts real bad whenever i open my mouth wide.. up till now, i have three thoeries to go by; one: i have an ear infection which affected the ENT mucus-way or something, two: my right lower jaw is mis-aligned (i have no idea how this could happen since i was never involved in any jaw-misaligning-fights) and three: my wisdom tooth is peeking out..
I have a strong suspicion that it's number 3.. but WTF?? i'm reaching 30 and u're just coming out? does this mean that i can grow a little bit taller? oh, like around 4 inches more?( of my legs that is, not my head or any other part of my body) pleeeeeaaaasssseee? hmm.. fat chance, ya..

Thursday, June 09, 2005

my morning

i know u're bigger than me..
i know u can be much much faster than me if u choose too..
but until u do (choose to be fast, that is) MOVE to the left lane!!!
i'm freaking late and u drive like this is some sight-seeing bridge!!
ppl use this highway to get to the office FAST, if u want to fiddle-daddle, use jalan ampang!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

supposed to be so simple..

im sooo stressed...
there's just not enuf time!!!
it would be awful for me to just leave them with all the things to do but then.. uurrrggghhh!!! it was supposed to be soo simple..

Monday, May 30, 2005

postcard pictures

it was such a pretty sight...
the heavy rain yesterday did good for KL.. usually, i wouldnt be able to see the towers this clearly from my window.. it would always be hazey or smog-y.. but today, it was all fresh green and the bluest of blue and purest of white.. the delicate fog that enveloped the city was amazing from here..
i wished i could take better pictures.. am sure sayang would have been able to capture the amazing colors better than me..

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Friday, May 27, 2005

getting shouldered at

yea! sayang loves the paragraph i made for him!! i've only let a couple of my STF sisters read my stories, and that was ages ago!
anyways, dats dat.. today, after gym during lunch hour (on my way to Famous Amos for the macadamia nut soft cookie.. sigh..), i suddenly decided to be rude.. someone walked into me without even saying i'm sorry!! i dont know what's wrong with these people.. maybe it's me who's tooooo freaking courteous (yes, im the one who muttered out sorry to the guy who bumped into me!) or maybe its automatic for me and just too damn strange for others..
and suddenly, im like, WTF, lets see how many people actually gets annoyed when i bumped into them.. so there i went, hauling my gym bag on my shoulders, a tote and a phone in my hand, held my head high and walked straight to Famous Amos... i did not swerve one bit for anyone, let it be the slow-pokes makciks and pakciks, huge guys, smelly guys or a line of giggling teenagers.. u want to walk into me, be prepared to be shouldered by me.. i was on a vengence..
oh my god, not only that they didnt even give a look (u know, one of those turn-and-stare-with-a-frown to show your disbelief), none of them said anything, not even a single hey! or ouch! either they honestly didnt feel my gym shoes poking out from my bag or they pretended its nothing just to avoid confrontation or maybe its just normal to be squashed by other people.. is this there something missing right here? emm...

sang kura2

oh, did i tell u that the paragraph is in MALAY!!!


ohmigod, i must have read like, oh maybe, only 10 malay books in my life.. sang kancil dan sang kura2 or si beruk makan cili or something when i was 4 or 5 years old tak kira ye!

a paragraph

last nite i took sayang's challenge and created a paragraph for him.. sorry yang, i couldnt sleep, especially when u gave me something to think about.. hehehe...
and by the time i lay my head on the pillow to sleep, i perfected the concept in my head... i know how the couple will look like, i know the main characters, the punch lines and i have the ending.. everything at the back of my mind..
it's getting all of those together that's difficult.. weaving a story out of traces of events, completing the gaps between episodes in my head..
uurgghh, lets go smoke..

three weeks to go..

today, in three weeks time, at this hour i will be on the plane to zurich..
a couple more hours to land.. a couple more hours to see sayang..
yeah, yeah, cheesy.. but DUA BULAN LEBIH wei i havent seen my sayang..

Thursday, May 26, 2005

wat la..

i tell you, this thing i have with writing is tres tres strange.. and it bothers me! when i really, really want to write (remember that love poem i wanted to write for sayang? yes, that one..), i cant even hold a proper sentence.. but when im in a middle of something, i suddenly feel this urge..
it's annoying.. especially when u try to sleep early, knowing you have to go to work early in the morning, and suddenly PANG! i need to write something.. the images were so clear in my head, the dialogues and sometimes even the faces of the characters.. i tried to ignore them, and there i was tossing and turning at 2 am in the morning, fighting the urge and ending up taking a teaspoonful (no, am not addicted, i know my limit k) of cough syrup to drowse me sleep!!!
it's embarassing!! i remember the first year in college, i took english lit classes.. oh, dat time the urge was horrible, but not the worst.. i came early to class and started to jot down the things in my head and all of the sudden there was this guy frowning at me.. are u talking 2 urself? was what i heard.. GOD DAMN IT!! i was lip-reading the things i wrote!!!
but i'd never say it's a curse or i hated it.. yes, it bothers me, it annoys me, and it did, one time, embarassed me, but once, in the loneliest of my days it kept me sane.. and one of these days, i will take it up again and then we'll see how far i can challenge myself, balancing reality with fantasy..
HAHAHAHA not so corny la bebs.. wat la..

the need to write

i have the strangest but the most familiar urge lately.. and it was strong, beating at the back of my mind..
i have had this urge before, for as long as i can remember, and for as long as my mind can wander.. it was strong then, and oh, i did indulged in it... then, it disappeared for a while, letting me relish reality..
but now?
it'll only interfere.. i dare not lift a finger, i dare not wield a pen, only to let them linger at the back of my mind.. but the urge is so very strong...
the need to create
they come in flashes of color
the wildest imagination ever
fantasies never known boundaries
reality stretched to a point of envy
leave me alone, i ask of you
i love my world with boundaries
limits that i see to a tee
and a love that is so much a reality..
i'll lose myself if i indulge
ur world is a dream at large
spans of wings to see me fly
but none to wipe the tears i cry
leave me alone, for now, at least..
i'll never forsake u or deny u ur peace..
the time will come, i beg u please
when all the pages will finally be finished..
Copyright ©2005 Dila Mohd

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

nothing usually happen on tuesdays

tuesdays and thursdays are my boring days.. dont think i can think of anything that are memorable to them...
monday is oh-god-it's-the-first-day-of-work day, wednesday is come-on-it's-halfway-to-go-before-weekends day and friday is the famous thank-god-it's-friday and then the weekends are weekends, the please-dont-let-it-be-over-yet days
well, this tuesday began as boring as usual.. and i have a nagging feeling that 17th of May is one of my friends' birthday but for the life of me, i cant remember whose it is.. hiya...

Saturday, May 14, 2005


i managed to be the first one to "die" first in the two out of four games we played.. sigh.. but it was a blast!!
and it was scary and too damn fast and not too sakit.. ya la, i got shot at from a farther distance than my other mates hehe.. all of them have bruises to show off but i have 3 measly cuts on my left arm.. ok wat.. not as bad as i expect it to be.. and i got to be a General! hehehe..
anyways, we played four games and won only once.. thanx to AO who managed to be the last man standing to fetch the flag from the other side.. the other three games, we were slaughtered.. mebe we'll do a better job the next time around in the karnival keluarga..

Friday, May 13, 2005

this and that

i honestly thot i had ran out of luck since morning.. not only that i am still not cured from this flu thingie that seemed to be affecting my hearing now, daisy was side-swept by a motorbike this morning.. uurrggghhh.. thank god, she was not scratched.. and then i remembered that it's friday the 13th today..
anyways, Linda's making history.. she's getting engaged this 20th May 2005 at 20:05hrs.. hehehe.. caya lah babe!!
and im still paintballing tomorrow morning.. it's ok since the event is only one day and i can still attend my day of indulgence and pampering (after being bruised tomorrow.. eiik...).. but the thing is, we have to report in at EIGHT in the freaking morning.. waduh... waduh.. are u serious?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

sickly wednesday

i am sick today..
my throat feels like it's on fire, my eyeballs feel so hot and my nose is leaking icky stuff and blocking precious air into my lungs.. but still i smoke.. sigh.. and oh yeah, am i terribly pms-ing.. my back is hurting and am cramping.. and i just remembered that i'll be having my period during my day of pampering.. and this morning i showed a finger to 3 colleagues for pissing me off, at the same time, of course..
im officially in the blackest mood of the year.. but yet, it's only may.. i just want an MC..

Monday, May 09, 2005

not finished yet


did i mention that the day of indulgence and pampering also includes a shopping spree?




embrace the chaos

last nite was funny..

i called up my mom to wish her happy mother's day.. i know, i know, i forgot.. and she wished me back, saying that soon i'll be a mother too.. oh no, i sensed an impending awkward moment..

my communication level with my parents is minute, it might as well be zero.. but ever since my announcement of getting married sunk in, and the planning has been a bit chaotic, we've managed to talk quite a bit.. although our conversations are laced with nervous laughters and silly jokes to counter the awkwardness, i thot they were nice progress.. i have been moaning and whining about the chaos but now, if it is a form, i would embrace chaos..

i've told u before, sayang, that our relationship will be the bridge of me and my parents.. thank you from the deepest of my heart..

indulgence and pampering

i thot i'm gonna have pretty sucky monday.. the weather's gloomy and i havent gotten my usual dose of coffee and nicotin..
but then someone from a radio station in m'sia (duh) called and said that i've won a day of indulgence and pampering!!!!!!! she asked me whether im coming to the this sunday.. huh? apparently they sent me an email to my yahoo account and of course, since i dont open third party's emails during office hour and my apartment is not equipped with internet facility, i have no idea what email she was talking about..
and then im supposed to be in a paintball game with the guys this weekends but hell, u think i'm gonna pass out on a day of indulgence and pampering and get my ass shot at with balls of paint?? heck no.. hahahaha.. dat was an easy choice and the luckily the guys have reserves in line for their team..
i have been planning to get myself to the spa to be pampered, scrubbed till my skin is dewy soft, soaked in creamy milky bath, massaged until i can barely feel my muscles and oiled with the most fragrant of oil..
emm.. although the itinerary of the day does not really say they'll have all that but im still sooooo deliriously happy..

dedicated to Daisy

sayang got his new camera yesterday!
he'd already tested it out in more ways than i could ever thought of using a camera... but then again, my idea of using the camera is just point and click.. kah..kah..kah.. couldnt even be courteous enuf to say "point and shoot"..
sayang took this out of his lawn yesterday.. i thot it would be appropriate to dedicate this to Daisy (my car, that is)..
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

love u shayang..

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

what a surprise!

i saw another old fren of mine today! i was out smoking with Lin and then i saw this small girl with a six footer.. surprise, surprise!! it's jiecs and andy!
she's staying and now working in Germany, having married to a german guy (duh..), who in those days, we thot he looked like Richard Gere.. hahaha, we even thot Michael looked like Richard Gere, kan Lindot! well, a smaller version with dark hair that is.. but i never had a crush on Gere!! i swear!!
anyways, she's still looking good! with a freaking great tan, i say! and Andy looked more matured.. i cant even remember how long ago they were married.. emm.. i think it's gonna be 4 or maybe 5 years coz it's dat time when i was still staying at desa kudalari..
i have to make a point to visit her the next time i'm there..

matching matching

oh, did i mention that the duvet cover, the bedsheet set and the bedskirts match our color theme? hehehe..
smile, bat eyelashes..
bat somemore..

am only a woman

i wanted to be strong remember?

well, i did.. but then, there's this weally weally weally pwetty duvet cover with matching bedsheet set and it's 60% off.. and i waaaaaaant... but it's 60% off from RM700+ .. and the thing is, i found matching bedskirts in Mines and it's oso on sale... uwaaa..

y do u test me so... am only a woman..

old frens

my dear old fren is having her first child, it's a girl.. she's due in another two mths or so..
i dunno why, but am sooo extraordinarily excited with the fact that she's pregnant.. mebe becoz i know her since we're in college, still trying to make ways for our early adulthood.. she was one of my roomies and now, she's the first one to get pregnant.. well, actually, she's the only one who has gotten married amongst all of us for that matter!! hahaha.. LINDA, U'RE NEXT!!!
i have booked the position of the "cool auntie" for her daughter and we laughed about it, but it's kinda sad for me coz what's the point of being the "cool auntie" when i get to see her, oh maybe, once a year.. and for the first four years, she wouldnt even remember me.. dunno why am so soappy.. i just wish my old frens are nearer (in the same country would be a start hahaha) and we can have our kids grow up together..

Saturday, April 30, 2005

is it our event or theirs?

am so stressed..
it's planned perfectly though i know implementing it would be hell but hey, it's 10 months away.. but i feel like dying oready..
sayang has been great but sometimes i wish i could just.. pout and let him handle my parents.. sigh.. i have to remember that it's for the greater good..
it's supposed to be small, with 300 guests, 400 max, and i have rough budgets for everything (yes, so that i have that baju) but now, i dunno how we're going to fit all those ppl in my parents' small house..

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


i am at a block.. oh my god.. a huge one..

i cant write anything, i cant concentrate on anything, and i can barely remember wat i want to do just now..

am so frustrated i just want to go home and lie down..

Monday, April 25, 2005

cant concentrate

there's so much things i have to do right now.. and work suddenly came a-rolling without permission..
but lately, i cant concentrate on work.. it's now totally focused on planning my "engagement" and my wedding.. and since my "voluntary" wedding planner got pregnant, i guess i have to do it myself then.. sayang has been great but i could only wish that he's here.. but that's ok, like he said, we'll take one thing at a time..
anyways, being me, who wants to remember everything (oh yea, and i do hold grudges.. hehehe.. some of them anyways, some of them are not worth my brain cells), i want to have a log of my pre-marital exercises.. HAHAHAHAHA!!! not that lah wei.. dirty minds u people have.. i want to log things that i did, the stress, the schedule, the progress.. and finally the wedding.. k, everything..
so, i have dedicated a blog specific for this, and for other events that will have a long-winded story-mory of it's own.. so, check out Wedding Diary on the right hand side okie dokes?

Friday, April 22, 2005

please be strong..

Isetan wil be having sale again end of this month.. sigh..

i will be stronger this time.. double sigh..


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

not a funny game

long ago, i too had played and i know the games they are still playing..
i found sayang, or rather we found each other.. and i stopped everything and thank god, he is not the playing type.. but just understand this, i dont want the people ard him (even though not always) put him in a situation where everything is "within these four walls", where everyone are cousins to each other and neither are related..
sayang and i tell each other everything and i trust him.. but i cant say much about the others..

Thursday, March 24, 2005

"Make do Women"

Lady Author Unknown

** When my friend was preparing to get married, she started getting all sorts of advice especially at bridal showers and things like that from family and friends. But one of the most interesting "lessons" came from a woman we met for the first time, just a few weeks before her big day. She said, "Honey, whatever you do, don't ever let yourself become a "make-do" woman" I had no idea what she meant, but, of course, she was about to explain.

She continued, "men" don't deny themselves anything. Whatever they want to buy, they buy. Whatever they want to do, they do. Meanwhile, there is the wife, making do with her hair not being done, her clothes from yesteryear, her nails in need, never had a pedicure, scraping the bottom of her tube of lipstick! Oh, I could go on and on with how "we" make do.

And why? Because the car needs fixing, this bill is behind, we have to use our time to take care of this, or take care of that; we're saving for this, working, cooking, cleaning, raising, etc." She warned me to never become a make-do woman, because she says if you start, it is hard to stop and one could easily find themselves making-do for the rest of their lives.
I vowed it would never happen to me. I didn't think much more of the conversation until one day, I began to take notice, she was right. Men are a lot better at being good to themselves. Some call it being selfish, there has to be another word for it. Tell me if you know. Whatever you call it. It does have it's place. When they want to play ball, or golf, or fish, they go! When they want to buy clothes, or equipment, or video games, or whatever their "thing" is, they buy! Have you ever tried to stop one? Has anyone ever been able to stop one? Let me know! When I look around, I see a whole heap of make-do women, married or not, with or without children, they are all over the place!

I have decided that I am going to make my best effort to become a "make-time" woman! I will make the time to do what I need to do to be good to myself, whether that's a trip to the salon, or the gym or the mall. This time I'm gonna take a lesson from the guys! **

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

nodding off

i had lunch with the ladies just now.. had rojak buah and nescafe ais.. nice, i have been craving for the rojak buah for ages..

now, of all the sudden, i am soo sleepy.. i'm practically nodding off in front of the computer!!


long weekend vacation

sayang and i will be going for a long weekend vacation tomorrow.. am sooo excited!

last nite, taking lin’s advice, we went to stock up some food from Giants.. cans of drinks, instant coffee, chips, pringles, chipsmore (yea!), oranges and maggi in my mug (just in case we wanna have late nite snack).. and then, sayang saw crunchy peanut butter and immediately grabbed it... hehe.. now i guess we have to go and get some bread coz sayang wants to bring crunchy peanut butter sandwiches to the beach.. emm.. yum yum.. for that matter, i oso grabbed the stripy peanut butter..

so now, we have a carry-on luggage FULL of food!! hahaha.. it was so funny coz we havent packed any clothes yet, and we already have a full carry-on luggage.. then, we went to my apartment to get my stuff aka more clothes, matching shoes and sandals, bag, bikinis, pareo, sunglasses, tiny lil thingies and the bottle of wine we kept from last year's visit to Avillion.. sayang blinked at the amount of stuff i brought from my apartment, i took a pity on him and told him i dont intend to bring ALL of them, i just wanted them at sayang's place so that i'll have a fair amount of choices when we do the final packing.. and i can see sayang sighed visibily..

we'll probably leave tomorrow morning after breakfast, just in case we want to do "lil or big business".. neither of us has experience journey to the east coast so we cant gage how far betweens are the rest areas.. oh, have to remember to get Terengganu's map.. we plan to drive to KT to look for batik.. i wonder if KT would even have a proper city map..

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

it has been a year

thank you sayang for a wonderful year..
and for the years to come..

i love u

Monday, March 21, 2005

housemate from hell

i think i am cursed with housemates from hell..

first, it was the girl who left dirty dishes in the sink for ages and let lived "flora & fauna" in the rice cooker.. then, it was the girl who doesnt know how to take care of a very cute cat and lied about using my stuff.. after that, it was a lesbian girl who didnt return the money she borrowed from me and left the apartment without paying 2 mths of rents..

and now, it's one crazy paranoid woman who thot (and is still thinking) that someone is breaking into our apartment and her room (ONLY, mind u, since i have no evidence of anyone is ever in mine) and terrorizing "the peace".. it was still okay when she kept changing the iron-grill's lock (do u know how many keys i have now?) and i couldnt care less that whenever i return home she had to come out of her room to check it out but it went tooo bloody far now..

i returned home one day during office hour coz i got an MC and a pounding headache.. i was driving in the condo's gate and i saw her at the guard's house.. the guard pointed at me and told her "tu dia dah balik" and she went up to the unit.. i sighed, cant i just get a good rest?.. i parked my car and asked the guard what's happening? the guard said "tak tau lah, perempuan tu gila kot".. emm.. that's nothing new..
i went to upstairs with the security guard following me, he told me that my housemate suspected someone had entered her room while she was taking a shower and now is hiding in mine!! aiya, this woman has some really astounding imagination.. we reached my apartment and she was there telling me how the cross beside her bed had fallen and a copy of her road tax is missing and she said she heard a noise from my room and she suspected the person is hiding there.. i unlocked my room with her and the security guard as witnesses..
but she's still not satisfied.. she was going on and on and on about "then how did a copy of my road tax gone missing, and why did my cross fell.. it fell twice oready.. and why were there cigarrette butts on the balcony outside"...
maybe u misplaced the copy of ur roadtax, maybe the blue tack thingie (that held the cross to the wall) should have been replaced when the cross fell the first time, and maybe the tenants upstairs smoked on their balcony and threw the ciggie butt downstairs (yes, i used to do that also) and it fell on our balcony!!
but this is the best one..
she claimed that her room is full of insects..
i told her "look, there's a hutan behind us and it's being developed.. the insects will fly here.."
but nooo.. she wont accept that.. she told me the insects bit her sampai merah2, someone must have put the insects in her room..
i gritted my teeth and snarled out "what, u think someone brought a bottle of biting insects and let them go inside ur room?!"
and guess what she said?
i was dumb-founded..
i was speechless..
i dunno whether to cry or laugh..
my head was pounding like hell..
i just shook my head and slammed the door at her face and fell into my bed hoping to sleep my headache off and hoped whoever it is who's supposedly to be still hiding in my room terrorized her out of the apartment..
that wud be a good-riddance..


i am insulted and am pissed like hell!!
if im a floozy bimbo who does not work in the same company but is still sayang's gf (no offense sayang, just an example), i bet they wudnt have told sayang to come alone to the party!! instructions from the top, MY ASS!! just say that u dont want me to witness anything!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

sacrifice (2)

i was at the track for the F1 weekends, except for Saturday.. sayang and i went back to Melaka..
it was strange being on the track with nothing to do.. i asked Pak Wan what were my duties, and he said, i did mine already before the race, so, just enjoy.. i blinked, and blinked again and decided not to push my luck.. i smiled and said thanx and walked away..
i have a confession to make.. i am not a fan of the sport.. i wanted to be there for personal reason.. one very important personal reason.. sayang will be there.. and for the little time we have during his precious holidays, i want to spend every minute of them with him.. even if i have to be under the hot scorching sun..
but then again, a tan is hardly a sacrifice..

Friday, March 18, 2005

sacrifice (1)

oh panas nya..

sepang international circuit is officially a "hot-zone" for me.. did i tell u i'm a genuine puteri lilin?... i am.. i melt under the hot sun..

but sacrifices have to be made.. and this one is one that will have me smiling through it..

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


ok, someone is getting on my nerve..
i am already feeling like i'm at a dead-end with my PPA, but having someone stop by my cubicle and BRAG about his and how his super praised him, is like having me stabbed from behind and buried 6-feet under where i fall with the knife for the tombstone..
yes, good for you, but I AM NOT IN THE MOOD, ASSHOLE!!
i want to see him after he has had his 5 years here.. and if he still maintains, i will get him a cigar and tabik spring at him.. this, i promise...

four eyes.. or is it two + two?

i have a headache for a couple of days now.. it's the same one i've had off and on for almost three months, how do i know? i know, coz i feel it throbbing behind my forehead/temple area and i suspect it's caused by my contact lenses..
am trying out the contact lense for astigmatism (coz the optician said that my astig power has gone up) and decided that i hated them.. tough, coz i bought 2 boxes of them.. they are not actually bad coz some of my frens really love them but they feel like evil invaders in my eyes.. call me crazy but i can feel them in there..
i usually wear the normal J&J Acuvue soft and they are amazing.. they are soooo soft and i cant feel them in my eyes.. betul and THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT ;> i can go on wearing them overnite and they wont stick overly much to my eyeballs when i wake up, i'd just have to blink and they'll return back to normal.. yucky, i know, but the ability for the contact lenses to remain moist and/or be moist quickly is an important criteria for me..
but the one am trying out now, dries up by lunch especially in this aircond and if by some unfortune twist of fate that i fell asleep without taking them off, they will stick to my eyeballs like glue until i put some eye drops!! urrrgghh...
i think i'll change back to Acuvue and have my astig glasses made.. hhmm.. after payday lah..

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

dis and dat

i am still coughing.. sigh.. doesnt help that i've started to smoke again..

but my appetite is worrying me!! i have been eating full meals everyday without fail!!

lesung batu..

i was sound asleep early this morning and suddenly there were loud bangings... i woke up startled and accidently woke sayang up and honest to god, i thot someone was banging on the door coming for us!!
and after our brains started to function properly, we realized that the banging noises were not from the door but were coming from our neighbor's kitchen.. someone was using a LESUNG BATU to pound some god knows what at god knows what time in the freaking morning!!!! UURRRGGGHH!!
i went to the kitchen, thinking that it's the upstairs neighbor, took a broom and started to pound the ceiling with it and went back to bed.. the pounding continued again.. sayang wanted to go and knock on the neighbor's door to tell whoever that is to stop pounding.. i told him no, this is not switzerland, it might be some crazy fella.. so he went to the kitchen, got the window opened and yelled..
HAHAHAHA, go sayang!
he came back to bed and told me that it's the neighbor downstairs and a woman answered him, "oh, boleh dengar ke?"
what the fuck?? did she think that we live in a bomb shelter that we cant possibly hear someone pounding away?? and in the place that we are staying in, i would have thot they can afford a bloody BLENDER..

Monday, March 14, 2005


i am soooo fixated on revenge.. mebe it's a scorpio thing..


i had a bad week last week.. i was sick and i'm still sick, though not as bad as last week.. i got cold and strepthroat and flu and cough and my eyeballs were so heaty that my contact lenses feel like they were on fire..
and then, i had to have a bad mango lassi on Tuesday nite with an empty stomach.. at 3 am in the morning sayang had to send me to the clinic coz i was vomitting so bad.. i got an MC for food poisoning that day and the next day i got another one for cold and flu and fever.. and yes, THEY question me, yet again..
but revenge was sweet this morning.. though not in its full effect, it's a full "whoopy!!" inside my heart.. and i hope every last one of them will fall sick.. i will do my bit by hanging out at their cubicles and coughing relentlessly.. hhmm.. mebe it's not a good idea to blog what i want to do..

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


we went to Naili's for dinner yesterday.. not the one at Ampang but the original one at Sentul, yes, the one with the treehouse and small fountain thingie!
i went there only once with my brothers and i can barely remember how to get there.. but my brother's direction was excellent and we got lost only once (coz i didnt follow direction.. he said exit at sentul but i insist to go smwhere before that, obviously ntg says Sentul at that exit) and luckily sayang was a sport.. anyways, it was not as crowded like the last time i went, mebe coz we went on a monday nite but still with a respectable number of customers..
the restaurant never fails to impress me.. there are different sections of seating in the restaurant and each one of them has different concept to it.. from the treehouse concept, the sit-on-the-floor with a low table, the bistro style, the romantic candlelight and up to the beach-canopy styled concept.. and the service is excellent, i must say.. when we came in, we notice all these waiters but they didnt seem to notice us.. but when we finally chose (yes, we did tend to wander ard the restaurant to check out the different seatings) a place to sit, there was a waiter behind us with the menu.. and they'll make rounds every 5 mins or so, which i did noticed the last time i went, which was on a wknd full of people..
we chose a pelita-lit table at the back corner (there's a coil of ubat nyamuk under each table so be careful) and as we sat there, i told sayang that i wudnt have thot that we were in Sentul.. sayang said it looked like a resort restaurant and it really did! i wished i took some pictures..
the place is CLEAN, the food is good, and the price is ok, a bit more than mamak price but considering the fact that we are served on proper plates (not plastic ones) with decent amount of food (and nice garnishing!), very nice environment, clean floor, i think it's excellent.. and u cant call Naili's a maplai coz it's not..
anyways, the directions from MRR2 South.. u can get there from KL but too many cars..
- take the MRR2, exit at Sentul, at the fork (u'll know what i mean when u exit there, it's a really a fork!) take the one to Sentul, not Gombak or smtg.. u're on Lebuhraya Karak (i think)
- go straight (well, the road is windy but u know what i mean) till u reach a T-junction with traffic light,
- take a right into Sentul (left will take u to Jln Genting Klang or smtg)..
- go straight until u reach a major simpang empat with traffic light, take left into Kg. Dato Senu (there's an Esso/Mobil at the simpang empat, so, if u passed the gas station, u've missed the junction)
- go straight until a T-junction and Naili's is on ur right at the corner..
- enjoy..

Monday, March 07, 2005

if i were early

i was late to the airport on Saturday.. it was horrible and i felt so bad.. i cudnt sleep the nite before coz i kept thinking abt the "episode" that happened, and i guess, plotting revenge.. i fell asleep smtime ard 3 or 4 in the morning and woke up at 7am k!!! sayang's plane is landing in 45 mins!! So, i washed up and rushed out and sped up along the MRR2 and on to the Plus highway (does anyone know if it's faster and cheaper to go to KLIA through putrajaya?).. anyways, my phone rang and sayang already landed, damn, the flight is early.. i said sorry and will be there as soon as possible and as fast as Daisy can go..
but before the Nilai exit, there was an accident and cars are lining up .. ohmigod.. i cudnt see what kinda accident and i didnt particularly care, just get it out of the highway so i can be on my way!!! the cars finally started to crawled with all three lanes having to merge into one and i saw the accident, which is not quite far from where i was stuck on the hiway.. a lori balak was on the side of the road with its "balak" scattered on the three lanes.. there was a body on the middle of the road amongst the rubble of the balak.. and other cars lining up on the side, either with punctured tyres or some other mishaps due to coming in contact with the falling or fallen "balak"s..
and i thot, ohmigod, if i were early...

oh bliss...

oh bliss.. i am undeniably blissful.. and blessed..

yes, sayang's home..

though not for good, but enuf to make me smile from ear to ear..

Friday, March 04, 2005


of all the things that could have happened, THIS, has to happen today, now, at 5pm in the F*****G friday evening!!
of all the things that could have happened, it has to happen today, the day before sayang balik and ruin my good mood!!!
of all the people!!!
of all the F*****G nerves in the F*****G world!!!


if only i havent done my hair, i would have gone to the gym and work this horrible stress out
if only there's a punching bag in the gym
if only i can grit my teeth harder
if only i'm not on a diet i would have wallup a freaking tub of ben&jerry's

i probably deserved half of the lecture portion but U HAVE NO RIGHT TO LECTURE ME ON THAT OTHER HALF!!! why dont u lecture sayang?? dont have the guts huh? just because u have problems with ur daughter, dont take it out on me! I PRAY UR DAUGHTERS WILL DO WORSE, u weak-spined door-mat mother-f*****g S.O.B!!!!

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

i will bid my time


oh, have to check car and tyres!!
remember what happen the last time i was at the airport?



i cant wait..
i cant stop smiling..
i cant stop smiling...
i sooo cant stop smiling..


have to do hair..
have to do nails..
have to get some little thingies..
get waterproof eyeliner..
hhmm.. wat else..

a nice beauty sleep coz his flight is early in the morning..
oh, eye cream!

Friday, February 25, 2005

TGIF, again..

this morning i received my Royal Sporting House (RSH) vouchers (the ones i traded my citibank reward points for) and i was sooo excited to get my new nike trainers from Studio R (yes, i oso just knew that Studio R is under RSH) during the 2hr women's-shopping-session-while-men-go-to-pray friday lunch..
but since Isetan is having a sale, i decided to go there first to check out the sports section (who knows it might be cheaper) so i went.. it's not exactly what i wanted but it's still in the same line, and costs the same if i were to get 100 bucks off from the original price at Studio R (i've checked much earlier ;>).. so i squatted down and look for my size amongst the sizes 6 and 5, and mumbled alone when it's not there.. one of the sales guy heard me and asked what size was i looking for, i mumbled out 8.. and he said "why so big" with a smile.. huh? HUH?!!
i think it's supposed to be a joke but since im soo obsessed and sensitive about my feet i almost smacked him with one of the display pair.. i managed a grin and scurried out and up the stairs to Studio R.. but again, the ones that i wanted did not have my size.. oh shit... i soo wanted that nike trainers.. but its ok, they have a "wall" of shoes, am certain there's another pair of trainers that i would like as well.. so i asked the sales person, which ones are for training? and she said "semua ni lah" and left to lipat some baju.. huh? excuse me, those are for running, i've checked, but i am not going to check all of the shoes on the wall.. and i thot they are supposed to know.. frustrated, i left and went to starbucks to join zi with her brother and her very pregnant sister-in-law.. and she still can wear jeans?!
anyways, i was telling her what happened and pulled out the vouchers to show her (confused, i think) and then i saw something, a condition phrase "..only applicable with the following agent lines..." and i check the footnote, of course, nike is not on it.. hhmmm... thank god for big feet, otherwise, i would have been embarassed at the counter coz i brought no cash.. ok, mebe not embarassed, coz always got plastic, but it beats the point of getting that vouchers!! i could have gotten A Cut and Above vouchers instead if i'd known.. could have gotten new highlights or done rebonding or something.. UURRRGGHHH..
but thank god it's friday...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

special message for sayang..

come over and watch the city lights from my place.. it's a magnificent view..


born night owls!

hahaha funny!
(excerpts from In The Heat of Debate: It's not a question of traditional vs western 98)
Do you constantly have trouble getting to sleep? Chances are this kind of insomnia is genetic. An article in the journal Sleep suggests that regular sufferers are more likely to have differences in one of the genes governing their body clocks. They are up until all hours because their internal timetable tells them to sleep only long after others have gone to bed. The result: they turn up for work feeling miserable. Author Dr. Emmanuel Mignot calls for insomniacs to be given genetic tests so they can begin figuring out which hours best suit their internal clocks. Now to find an employer whose idea of flextime is truly elastic.
how i wish that's easy!!!

heart attacks?

i was browsing the net for cures or food to reduce heatiness and came across this.. emm.. interesting..
(excerpts from In The Heat of Debate: It's not a question of traditional vs western 98)
When champion sprinter Florence Griffith Joyner died in September, some wondered if her premature end at age 38 might have been caused by use of performance-enhancing products (she never failed a drug test). New research suggests athletes who shine in power sports such as football - or sprinting - are more prone to heart attacks. Professor Michael Lean of Glasgow University based his finding on the health records of 231 ex-soldiers. The subjects were categorized according to whether they did better in endurance activities such as long-distance running, or in those requiring short bursts of power. About 19% of those with "power muscles" later suffered heart disease compared to 10% of those with "endurance muscles."

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


ok.. after cooling down, i'll consider inviting him.. consider only k, yang..

had it!

i'm beat.. and i have had enuf..

i'm not gonna care S*** anymore, and he will NOT get an invitation tau, sayang!! i dont care if he's a family friend.. UURRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2005

the weekends are here! the weekends are here!

honestly, the week went by pretty fast and i couldnt be happier.. after work today, i'm gonna go to the travel agency and book my ticket for the travel fair deal.. i am not gonna be rushing to Mines and get myself crushed between over-zealous "aunties" to get travel deals.. the last time i went to Matta fair, i was pushed, shoved and stuck between these two rowdy "aunties" and i swear to god, i could smell their lunches from their breaths..
anyways, have a good weekend people..


sayang read my blog and told me flat foot is like "kaki itik"... ala... i am officially so obsessed with my feet.. look what i did this morning!!

but the good thing is, i look normal! hehehe..

Thursday, February 17, 2005

running shoes

i have a new goal for my exercises.. i want to run, ok, on the treadmill, of course..

i used to be able to run but now, besides the reason that i cant seemed to catch my breath, the soles of my feet have a tendecy to cramp easily, very easily.. one of the gym's instructor asked me if i am flat-footed.. thank god, i was not insulted ;> but no, i dont have flat-feet, my tennis coach said so! so i thot it must be becoz of my shoes as they are pretty old and getting uncomfortable..

so, ok, get new running shoes.. but there are thousands of shoes in the market and i have no freaking idea which one is best for my feet.. usually, i shop for tennis shoes and they are pretty easy to find (ok, the labels on the shoes do give it away) but running shoes are aliens to me.. i usually ended up looking for the cutest pair on the "wall" of shoes..

but now, i want the right one, and i dont trust the suggestions from any of the sales people in Malaysia.. they pretty much dont know what they are talking about and are only concern with whether or not we buy their stuff.. kinda irritating coz when we decided that we are not interested to buy, they automatically sulk and turn away..

so, i went looking in the internet on tips on how to find suitable running shoes.. and woo! i might be needing shoes for the flat-footed afterall!
as far as i can remember (seeing my wet footprints on the floor) my feet eerily looks like the flatfoot type.. flatfoot doesnt mean that u have no arches on your feet at all, the arches can be lower than normal.. low arches also signify that u need that extra special shoes that cost a whole lot more than normal-footed people.. sigh.. then maybe i'll trade in my Citibank reward points for vouchers from Royal Sporting House..
hehe.. read this.. oh, i seemed to be hvg a technical difficulty on posting the pics of each types of foot.. so, bear with me, i'll put them on later..

There’s no single ‘best shoe’ – everyone has different needs. All sorts of things - your biomechanics, your weight, the surfaces you run on, and obviously, the shape of your feet - mean that one person's ideal shoe can be terrible for another person. We divide our shoes into three main categories (cushioned, stability and motion control); and three minor ones (performance training, racing and off-road). The first three are everyday options and are categorised essentially by your biomechanical needs; the second three are more specialised and you’d often only consider them as second shoes.

The first step in finding your basic shoe needs is to try our 'Wet Test', below or, preferably, to visit a biomechanics expert or experienced shoe retailer. The Wet Test works works on the basis that the shape of your wet footprint on a dry floor or piece of paper roughly correlates with the amount of stability you might need in your shoe. Take note: 'roughly'! It's a handy starting point.

The Normal Foot

Normal feet have a normal-sized arch and will leave a wet footprint that has a flare, but shows the forefoot and heel connected by a broad band. A normal foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards slightly to absorb shock. It’s the foot of a runner who is biomechanically efficient and therefore doesn’t need a motion control shoe.
Best shoes: Stability shoes with moderate control features.

The Flat Foot
This has a low arch and leaves a print which looks like the whole sole of the foot. It usually indicates an overpronated foot – one that strikes on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards (pronates) excessively. Over time, this can cause many different types of overuse injuries.
Best shoes: Motion control shoes, or high stability shoes with firm midsoles and control features that reduce the degree of pronation. Stay away from highly cushioned, highly curved shoes, which lack stability features.

The High-Arched Foot
This leaves a print showing a very narrow band or no band at all between the forefoot and the heel. A curved, highly arched foot is generally supinated or underpronated. Because it doesn’t pronate enough, it’s not usually an effective shock absorber.
Best shoes: Cushioned (or 'neutral') shoes with plenty of flexibility to encourage foot motion. Stay away from motion control or stability shoes, which reduce foot mobility.

The Other Shoe Types
Our other shoe categories are for faster runners, and off-road runners: Performance Trainers, Racing Shoes & Off-road shoes


yesterday was a good day at the gym.. still couldnt believe that i can do 40 mins on the stepper!! all thanx to the excellent beats of the Step class while i was on it.. my CD collections have been getting old and most of them are RNB beats so they are rather slow..
maybe i should be asking the aerobic instructors for their CD collections! or better yet, do my exercises during the classes.. somehow it always perks me up better and distract me from the pain in my whole body and that little voice that kept telling me "im soo tired, i cant do this anymore, stop it, thats enuf"...
but strangely, it'll only works on the steppers, the treadmills (sometimes and only during brisk walk) and that strange machines between the stepper and the two treadmills (i have no idea what they are called).. i cant hold my concentration with music if im on the bike.. i dunno why.. mebe it's the fact that im counting on the beats and the bike, well, doesnt have beats...
i guess different people have different kinds of drive (for lack of better word) to keep them interested and concentrated on the exercises that they are doing.. gym can be rather boring and painful (oh yeah) and you will quit in a heartbeat if you dont have that drive to continue... whatever it is, it's all in the power of the mind and the will.. and for me, the power of the music..

Monday, February 14, 2005


i got my valentine's presies already this morning... yea!! yea!! ;>
there was the sweetest email from sayang with a picture that i will stay longer tonite in the office to abuse the color printer! and then, on my way to a meeting, my handphone rang, there's delivery for me downstairs.. flowers and chocolate, woo hoo!! and i was smiling all the way downstairs and up again.. monday has never been this cheery and lovely!! i love u sayang!!
oh, now, have to go and get a vase..

My Love

No words said will ever be enough,
No songs serenaded will ever be so sweet,
No poetry written will ever express,

My love for you,
So true,

But a whisper,
From the deepest within,

For every beat of my heart
Says... I love u..

** from sayang, 14 February 2005

Friday, February 11, 2005

writing love poem

i have been trying to write a love poem for sayang, ever since the 1st of February, and it has been futile.. i just cant seem to rhyme anything anymore! it used to be so easy but now, i get easily distracted.. mebe my room is too quite, silence can be very deafening..

uurrrggghhh!! will try again tomorrow.. but planning to write never work for me.. the expectation of having to produce something is very stressful.. oh god, why am i making this so complicated? think of how u feel about him and it'll flow just fine..


i went to watch Constantine today with my brothers and cousin (before my brother's car broke down, thank god, we drove separate cars or we would have been stuck) at Mahkota Parade.. u guys who have had the pleasure of visiting Mahkota Parade will know of how congested it can be just to get there and to find a parking there.. i swear to god, it's worse than trying to find parking at One Utama on a Sunday! so anyways, Constantine was very interesting... i liked it, and i think keanu didnt do a shoddy job this time.. his character suits his "stoned-cannot-act-emo" facial expressions unlike his other movies.. hehehe..
i remembered watching Sweet November or something, where he acted with.. err.. Charlize Theron (was it?) and i was laughing my heads off just looking at his face! it was supposed to be a very sad movie coz the girl has cancer or smtg and he's falling in love with her and just realized that she's dying, but for the love of god, he didnt look sad at all.. instead, (my opinion) he looked, kinda like, stumped, or probably blur is a better word.. if he was scratching his head at that time, i swear to god, he'd looked like he's trying to figure out the meaning of the word cancer, rather than being shocked and sad..
oh well, he's still so yummy.. and it cant be denied that i'll be there in the audience, drooling over him.. whether he's looking really good in an action pact malboro-silent-type-guy movie or really bad in a lovey dovey or heart-wrenching sob story movie, i'll continue drooling..

my brother's car

my brother's car broke down today.. his timing belt snapped, thank god it was just that.. he has been having this unlucky streaks with his cars.. sigh.. but thank god, he himself has been lucky..

i love my brothers, very very much, and i cant stop worrying about them every single minute, especially this one.. he loves fast cars and he loves driving them fast too, and i cant stand it.. i know how it feels like to love speed but not up to a certain level where it'll become a threat.. i hope it's just a phase, i hope he'll learn before it gets to him..

please god, watch over him...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Maal Hijrah

before the night is out, my new year resolutions for maal hijrah:
  • remember Him always; let it be sunshine or rain, laughters or tears, i will try to remember Him with every beat of my heart, besides, He owns it.. the duties i've neglected are always reminded..
  • kinder to my parents; u have rebuilt my bridge with them, sayang..
  • mindful of my brothers;
  • last but not least, i will make u happier, sayang, and i will love u more, forever..


yes! yes! yes! kudos for me! pat on my back..

i have succeeded in posting a picture in my blog! ok, lets not get too excited just yet, it's just ONE picture and it's only a clipart.. i have yet to learn how to make an album.. maybe later.. have to go down for dinner now, my brother has been relentlessly knocking on my door.. sigh.. dont they know the meaning of a diet? well, lets see, 18 more days to go before sayang arrives, ok, still have time..

taking a nap

aiyo, one of the things i hate being in melaka during long holidays is that there's NOTHING to do.. it's too bloody hot to go out, well, actually, i just got back from jusco and my god there's a lot of people over there!!

anyways, i've decided to go back to KL this Saturday instead of Sunday, mainly to avoid the horrendous jam at Senawang-Seremban and then farah's son will be celebrating his 1st b'day this Sunday at 5.. oh, what to get him uh? what to get a one year old kid? toys? what sorta toys? soft toys, smart kid toys? clothes? he'll grow out of them in a matter of months.. hiya.. linda, since u're the future momsie-in-law, u figure it out k! hehehe..

k peeps, am gonna take a nap for a while..


oh god, is it just me or is it really THAT difficult to post pics into my blog??? it's half past midnite and my contact lenses are literally plastered to my eyeballs, seriously k, coz i cant feel them move when i blink really hard.. i give up.. if u guys want to see my pics, come see me.. i will personally show them to u.. sigh.. ok, mebe 2moro i'll try again..

anyways, i missed dinner.. went downstairs just now and ate the sup tulang my mom prepared and it was sooo yummy.. i havent had that dish for ages and it's as good as i remembered it to be..

oh no, guilt trip.. no, not over the soup i ate (geez, am not THAT bad).. it's over the fact that i sat up here, in my room, while my mom prepared dinner..

confession: i have been doing that for ages.. somehow, i cant seem to bring myself to help in the kitchen..

excuses: it's mom's territory and she's so skilled in there and i always feel inept just being there.. up till now.. and it led my parents to think that i cant cook.. eemm..

ok, pause for a moment, sayang's on the line..

UUURRRGGGHHH.... inhale exhale inhale exhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaleeeeeeee.... so, ok, does this mean that i cant blog anymore???
pause again..
ok, it's settled then... fuuhhh... and i love u too..

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

lil pointed shoe

ok, tonight i will learn how to post pictures in my blog.. shouldnt be that hard, ya? oh please tell me it's not that hard..
oh, lin, if u decide to come to melaka, call me eh! we can go to Jonker's Street together gether.. my mom showed me a souvenir her best friend brought her from Holland, it's a small wooden pointed hand-painted chinese shoe and i started to laugh.. mom, u can get those from Jonker's Street!! why in the world do they sell those in Holland for souvenirs? or maybe it's a real holland-ish (what do they call Holland people? oh, yes, dutch) traditional shoe that looks really similar to the ones from China, or something.. man, am gonna get my ass swatted by my mom if she gets to know this!
emm.. more's the reason to visit Holland.. they do have much more interesting things to experience there other than shoes..

hop in, my fren!

yatt, forget emails.. just sign in to blog at it's soo easy, it's like writing a public diary or email for your friends out there or just another outlet to YELL out.. hehehe.. but its quite scary when u call up ur fren and wanted to chat for a while and tell her what u've been doing so far and she said "oh yea, i know, i've read ur blog!" hahahah!! so, hop in beb! hugs and kisses and say hi to steve! oh god, i still cant remember his malay name..

greetings from melaka and a very happy chinese new year!!

greetings from melaka and a very happy chinese new year!!

i had just spent 3 hot sweaty hours on the highway to Melaka (yes, aircond again) and it didnt get any better reaching here.. i wonder why Melaka is so much hotter than KL.. KL has more skyscrapers (well, actually, melaka has none :>) that are supposedly to retain more heat in the environment and also less green.. oh well, watever it is, it's still, without fail, feels like home.. home cooked meals, comfy childish bedroom, unlimited usage of computers and internet (daddy pays wat...) and ASTRO...

oh yes, didnt realize how much i miss Astro till i'm here.. cant believe how i actually survived with just 4, ok lets make that 3, RTM1 does not count, channels.. but i managed to hold off from getting Astro for myself, for nearly 5 years, giving myself all sorts of reasons.. reasons such as:

  1. i spent most of my waking hours in the office, the gym, the mamak stall and others
  2. weekends are for
    i. recuperating from hangover,
    ii. recuperating from bad week,
    iii. lunches wih friends i dont see during weekdays
    iv. shopping
    v. finishing off tonnes of work
    vi. laundry & cleaning
  3. i will get one when i move into my own apartment
  4. i will get one when the new cable company starts to operate (competition will provide
    better deals)
  5. i will get one when i get married (so hubby will pay hehe)
  6. why waste 50 bucks on something i get to watch, oh mebe for 3 hrs a day,when i can use it
    to get new pair of shoes every month.. logic eh

so anyways, there's no point of getting my own astro now, is there, sayang? :> ok, talk later peeps, mom's cooking something and it smells sooo good from up here...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

growing pains

i received a letter from Noble House London today.. a publishing company, who's interested to publish one of my poems that i've posted in net, with a lot of other poems in a volume called Labours of Love.. hhmmm... inhale.. deeply... more deeply.. exhale... poetry used to be a channel for me to express myself.. for those personal feelings or journeys that i went through.. and they have never been revealed to others.. until last year, exactly last year this month.. yes, of course, after the BASIC..

i have always been a scholarly-clumsy-big-eyed-and-solemn kid.. my parents are big on education and restrain of oneself.. some of my frens still dont belief that the first time i actually listen and enjoy the radio was in my first year of boarding school.. god forbid if my dad caught me humming to the tunes.. for others, boarding schools might be a form of restriction but for me, secretly, it was freedom.. out of the gilded cage.. yes, the conditions of the school i went to was (and still is, i heard), undeniably, deplorable but the fact that it was far away from my parents made it heaven (once i've gotten all the kinks of being a brat out of my system ;>).. all i have to do were two things; maintain a straight A record and dont get caught.. and it was easy..

anyways, years of repressed feelings and emotions did strange things to my communication skills back then (HAHA! now i cant seemed to stop talking), so the easiest channel of self-expression was through my writings.. i wrote poetries, short and long stories, everything... but i have never shown them to anyone; they were always personal to me.. and in a way, it's that childhood insecurity of what-if-it's-not-good-enuf-for-others that got to me.. sigh..

anyways, almost all of my writings were lost in the packings from boarding school and went overseas.. now, i still write but i cant seem to sit still anymore.. i used to be able to sit at one place and just wander in my imagination (oh yeah, especially during high school history classes) for hours but now, there's always something, in reality, that interests me.. so that's why, sayang, the States will always be close to my heart.. i grew up, physically and mentally most of all, there... it was a painful process but it made me, what i am today and what i'll be tomorrow..



u are my reason
for living..

my hope
for the future..

and my love

have a safe trip.. i love u..

the holiday mood

the holiday mood is definitely up in my veins today.. i'm so blur and demotivated to do anything.. my colleague tried to handover some stuff coz she's transfering soon after the CNY but nothing registered in my head.. and it doesnt help having a sorethroat and an ulcer under my tongue and i think my wisdom tooth is peeking out again coz my gums are sore! i thot wisdom teeth are supposed to be gone when u reach ur 20s!!

anyways, sepang was soooo hot yesterday (bad hot, not hot hot) and i was sweating like a pig during the meeting and all the way home coz my freaking aircond is still not fixed yet.. yes, gurls, since the first year it broke.. i just dont have time to fix it.. and i dont want to go and fix it alone.. yes, yes, dependency is a bad thing but if it has anything to do with cars (tyres and all), i would rather have them done by my macho man.. who, unfortunately is not here now.. sigh..

but dont tell me that u guys out there dont get all puffed up with pride when ur lil gurl frens call u up in their distress-cum-manja voices asking for ur help.. hahaha, a lil double standard for a supposedly-independent-i-can-do-them-myself woman, i know, but for things like this, why bother get my nails dirty (and broken for that matter) when i can get my sexy guy squatting and flexing his oh-so-yummy muscles for me.. but for my case, i have to wait every 2-3 months for my hunky sexy guy to be home.. sigh..

Monday, February 07, 2005

college friends..

hey peeps.. it's monday.. but thank god we only have 2 working days this week!! yea yea! Happy chinese new year in advance!

the weekends were excellent! met some old college friends whom i havent seen for the longest time, ever since we graduated for that matter.. all thanx to anis who came back for a visit from the States, so come back home more often beb!! i was exhausted but on a high-happy-gear and i have never eaten as much chocolate cakes as i did during those 2 days! i definitely have used up all of my bad calorie quota for the rest of the year.. sigh.. where has that losing-5kg-resolution went to? yes, down the drain..

anyways, of all the kids that our friends had so successfully produced (and will keep on producing ;>) i have to say that farah won the best looking son and tina the best looking daughter awards, under 5 years of age that is coz we never would know how they will look like in the future.. i was not a cute baby, but look how i turned out.. HAHAHAH!!! and looking at them, i cant wait to have my own.. sigh.. hopefully with maid though.. and we r not gonna have a set of football team k, sayang..
ok lah peeps, have to go and get lunch, then have to run to sepang for a meeting, and back to KLCC for gym.. it's gonna be a loooong day since i'll be spending extra time on the stepper today for all those devil-but-oh-so-yummy chocolate cakes i've stuffed in my ass..

Friday, February 04, 2005


i swear to god i'm so blurr today.. i thot today is monday!! for good reasons though, i spent 4 days in bangi for a course and 2day felt like monday coz it was kinda like the first day in the office..
oh, how i wish it could be like this all year around, only one day in the office and then it's friday!!! wouldnt dat be sweet.. sigh.. if only wishes were horses.. well, have a nice weekends peeps..


oh, i've just realized that valentine's day this year falls on a Monday! yea! hahaha!!
at least it's not on a weekends or something..

last year, ehmm.. what did i do on valentine's last year? oh, OH! i went to the BASIC last year.. yup, the main reason why i went was to avoid valentine's day coz it fell on a saturday!! and i just turned single and i was still in a mess and i didnt want to be 'wallup'ing the chocolate mud cake and ruining my cute ass.. i had to admit, last year i had a very cute ass!! hahah! oh, go ahead and puke.. and then, i got comfy and now, hmm... on to the stepper, missy!

the month of love.. oh shit..

valentine's day is around the corner.. wish i could just say, so what? no big deal.. yeah right.. it's a big deal to me, alright..
but it'll be ok..sigh.. even though sayang is like thousands of miles away, and its our first valentine's day... sigh again.. i know he wanted to come home but he had to go to germany for some testing.. it's really is ok, sayang.. hehe..

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


am still in bangi.. sigh.. today we are learning about the components of costs among other things.. oh great, like that 2 semesters in college were not enuf..

anyways, am in a dilemma now.. should i apply for a new position now considering that i will be applying for a year off at the end of the year and currently am laden with a new responsibility till end of July? or should i just wait till i come back from my year off even if i have to endure another 9 months of bulls***?

sayang..... how????? i work with u lah ye.. ur personal executive assistant cum domestic engineering director ;> hahahaha!

Friday, January 28, 2005

here comes february

hey peeps, the end of January is here.. ehmm.. wat have i accomplished in the first month of 2005? err... errr... ehhmm.. hahaha.. cant think of any..

going to the gym now.. oh, do we get unrecorded leaves if we work during holidays? me and zizi have to attend course tomorrow k! even if it's only one day holiday in the middle of the week, it still sucks..

Monday, January 17, 2005

silver lining

end of monday... fuh.. but why am i still at the office?!! actually am waiting for my boss to dissapear into his room for me to dash out the front door! hahaha.. no lah, i've just finished emailing and filing and planning for work tomorrow.. wah, come to think about it, am pretty efficient about my work nowadays.. HAHA!
anyways, my good fren linda emailed me and our frens today about our picture while we were in States having an MSA picnic with bandanas on our wrists.. i have the exact same picture and i must say, it always bring a smile to my face whenever i look at it.. it was such a carefree time, though i'm sure we did not think of it that way at the time.. and everytime, i used to wish that i could turn back time as easily as snapping my fingers and changed the decisions that i've made.. but today, for the first time, i do not want to change anything.. changing my past will most definitely mean that i wont be with sayang and i will not have that..
it's true what they say, there's always a silver lining after the dark clouds.. and in my case, there are tonnes of dark clouds..
ok gurls, am off to gym now.. have 5 kg to lose before.. ehem..

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Saturdays and Sundays and PMS-ing

it's sunday again, or what's left of it... i must say that i have been wasting my weekends just like that.. i have been sleeping in for two saturdays in a row and cramming everything that i wanted to do on saturdays on sundays, which left me with no real time to relax..
for example, i am in the office today, waiting for a report from UK, which was supposed to be emailed to me on Friday evening (time difference yea..) and which i promised i'll get my ass to the office yesterday to work on it but instead, i slept in.. till late!! so today, i have to cram everything that i wanted to do yesterday today.. do laundry, clean house & toilet, go to office but get Secret Recipe's Choco Mud Cake first (YUM YUM) so i can munch at work, work on report, scan forms for sayang, finish off emails to friends, do blogging (ooppss, kantoi i blog in the office ;>), window shop for a pair of sneakers and training pants, get nails done, maybe trim hair, get mineral water and do groceries, ALL by today..
yes, u guessed where i am now lah.. at the blogging activity.. i could have finished all this blogging yesterday and could have been at the mall window shopping and getting my nails done.. i bite my nails endlessly.. and sayang said i grind my teeth in my sleep.. i searched in the internet today, biting nails and grinding teeth have something to do with anger, pain, frustration or nervousness or to someone really competitive, agressive and hyper.. emm.. really? or it could just be a dental problem.. i think it might be the childhood insecurity that still bothers me.. hahahaha!!
wah, did i just digress from complaining about my weekends to nail biting and teeth grinding??!! sorry babes.. i guess im just so tired from all the toilet scrubbing and my period cramps are acting up again.. i wish all the Malaysian doctors could have a taste of MY period cramps.. that'll teach them to just shrug it off like im halluncinating about this pounding, cramping aches in my tummy and the endless backaches and moodswings.. it's really scary when u train urself to notice ur moodswings.. i was at Secret Recipe for my mud cake and the service person or something was not attending to me.. usually i'm patient enough to wait but this time i can feel blood rushing to my head and anger hits me and the next thing i know i was nagging to the girl about how inefficient she was..
ok lah peeps, it's 630pm oready and i want to get other things done.. i think i'll rush to get my nails done first and then go window shop.. ehmm.. sempat ke? we'll c lah how..

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

what to eat??

what to eat? what to eat? what to eat?

there's such choices of food in KL and i have no idea what to eat for dinner.. god, woman, just pick one!!