Friday, December 31, 2004

dinner party

we had our dinner party yesterday. it was excellent, i must say, despite the momentarily panic of why my rendang is not getting pekat (the heat was too low ;>).. and our guests loved all of it, even the teeny bit spicy rendang haha.. i really must thank my two chefs Brahim and Adabi for the splendid dinner.. hahaha!!
i had with me packets and packets of rendang paste, sambal kacang, santan with pandan flavor (excellent for those meals that requires daun pandan and for the cooks who r really lazy to go and get some ;>) and some other pastes, which i thot sayang wud love to eat, in my bag when i came over two weeks ago.. it wud be our usual routine for me to bring over those stuff and then we wud throw a dinner party for our frens over here for a taste of Malaysian... the last time i came, we had a BBQ party, which was also for sayang's long overdue (three years overdue, mind u!!) house-warming party, with sate (on lidi sticks that we found over here), lontong and as usual, nasi impit, rendang and sambal kacang.. ehmm.. about the same menu, guess the next time i have to come up with a different one..
anyways, sayang's taking me to zurich tonite to watch the new year's fireworks, yea!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

meal courses

it's snowing again today.. i woke up this morning and saw this thick white blanket outside my window.. such a pretty sight.. hahaha, probably becoz am inside, all warm and toasty with a hot cup of coffee in my hand..
am waiting for sayang to finish work, we r going to get some stuff for the dinner party tomorrow.. am planning to prepare some rojak or pasembur and nasi impit with rendang and sambal kacang.. originally we also planned to have lontong but then we thot it's probably too much for our swiss frens..
come to think of it, they all do eat in pretty small portions of food, dont they? a couple of courses but in small portions, whereas us, we eat just one course that'll come with rice, meat, chicken or fish and vegetables, and later maybe some fruits.. ehmm.. i tried to think of the ways to separate our meal into two or more courses but cant.. we rarely have soup or salad prior to the main course, our meal is the main course.. if there's soup, it'll be eaten to complement the meal and the salad, well.. the only raw veggie meal that we have is the ulam which is also eaten as part of the meal..
for me, personally, i do prefer the one time deal.. easier to serve, lesser plates and cutleries used and easier to clean.. hahahaha.. guess am just lazy..

Thursday, December 23, 2004

chicken tandoori

we went to an australian restaurant last nite for dinner. all the colorful animals that u can imagine in australia are in its menu, which thank god i cant read german menu that well.. yet.. hahaha..
but it came as a suprise to me that there's not only western food on the plate, there's (surprise, surprise) laksa and chicken tandoori and some other concoction that is neither here nor there.. i had the chicken tandoori (again, a safer and non-adventurous bet than others) and sayang had a humongous burger with thumb-sized (big male thumb) country potatoes and coleslaw and some other stuff... aww, wish i had those too but the chicken tandoori, oooohhh... wish they make them like that in malaysia...
i have had tonnes of tandoori before and most of them are pretty dry, forcing u to order more lauk to complement the taste (mebe its the original recipe/way of cooking it but i dont quite like it) but the tandoori that i had yesterday was all juicy and hhmmmmm.... true, it's a fusion tandoori since it came with some other not-so-indian stuff, but the chicken itself was marvellous..
then, on the table next to us were these two guys who looked at our serving and commented to each other (in german) how american sayang's burger was.. we looked at each other and started to laugh (coz they dont know that we understood what they were saying).. i have never been to australia so i cant say much for 'the real australian' food or the authentic australian 'restaurant environment'.. but as far as i have traveled and seen, with they themselves ordering huge steaks, the restaurant playing Hotel California out loud, and the bars and stools in the restaurant, it all reflected pretty much of.. err.. yes, america.. duh.. which brings me to my next point, i was eating chicken tandoori for god's sake.. y dont u comment on which country that comes from?? maybe they assumed its australian coz its weird enuf to be so? hehe.. sorry no offense to the people down under..
but i supposed all western food doesnt really belong to a particular western country anymore.. burgers, fish and chips, fries, steaks, ribs, hotdogs, chicken wings or buffalo wings, fried chicken, mashed potato, pies, cheesecakes, oh, i can go on and on but u get my point..
man, now i am hungry.. buffalo wings yum yum.. reminded me of the buffalo wings eugene used to bring us from Hooters.. oooh..
anyways, if u are ever in Uster, Zurich, do visit the Red Ochre Grill. i must say that the service is excellent and the atmosphere just peachy..

Red Ochre Grill
australian café and bar
Brunnenstrasse 1, 8610 Uster
Tel: 01 994 32 33

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

sprechen Sie deutch?

oh bosannya being at home.. i do realise that i am definitely not fit to be a little miss tai tai.. i have to have something to do or i will go out of my mind, pacing up and down the house, cleaning stuff that i have cleaned hours before..
emm.. what will i do now.. learn german? oh shit, left my german dummy book in malaysia.. not that i use what i learn anyways.. sayang said am not confident enuf to speak german, or what little i've learned.. hahaha.. its not that am not confident of speaking it but its probably a safer bet to not to.. i could probably squeeze out more than a 'gruezi' but in doing that people would automatically assumed that i speak german and out will come a torrent of some difficult tongue twisting one way conversation which ich wei§e nicht.. it is difficult learning a language from a book and then try to keep up with people's conversation, especially when they r speaking in a totally different slang altogether.. and i give up.. i have not loved the english language as much as i love it now.. y dont they join the rest of the world and speak bloody english?!! even my grandmother who never went to school knows a bit of english..
oh well, it's their country and i guess they can do whatever they want in it.. as long as they stay in it.. like my tokmak said, masuk kandang kambing mengembek... in this case, sprechen deutch..

over the hot stove..

today we ate nasi lemak for lunch.. haha.. the things i learned finally paid off.. honestly, i hate cooking! and sayang knows it.. its such a petty exercise of mixing things up over a hot stove but the reward u get for it is breathless.. the look on sayang's face when he ate the nasi lemak i cooked is blissfully heaven..
yeah yeah, i know, it's just nasi lemak, what's the big deal.. it's not like i cooked nasi beriyani with ayam golek or daging masak merah or something (emm.. i wonder what will happen if i do cook those.. ;>) but nasi lemak, we can get those anywhere from 50ç to $2.50.. but that's the point, we cant get those here since we are far away from m'sia.. even so, cooking for him is like getting an A+ in my organic chemistry lab.. it's bloody difficult and i hated it with every being in my body, but the results are worth the effort..
there was once, my friend told me that her hubby wont eat anyone else's cooking other than hers (except when they eat out la).. it's not like he's enslaving her but it's more like he's appreciating her.. and in one crooked way or the other, i kinda get it.. i guess when ur partner is worthy of all that effort of enslaving urself in front of the hot stove, it'll be automatic for u to want to give something back.. it's worth all the effort of rushing back home to prepare him a good meal, even when u urself work 8 hrs a day for the family coz he's worth everything u have to give.. and i do get it..
oh well, cooking's not that hard anyway.. if i can cram 4 years of engineering into 2 years and still come out with a good distinction, cooking should be a breeze, with exceptional rewards.. sayang's taking me out for dinner tonite for treats.. yea..

Monday, December 20, 2004

.. partners for life..

the christmas party was marvellous (although i wouldnt say it's a bomb but it did go better than i expected, except for the fact that sayang lost his WINTER JACKET!! ala kesian.. i honestly dont know how they could have lost his jacket and still acted like he is the one to blame for it.. arrogant jackasses..)
so anyways, it snowed the day after the party, these soft snowy flakes falling down everywhere and i just couldnt stop smiling over the smell.. i have a thing for smells coz they usually conjure up memories that i havent thot of for the longest time, let it be bad or good ones, i just cant avoid myself from remembering.. and at that time it brought me back to madison, wisconsin.. oh yes, the good old school days where winter usually took half of the year and the other 3 seasons in between.. the first time i saw snow, or rather experienced it, was in a snow blizzard thingy!(ok, i exagerated, it's probably a little bit of heavy snow storm) hahaha, but then again the snow was up to my knees and i cant see which building my calculus class was supposed to be in, but i remembered standing there, smiling and taking in the new experience before letting in a huge sigh (maybe more like a growl) coz i cant feel my ears and something was leaking down from my nose.. hahaha..
and i realised how much time has passed.. from a snotty nosed student to a working adult and now.. a lady up in the clouds.. how time flies.. there were so many things that i wanted to do, so high was my ambition.. but after a while of working and when the biological clock went ticking (oh yes, believe me, i heard it ticked) i realised that there's so much more than just career ambition for a woman, or at least, for me.. when u see ur clubbing friends hanged their high heels and chucked in their tubes for those small chubby cuddly little angels, for those caring dependable hubbies, and for the homes that they rushed back to be in, i realised that i was alone.. oh yes, friends are bunches but a partner?..
i count myself as being one of the blessed ones.. not a day passed by that i dont thank god for the things he bestowed upon me.. and now, i thank god for sayang.. not always u get a guy who'll wake up in the middle of the nite and prepare u an antiphlagm medicin when u cough at nite.. i know this coz i have had 'bad' ones before.. friends are for laughs, but partners are for life..
please god, dont let me screw this up.. i love u sayang..

Thursday, December 16, 2004

already in the clouds

So, today i'll be leaving to see him, exactly 9 hours to go. nothing can really come close to how i am feeling at this moment. enuf to say that the smile just won't die down. 9 hours to go and i'll be flying in the clouds but somehow, i'm already there..